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Dec 1, 2010

Alleged serial rapist freed of serial rape charges

leroy gomez

This morning, the last of a number of rape cases before the Supreme Court against the man police dubbed as the serial rapist, fell apart when the main suspect said she did not want to testify in fear of her life.  The trial judge, Justice Adolph Lucas directed the jury of nine to return a verdict of not guilty against Leroy Gomez. That is the fourth time that Gomez has been freed of sexual offences. On September fourteenth, 2008, the woman who was then twenty-one told police that she was walking home from a dance, very early in the morning when at corner of Croton Lane Extension, she was approached by Gomez. She reported that he placed a knife on her and used it to cut off her stockings and then proceeded to rape her. Gomez then robbed her of her Motorola cell phone along with eleven dollars in cash. And even though police thought they had their man, the case could not proceed without the crucial evidence. In August of this year, Gomez was first tried on rape allegations made against him which stem from 2008.   In that rape trial, before Justice Herbert Lord, he was convicted by a jury of the rape, robbery of a twenty-two year-old and aggravated assault of her friend with a knife. But the Court of appeal overturned that conviction. Attempted Rape and Robbery charges were also withdrawn when the witness in that case did not want to testify.   And in a fourth case, a nolle prosequi was entered because the victim died before trial. Gomez, however, is serving time for a robbery conviction.

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19 Responses for “Alleged serial rapist freed of serial rape charges”

  1. Robert says:

    How can we be satisfied with “justice” that results from death threats to victims? Isn’t there ANYONE in government who cares to protect the public and and go to war with the criminals? It seems they prefer to do it the other way around.

  2. Red Bear says:

    Castration should be PART of the mandatory punishment for anyone convicted of rape. Results like this one disgust me.

  3. Gustav says:

    Four times he beats the rap because he traumatizes the victims too much? The police and courts won’t do it, but the men of Belize should make sure he can never harm another woman.

  4. BZNinCALI says:

    Well Ladies, it is open season on you, he’s back on the streets & will continue to rape until he is 6 feet under. If the witness’ life was threatened, that person needs to be prosecuted & we have to allow witness statements to be read into court cases to counter this garbage.

    Lopez, I have one consolation, the streets may not be safe for a girl with you out there but read the tea leaves, it may be even less safe for you. You can only hide behind your Mom’s frock tail for so long. Mom turn his @$$ in, you may be the next one he mounts after the streets tighten the noose around your animal’s neck.


    With no witness protection in Belize it is more than likely that many cases like this one will just fall cold, while animals like Gomez gets to do it all over again.
    Why don’t the court take cases such as this one, in this way animals like Gomez don’t get to just walk away from his crimes.

  6. Earl Grey says:

    I’ll give him a coupon for THE ROSE GARDEN…………

    THEN………….. LET “STREET JUSTICE” GO INTO EFFECT………….. He should not be a free man.

  7. abi says:

    Can anybody gun down this sick animal?

  8. rod says:

    they should cut his !@#$%^&* off and shove it in his mouth damm animals in belize.

  9. Proud Belizean says:

    Look at how he makes fun of the law. Im sure his days are counted tho…its sad

  10. embarrassed bzn says:

    He really does look like he is proud and is taking his actions as a joke. He is laughing at us all.

  11. cayobway says:

    people i am sure he is aware how the system works out here. his days are numbered……
    the new law of the streets…… keep watching the news people……
    let them come out and get lost in the street system.

  12. rastamanforever says:

    If I were to get somebody to take out this career rapist who laughs at out courts and police dept…. and has hurt so many women and is a real threat to our women……

    will you really be willing to cover for this person?? and pressure to police not to go all out to get him imprisoned?? sometimes we need people like that…….

  13. BT says:

    This guy is already in prison doing 5 years for burglary, and still his victim feels threatened to the point that she refuses to testify against him. That is a very sad and scary example of how messed up our law protection and justice systems are. He’s already doing 5, and she could put him away for another 20, yet she must have no faith that; a) he’ll be convicted, b) that he’ll actually do his time c) that the police can protect her from any scum-bag associates of his who might try to threaten her on his behalf while he is incarcerated.

  14. daveyt says:

    I am lost for words! Whatever happened to Human Rights in this country???? Gone with greed & corruption. No woman can walk in Belize without fear anymore, as if they are attacked, the rapist will walk free. All he has to do is threaten the already truamitised victim, and she won’t testify.

    Statements, DNA Testing (Belize has a lovely, yet sadly empty Forensic Lab) should be used to convict these animals, and the victims should, like in a civilised country, be able to testify via videolink.

    I am glad I’m not a woman in Belize!

    But I do have a promise, as I have Daughters – Anybody touch them or my wife, you had better pray the Police get you before I do!

  15. Earl Grey says:

    STOP CALLING REALLY BAD PEOPLE ANIMALS…………… MY CAT is offended because animals don’t act that bad. She thinks MONSTERS WOULD BE A BETTER WORD.

    ON THE REAL…………………The police NEEDS TO START VIDEO TAPING STATEMENTS AND TESTIMONIES so we don’t keep going through this.

  16. macal rivera says:



  17. sita says:

    it is sad that another criminal laugh away with a smile and thinking about a next victim as they release him. i wonder what does the mother say is she proud about her son behavior because i sure am not. parents are an important factor in a child life. your either mold them or sculpt them into becoming a master piece. i totally agree that victims and witnesses should be protected better so that they shouldn’t feel afraid to persecute these criminal to the fullest extent. proper measures should help the victims so that criminal like this guy should walk free with a smile.

  18. justice says:

    You see this is the kind of $hit I hate about my country. How the hell could they let off this son of a $itch knowing that he is guilty to the point his victim is too scared to testify. He is a repeat offender who is laughing up a storm because he is confident in this corrupt justice system. I tell you now, if I’m every raped you better believe that I won’t let it go at a fine or let fear cripple me and steal my justice. If the court don’t give me justice; I will take my own justice, and the rapist family will wish that he had been convicted and serve time rather than the life sentence I will put on him. I will kill him dead! DEAD you hear me! For all you rapist in hiding out there: There will come a day when you come across the wrong woman to $*ck over and if she is anything like me….you will regret the day you were born into this world.

  19. THE DIVA says:

    Hey Belizeans, have you forgotten the “Bishop Brothers” they tormented Belize and our beautiful
    young women for years; that parents were afraid to report them to the authorities and if reported it was swept under the rug. They too were Rapists and got away with murder. So the Lopez case is nothing new for Belize. Someone needs to give him a taste of his own medicine if it has’nt already been done to him in jail. One of you “Cruffie” in jail needs to cut his “Manhood” off and stick it up his @$$. What does this “Moron” have against women when he came from one? Or should I ask where did she go wrong? It’s very sad and appalling how Belize is rapidly going to the dogs! Between the system, Law enforcement and our Prime Minister may God be with the people of Belize!

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