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Dec 9, 2010

Police constable Rodney Williams in court for Carnal Knowledge

Rodney Williams

It was not a good day for cops today; in the same court of Chief Magistrate Margaret Gabb McKenzie, another was arraigned on criminal charges. He is twenty-four year old Police Constable Rodney Williams, of the Patrol Branch. But his crime is not drug related. Williams was charged with a single count of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge for allegedly having sexual relations with a fourteen year old minor back in August. No plea was taken and Williams was remanded until January twelfth 2011, pending the start of a preliminary inquiry to determine whether or not he will be tried at the Supreme Court. The young girl claims that on the day of the incident, she was at home in Ladyville cooking and Williams was with her. She says she offered him food, but instead of accepting that offer, he began kissing her and then they got intimate on the living room sofa. According to the child’s mother, her daughter is now pregnant. Police investigated that claim and an ultrasound confirmed that the minor is eleven weeks pregnant.

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12 Responses for “Police constable Rodney Williams in court for Carnal Knowledge”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Williams I would ask what is wrong with you but I doubt you even know that your actions are wrong. You’re a grown man with a job, you could have paid someone or better yet, talk to a woman old enough to consent. Now you get to hang with the fellows at the Hattieville Ramada… if you are lucky, they will kiss you first.

  2. rod says:

    he needs to be castrated not put in jail castrated like a dog that he is.

  3. rootsman says:

    So what about that corrupted, lying, dirty politician who I understand also have a fourteen year old girl pregnant?

  4. Javier says:

    If the incident happened back in August, how can she only be 11 weeks pregnant. Is he the scapegoat for her pregnancy?

  5. BBDZ says:

    Ya we all make the stupidness in life but what is the fact these days girls that age can’t control themselves then eventually who pay the price just the dam men we should implement a law now that doth should be punish for cases like this. if he had rape her did stuff against her will then he deserves the penalty but no she must had liked it. we need to look at both side with these situations let the young girls realize what is the best for them, cause yes he should have know better but when men are tempted they can do the word of things don’t give the, an inch they take a mile . consider this and think about it and look at life now it’s reality.

  6. Hearts says:

    Javier thats the same thing I am thinking sometimes its not the men who does these things cause they want or sometimes they are just be frame. I don’t believe a word these people saying this guy mmust be innocent. today day the parent have there young daughter sleeping with man for money maybe the dealing went wrong and they took him to court now. SOmetimes the child is hard headed when they want man. So she got man fi cause of being hot like the dog then.

  7. proud Belizean says:

    its about time someone got up and say what this fool is doing she is not the first young girl he has been messing with in Ladyville he plays with most of the young girls in ladyville and there mothers encourage this i know af one young girl he was messing with while she was in highschool and her mother encourage him to sleep at there house. Mothers need to start paying more attention to there children.

  8. Darlene says:

    BBDZ, I do not agree with your comment. A child does not have the mental capicity to make that type of judgment and as the adult he should know better, but he did not care as long as he was satisfying his sexual urges. This is the reason why men in Belize think this way because it is stupid people with this type of mentality that make they types of crime continue in our country. I do not care what this young lady did or what she was wearing. The point is he is the adult in the situation, he should have know better and make better judgment for himself. This is an adult and child we are dealing with not two adult. Wake up.

  9. Earl Grey says:

    BBDZ…………DON’T BE AN IDIOT………….What if it were your daughter????

    That’s why there are LAWS about the AGE OF CONSENT.

  10. Nightnurse says:

    Good point Javier, but what if the incident occurred toward the end of August, which is roughly 13 weeks ago. Also remember Ultrasounds can have a small margin of error of 1 to 2 weeks so it’s quite possible.

    Point is he’s a grown @$$ man and should hang out with grown women not 14 year old kids, hence he gets to spend his Christmas in Hattieville Ramada, instead of at home with his family.

  11. BZNinCALI says:

    Thanks for setting them straight Darlene… Javier, Hearts, BBDZ, we have to stop this silliness, another station said the child is four months pregnant. A baby is having a baby & you are justifying the poor man not being able to help himself, all the little girls want him. If at 24 he has not figured out how to pleasure himself, he’s in the right place. Even if a child has crackheads for parents willing to sell her for a dollar, we have an obligation as a society to protect her.

    Proud Belizean, thanks & hopefully some of the other children he sexually abused will come forward.

  12. vigilante justice 316 says:

    This is the typical mentality of maybe 50% of belizean men, they look at little girls as soon as she have Tits and @$$ they think she ripe for the pickin. This kind of thing is an epidemic in our society and I think that educating boys from young is the way to start making a change in thier moral judgement. Father’s need to start telling their son’s about exercising good moral judgement and restraint before they hit puberty so that when they grow into men they can have a steady foundation to stand on when the temptation of young school girls pass by. This also goes for mothers talking to their daughters about the changes that go on her body when puberty hits. That way she isn’t out their being seduced by the lure of grown men with sweet words for gullible ears.

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