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Jan 12, 2011

Matura charged for rape of mother of 3

carlos matura

A week ago a woman was raped at her house in the northern Belize District. Her three children were also at home when the heinous incident allegedly occurred.  Tonight there is a suspect in police hands. He is thirty-eight year old watchman, Carlos Matura, of Antelope Street who was arraigned for Rape and Aggravated Burglary in the court of Chief Magistrate, Margaret Gabb McKenzie. Matura was denied bail and was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until March tenth. The victim, a twenty-eight year old mother, told police that last Wednesday night, she was at home and had just checked on her three children when someone pounced on her. Her attacker placed a knife at her neck, covered her mouth and told her not to move or she would be killed. He then threw her on a bed and raped her. The woman says she was cut on the neck and to add salt to her wounds, the attacker slept next to her and left early the next morning.

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26 Responses for “Matura charged for rape of mother of 3”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Having him just do whatever he wants with her is bad enough if she knew him. If he was a stranger to her, this is the kind of gall that requires a lifelong commitment as Bubba’s wife & his friends entertainment …in jail.


    This woman had time enough to take his knife and cut his ugly head off while he slept the night in her bed. Rapist and murderers, bad genetics, really.

  3. Earl Grey says:

    One more for ……………..THE PRISON FARM.

    THERE he would know what rape is really about…..WHILE HE EARNS HIS KEEP and PROVIDES FOR THE REST OF SOCIETY.

    BUILD THE PRISON FARM IN TOLEDO………………Kolbe is too close to BELIZE CITY.

  4. belizeaninterest says:

    Can you please make this picture clearer and bigger so that the public can see all his features so when he gets out of jail in a year we keep our kids away? Please do so right away!

  5. Belizean says:

    Dear Earl Grey,
    Toledo’s the safest district in the entire country and im sure majority of those prisons in Kolbe is from Belize City, so NO thanks but we dont need these Belize City Criminals.


    These animals are the pure blood or product of Belize City; they were born in the city and committed their crimes in the city so let the city keep its own trash or rejects of that city, and I Don’t really care where they want to imprison them, just don’t send them to other parts of the country so that they can become someone else’s problem.
    TIP: Use one of the islands to build the prison; if the animals can swim from the island to the city without finding themselves to the bottom of the sea, then they have earned their freedom.
    Truth is, no one gives a !@#$ about these them.

  7. el alcalde says:

    Don`t sounds too right, she may have thought he would still pay her some money in the morning when he wakes up , but when he leaved without paying her , she made a report as a revenge on him. That was going on long time bredda.

  8. Janet says:

    el alcalde you are an a$$ – you think like a criminal. Even though you have the right to your own opinion – opinion such as yours is not welcome. Not all women are prostitutes but even if she was if she did not give the man permission to have sex with her it is called rape you idiot.

  9. Hearts says:

    this is not correct think bout it……do you think after committing a crime “rape” you would sleep the rest of the night come on Belizean listen to when you talk….You really think there is always fool listening to your stupid complain…………He slept the rest of the nite if he did rape her he wasn’t going to be nice and get cozzy with her……….

  10. Ryaniel says:

    CHOP OFF HIS !@#$$!!!!

  11. daveyt says:

    I agree with Heart – The guy allegedly slept next to her after allegedly raping her! How often do rapists spend the night with their victims, sleeping in their bed??????

    There’s something not quite right here….. Surely, when he was alsleep, she could have got out of the room and called for help? Or better still, use the knife to cut his !@#$% off!!!!!

    What was she doing while he slept then? Sleep next to him?

    I doubt if he’ll get convicted, as the Defence will tear her story to shreds, that’s if she doesn’t have the charges dropped before the case goes to trail!

    Or is it a case of the woman not getting what she wants from him, and cried rape to make him suffer? If so, and that is proved, she would deserve jail time, and should be made to pay compensation for his false imprisonment etc.

  12. Ryaniel says:

    Thanks Belizean….
    i agree totally 100% ….. keep those prisoners where they are or start killing them……..

    $#%& EARL GEY………………….

  13. Consern says:

    This sound like the guy that went to the Police station claiming motocycle that he himself used in the crime he commited; thank goodness the Police was alert that time and nab the criminal. This woman story stinks for common reasoning. The man slept beside her all night after violating her sexually??????. Get real.

  14. BZNinCALI says:

    DaveyT, El Alcalde, hearts, rapists have been known to keep their victims for days. Some want to feel like her man/boyfriend. None of us are sure if this man kept his arms around her throat & the knife at her back as he slept. We don’t know if she tried to move away from him & he reacted. Her children were in that home & let me assure you that I would not take off & leave my children behind. Too many of our men are bullies & have no respect for women & do not value our children. She could have fought him & end up another murder statistic, she lived to tell the tale. I believe he cut her, I believe he raped & if he beats this charge, he will do it again & the women he took advantage of in the past need to come forward. Rape is a crime regardless of the victim’s innocence or lack thereof.

  15. Coral Black says:

    Crimes has become so much an accepted part off todays society, that it now boils
    down to just a news report, with commentators and onlookers given their own selfish
    views, rather than try to help by pointing out positive solution. A Great Man Once Said
    Self destruction will be their only solution. YHWH Nissi

  16. Earl Grey says:

    by providing jobs and cheap food from the prison.

  17. vigilante justice 316 says:

    @hearts…why are you applying rational thought to the acts of a rapist? Do you not know that only irrational ppl do these things? take for example.

    Denise Rabbitt: raped 100 women at knife point between the ages of 14-82 performing oral sex on the victims as if to minimize the vulgarity of his actions.
    Ronnie Shelton: raped 49 women and picked victims who had children in a nearby room which made it easier to control them or women who lived alone. He also held a knife to their throat and would ejaculate on them or have them swallow to further humiliate them.
    Timothy West: raped a woman at knife point after sneaking into her apartment while her mother and brother slept upstairs. When she confronted him later that day (since she knew him). He said “are you mad at me”…”can I come see you and can’t I call you anymore?” This list goes on and on.

    Maybe you should do some research into the behavior of rapist before you start blaming victims. It’s not hard to imagine that this guy observed the victim and knew that she would be home alone, knew that there would be no one coming to the house so he could take his time. And to add insult to injury, he had the nerve to lie next to her in bed as if they were a couple! I hope she doesn’t get cold feet because of silly ppl like you who try to blame victims instead of criminals. And if she can’t get justice in court, I say buy a gallon of gasoline and a box of matches and pull a “Lavern”.

  18. Leonardo NAYO Folgarite says:

    Looks like the Smartest Man in the Corozal Convention was Kenard SMART with a $400000. contract in his pocket.
    I will be next for the PUP Convention.

  19. Vigilante justice 77 says:

    Now vigilante justice 316, you’ve said the thing I agree with most. Sad that we are in a society that would even consider blaming the victim. People like to say women make these things up, but unless a woman has some kind of mental problem, I really don’t see who would put themselves through the torture of even going to a police station and reporting a rape and subjecting herself to being further victimized just out of spite? Please! So easy to make a judgment when you’ve never had the experience. This is exactly why so many rapes go unreported. And that’s why I agree with lighting their a$$ up! We don’t need them around.

  20. BZNinCALI says:

    Thank you vigilante justice 316, the first rapist who crossed my mind when I read this story was Dennis Rabbit because he behaved just like this idiot.


    Whenever a woman or child gets rape in Belize, the people, the public are always quick to blame the victim for being victimized in the first place.
    “She should have known better”, sounds familiar?
    “Sounds like a fabricated story of rape”, sounds familiar?
    What is wrong with our mentality, when will we change what or who we have become?

  22. lisa says:

    i escape from crazy man.he try stabbed the neighbors,he try kill me,he abuse pets,sex with teenage girls,he worse than dennis rabbitt..

  23. carltennt says:

    i had go pick up a friend,her boyfriend try choke her,kick her,punch her..outside he already had hole dug up to bury her in..he sexual assault other women in his truck…she very happy today,she walk away from abusive man,that had plans choke her and bury her outside by his house..

  24. linda says:

    get away from all abusive people out there,besides rape,the abusive person might kill you one these days..

  25. trennda says:

    i moved out my ex. boyfriend place, which he is a sex addict,he hide it for years,he abuse women,pets,kids,,he likes stab things with knifes,ice picks,ect..he try kill me with a large object,he fights with everybody,worse than dennis rabbitt..

  26. frankie says:

    i move out crazy room mates places.he thinks women are no good.he abuse them,sex assault them,he abuse kids,animals..try kill his friends..he worse than dennis rabbitt

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