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Oct 22, 2010

Taralee Sanchez wants justice for slain husband/cop

gavin sanchez

Corporal Gavin Sanchez was killed back in March, nine bullets found their mark on him. It initially appeared like an open and shut case but not so. The office of the Director Public Prosecutions has determined that there is not sufficient evidence to press murder charges; we’ll have more on that later. But TaraLee, the widow of Corporal Sanchez, is stunned that no charges will be brought against the man who ended her husband’s life. The Corporal was gunned down during an altercation with Sergeant Paulino Reyes. Both Reyes and Sanchez were attached to the San Pedro Police Formation at the time of the incident on March eighteenth of this year. Sanchez was socializing at Wet Willies night club when he allegedly became unruly and Reyes, who was working extra duties, disciplined him. Sanchez was then escorted back to the station.

paulino reyes

Officers at the station have reported that Sanchez issued threats and he also sent a threatening text message stating his intentions to harm the Sergeant. When Reyes arrived, accompanied by Belize Defense Force soldiers, an altercation occurred at the barracks at about three a.m. A barrage of gunshots rang out after Sanchez apparently hit Reyes over the head. Sanchez lay dead on the ground wearing a bullet proof vest.   This afternoon News Five spoke to TaraLee Sanchez, who said that he didn’t need to die and she still hopes for justice for her dead husband.

taralee sanchez

Taralee Sanchez, Widow of Gavin Sanchez

“When I went to the DPP’s Office first of all I didn’t know what to expect when I went into the office. But coming out of the office it was nothing that I expected to hear. Because the understanding I got from the end of the explanation was that they don’t have enough evidence to charge Reyes for murder. She claims Reyes is claiming self defense.”

Jose Sanchez

“Why do you believe that it wasn’t self defense?”

Taralee Sanchez

“First of all in self defense, if you shot a man. My concern is the amount of shots; nine shots. According to the DPP, the first seven shots were flesh wounds. I can recall when they bring him in the truck dah the morgue; I saw the condition of his foot. His knee was broken, he get shot eena ih knee, ih get shot eena ih ankle, ih get shot dah ih pelvic area, different parts of the upper body and different parts eena ih head. With seven shots being fired and that’s flesh wounds. I still can’t put it in my mind that seven flesh wound shots Andre couldn’t be a threat to Reyes.”

Jose Sanchez

“You felt that he should have been charged with anything, just no charges?”

Taralee Sanchez

“Manslaughter the least. I mean to what I think, dah murder, but I dah noh the judge.  But to get charged with nothing, I don’t know what to say about that one.  I want to ask her if I can get the case file, so I could know what I could do after this, what next step I can take. Fi just make Reyes shoot Andre, kill ah, and no justice come out of that. That wrong. You have to have some kind of closure  to it.  You can’t just left it right so.”

Late this afternoon, News Five obtained a copy of the official memo on the shooting death of Gavin Sanchez.  The report, dated eighteenth October, from the office of the DPP, concludes that “the prosecution clearly does not have the evidence to discharge its onus of disproving self evidence. In the event, directing the arrest and charge of Sgt. 714 Reyes at this stage would be an exercise in futility as no trial could properly proceed.” And what caused the DPP, Cheryl-Lynn Vidal to come up with that summation? Well it rested on answering two questions relating to self defense.  The first being if Sergeant Reyes honestly believed that it was necessary to defend himself. And after examining the evidence the memo states that  the corporal threatened Reyes that he was going to kill him, later approached Reyes with a piece of metal and hit him over the head and stood in front of him, armed with a handgun pointing it at him. It says “It appears unarguable from these circumstances that sergeant 714 Reyes would have honestly believed that he had to defend himself and the prosecution would be hard pressed to prove otherwise.” The second issue was if the amount of force which Reyes used was reasonable. According to the statement of Dr. Estradabran, none of the first seven shots would have immobilized Sanchez, as they did not affect vital organs or cause any fractures. The shot to the back of the Corporal, according to the observations of the doctor, is consistent with the Corporal having swayed from side to side. And for all intents and purposes, it may very well be that up until the eighth shot, Corporal Sanchez remained in an upright position, facing Sergeant Reyes. The eighth shot caused him to start falling and the ninth completed the fall. The memo concludes that “in the circumstances it is impossible for the prosecution to suggest that the force used was unreasonable to repel the attack.” We hope to have the DPP’s official version of her report on Friday’s newscast.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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29 Responses for “Taralee Sanchez wants justice for slain husband/cop”

  1. john mcneil says:

    just another gangster gone. he cared less about our justice system and participated in corruption……RIPE

  2. rod says:

    incompetent police work and gov. whey happen to the murder of the boy zaldivar in san pedro nothing has been done about this nothing no kind of investigation has been done also the other two or three boys who were murdered and found in a shallow grave where is the investigation of all these murders no one has been brought to justice useless gov. resign barrow resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  3. Cutty Ligiyaba says:

    ROD—some people have out of jail cards—they are protected —-If you and I get involve in the

    smallest of matter–lets say a misdeamenor ( in Belize it’s Summarry Jurisdiction Offence ) like

    loitering (NOT THAT WE LOITER) –you will be treated worst than a murderer. LIFE AS WE


    for the better as it should be—-IT IS FOR THE WORSE— Some Belizeans are seen as less

    than HUMAN BEINGS by some and this is the reason they are treated in such UNHUMAN like

    manner–Its sad that some GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS can’t even do there jobs effectively

    without the interference from MR. THIS OR MR. THAT- Street justice will only plummet the nation

    into a savage state that will bring CIVIL WAR—-I know the streets is already at war –but the

    streets can unite, because people are known to rise up whenever they have been beaten down

    for too long—Let’s Pray For Belize..

  4. Edith says:

    That is ridiculous. A cruel slap in the face for this young wife. Self defense n murder r too different things.

  5. EL CHE says:

    No dought thier is a cover up in this slaying of this corporal,certainly the BDF could have been the killers,after all the BDF are known to kill defenceless belizeans.the leaders of belize claim that beliz is a country of laws.what goes on in belize say the opposite.the DPP office is to busy doing nothing,he should be fired,

  6. JC says:

    Belize justice system is just messed up! I hope this wife stands her ground and get justice for her husband and children!

  7. Jah says:

    Mr. Jeffries is covering up for that Seargeant and that is a fact but just remember that this world is round…..

  8. belizeanpride says:

    well to my understanding people knew him as a civilian harrasser and well what goes around comes around he met his partner but was measured alittle more than he could handle. so to me one rogue cop down simple as that, we can’t sympatize with his death when, when they are around they harrass civilians and we baul for justice which is never done so let it be like how it is.

  9. Islander says:

    SELF DEFENSE cut and clear…

    Or was Gavin Sanchez going to ask reyes for some sugar after the repeated death threats, the body armour and the .45 pistol in his hands?

    Seriously WHAT WAS GAVIN SANCHEZ DOING AT REYES’S ROOM WITH A BULLETPROOF VEST AND A .45? Was he there to borrow sugar ? Or to carry out his death threat?

    Open your eyes cause maybe tomorrow someone might threaten your life and show up at your doorstep with a loaded pistol ready to carry out his threat….WHAT WILL YOU DO?

  10. Dee says:

    This DPP has got to go! too much people are coming off free because of insufficient evidence. we are loosing our country’s resources for these criminals who are suppose to be protecting us (DPP and Police), they are high paying officials who don’t deserve out hard earn tax payers money. Get rid of the DPP so criminals can be charged for the crimes committed, bar none, stop using a girl to do a woman’s job, she is just plain incompetent.

  11. roska says:

    It was sad to see the more detailed interview on channel 7 where the mother claims that her 4 year son hates sgt Reyes and has sworn to Kill him when he grows up…… IF A 4 YEAR CHILD could possibly think that way….. no wonder his father swore and tried to kill Reyes that night….

    What a lady….. I first sympathized with her for her loss….. I was of the thought that innocent people suffer the death of bad eggs……. but after that interview Iam not sure if I could….IN WHAT TYPE OF FAMILY WAS THAT 4 YEAR OLD GROWING FOR HIM TO BE SWEARING ABOUT KILLING A MAN……?????? Could that be possible???

    OR IS THAT LADY PUTTING THINGS INTO THIS CHILD’S MIND….????? Is that the level of aggressiveness that exists in that family?? Is that the reason why Sanchez was always considered too of an aggressive person……???



  12. Francisco Patt says:

    People Why if Sanchez had a .45 in his hand he had to wap Reyes with the pipe. Reyes has killed 2 times prior to killeng Sanchez. He killled a guy in Roaring CReek and claimed the guy attcaked him with a knife. He beat up Renea Nunez sister causing her to miscarriage. He is noting less than a killed. Why were bullet holes found on the ground underneath Sanchez’s head. It is a cover up and it comes from high up.

  13. Francisco Patt says:

    Reyes palnt that f……. .45 on Sanchez period.

  14. Sasha says:

    If Sanchez was harrassing criminals that’s fine, but anyway justice needs to be done whether Reyes killed him in self defense. Even serial killers go to TRIAL. So sad this is why PEOPLE DON’T RESPECT LAW OR JUSTICE BECAUSE IT NOTHING IS DONE. Hope your kids can grow up with compassion, respect and love.

  15. Earl Grey says:

    Francisco Patt……………………..THANK YOU FOR THE INSIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ss says:

    @Roska ur comments is plain and simple illiterate obviously the lil child is grieving and said things he doesn’t mean for you as an adult to judge him because of that shows what lil common sense you have. RIP Sanchez

  17. Elgin Martinez says:

    Mario Estrada and Cheryl-Lynn Vidal are out of their minds.Mario Estrada also need to upgrade his skills.Come on Mr Barrow we need more Forensic pathologist.It’s so sad that there is no other pathologist in Belize to contest Mario Estrada findings.

  18. Elgin Martinez says:

    Islander:What about the possibility that Sgt Reyes placed that weapon at the crime seen.?

  19. roska says:

    SS….. So you truly believe that child said that???? take some basic classes on child psychology…. I have…. many ….. on child/adolescent psychology

    then talk about illiterates……

    Cmon….a grieving 4 year BABY….. can visualize a plan about growing up and killing a man….???
    SS… get back to school!!!

    so the 8 year child of Carmelita must already be planning a murder????

    Ok lets leave the sarcasm on aside…..
    Cant you see that woman in putting murderous words on that child’s mouth??? and if let alone she will raise a killer!!! If she feels that way… i might understand…. but placing murderous words on a 4 year old child is unforgivable……

    and for someone to believe the child said that is plain st …..??????

  20. Elgin Martinez says:

    Mario Estrada need to shut the F up.Has this clung even fired a nine.One round from a nine can immobilize an individual so don’t come here talking about none of this guy’s organs were damaged.

  21. ss says:

    @ Roska every College in Belize gives psychology classes so your not saying anything uncommon ofcourse we have all taken them. It is common sense that yes maybe the child asked about his father and the mother stated mr reyes killed your father i dont know if u have any kids or not or just speaking because God gave you voice but at 4 they will state I hate the person or i want to kill him because he killed my father its just natural it doesnt mean the child will become a killer ,if that is what u learned in psychology class i suggest u take them again! The mother and the children are grieving she just lost her husband and her kids father and insensitive ppl like u should refrain ur stupid comments. PS just because u have an education doesnt mean u have common sense because from ur illiterate blabbering u just made that statement a fact!

  22. trikz says:

    I agree wit ss……. roska you might have taken all the child or adolescent phycology class you want…but do you have kids or have you ever spent an entire day around a child???… is not that you raise a child in a violent home… the child is grieveing am sure he knows the way his dad died either from family or friend.. children will ask question…if a child could come up to you and say ” mom when i grow big i wa buy u a dress” just cause that child loves you, without any one tellin him or her its the same way that child could say something as that, maybe he might not knw the extent of the consequences behind such action, but hopefully he will be taught as he grows up about forgiveness and love, children today are smarter and knows what is going on, so don’t go judging the grieving mother for that

  23. Elgin Martinez says:

    Is Morio Estrada really a Forensic Pathologist or a Home Health Aid?

  24. Reyes 666 Serial Killer says:

    If as Mr Patt states, this pig of a person, has killed 3 times, he is a cerified Serial Killer. The DPP is an incompetent idiot, who still relies on written statements, with 3 persons around and still no eye witness it’s just too incredible a bull@#$% story to swallow, Mr exxagaratestrabadan your story is stupid and makes no sense, perhaps someone should shoot you 9 times to prove your point. @#$%hole Raska your comments are idiotic and senseless, please do not try and come across as an educated
    person , you are clearly nothing more than a idiot with a computer. reyes you are a disgrace to our country and I recommend you quit and stop giving good cops and soldiers a bad reputation. God Bless Belize. We need good Leadership, our country is rapidly descending into choas and ill repute.

  25. louisville,ky says:

    Roska….you come across like an educated fool. You probably need to take those psycology classes all over again. If you think that a grieving 4yr old is incapable of expressing feelings of animosity and revenge, then you should still be in school.
    Islander…..pick sense out of nonsense. Do you truely believe that Sanchez approached Reyes with a .45 and threatening words and not use it, but use a metal pipe instead? Somehow, you always come across with negative senseless comments against people of color. I am convinced that you are Rasist bigot!!

  26. Justice of my ass says:

    Wonder how Belize will turn out to be in the next decade… It’s not living anymore…it’s solely surviving now. Let’s hope for the best

  27. Home? says:

    If Belize is a peaceful country, it is pretty nice for living.

  28. egbert says:

    Sympathize with Sanchez’s family.

    Is it common practice for an off duty officer to be wearing a bullet proof vest? Especially after sending an alleged threat by text to Reyes. But again, due to all the shootings,wearing a bullet proof vest could be justified.

  29. x says:

    did anyone knew that the 45 belong to one corporal geddion n he was lock up at d sanpedro police station 4r that wepon

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