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Dec 9, 2010

More organizations condemn Government’s actions against Channel 5

The Barrow administration has blocked public officers from communicating on an individual basis with Channel Five. As a result of the government embargo, they can’t communicate with us unless other media houses are present at public events. It sounds confusing and it is. The VIP and the PUP have both issued statements condemning the government’s move to stifle freedom of expression.  Now an elected representative and another television station have come forward with support for Channel Five. Freetown Division representative Francis Fonseca sent a press release today stating that he “absolutely rejects and condemns this misguided and dangerous precedent-setting decision taken by our Government. Freedom of the Press is a fundamental pillar of a healthy and robust democracy contributing to greater accountability, better governance, and economic development.  Restrictions on the media are generally an indication of a Government’s willingness to undermine and intimidate other democratic institutions and in this case displays a shocking lack of confidence in the Belizean people by our Government.” Fonseca made it very clear that he did not perceive the station as a PUP station as Barrow would have the public believe. In fact Fonseca says “I raise my voice on this issue, even as I too am unwelcomed at Channel 5 because of a perceived view of my less than full support for the Leader of the Opposition.”  That’s quite a claim coming from a PUP. Fonseca concluded by urging civic, businesses and religious leaders to let their voices be heard on this issue and to stand firmly on the side of freedom of the press.

The Orange Walk station CTV-3, which is owned by the family of the Leader of the Opposition, has also come out in support of Channel Five.  CTV’s statement says that the attempt to censor or control a private and independent media house in any way is contemptible and cannot be supported or tolerated. The current administration’s recent decision against Channel 5 can only be viewed as dangerous, retrogressive and an attack on our independence and right to inform the Belizean public.  CTV-3 News calls on the Government of Belize to reconsider and reverse its position, and to find, in the spirit of democracy, transparency and good governance, a more amicable way of resolving its issues with Channel 5 and Great Belize Productions.  Both letters can be viewed at our website,

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “More organizations condemn Government’s actions against Channel 5”

  1. GUINEA GRASS Observer says:

    and i ask

    WHERE ARE THE TRADE UNIONS, NGOs, IGOs, the Academia??? Where are the students of Belize???

    are they simply letting this happen in front of their eyes???

    Intellectuals are the ones suppose to immediately voice their satisfaction….Belizeans need to demand from our government…

    and not allow GOB to do as it please…its a first phase towards dictatorship…..

    I call Belizeans to call radio stations, to call their representatives and show their dissatisfaction, to write to their representatives, to talk with their village councillors, mayors, etc…

    We cannot let this things happen to Belize…

  2. Josie says:

    what happened to freedom of th epress

  3. rod says:

    we the people will take care of this situation we put this gov. in and we will take them out and we do not need to wait for elections we can take them out now get you pyjamas ready barrow you and all your corrupt buddies will be on a trip soon.

  4. belizeanpride says:

    is there a chance we can do it like they did with Zelaya to baroow, come on soldiers be a proud belizean and don’t let this bald head pm good for nothing dictate what he wants, help us get reed of him.

  5. rootsman says:

    Does anyone have a copy of an internal memo that has been issued from the Prime Minister’s office to all departments in government restricting them from communicating with channel 5? If so and you are brave enough, can you please make a copy and give to one of the channel 5 reporters would be interesting to see the wording in it. By the way my Belizean people we are at critical juncture here and your cooperation is greatly needed so anyone with any information regarding corruption in any way including but not limited to KICKBACKS, EMBEZZLEMENT, BANK FRAUD, BLACK MAIL, BRIBERY, COMPUTER FRAUD, COUNTERFEITING, CREDIT CARD FRAUD, CURRENCY SCHEMES, ENVIRONMENTAL SCHEMES, SOCIAL SECURITY FRAUD, EXTORTION, FORGERY, HEALTH CARE FRAUD, INSIDER TRADING, INSURANCE FRAUD, INVESTMENT SCHEMES, LARCENY/THEFT, MONEY LAUNDERING, RACKETEERING, SECURITIES FRAUD, TAX EVASION within the GOB please disclose this information to the public as the future of your country, your children, your family on a whole depends on it. You just might become one of Belize’s greatest heroes.

  6. rootsman says:

    Oh by the way you can be listed as an undisclosed source if you rather to remain anonymous.

  7. Free Speech says:

    I say have the cameras rolling at all times. show us the footage of the Ministers and the public officials saying they are banned sfrom speaking to channel five. let the country and the world see how silly and petty this Barrow crowd can be

  8. WikiSeeks says:

    Much more comprehensive report on this matter by the Amandala:
    Go to

  9. gary says:

    i agree with the first comment….we as Belizeans needs to be very careful with this since its the first step into dictatorship.

  10. Curious says:

    Where is the ‘Reporter’ in all this? I am an avid reader and would like to hear that they condemn this dictatorship mentality. I know that the Reporter has been sued in the pass for exercising Democracy, so I would expect that they would’ve by now jumped on this.

    Remember GOB is trying to punish Channel 5 because they won’t spread their propaganda, as the poorly circulated El Guardian is unable to reach the general population. Think about it guys, today its Channel 5, tomorrow it’s the ‘Reporter’. Already I’m reading your articles about the true reason why Edmund Castro was fired as deputy MOW. Careful, grounds for another special Cabinet meeting to block another media house!

  11. Earl Grey says:

    WHAT DICTATORSHIP?????????????????
    ELECTIONS ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we won’t forget.

  12. ivan cal says:

    dean “BURROW” is the next hugo chavez in central america, and we belizeans have the power,we put him there and we will remove him ….this PM has gone too far now, we sAW HE FIRED the chief justice Dr.Abdulai Conteh because he was not tolerating barrow’s orders,he made justice otley to resign and now makes this arrogant desicion to ban public officers from speaking to channel 5 news SO WHERE is his transparency and accountability that he promised? I congratulate news5 for standing up for the Belizean people and not tolerate this vindictive government….no matta what dean barrow does to cover his corruptions it will still come to light…’SO DEAN BARROW NO SPIT UP YOUR NOSE BECAUSE IT WILL DROP RIGHT BAK UR FACE”..THE PEOPLE ARE TIRED A UR !@$$ BARROW…DO UR JOB GOVERN THIS COUNTRY AND STOP UR NONSENCE”.

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