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Dec 29, 2010

Promoter says his block party goes on with or without permission from the Traffic Dept.

keith yearwood

There are huge celebrations being planned countrywide for this Friday night to welcome the New Year. But one party in Belize City is facing a major obstacle. Promoter, Keith Yearwood, came to our studios to complain that he submitted a request to the Traffic Department to get permission for his new year’s block party on Amara Avenue. According to Yearwood, he’s been given the runaround until today when he learned his application is on hold because “it’s a violent area.” That puts a wrench in the plans for what he was hoping would be a peaceful event with free entrance for those who can’t afford the fancy events.  Yearwood told News Five that he thinks the promoters are being stereotyped since there is violence everywhere and other block parties have been approved. But he’s not giving up and wants the public to know that the party is still on.

Keith Yearwood, Promoter, New Year Block Party

“Yesterday when I gone deh, dehn tell me dehn wah check bout it today. today when I gone back dehn tell me dat ih deh pan hold because dah wah violent area. I mean fi seh, when yoh turn on di TV at night, yoh si crime happen all ova Belize so you can’t just stereotype Queen Square and seh dah wah violent area so you noh wah give we permission fi have fun. So really and truly I would ah want know weh dah di problem. On di flyer as yoh could si right yah ih seh security to the max, ATV style. We have police and everything done book fi dah day deh. So I noh know weh dehn mean by violent. Lately when I turn on di news I noh si nothing happen inna Queen Square; nobody get shot, nobody get stab. I di watch wah ad this morning fi wah block party dah Cayo. Wah man just get stab up deh. Yoh understand me. So how dehn could get permission and we can’t get. Everybody could come out dah day deh and si dat Queen Square people know fi get along wid each other and have clean fun. So I would still encourage people to come out because wah barricade no wah stop di party. We promised the public dat dah wah violent free event. If we have to put drum fi block off di street, di street wah get block off but di party noh stop.”

Delahnie Bain

“Well can you tell us a bit more about what people can expect if they go out there?”

Keith Yearwood

“There will be a bunch of prizes and surprises; music, we wah have food, drinks—draft, noh no bottle beer or nothing like that—but dah wah fun filled event.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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28 Responses for “Promoter says his block party goes on with or without permission from the Traffic Dept.”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    We cannot choose what laws or rules we want to follow then blame the police for not doing their job. I believe someone called Breakdance was killed there last week, the idiot from Allenby Street tried to shoot one of the market vendors a couple months ago, Savery was shot about a block from Amara, someone named Ashanti was arrested along with a male at the corner of Dean & Amara. Another man was shot behind Rogers Stadium on Gibnut street. Does anyone really believe that any amount of security will keep the murdering thugs away? Keith, the youngsters will come out if they want to but please do not deny what is happening in the streets.

  2. Roots man says:

    I guess if Yearwood decide to go ahead with his block party without a permit the cops will have to do their job and have him charged for the offense, I would suggest that he direct his energies towards more beneficial things like maybe get some bus full of people to go to Belmopan and do a protest against the government for not doing enough to curtail the crime situation in Belize since crime is a real problem and a protest for the government to take more action would be better use of his energies than throwing a block party, could probably even protest around the tourist village that should get some international attention and embarass the government into action.

  3. Oscar965 says:

    What kind of “responsible” promoter says he will go on without proper permission. He went to the media to get symphaty but to be honest, it just shows how ignorant this promoter is. He says he will have a safe event and he is the first one breaking the law. He should have worked out his permission weeks ago..not two days before. He may be a promotor but not a professional cause his actions are not those of a professional promotor.

  4. Avatar says:

    Well said Mr. Yearwood. It’s a shame that the authorities can’t see that we have to heal Belize one community at a time. We should encourage commmunity events like these because they bring would be rivals together. Furthermore these block parties can morph into huge cultural events like Passa Passa in Jamaica. But I guess poor people shouldn’t have fun; that’s a privilege for the wealthy. Stay the course and I hope you get to celebrate the New Year’s eve with your people.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    How can this guy come on the news talking that he already booked some Police for this event when the authorities from the Traffic Dept told him that they’re not going to give him a permit for this event.Apparently some of these Police work for Mr Yearwood.This also shows that Mr Yearwood is all about himself he’s thinking just like the politicians,it’s all about filling his pocket,he care less about who might get affected as a result of his action.

  6. Proud Belizean says:

    Very good thought Rootsman

  7. Pervo says:

    He must be PUP.

  8. Pervo says:

    UDP vs PUP.
    Bloods vs Crips
    One Gang vs Another Gang
    That is the problem in Belize. We need to Unite and Not Fight for a better Belize.

  9. The Educated One says:

    This is a funny story and I love the comments.

    Truth. He is PUP…his best friend is/was the PUP representative in Queen’s Square – Anthony Sylvestre
    Truth. His brother Fitzroy Yearwood is a member of the Police Department.
    Truth. Keith, if you want to celebrate the right way, you have to celebrate the LEGAL way. Smart people will respect you more if you follow the laws of the land. If you feel it was unjust then you need to present your concern before the right authorities if they don’t treat you fairly, you protest for fairnes even if after the fact but that is exactly what needs to be done so as to prevent such “unfairness” in the future.

    Truth. Our Belizeans get “hot & bothered” about the wrong stuff…we run to the media to get a minor detail across. When it comes to a REAL serious issue, we forget the tenacity we had when the issue affected us personally.

    Keith, Do it right or don’t do it at all. Have your own clean fun and I’m sure the people of Queen’s Square fill find something else to do. You learn the ropes with every event, once you know the ropes you know how to navigate to your goal. I’m sure Next year, you’ll plan an awesome event and it will go on without any hiccups!

    Happy New Year!!! :-)

  10. Str8 Citizen says:

    This idiot is a deportee who was deported from Chicago and now he comes here and try to play like he big and bad??? He thinks because his brother is the press officer for police he can do what he wants?? his brother is chicken !@#$ and cant even do a proper press release. The news always complaining of his incompetence.. All of them are incompetent….. I just hope the same ATV security who he says he is hiring will be the once to arrest this ignorant fool…. No one bigger than the law here in the Jewel….

  11. Higher Level says:

    Now this is ridiculous!
    Of all the news stories this insignificant one gets all the attention and the most venom. Seems like a nerve or vein was pricked why everyone getting so worked up.
    It is true though, that laws and rules must be obeyed.
    It’s sad though that people only ascribe that to ghetto youths or the powerless. Rootsman, Elgin Martinez and the Educated One- where have you been lately? The PM makes and breaks laws as he wishes. His Ministers of Government involved themselves in all types of corrupt and illegal activities and criminal acts and yet, you talk about rules and laws and that they must be obeyed. Wrenk hypocrisy I say.

  12. BZNinCALI says:

    The Educated One, I tried to leave his big brother out of it because I doubt that he even bothered to consult him first. Fitzroy’s job as a BPD’s spokesperson may come up short but he is pretty decent. Maybe Keith needs to be reminded that the Brennan brothers who were murdered on Mothers Day ’06 after attending a festive event, were his cousins & he is related to or grew up with everyone of those young men killed & injured that morning, Smith who was tortured & killed earlier this year was his uncle, Kirk now in jail for murdering Eyan Arnold, his cousin & I am just scratching the tip of the iceberg here. I’ll say no more.

  13. ZEED says:

    nough respect mista ‘PM’, but taken away our belizeans money to feed ur familyisn’t fair. play dih game fair. this has to go, and only us belizeans can make this change, if we all work together to wipe you and ur puppydogs out. oooouuuutttt ttthhhiiisss tttteeerrrmmm mmmiiissstttaaa pppmmm!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. The People Had Enough says:

    Pervo, please go jump off a cliff and do the human race a favor; dumb@$$ comment from a dumb@$$ human being.

  15. reggie says:

    Hey Keith you should try and be a leader to the youth of the area ,You live in the usa and you know how thing is run,the kids life will be at risk if you take the law in your need permit for the event to sell drinks .if you don’t have a permit for the drinks r u still going ahead to sell anyhow?you will be the looser bro.and the kids will always remember you for been so smart to go to jail.Rite now I don’t know if you or Shine is smart.he is trying to make Peace for Isreal.But is not worring about saving the kids of Belize who is the future of our Country,And is using the GIFT that is dad give him.AMBASSADOR OF MUSIC.ur gift might be Ramada.

  16. lionel says:

    ah weh do !@#$% bwai erlease di look fi u calm down

  17. rootsman says:

    Higher Level, you are not telling us anything new regarding the corrupted, lying, thieving, law breaking government officials but if you are living in Belize and you believe that each and every citizen should follow the example set by government officials and this would craft the type of country you choose to live in, be my guest and encourage the corruption, the thieving, the murdering, the lying, and all the other law breaking activities that has been going on and I hope that this will give you the kind of civilization which you choose to live in, meanwhile I will stay away until everyone comes to their senses.

  18. Wked Productions says:


  19. Mr.Chi town says:

    That man is wanted for rape,child abuse an other thing in the US .Now he is a promoter.when he rape some child down there then everyone will know his true color.that low life dogg.His Brother an big shot friend must not know about his dirty secret abroad or playing the fool whenever Keath yearwood return to the US,I will have him as it my nieces he try to rape 3 innocent little they an thier mother life had been turned upside down.he have alot to pay all u on her bigging him up get to know the real Dogg Mr Keith Yearwood…If u all have kids dont leave them aroud Him….

  20. Mr.Chi Town says:

    Everyone need to know that man is a big Zero.Pervet.Rapeist.he is wanted in the US.I think I might have to take a trip an Expose this creepthis low life in fact I will make a face book page an slander his @$$ all over the net this Zero.I was shock to see he is really in Belize wow!!!!! Belizean Watch you daughters from 3mos an up he is dangerous very very DANGEROUS…

  21. ms rogers says:

    this man was deported from usa and will be charge for more rapes in belize he is as low as they come needs to be put away but i keep praying and god will answer —- and justice will be served —— my belizean —- take care of your kids thats what child molesters do — promote to call kids close —–

  22. gaza thug says:

    yo strt8 citzen how u study man so u wan get wan straight s%^%t ina u !@#$% face no diss nobody fool

  23. BZNinCALI says:

    Mr.Chi Town & ms rogers, if what you are saying is true, please contact the government, there was an incident years ago involving a 12 year old girl from Racecourse Street, he was an adult & I believe he was the brother charged. If the laws in Belize are based on common law, if he ran to avoid prosecution, flight canceled the statute of limitations & I am not sure that rape charge was resolved or if the case simply evaporated.

  24. Earl Grey says:


  25. gaza thug says:

    yo mr. chi town stop di run up u face if the man mi deh ina u face u could’nt say nothing u big pu$$y hole mek people know who u see if wa fee no get put pan u bi+(h face up da chi

    WAIT!!!!! NEWS BULLETIN lionel u baby mother name diavian no mek cdog come up there a tek she weh again cause u wan ball up like baby boy tyrese pease out !!! stopp the dissing lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. ms rogers says:

    thanks bznincali —- he will be arested if it take the last thing i do this man is a loose cannon he pray on kids this man should be in jail and like i said before he will i pray each day for all the kids he force in sex babies—— he should never walk in belize city belize free he is the devil—- devil like i said devil—– my word to god please put the animal away any where. he have two horns and jutice will be served…….. i am talking to heads of state about this man — also ladies i am pleading to u and the public keep your childen far – far – away from this man sorry animal’

  27. Mr.Chi Town says:

    I had to read each comments before a come back,@ reggie are you crazy make this man a what youth leader this man ran from NYC,Chicago all from raping woman and kids are you serious Reggie a youth leader,Ms Rogers i really need to contact you as this man is a wanted man in Chicago,he was accused by his 3 step kids and my best friend daughter she was raped by him Evanston police is looking for this Pervert,He also attacked a 12yrs old female in Chicago.His Ex life was turned upside down by the police& the other victims family I wonder if you all still want this rapiest an child molester as a Youth leader…Mr Yearwood needs to be in jail for the rape he commited in Belize city and send back to the US to faces all6 charges of rapes….It will happen if we all worked together to get this basterd…..

  28. vigilante justice 316 says:

    Look at this gaza thug comment…. it’s plain to see what kind of people standing up for this alleged rapist, no doubt a friend or family member. Well birds of a feather flock together. The rapist call them in and the thug shot them in the face. tsk tsk tsk.

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