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Nov 9, 2010

Drug dealer accused Ralph Fonseca and former P.M. in U.S. Court

An online report circulated to media houses today contains rather shocking revelations about a former minister of government as well as a former prime minister. The content of the document is the result of an appeal of a convicted drug trafficker, who was extradited to the United States and convicted in 2007 in a U.S. Court.  Robert Hertular was convicted of exporting six tons of cocaine to the United States and it is on the appeal of his conviction that the allegations were made against Minister Ralph Fonseca and a former prime minister. In the court document that you can view by clicking here, Hertular played the tape recording of an intercepted conversation between a D.E.A. agent regarding “Ralph Fonseca, a senior Belizean government official, with whom Hertular was suspected of trafficking drugs.” Hertular also told the U.S. court that he had obtained private cellular numbers of D.E.A. agents in Belize and had threatened them. He claimed he also was able to tap the phone lines of U.S. Embassy employees.  And during trial Hertular alleged he was the money laundering ring involved Alliance Bank. As we said, these are allegations made during a trial by a man who apparently wanted to cut a deal.

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30 Responses for “Drug dealer accused Ralph Fonseca and former P.M. in U.S. Court”

  1. GUINEA GRASS Observer says:

    NEWS5 you forgot to post the link.

    The Link is [ ]

    UNITED STATES of America, Appellee, v. Robert HERTULAR, Defendant-Appellant.

    Argued:  June 19, 2008. — April 06, 2009

  2. Earl Grey says:

    What is done in the dark, shall come to light……….SOONER OR LATER.

  3. Robert says:

    Surprised? Or does it have the ring of truth, what everyone suspects anyway?

  4. Cutty Ligiyaba says:

    AS PER -Yim Erwin Perdomo Saan entry – it is a case but it was only a Mule that was

    Extradited–if Hertula is released I would not be mad-as a matter of fact, the real masterminds

    were never brought to justice–It is a good read..I copied and paste some contents for the

    people who might refuse to

    click on your link

    By his own admission, Hertular was a significant drug trafficker in an organization with such

    deep roots into the Belizean government that co-conspirators could supply him with

    clandestinely recorded conversations between United States agents assigned to Belize and

    federal prosecutors in New York. That same organization had sufficiently corrupted employees

    of the United States Embassy in Belize as to give Hertular access to otherwise unavailable

    information about the identities of government informants and the residences and contact

    numbers for DEA agents.   Under these circumstances, the evidence was sufficient to support

    an inference that when Hertular said he could supply McCord with grenades, defendant was not

    talking idly.   See Gall v. United States, 128 S.Ct. at 596

    “Fonseca organization,” a group involved in drug trafficking and money laundering in the United

    States and Europe.   Hertular implicated a former Belizean prime minister and police

    commissioner in the organization and identified the Belize Alliance Bank as the entity used for

    money laundering.   Hertular stated that his further cooperation would depend on DEA

    agreeing in writing to various demands, for example, allowing defendant to live in Europe.   The

    agents indicated that they would have to consult with their superiors and the prosecutors.  

    Meanwhile, they asked Hertular for a copy of the recorded conversation that he had played for


    ——This is the link for those who read court documents




  5. BZNinCALI says:

    Whether or not this man was trying to cut a deal, if he was convicted of trafficking 6 tons, a lot of people looked the other way as he lined their pockets. That explains why we cannot clean up the bloody mess in our streets. The people at the top cannot ask the enforcers to behave when there is the perception that they are in bed with their bosses.

    Is it possible they have proof that Embassy employees phones were tapped & someone else is being squeezed?

  6. RadicalBelizean says:

    Anyone in Belize who finds these allegations surprising is an idiot. I know that Robert is trying to cut deals and therefore he will sing like a canary. However, the people of Belize have been saying this for years that drug trafficking in Belize is being orchestrated from the higher echelon of Belize’s society. These boys killing each other or caught with ammunition or a few bags of weed etc they are the mules, just look at where they live in their tin huts and run down houses to know that they are not the Mr Bigs. What we now need is for someone to go through the accounts of each and every minister in the land including any off-shore accounts to look for irregularities. Who knows these guys turned up to the US ports with enormous quantities of the stuff and by diplomatic status sail through without being searched. What a disgrace? Like my grandmother used to say they will die with their eyes wide opened.

  7. Common Sense says:

    Again, thanks Channel 5.

  8. Darius Martinez says:

    If this is so how comes the D E A have not come for Mr Fonseca? if they could have kidnapped the Guatemalan drug lord from here, don\t you think they could have done the same to him, then who is this former prime minister, call his name as well. I am not taking up for these gentlemen for all i know they may be guilty, but to me this seem as some form of distraction from the immigration and other scandals swirling around this government; but as they say they say the truth will come out sooner than later.

  9. samy says:

    Hertular’s access to otherwise unavailable information about United States agents working in Belize and their informants, and to recorded conversations involving United States law enforcement officials both in Belize and in New York strongly supported the inference that he dealt with the various corrupt high-ranking officials in the Belize government who were integral to the conspiracy’s operations. Hence the PUP is a party with a lot of money.. their true color was already revealed by the UDP and now the DEA

  10. chuck says:

    as the proverbs says chicken will come to roost.

  11. rastamanforever says:

    Perhaps the owners of the then phone company (BTL) could provide documentation about this wire taps on the embassy and DEA agents phones…..
    Who gave the and signed the order to the phone company to do the wire taps?? Was there collusion between the phone company and the “fonseca group” to do the wire tapping??? Or were they forced to “help” in these tapping of phones???

    Johnny…… you still want this people around you?? Is it with this type of individuals that you want to have “United” Party?? Besides big thiefs now big time drug traffickers and money ‘cleaners”?? all the time we suspected that….. Pandora’s Box has been openned!!!

  12. Global Perspective says:

    All these people have blood on their hands as if they had clamp down all those years ago we may not be going through the bloodshed we have seen for the past three to four years. Mr Fonseca if this is true you, you’ve destroyed our country, so we can add drug dealer, to the accusations of theft of funds that has always hang over your head. Mr Musa what was your part in it? What about the Alliance Bank? The man opened a whole can of worms lets look and see how these guys wiggle their way out of it. There have been constant accusations of these sort of things happening in Belize, and now I would like to see these men brought to justice. We will need help from the US, and I hope we get it.

    Maybe you’ll do something brave for once and do us all favour – for the good of this country. Good riddance! Sadly I think this won’t happen it will blow over and they will continue business as usual. BZNinCALI, you made a valid point. How does a man take 6tons of the stuff and nobody noticed?

  13. Global Perspective says:

    The next thing that come to mind is that recently they announced that people could have witness protection. Who would dare go to the embassies and police and seek government help in to a witness program? You would be mad. Until we see some kingpin like Fonseca or Musa dealt with in a court of law and convicted and certainly not by the present DPP then can we have confidence.
    You better off escaping Belize through Mexico to a destination in the US. Particularly because the US didn’t seem to consider what was told to them as significant. I always ask who look out for the people of Belize best interest?

  14. THINK says:

    The difference between the PUP and the UDP is that the former party would share the crumbs of what they baked. A few were left out which were the ones that would make some noise. The current administration are a more selfish crowd that wants everything for themselves. They are real hypocrites that only think of themselves and family!

    You know, a minister has to fill his pockets first and then he will think of his people. The PUP had their pockets filled already, however, this current administration is just doing that. On the contrary though, this guys are too greedy!

  15. macal rivera says:



  16. TIB says:

    This is Belize Samy. TIB.

  17. ProudBelizean says:

    Good to know that we have DEA agents in Belize and I really hope that they rid Belize of so much drug trafficking which should bring down crime.

  18. jswskjsk says:

    WHERE IS THE GOVERNOR GENERAL???????????????????????WHERE?????????????????

  19. daveyt says:

    With luck, the net will be cast, and he US law enforcement agencies will be hauling in those involved from high places. I hope they all get extradited and locked up for 33 years each – or more! I also hope that all their properties, bank accounts etc. are also siezed until they can prove that they weren’t obtained through corruption and money laundering. After all, how many Lawyers do you know that can afford to build a Casino on Newton Barracks with legitimately earned money in Belize? That must be at least a 30 million dollar investment, designed to clean and polish even more dirty money!

    Those currently in power would have to clean their acts up, or the same fate will await them when they lose the 2013 elections!

  20. Earl Grey says:



    If they could ARREST MANUEL NORIEGA……………..

  21. deedee says:

    The skeletons are coming out the closet now…

  22. Hardworking Belizean says:

    As Belizean saying goes: “If dah no soh dah nayley soh”!!! In any case, the current Gov’t in power cannot throw the first stone as they have tail fu mash as well! All those airplanes landing in Sarteneja and even on our main Northern Highway where coincidentally when the police arrive no one is to be found nor the airplane cargoe!! Come on!! If it is to arrest the “Real Criminals, the Ring-Leaders” be prepared Belize because we will be running short of our Deputy Prime Minister et al. God Bless BELIZE!!!!

  23. GUINEA GRASS Observer says:

    why we have a Governor General??

    he is a total waste of tax papers money because he does nothing for Belize to be transparent.

  24. rootsman says:

    Hello Mr. Barrow have you called in your administration and spoke with them one on one we are still waiting to hear what your plans are to fix Belize of its many problem, I believe that you are capable and would like to do the right thing however if you refuse to take any action it will only prove that you have condoned the behavior of those that are at fault and is possible involved yourself with all the things that are going on in Belize, you really need to speak to the people and be sincere and truthful when you do it but before you do so I would advise you to clean your house first because the truth can easily be seen.

  25. BelizeBushMan says:

    I can bet any amount of money that right now Hertular is working a deal to reduce his sentence and that everyone that was accused is being investigated. U.S. agents and investigators work slow until they can build an iron clad case. When they are ready, a crack team will land in Belize and take who they want to.

    If kingpin Colombians and Mexicans think they may be fingered, then they may want to eliminate any Canary that might sing and when I say any, I mean any. I feel sorry for the person(s) in the US Embassy who gave him that recording because they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Additionally the other poster is right to find out who authorized the wire taps. You don’t just give a low ranking drug dealer that kind of information.

    If I were Hertular, I would also watch my back; even in jail. When you deal with heads of state and high ranking government officials, especially with the accusations he made, you really need to be careful where you walk as assasinations, contract killing and retaliation is the name of the game when it comes to this.

    Yes I agree that the U.S. should have made a deal with him and wire him up to do some undercover recordings because that may have brought down a great deal of the cartel/gang living in Belize, Mexico and Colombia. Catching the Mexicans and Colombians will be harder but Belize is a calk walk for the U.S. to go in and apprehend someone. Unfortunately this will tarnish Belize reputation (what little remains) in the international community. God is good and every dog will have his day. It’s only a matter of time my peoples, just a matter of time….

  26. Earl Grey says:



  27. Common Sense says:

    Inshallah BelizeBushMan.

  28. North Indio Maya says:

    “If da no soh da nally soh” The cat is slowly coming out of the bag. Imagine how can the Son of a minister who never worked in in his life, who died in car accident leave behind over 1 million dollars in assets.(just estimate) The Fonseca Organization was truly busy, no wonder nobody notice 6 tons of illegal drugs passing thru our beloved country. Wake up America we need your help, so please send some DEA with more common sense and experience to catch the big fishes.

  29. lynlyn says:

    guess what, this is a typical American $#!%, cause IT IS THEIR JOB TO DEAL WITH THEIR OWN PROBLEM. Guess what is the problem, if there is no market for drugs which means, ID THE AMERICANS DO NOT USE DRUGS OR TAKE DRUGS then there is no market for drugs and you can have it laying all over the street and no one will take it and there is no market for it then no one will waste time to transport it. It is their job to deal with their own problem such as to strengthen their own security of the drug war or so to say. then yes they now capture the guy and get a confession from him, then what? they want to pull everyone in it? why don’t I see them coming for Fonseca? Since this confession did not just took place yesterday or this week. So all these years they have not take action? Dont you see something not right? Look at all these people in the TV shows and confessing to they are on drugs and they are doing drugs, and it is recorded on tapes, Why am i not seeing they are in jail? I mean this is typical American. When they can not closed the door, they blamed anyone one else who is outside of the door just so that they can blamed someone else for their own fault.

  30. Informed Belizean says:

    I actually find it hilarious and a true testament to the ignorance of some people. I bet not one of you have read the entire court document and yet you have the gall to comment and though you know what you are speaking of. These trials took place in 2004! Do you really think the oh-so-powerful USA of would not have come for Mr. Fonseca by now??? Really? Obviously, Mr. Hertular is just trying to find any kind of scapegoat to decrease his sentence and implicate the same man who sent him up the river in the first place. And please do not act as though Mr. Hertular is innocent, because that is the last thing he is. If the US found him guilty, then more than like he IS!!! Read and learn something and then come back and comment.

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