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Dec 1, 2010

Double murder; Pastor’s son and a security guard gunned down

david longsworth

At the close of our newscast on Tuesday night, we reported the breaking news of a fatal shooting at the Belize Diesel Service Center. The news spread quickly across town that a security officer on duty was cold bloodedly murdered. He was not the only victim; a well known master chef of barbeques was at the wrong place at the wrong time. David Longsworth and his family were filling up gas when the mayhem erupted. Because he had witnessed the murder, the gunman turned on him and delivered the fatal shot. The drama was caught on surveillance camera as it unfolded. The gunman has given a caution statement to the police. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

edgar ayala

Two men were killed after six thirty on Tuesday night at the Belize Diesel Service Center at mile one and a half on the Northern Highway. Forte Pointe Security Guard, Guatemalan national forty-two year old Edgar Ayala was shot to the head and thirty-nine year old David Longsworth lost his life after receiving gunshot wounds to the chest, right side of the chest, right arm and left shoulder. The police arrived shortly after the incident.

fitzroy yearwood

Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“Two armed men walked in this area where the security was working. They opened fire on the security and eventually the civilian who was purchasing fuel at the time. They also opened fire on his vehicle injuring him. He was rushed to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries whilst undergoing treatment around seven p.m. The security officer died on the spot. They may have left the scene with a firearm belonging to the security officer. Like I said we are not certain as yet because this is very early in the investigation, but indications are that they did remove something from the officer when he fell to the ground.”

Belize Diesel took over control of the station one year ago, and according to the station’s manager the murder was caught on most of its security cameras.

Andre Castillo, Manager, Belize Diesel Service Center

andre castillo

“In terms of security we have twelve cameras positioned specifically across the compound to cover all angles in terms of security for our people, customers and the establishment itself.  At night, we get armed security guard and normally the police are doing their regular rounds and routine checks on the compound.”

Jose Sanchez

“So the security cameras definitely played a role in apprehending the suspects?”

Andre Castillo

“Well, definitely we have the suspect caught on different angles within our security cameras reach. Whereby it shows the moment the suspects enter the compound to the moment that the customer was unfortunately got injured.”

The tape which is now labeled evidence, shows several men running up to the security guard, and one shoots him in the head and removes the weapon from his body. David Longsworth with his fiancée and adopted child were getting gas, and he drove off while the assailant was leaving. The assailant then ran back to the station and shot Longsworth.  David Longsworth is the popular chef that barbecues in front of Eagle’s Restaurant. He was also the eldest child of Pastors Howell and Gladys Longsworth.

Gladys Longsworth, Mother of David Longsworth

“He was somebody that embraced life and opportunities. He was known as the master chef. He loved to do barbecue and he had his business right by our family business on the two and a half miles by the church and the Eagles Restaurant. He was also a father and he will be dearly missed. He was the one that would love his nieces and nephews and he tell them that if anyone would do anything to them, he would protect them and be there for them. He loved to cook, he made like smoked turkeys for many of his clients. They have already called and express for Christmas that Dave will not be around. It was a real shock to us. He will be truly missed by us the family. [Umm] It’s not easy but by the grace of god, Dave was a born again Christian and he loved god with all his heart and we know where Dave is. And that is our consolation that we know the Dave has gone on to be with Jesus and that as he has gone on, many other lives will be saved because of him because he was not afraid to declare his faith. He would tell you he used to be that kind of person, but now he loved the lord.”

gladys longsworth

Fitzroy Yearwood

“We are encouraging business owners to hire extra security since it is the festive season. People will be trying all kind of ways to commit various crimes. And at the same time as the police department, we have embarked on our Christmas anti-crime patrol and this will run right through until the middle of January. We have police officers canvassing this area. We will be canvassing the entire Belize district and we are trying our best to capture these two assailants noh.”

Jose Sanchez

“Despite all you’ve done you intend to beef up security even more right?”

Andre Castillo

“Yes sir, in terms of security, we’re getting extra security guards and police officers now to be stationed at the center in the hours of operation.”

It is not unusual to hear that family members cry for revenge or for justice. But Mrs. Longsworth, a woman of faith, offers forgiveness to the men that caused the death of her first born.

Gladys Longsworth, mother of David Longsworth

“We pray and we release forgiveness to whoever has done this. It’s not easy but we know that God is in control. Even yesterday I sent him a text and I said, Dave maybe we don’t take the time to tell you we love you and care for you and it was two minutes after twelve when he sent back another text to me saying, “Mom I love you and dad so much with all my heart.” He was with us up to five-thirty yesterday evening and telling us about all his wonderful plans of his new home that he was building and the different things he wanted to do in life.”

Ervin Reneau has been detained for the double murder. Reporting for News five, Jose Sanchez.

The two most recent homicides bring the number of murder victims to a staggering hundred and twenty.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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41 Responses for “Double murder; Pastor’s son and a security guard gunned down”

  1. embarrassed belizean says:

    I truly am embarrassed to be a Belizean. My people are lawless, sick and twisted.

  2. TINCHO says:

    Main seriously what is this f….. goverment doing about the crime situation in Belize.
    I knew dave like i called him,he use to make some good delicious chiken bar -b-q on his grill every saturday . RIP DAVE,my condolances to d family. They need to heng this animals an d goverment need to do something or heng them to or shootem up to so they can feel or know how the incent belizeans feel. Sorry but feed up of hearing !@#$ like this every day an d f…….. dean barow dint do !@#$. hoot them t9

  3. BZNinCALI says:

    Hopefully we can get a conviction since we have a silent, unblinking witness that cannot be intimidated.

  4. Earl Grey says:

    DAVID…….. we will miss you.


  5. junkman says:

    it time belize for vegilante justice time to mobelize we do not need a hanging tree no more belcan bridge belchina bridge it is high enough let thier body rot hanging so there family can see what criminals they have bring into this once peaceful world they the criminals cannot be more than us people who have suffered loss of love ones at thier hands lets get together and storm where ever these sons of satan are hiding and hand them i say hang them now not later now

  6. ROD says:

    well people enough is enough this gov. now has really got to go they are completely useless in preventing crime in belize we have to take matters into our own hands and every citizen in belize should get a gun you see anyone commiting a murder jsut shoot them this impotent gov. is useless to the people of belize now people lets get rid of this pm and gov. or you might be next or your family its now time to stop talking and start doing out with this gov out and its not political its just common sense if something is not working get rid of it and this gov is surely not working all i can say is you better hope barrow that none of my family is hurt because you and this gov will surely pay the price i have never seen a more useless gov in my life wake up belizeans lets throw them out of office now not tomorrow now.

  7. SP says:

    WTF??? Seriously, is anyone looking or doing something about all these murders. The people from Caribbean Shores should be ashamed of electing ‘that guy’, who seems to me is doing nothing to curb these activities. Come on, is the PM even listening to the news, while he is bunked in his mansion. I say it is high time for these people to step down and let someone else do the job. Soon, this will be spilling over to the other districts. Look at that guy killed in San Pedro, the elder security in OW, someone in Corozal. What is happening to my once lovely country? God forbid if my beautiful North be plagued by this. I for one would do like all these ministers do In times of trouble, run to the US. Do we really want this to become another mexico, i think these people ‘up there/belmopan’ should start doing something right now. Remember ministers, our #1 money maker is TOURISM. Think about it!!!


  8. Proud Belizean says:

    My condolences to the family of both men. Now, hang the killer.

  9. Vanessa says:


  10. Truth Sirum says:

    you guys are all a bunch of idiots..most of you rich people and business owners know exactly what is going on…but I guess you guys just come here to express your PUP bull…I’m not a fan of Barrow and his posse but someone just throws a stone and shatters a window…its the GOB fault..most of you all know that the ministers and the big money people’s kids are paying to have others gunned down…did you all forget the Bannon brothers incident..Did you all forget the young guy shot at a boat yard…and the accused got a plane ticket from a high ranking police officer to get out the country before prosecuted?…Yea its you alls same buddies that you have sunday bbq with and have drinks with at taverns on weekends..

  11. embarrassed bzn says:

    HANG???? paleez! they get sentenced to be hung then the human rights ppl start barking abt how we can’t. poor murders, they have rights too. WTF??? they get appeal and appeal and before u know it…. they back on the streets. I think if u sentence a man to death they shud do it right away and make no time for appeals and the human rights people shud look the other way. A murderer shud have no rights.

  12. Dre says:

    My condolences to both family. This really touches home since I knew david and his wife. Makes me think twice to bring my family back to Belize. It is a shame that these criminals feel they can do anything and get away with it. We need a firing squad set to deal with them hardly.

    RIP Dave justice will be served!!!!

  13. Al says:

    The situation that is upon Belize did not just start with Barrow and his incompetent cohorts. This is the results of years of corruption of the politician robbing the country instead of putting the money into developing the infrastructure of the country. Where there is no change the people perish and Belize people are at fault they do not want change, they want everything to stay the same. The first thing they say when someone wants to change something is dah weh yu di change dat fa, boy lef da thing de way eh deh. Look at the prison, you cannot run a prison the way Mr Jones and Mr Woods run the prison. Look at the police force, no rules in place on how to secure crime scenes. I see people all over the crime scene. No rules for how evidence is controlled, we see evidence being lost all the time. It is time for Belize to let some American Belizeans with some sense come home and help to turn things around.
    Women who are dropping these children like rabbits need to stop breeding and start nurturing their children, instead of expecting 12 an 13 year olds to be the bread winners while they sleep off with these useless piece of men that the hardest work they do is look for a stupid woman to satisfy their sex urges. All of Belize need to wake up.

  14. G says:

    What was his motive for killing these guys?

  15. rootsman says:

    Politics is a dirty business lots of people seems to be blaming the government for the crime situation and I will not deny that they are partially to be blamed, not for the occurrence of crimes but for failure to solve most of the crimes that occur but was the success rate of solving these crimes any greater under the former administration?
    I believe not, however has the percentage of crimes risen to a much higher level since this new administration?
    I am not sure but it would seem like it has and if so, what could be the cause for this increase? Could it be that a vacuum has been created by the lost of the contacts from the former administration that used to facilitate the movement of illegal substances and other activities which provided mega bucks into the underground world of Belize that dwindles down into the lower ranks of the criminal enterprise and keeps them well satisfied and now that their loaves have been taken away they have turned to a life of shameful and pitiful crimes against society in retaliation and to somewhat replace the void created by this vacuum, fueled and encouraged by their superiors and former bosses who sits on their criminal thrones surrounded by endless wealth waiting for the time when they can again rise to claim their crown of anarchy and deception, just some food for thought.

  16. Sweet tea says:

    there is a picture of Ervin Reneau on facebook, I think you should use that photo in tonight news 5 cast so everyone can see who he is. They cant be killing innocent peopl… Its crazy!!!!!

  17. MACAL RIVERA says:

    Stop blaming the government, this guys reneau that killed these fine men had a job, his father is a big time PUP supporter, so why he killed????? Maybe one of these fine men knew him, saw his face?? Hmm
    All I can say that it is written in the word of GOD. Vengeance is mines says the Lord, the one who say I AM!!!
    Condolences to the families, hope you guys find forgiveness in your heart!!! Leave it in God’s hand.

  18. To Truth Sirum says:

    If the “rich people and the business owners” are the ones commenting on these forums, then God save us! If the upper echelons of Belizean society (those with easier access to the best education) cannot spell and have horrific grammar usage, then we really are going to the dogs.

  19. toucan says:

    wrong place wrong time eh??? That could have been anyone! SCARY THOUGHT

  20. Justice for all says:

    I notice that everyone keeps saying “Hang Them” when crime like these are committed but does anyone know if the mandatory death penalty is still in place for persons convicted of murder? Point is case is what was mentioned when Sandra Ruiz’s Killer Grant, was Sentenced and I quote

    “At today’s sentencing, Grant who was represented by Attorney Dickie Bradley did not call any character witnesses – neither did he nor his attorney have anything to say. That’s because persons who are found guilty of murder are no longer given the death penalty, making the sentence of life imprisonment mandatory and automatic. ”

    My question is when was this changed? Who changed this? Wasn’t there a need for a referendum for something as sensitive as this? Obviously there was no need going to the CCJ and certainly the crime situation will not charge anytime soon!!!!

  21. Belizous says:

    Atten: To Truth Sirum, People are hurting while others are killing and all you can think of is propper Grammer? you sick! think you’re perfect? if this was your family would your mind be on Grammer?…

  22. REDS says:

    I just hate that ppl tend to forget that another hardworking man (security guard) was also murdered here


    May God be with these family in their time of grief. Howell and Gladys you are excellent parents who brought up your children well, my heart bleeds for you but the almighty will keep you strong. KEEP THE GOOD FAITH.

  24. Proud Belizean says:

    You’re so right Reds. Hard working people get killed by crazy and lazy @sses with no morality. Hope he gets what he deserves.

  25. daveyt says:

    For BT- If that is the case then – Life should be Life, and convicted murderers should remain in prison until carried out in a box for burial.. No Parole, no Family Breaks, or Rehabilitation/Job seeker visits outside. Lock them up and leave them inside until they die.

    It will be expensive, but the punishment will fit the crime as they will suffer, for a very long time.

  26. CEO says:

    It is not the government or anyone else to blame. The people of Belize need to take back their streets. We are afraid to talk and we are afraid to hold our “leaders” feet to the fire. Those SOB’s would never get away if people would speak up.

    Let’s hunt the bad guys and make them pay one at a time. Report crime until they get locked up.

    By the way those commentators who are ashamed to be Belizeans let me remind them that where ever they live in the world this sort of mess unfortunately happens and it will never stop; with that said then why are they not ashamed to be whoever else they pretend to be or ashamed to live where everelse they live.

    Too many Belizeans are ashame of their roots!

  27. Sasha says:

    The same way, the death penalty was abolished the same way it can be brought back, or send criminals to the countries that are fighting against it. The only thing left for BELIZEANS, IN TIMES OF AFFLICTION WHICH IN EVERY DAY, GO TO GOD WITH PRAYERS.

  28. el rey says:

    It is sad how our country is soo out of control. Why soo much anger in this beautiful country.
    I ask God to help all of us to ease down the violence. Parents, please give your kids love, attention and dont teach them about greed…teach them to be humble for our sakes for their sakes to better off our lives

  29. Earl Grey says:



    There they can EARN THEIR KEEP and REPAY THEIR DEBT TO SOCIETY…. or we have to feed them ……………



  30. Earl Grey says:



  31. Belizous says:

    Hey Earl Grey!!!! I like this idea… “There they can EARN THEIR KEEP and REPAY THEIR DEBT TO SOCIETY…. or we have to feed them”
    PRAY, PRAY and more PRAYERS for our Country…

  32. fel says:

    it hard to hear about people dieing within our country Belize. it’s easy to say what the government should do but we also need to understand that the people also have a major role to play. we the people need to stop feeling sorry and complaining but stand up to all criminal activity. it is easy to say that we will leave it GOd hands but yet we shut our mouth and rather wait for someone to save us. thats not the way it’s like saying i want to win the lotto but never buy it. God is the key but we the people need to stand changing the country. it’s about time Belizeans to stand up and stop these criminal activity from occurring. Belizean people making the right choice will lead Belize to become a greater country.

  33. Belizeantothebone says:

    Al I totlaly disagree with you about bringing american belizeans to run our country. after all the main reason they left the country is to avoid all the problems we have. Most of you american belizeans am not saying all “Most” left there children with family memebers to go make a living there and you know wahat those are the same kids that have grown up without there parents here to boost their esteem, that are causing these crime. So excuse me for not agreeing with you and am sure many of my fellow belizeans disagree too. Becaues as soon as they can’t handle it you rush back to the US.

  34. x-Cop Belize USA says:

    Come on people of my once peaceful and beautiful country of Belize, it’s enough, if we put the BDF to work 24/7 along with the real Police thats left there, and put the country under curfew, for 1 month and you will see the difference, tell that PM of ours over there to step and face the problem, I live in the USA but I feel for all my people who is going through this torturing, GET UP STAND UP MY PEOPLE, ATOP THE KILLING NOW.

  35. Earl Grey says:

    DISILLUSIONED………………and they CAN WORK ON THE PRISON FARM FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES………… earn their keep and provide for society.

    NO sitting around on tax payers hard earned money.

    THEN………. they would be productive citizens too.

  36. linda pennil says:

    I worked for HL’s when I was in Belize, so I peronally knew David as a kid. He was a kind and lovely child. I had not heard anything about his family since I left Belize many years ago. It is sad to see what is happening to our country. It seems no one in goverment is running the country, the criminals are. It is very scary to visit. I send my deepest sympathy to the Longsworth family. The only consulation is that he was saved and may be with Jesus. But what a waste to the country.

  37. justice says:

    @ truth…. Okay I’m not rich and I’m not some business owner. I have no political interests in PUP or UDP. I’m an ordinary Belizean who wants to see justice served…. so I say bring back the death penalty. I am sick of hearing about rapist getting off with a slap on the hand and murderers getting off because evidence come up missing or juror’s being too afraid to convict. Change will not come unless every good man and woman say enough is enough and start treating every case as if it were a personal attack on themselves. God help those who help themselves, how can he work if you are too afraid to act. Please give these families justice and sentence these murderers to hard time!

  38. ORL says:

    What is the purpose of this comment section?? i think that situations like this..where everyday a crime is reported, it should be forwarded to the minister of national security to see how disappointed people are with the crime situation in which he is doing nothing,,, we hear immigration, land, and other news,,but nothing about what our government is doing about the crime situation?? come on…u can be next

  39. Elgin Martinez says:

    Some of these business people are making so much money and yet jeoperdizing some of these Security Guards lives because of been cheap.You all need to have atleast three arm Guard at that facility.

  40. CHICAGORILLA says:

    Sad…….. condolences goes out to the famalies of both men. May they rest in peace. Stop the silence and maybe then you will see a drop in violence.

  41. Nana says:

    that’s my sister in-laws father and was very sad to here about it.

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