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Jan 13, 2011

Court failed to connect Arthur Young to silencer and prohibited material

Arthur Young

Arthur Young, another well known figure in the streets, was nabbed by Mexican authorities in Chetumal in May of last year after being on the lam for a month following a major drug and weapons bust at a residence in Vista del Mar.  Young along with former murder suspect Errol Haynes were jointly charged for possession of marijuana, trafficking crack cocaine and possession of prohibited material.  On April third, 2010 police discovered the drugs as well as a homemade silencer inside the home of Loretta Villanueva on Damselfish Drive.  The two men, it was believed, were responsible for the items and while Haynes was arrested four days later, Young went into hiding.  Young, who was extradited to Belize in July, was also slapped with the charges.  In Magistrate’s Court today the three charges against him were withdrawn due to a lack of evidence. Ruth Esquivel reported to police that she was renting the apartment for Young but they failed to establish that he was occupying the residence.  With that he was freed of the charges and intends to sue the police department.  A single charge remains against Young, a deportee from the United States, for failure to report to the Criminal Intelligence Unit on a weekly basis.

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8 Responses for “Court failed to connect Arthur Young to silencer and prohibited material”

  1. crime free belize says:

    Another example of adding insult to injury.An ambiguity or inadequacy in or laws,or incompetent investigation and prosecution,and now a waste of governments resources and police man power,to now hold him liable for being convicted of a crime in the united states of american.How can our government hold a conviction from another country,over one’s head?Total waste of time and money,america is the only country benefiting from this idiotic program.”if uh kant ketch de head,ketch de tail”

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    How much did it cost to make these charges go away? Flight suggests guilt, is he planning on suing the BPD for being inefficient or corrupt?


    Arthur Young, another well known figure in the streets were shot and killed shortly before midnight. Witnesses say that Arthur Young was celebrating his freedom with his friends when he came under attack by two mask men on bikes.

    Arthur Young no longer holds any contempt for the police even after several death threats; His happy boyish smile revealed here showed that he has made many true friends within the corrupt police department during his stay with them.

  4. rod says:

    these are the guys that are harming belize i have told you all about how barrow has taken back over 100 deportees from the us for a few pieces of silver just to suck up to obama we should not take back not one more person from the us they are all gang members rapist or murderers or drug members then they come back here to belize to kill thief rape people we need to let barrow we will not put up with this anymore we will not take back any person from the us they created them they need to put up with them but no barrow takes them back for a few pieces of silver the real judas barrow selling out his country and people for a few pieces of silver well no more barrow no more come on people rise up stand up for yourselves and shout out your windows we are tired of this !@#$ and we will take it no more barrow.


    To SAID Musa, AKA ROD.
    Although I can agree with you that many deportees back to Belize commit crimes, and contribute an even more negative outlook on an already troubled Belize.
    Belize has to accept its citizens, even if they are crooks, or twisted like Young. America did not create monsters out of Belizean men; it is their own laziness and stupidity that created monsters out of themselves. Their incapability to work hard or educate themselves in America was just too much work for a Belizean man, so they turn to robbery, murder, and drugs, so they can afford tasteless clothes and jewellery. America has the right to put these !@##$%^ out of their country, and their only other option is to return back to their country, unfortunately that is Belize.
    These crooks want to get rich fast, or die trying. Let them all die; see if I give a !@#$.
    Nothing in life is free.

  6. BZNinCALI says:

    rod, America deports criminals back to wherever they came from, Belize is not unique. Many Belizeans have lived quiet productive lives in the states & have never been arrested, let alone convicted. Too many of our young men are completely immoral & devoid of conscience, no one should have to tell a grown man how to behave but many of us have had to explain to our younger relatives what they can & cannot do in America. The US cannot afford to house criminals any more than Belize can. The US changed their laws in response to the Marielle boat lift of the 80s & ignorant immigrants who failed to realize that simply because they were not being fed a bowl of rice & worked like mules, they were getting over & could wreak havoc in their communities because jail was not viewed as punishment

  7. vigilante justice 316 says:

    Of course he get off!

  8. RadicalBelizean says:

    Well said Maddy and BZNinCALI.

    Maddy now I am intrigued. I hope that you have it wrong and “rod” is NOT The Rt Hon Said Musa, because that would be a terrible shame.

    Rod’s lack of coherent arguments day after day usually leaves me bemused. Or maybe it is just a decoy to set his own agenda. I refuse to believe that such an educated person on paper would stoop that low.

    Maddy, you have shattered my image of the character of “rod” as this lonely little guy, with bad skin and thick glasses sitting in his living room flipping between channel 5 and others websites writing his comments and looking for a girlfriend or maybe even ordering himself a Russian bride. After all, he would have no problems getting her a BZ passport, apparently they are sold two for the price of one.

    If “rod” is the Rt Hon Said Musa, then I hope you take this in the good humour as it is intended. Actually, one thing I do like about rod is that know matter how much s/he’s attacked, s/he never ever respond. So s/he doesn’t allow an argument to develop, good tactic and certainly something I have tried.

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