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Dec 6, 2010

…and Belize National Coast Guard brings in Canadian Woman

myda egrmajer

As CTV News in Canada reported, the fifty-eight year old sailor was shot four times and his daughter was robbed.  Myda was rescued by an oil tanker traveling from Honduras and she was brought to Belize. She was interviewed by local authorities on Saturday and left from the PGIA on Sunday for Canada.  News Five’s Marion Ali has a report on the rescue mission.

Marion Ali, Reporting

Twenty-four year old Myda Egrmajer landed in Toronto, Canada on Monday and has now moved on to northern Ontario with her mother and brother to mourn the brutal murder of her father.

milan egrmajer

Egrmajer was rescued in Honduran waters by an oil tanker named the Tessa PG that was traveling from Honduras to Belize on Friday night, after pirates accosted her and her father on board their yacht as they weathering a storm in a remote lagoon off the coast of Honduras.

According to Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis, the Operations Officer at the Belize National Coast Guard, the father and daughter team were touring the region and had left Guatemala before moving onto Honduras.  Their plans would have taken them further south to Panama when the incident occurred. The pirates boarded the vessel unawares to her and robbed and shot Milan four times.  Myda later discovered him dead.  After the Tessa PG radioed local authorities to inform that they had rescued and were bringing the victim to Belize, the Coast Guard spun into action to offer help.

Lt. Gregory Soberanis, Operatons Officer, BNCG

“Our vessel escorted the tanker through the channel and then further on to Belize City. The expected time of arrival for the port at English Caye Channel was five o’clock Saturday morning. We had our quick reaction crew along with members of the Police Department move to that location, escorted the vessel to port here in Belize City where members of the vessel along with the young lady on board were interviewed by the police department. The young lady was later transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital to where she received further medical attention. “

Marion Ali

“She was injured? Can you tell us?

Lt. Gregory Soberanis

gregory soberanis

“No they just wanted to make sure that she was ok.”

After Myda Egrmajer was brought to shore early Saturday morning, she told her story to local authorities.

Lt. Gregory Soberanis

“The young lady in the initial interview was quite shaken and hence the reason she was taken to get medical attention and then thereafter again by the police. She said that everything happened so very quickly that she couldn’t recall faces, numbers description of what they had on. Like I said, they were caught by surprise.”

But even though she was caught by surprise MydaEgrmajer mustered the courage to scare off the thieves using a flare gun.  The incident is one that Lieutenant Soberanis says the local Coast Guard tries its best from happening in Belizean waters.

Lt. Gregory Soberanis

“We can respond to any incident in our maritime spaces. As I mentioned earlier we do have units that are deployed strategically along our coastline and once we respond, we will be able to render aid to victims who are in distress in our sea spaces.”

Marion Ali

“And your response will be in a reasonable time.”

Lt. Gregory Soberanis

“It will definitely be in a reasonable time.”

Marion Ali for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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11 Responses for “…and Belize National Coast Guard brings in Canadian Woman”

  1. rootsman says:

    This story sounds pretty fishy if I must say so, was this picture taken by the media? If so I wonder why is she smiling? Does not seems to be very traumatized, have the Belize coast guard contacted the Honduran authorities in regards to this incident and did anyone on the oil tanker witnessed the body of this girls father? This all seems to be very convenient that this incident happened in a foreign country and the sailing boat was abandoned in Honduras with her father’s body on board and she was rescued and taken to a second foreign country would make it very difficult to charge her for the murder of her father.

  2. Proud Belizean says:

    Modern day pirates….dats something to think about rootsman….but in Canada…the truth will be known.

  3. belizeanpride says:

    what are the possibilities of she killing her father for insurance policy being him a retired person? it’s kinda sktechy when she never saw nobody she can identify or never saw the color of the “pirate ship” or something that can lead to a full investigation. It’s rare that someone would kill my father and i wouldn’t have a gliimse of the fleeing pirate boat. how come she was not hurt physically nor sexually for the least. and the fires a flareshot, how come she saw when the went frightened? really make you think alot of possibilities. let’s see what the outcome would be later.

  4. Toledo says:

    I think she murdered her father for easy way and likely beneficiary to his estate. Come on, sailing in their yatch sounds to me like they are rich. Accidents happen fast but you can still remember important details. Where they speaking in English or Spanish, men or women, how many, where they also in a boat, what were they after, why did they killed her dad only, and what did they take? if they were off the coast of Honduras, won’t she at least say they were speaking Spanish or broken English? I just don’t believe her story. It maybe good coverage for Belize in Canada though, Belize coming to the rescue of one of their citizens.


    This incident didn’t took place in Belize. It happened in Honduras. Let them deal with it. It’s their problem, not ours. We have our own issues.

  6. vigilante justice 316 says:

    The above picture of this young lady couldn’t have been taken after the death of her father. I can’t see a victim smiling it up for the camera’s after her father had been murdered. The greenery in the background doesn’t even look native to Belize but I could be wrong. It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t recall anything about the pirates, maybe she was in shock but hopefully she will recall something important once things have calmed a bit. I would wonder who knew of where they were heading on this voyage, maybe someone over heard their plans on where they were headed and decided to ambush and steal their things. What a tradgedy and shame.

  7. Islander says:

    geezas can you guys be so dumb? Someone can murder your daddy and the news media use your facebook smiling picture on their story.

    There is nothing fishy about someone getting murdered in honduran waters, I have sailed those seas and believe me there is no law .

    If this was to happen in Belize to a Belizean mariner they wouldn’t be able to scare off the attackers with a flare gun because our ridiculous firearms act prohibits anyone to own a flare gun including boaters and mariners… Very dumb law brought forth by panty wetting liberal politicians who have no idea as to the use and purposes of a flare gun by mariners.

  8. rootsman says:

    Maybe it only happens in Belize that murderers smile after committing a murder or maybe it is only men with ugly faces that smile. How can anyone be so dumb to have their own opinion and ask questions? Maybe only those lucky enough to sail dangerous waters in Honduras and escape with their life and no evidence or recollection of their experience to the lawlessness of those dangerous Honduran waters

  9. Eve says:

    I can’t believe you guys think this is a photo of her after her dad’s murder, geez people be smartar than that to get the news and people involved the first photo they can find they will post. Expand your thinking!!

  10. Cortez says:

    I suppose you think the picture of her dad was taken after he was shot too? If you look at her pic, its not taken in Belize, but by the trees in the back ground, it was an older picture of her in Canada. If there is anything fishy, the Canada police will track it down.

  11. Disappointing says:

    This is the most disappointing comment thread, fuelled by watching too much TV, tabloid scandals and the need for propaganda. Peace be with the deceased and his family.

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