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Oct 21, 2010

Patrick Faber says Stuarts’ death is a loss to the education system

Richard & maria Stuart

We reported in Wednesday’s newscast that Nixon Alexander Maza who also uses the name Milton Darinel Maza has been arraigned for the double murder of Richard and Maria Stuart. Maza claimed in court that he is a naturalized Belizean and provided information in Spanish about the night of the murder. Maza lives at St Mathews Village where the Stuarts car which was now impounded was found.  Tonight police are questioning several other persons of interest and the community is still reeling from the brutality of the murders that took place at around midnight on Saturday at the home of the Stuarts. Stuart was an ardent supporter of the governing party and did extensive political work in the Collet Division. This morning, the Minister of Education Patrick Faber who is just back from Mexico, spoke on the loss occasioned by the death of Stuarts.

Patrick Faber, Chairman, United Democratic Party

patrick faber

“As the chairman of the United Democratic Party as well I would like to place on record our deepest condolences to the family of Richard and Maria. They were good supporters of the party, but they were also very productive citizens of this nation. So while we make these condolences on the part of the party, I’m sure that the larger Belizean society certainly would make the condolences since they were so important to the productivity of this country. In fact, I will tell you that Mr. Stuart was recently approved and would have been appointed shortly as the chairperson of the Appeals Tribunal for the teaching services commission. As you know that required an attorney of at least five years practice and he had already agreed and we sent his name up to the Leader of the Opposition, NCE and the NTVET Council to make sure that it was vetted. Actually it had already gone to the governor general for his assent so we would have appointed him as the chairperson of that tribunal so it is indeed a loss for us in the education system.

The nature of it as well speaks to some viciousness, stabbing them so many times and attacking them in their own home. It is something that needs to cause all of us to be concerned. And again, it’s not only because it’s Richard and Maria, it’s for all of those other senseless crimes that have happened across this city.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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23 Responses for “Patrick Faber says Stuarts’ death is a loss to the education system”

  1. john mcneil says:

    he was smart but reckless to the judicial system.. manipulator & corrupted idividual to the belizean justice system …. yes he contributed. R. I. P. E.

  2. bzeanbrain says:

    patrick is an a,,, and as usual ask him how many belizeans life he has messed up because of believing in his nominated …. for the record I don’t condone murder but has anyone asked the question in what other affairs the victim has been involved in …?????

  3. rod says:

    i believe there is no way this guy acted alone no way in hell he could have killed two people by himself am afraid this gov. is just using him as a scape goat because they want to try and show the public that they are doing something but as usual this corrupt pm and gov. are showing how useless and incompetent they are but i do not blame the police because when you have a leader that is incompetent and never around what can you expect 23 vacations this year alone for barrow shows how disconnected this pm is to the needs and wants of the belizean people now we are the no2 country in the world for murders next to mexico .

  4. Al says:

    Now Mr Faber is concerned with the violence. He said the Stuarts were productive citizens, I guess it only matters when the violence touches the wealthy. The young mother that lost het life and all the other innocent citizens just do not count. Mr Faber, crime against anyone is wrong and should not be tolerated. Let me hear you speak for all those families who do not have a voice or is counted as “not productive’.

  5. EL CHE says:

    Where isFABER when poor belizean get killed?you dont hear him comming out on TV to speak against those crimes,but this dude who got killed was a lawyer,one lawyers less for belize,good,the reason belize is what it is it is because to many lawyers in power………….

  6. Maria Gongora says:

    this gov and PM r full of s——– u said it right Al what about the poor people that lose dem life thier children big joke how long will the Belizean people wait for PM to do something he never in Belize I wonder wat he does every minute in Mexico looking aafter the japanese,the plane’s that land in Belize and unload very sad jajajajaja our PM having a good time while we suffa

  7. albero lagos says:

    It’s really sad what is happening in Belize, still I cannot understand why a country the whole population not even reach 1/2million inhabitants has that level of crime.Belize is a very beautifull country I LOVE BELIZE and always will be although i’m leaving in usa my heart is in BELIZE and I send my prayers to GOD ALMIGHTY to my prime minister and all members of the cabinet and also all Belizean people that together under the guidance of GOD. BELIZE will be that piece of heaven in America Central

  8. c says:

    a BELIKIN BEER tent advertising its product on a school event?? what kind of minister of education and youth would allow that???

  9. Rand says:

    Its a sad state when the Government can use our funds to finance the funerals of these rich folks! They were UDP members not Government ministers or government employees – they had their own practice and they are filty rich. If the UDP wants they can finance this from THEIR own pockets not from OUR tax dollars!

  10. Audrey Matura says:

    Condolences to the family of Raylene Dyer – one more child left motherless and to the four children of Richard and Maria – who had to be in the same house as tier parents are killed…I thought the death of Eyannie Nunez had signaled how low and heartless as a nation we had become. Now, when a mother is killed for a child at the instigation of another woman, with the help of three men – young men…..all our people who lost to violence is the present and future productivity of Belize that has been robbed from our people….. let us all figure out how we could help be a solution to the problem.

  11. NINA says:

    MY opinion….the lawyers who defend these heartless criminals, are the one that need to be wiped out….they need to go…when they defend a murderer they they selves are murderers.

  12. Earl Grey says:

    PATRICK FABER ……………………………..


    May he R.I.P. also.

  13. IVY says:

    its very sad for us belizean to c how our country is being torn apart by dis government dean barrow its time to stop stealing frm us an do sumting to stop d killing in our country. U an ur government promise to proctect us an help us grow but really electing u an ur friends was d worst mistake we belizeans hav ever done now we paying for dat mistake.LORDS HELP US.

  14. rod says:

    you said it right nina you have the right idea but their day is near also.

  15. Dissapointed UDP says:

    I told you Faber and Barow would appear all sad and contrite and give fancy speeches of condolences when they returned from their VACATION in Mexico. While the Stuarts, Ms Dyer and the Kolbe security officers were all being brutally murdered , Barrow, Faber and Elrington were drinking tequila and coronas on the beach in Mexico.

  16. belizeanpride says:

    oh yes it is a loss for patrick but mainly because they we’re “good supporters of the party” clearly stated by the sinical minister. Once you’re a good supporters of the party yes they feel the loss and if you’re not, then they don’t care nor take time to show condolence in the tv news, what about the young mom they killed she wasn’t a good supported so he neva mention any condolence for her family what a ignorant minister is this patrick. May the death of Mr. Charles follow his days on this earth while he lives. ( cause in life he was never a good supporter and was not a loss for the party nor the community) damn!! you patrick

  17. Belize says:

    Those so call rich people in Belize take advantage of the poor people. They treated those poor people like slaves. They treated them like animals and call the servants. They will come a time when the people will get fed up and retaliate because they are all human beings. The stuarts always look down on the poor.

  18. egbert says:

    From what I read on these blogs, Belize has some real serious social issues-generating much anger & rage among the masses.

    If govt administration keeps burying its head in the sand, the situation will reach a point of no return.
    The administration needs experts in the field of crime, education,social -issues , justice system and last but not least,consultants from the military.

    God help you guys!

  19. Marie N. G. L says:

    I very much agree with Mr. Earl Grey about Cap Charles Good, justice was not served in his death. Mr. Faber I hope you can sleep good at night. My sympathy goes out to The Stuart family. Karma is a bad thing. My Belizean people be good and be joyous God is Good he is not sleeping.

  20. coral Black says:

    C you said it right Belikin beer advertising it’s product at a school event. They want
    the people drunk all the time, so that they are not aware of what’s really going on. Things
    will hit the fan, and those ones who thinks that their riches will save them , lets see. It was
    demonstrated on the (Feb/ 26/ 2010) with Barry Bowen. Them riches cant save them.
    All the poor people need to do is stop fight and kill each other, and these parasitic leaches
    of Political affairs will be no more, that is the Truth. We would not have said it if it wasn’t so.
    YHWH El Olam


    This lame a@@ minister has never commented before about heinous crimes that happened, many times right in the heart of his constituency. Now all of a sudden he has an opinion about crime. He’s a hypocrite! All this minister wants is to be passed the throne from Dean Barrow in 2013. As we all know, Dean is a ‘one hit wonder’ who already decided that Patrick is a promising candidate to lead the party of the brainless.

  22. belizean says:

    OH NO BELIZE!!! This is sure not the attitude we as Belizeans want to portray you are so wrong and out of line mains I am so disappointed to be a Belizean alongside you.

  23. Real Belizean says:

    Reading all these comments absolutely breaks my heart to say that this is the country i come from… these ppl are the ppl i love dearly. Whenever I’m asked where i come from i stand proudly with my head held high and i say I AM A BELIZEAN… But this i am ashamed of. No one knows what Minister Faber our PM felt. You don’t know what they go through, but you’re quick to point fingers. Those responsible for the crime and violence in Belize are those who hold the gun… those we point it at another human beings, a brother, and those who pull that cold metal trigger and pretend to be God. I am disgusted by the words written up here. How can you talk bad about an individual after he’s been put in his grave. How can you beat on his friends who moron his death even to this day. You all think that the rest of the world doesn’t have problems… I’m in the US at school and a couple weeks ago i heard shots ring out and i was sleeping 2 blocks away in my dorm room. 2 teenagers were killed. You think this life is great everywhere else but it’s not. It’s up to us to stop this. Belize is going to hell not because of the government but because of the hate we have for our fellow man. When that is eliminated, when our hearts are pure again that’s when we’ll know peace, not at the next elections. Cause the PUP will do no better… They have never proven to do anything better!!!

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