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Jan 10, 2011

Minister says tourist shouldn’t expect special treatment

We asked Minister of Police, Doug Singh, to comment on the matter and he says Boutz cannot expect special treatment just because she is a tourist.

doug singh

“I am not aware of the details of the case. It is something that I am going to get up on. It is my understanding from the information I am receiving thus far; I am not getting this from official sources simply because I have not asked. It seems like this lady expects to be treated differently. She was detained and released. Her passport has been held because she is a flight risk and until the matter is dealt with by the court, because anybody who hit somebody is an illegal act in any country and she can’t expect to be treated any differently from any Belizean. In other words, she is not being treated any differently and there is no obligation to do so. It’s not just a simply matter; it is a matter of harm to somebody else. It is an accident—accidents happen.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “Minister says tourist shouldn’t expect special treatment”


    Quoting Doug Singh.
    “I am not getting this from official sources simply because I have not asked””.
    Defending your country sometimes means that ONE HAS TO ASK QUESTIONS, or take a bullet, not ignore the issues and hope they will just go away.
    They had all rights to take her passport until the issue is solved; surely that family is not denying the obviously. In Chattanooga the authorities would not do things any different in this same situation.

  2. sugar says:

    Well said, imagine how many Belizeans are held up in the US of A just because they have to follow their law…….. while tourists are welcum, they are NOT above the law and should not expect special privileges. Any Belizean commiting similar offence in USA would not be any better off.

  3. Bruce says:

    Seems the eye witnesses were overlooked by police for money for Christmas from a tourist
    Susan’s son alleges that after the accident, Independence Police refused to take statements from willing eyewitnesses and one was later threatened.

  4. BZ says:

    I agree. No special treatment….and do not worry about the website, anyone with common sense will know they are just doing it because they are angry. It’s not as if they were beaten or wrongly held, everything that has happened is within the law. so its just a bunch of angry people….

  5. ROBIN says:

    Sounds like only “special” treament Susan wants is for a proper investigation and for eyewitnesses to be allowed to give statements without fear.

  6. Marcos says:

    I quote from Minister of Police, Doug Singh, ”am not getting this from official sources simply because I have not asked.” seriously? he is in the government and being minister of police he should be aware of the situation. I can’t believe that he made an interview with the news cast without him knowing of the events. something doesn’t sound right here. I support the lady because the police are not doing this right. she been kept in Belize for so long when initially it was a short vacation trip for her. I hope that the US embassy gets involved and support her case.

  7. Earl Grey says:


  8. CEO says:

    Exactly my point! She is being treated better than many belizeans would have been treated.

    Do you see how they treat belizeans who want to visit the US? When their child molestors and criminals come to belize they too get beter treatment than most belizeans. Shine served his time and they still do not want him to even get an intransit visa to pass through the US and he is the PM’s son, fair is fair. So why does this Ms Suzy think she should get better tretment. Sorry!

    If she is being treated wrongly or inhumanely then hell yes this would not be good! She will have her day in court and can bring all her witnesses then.

  9. Consern says:

    If this lady had the proper insurance that cover this kind of accident, why was it necessary to lock her up in prison? I can see taking her passport if the Police has the authority the lift her Passport. Taking someone Passport from another country, other than the proper authority is not a casual matter. The person who feel that a web page is no big thing, better think again. Americans are quick to believe what they read in the electronic news. We know it to be a fact that Belize Police are not known for been polite and courteous. Any of us who have travelled to a different country and have any contact with law enforcement know how troubling it can feel, and are relieve when dealt with in a corteous manner.

    Right now we are up in arms over the possibility of a problem with tourist not coming to Belize, yet I see many in this forum been very arrogant at a distance toward this person. You can’t bake your cake and eat it at the same time. Yes, we should go the second mile for the visitors to our country if we want them to spread tidings of great joy about a visit to Belize; after all word of mouth is the best avertizement we can get for any business. Good policing is to look at all the facts upon reaching the seen of any situation. The police should realize that he/she was not at the seen of the incident when it took place, therefore matters must be looked at objectively, since there are three side to every story; not two sides as most individuals would say.

    Once I was at the seen of a auto accident as it took place and I thought I saw everything that happen, but some time later when the insurance investigator asked me certain question about the accident as a result of information that he had gotten from others that was also at the seen of the accident I realize that I never saw all that took place. To be fear to all parties consern, it is incombent upon the police to get information from as many eye witness as possible to do a proper cross reference of the facts. Right now our country seem to be in a drought when it come to proper reasoning.

  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    What did Suzan expect from the Police Department? A VIP ticket to Princess.

  11. ap says:

    If you are not aware of the details of the case, then you should decline an interview from reporters until you have reviewed the file.

  12. cbt says:

    This is for early grey. U want the police to be trained y dont u donate the money to do so. First of all the country itself going thru difficult times really where will they get the money to do so when we have very little in the fist place. We do what we can do and if u dont like it then donate your pay and if anyone else dont like it yall can donate your pay to. Its not a political thing its a financial thing… Just as we dont expect every road to be paved we dont expect belize as a little country to perform miracles with its force.

  13. RadicalBelizean says:

    Just because someone sets up a website with their version of event mean that they are right. Furthermore any one with common sense would read their story but evaluate the situation before deciding to come to Belize. No one would decide not to visit based solely on one man’s story. What we in Belize need to address is the homicides, drug trafficking and theft.

    Anyone who have travel in the US know that your human rights is left behind once you walk off the plane. This feeling is generally felt worldwide and so now when you enter some US port of entry they try to convince that they are friendly and you are welcome. The general US population are beautiful, warm friendly people. However their officials (i.e immigration, TSA and police (Homeland Security)), perhaps like ours in Belize need to be taught that that people will cooperate with them either way. That is if they are respectful and friendly or as some choose to behave hostile, aggressive and disrespectful. Just remember when they choose the latter they leave ill-feelings.

    Therefore like the US people will not stop coming to visit Belize based on one disgruntled american family.

  14. The People Had Enough says:

    Another Tourist Too Dangerous For Belize – this sick freak was walking all over the place with guns in pants, explosive in Belize, but had the audacity to go back to the States and write a dumb!@# book…because he couldn’t do what he want.

    BTW, I will not clump people together, I have met many, many great Americans, Canadians, Mexicans etc, however I have met plenty of A Holes from all walks of life, unfortunately American A Holes tend to louder than usual so they stand out like a sore thumb and give good Americans a black eye, most Americans are embarrassed of other Americans who behave like this.

  15. BZNinCALI says:

    Mr Singh’s comment about not asking any questions is the reason the PM has to run around trying to put out fires & explaining what his people meant to say. He never explained the incident with the boat that ran aground behind SJC, if I remember correctly, he was not briefed on that one either. Tourists need to use common sense, travel agents & the state department offer guidelines to people that they choose not to follow. Can someone tell us what happened to the cyclist or do we need to make up a story about a traumatized imaginary dog that was his passenger?

  16. sabuskii says:

    C B T sound like one of them police who took the promotion exam and failed miserably

  17. Jenna McCarthy says:

    Belize is a corrupt country filled with crime. Crime that does not get solved because the police are involved. As soon as I saw that the drunk motorcycle driver was getting loaded with a police officer prior to the accident I knew this poor lady did not have a chance at any fairness. Belize police department is incompetent and corrupt. I hope Belize’s tourism goes down the toilet along with the country’s reputation. It is well deserved.

  18. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.

  19. Wainigace says:

    good !

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