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Oct 20, 2010

Jeremy Cutkelvin and Earlyn Hutchinson win Duets $10,000

The grand finale of Duets Season Three was Tuesday night. Across the country and beyond, viewers held a collective breath as the final three duos had their farewell performances. At stake were the ten thousand dollar grand prize and many other fabulous gifts for the number one duo and thousands of dollars for the runner ups. After two hours of over the top performances by contestants past and present it was time for the big announcement.  In the end Team Camalote’s Jeremy Cutkelvin and Earlyn Hutchinson emerged victorious garnering the most votes for their dynamic performances over the past thirteen weeks while the siblings from Benque, Luis and Lucille Mendez placed second and the Sittee River dramatists walked away as third place winners. The show ended with a blast and congratulatory expressions. Here is a complete wrap-up of last night’s big wins.

Isani Cayetano

“What has this week been like in terms of anticipation to find out who is going to walk away with the ten thousand dollars jackpot?”

Lucille Mendez, 2nd Place

Luis & Lucille Mendez

“Well we’ve been working hard. Last week presentation wasn’t that good for the judges but we are going to come back and we are going to come back strong.”

Luis Mendez, 2nd Place

“We had fun for the last time because the pressure is off especially from the judges you know. We were expected what they would say and what they would think about the performance noh. And I thank them for all the comments that they have given to us throughout duets.”

Lucille Mendez

“It’s been crazy like those guys been like all around me. They are like eager to get to know me. All of them finding me on facebook, I appreciate it and it lifts up my spirit and it makes me feel more confident about myself.”

Luis Mendez

“I feel confident. That’s how I feel. Either way, like how I say on stage, I will be a champion always in my heart.”

patrick McPherson & Ava kelly

Ava Kelly, 3rd Place

“I feel so happy to be one of the top three. First, second or third, I still consider myself a winner because it is a lot of work and energy to reach all this way.”

Patrick McPherson, 3rd Place

“We didn’t get a chance to practice. We geared up for this night just to have fun. I mean prior to going on the stage we were back here just laughing and talking anything that come to our head; just have fun. So we’re relieved that it is over and trust me we wah miss it.”

Jeremy Cutkelvin, Winner, Duets Season 3

“We just come out hard every time. We just entertain. That’s what we do. If the crowd like we or noh like we, we want prove that we could get wah crowd fi love we by the way we perform and they like how we deh the come so they always di vote fi we. I know this noh got nothing fi do with voting but this could ker we wah long way, yoh check.”

Earlyn Hutchinson, Winner, Duets Season 3

“Well my biggest competition over all dah mi Sheldon and Charles and Uncle Pancho deh. Shout out to deh.”

Jeremy Cutkelvin

“First of all I have to thank god. I ask god fi please mek I win it and give me the talent mek I noh lose mi voice and everything because mi throat mi di give me trouble. I neva know we mi wah reach this far because we just come with weh we got because we just come with weh we got. Sometimes we freestyle, nobody noh know that. We come pan stage, especially he check. He got my back. If I mess up he fill in, if he mess up I fill in.”

Isani Cayetano

“What are you guys gonna do with the money?””

Jeremy Cutkelvin & Earlyn Hutchinson

Earlyn Hutchinson

“Well I got to finish school so I’m gonna safe some, help my mom and then finish try with school and thing. Try by my needs and thing.”

Jeremy Cutkelvin

“First of all, big up to the producer and Jacob Diggs, have to get something because without dehn yah bally yah so, Jack Camp label neva woulda deh yah tonight. So big up do dehn bwai yah.”

Isani Cayetano

“What would you say to those who made it as far as the finals with you guys?”

Earlyn Hutchinson

Congrats and Ah.”

Jeremy Cutkelvin

“Yah Congrats and Eyuh!”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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24 Responses for “Jeremy Cutkelvin and Earlyn Hutchinson win Duets $10,000”

  1. Duets Fan! says:

    Im so happy for the two guys from Camalote, They really deserved this win! I am a little dissapointed tho that Ava and Patrick came in third, i sincerely believe that they should have taken second place. The Mendez kids won by votes only, deffinately not beacuse they are So talented! The boy has some talent and I recognize this but the girl is awfull…. she has NO TALENT whatsoever. Her voice is terrible. i have been around music all my life and I really think Luis should have gotten himself another partner who would have increased his chances of winning. Lucille just brought him way down. A word of advice : Rhianna, Witney Houston, Celine Dion, Leona Lewis, Mary J blige ect… are not artists you want to imitate! these people are PROs u gotta be beally good to sing one of their songs, the girl should have never tried to hit that eminem and rhianna song. Overall a good show!

  2. Jessica says:

    Camalote boys deserved it , ( i hope unu buy Ann wan gift) i think Ava and Patrick should have come in second the Mendez should have come in third the girl got some talent the boy got more talent they only came in second because they have money, so they voted for themselves a lot BTW have u notice that before them the brother n sister team who danced on duets season 2 also disrespected the judges (dat all Cayo pple rude)

  3. GOD FEARING youth says:

    watch yea Cayo people nah rude at all. dem parents neva teach tem rite. mE DA FAN cAYO and notin no go so. Congrats Cama big up.

  4. george usher says:

    duet is good but we need the next show should bring back the one man show

  5. SOFIA says:

    There is something important here for organizers and followers to understand.. ITS NOT THE COUNTRY OF BELIZE CITY BUT THE COUNTRY OF BELIZE.. Its a country of different ethnicities and what is good music and acting or rapping for the judges in belize city does not mean its music everyone in the country enjoys.. what is, BIG UP… can´t we just speak good english and eliminate this street languange that is causing all this havoc in our country. Not everyone in this country speaks that way and thosee who do then its their right but i do not think it should be encouraged in tv and schools. In conclusion what i am trying to say is that probably we get rude because you feel or you think what belize city judges feel or think that is it… times have changed and santi and ann marie knowledge of music is past due and you should hear what the rest of the country likes and represents and find representation from a broader section of our country and society.

  6. GOD FEARING youth says:

    Them Cam boys need shoud a cut wah record with balley fan Benque, They woud make a good team.
    Men we got some sick talents. Keep using it boys

  7. Haterz On My Back says:

    i don’t think they should have one it. All they did was sign original songs they wrote. Don’t get me wrong but they got lyric’s. & the other impresses ppl with his shaggy voice. Thats bs….. They should have seperate shows, 1 for singing and the other for acting cause thats 2 different talents.

  8. Haterz On My Back says:

    @ sofia. I agree with you on the language. Nowhere in the world can you find kriol as a language only us belizeans chose to try to make it one. Thats why our poor preschoolers and a little further are having trouble in class cause they don’t teach kriol they teach enlish……

  9. macal rivera says:

    I think you guys should stop send negative comments about the participants!!
    The three teams were good in their own way, of course there have to be first, second and third place,
    nevertheless these are our own Belizean participating in positves things, they are not going around killing innocent people.
    Common guys, stop it!!!! All of them are winners in their own way OK, and I congratulate all of them, I am proud of my lee Belizeans brother and sister.

  10. Jeanne Walker says:

    Congrats to the three finalists. I am very happy for Jeremy n Earlyn as I believe they deserve the win and from the looks of it almost all of the Bliss was happy about the win. I think the next time they have duets they should diversify the panel of judges n especially have someone in their who is knowledgeable about dance.I don’t think this panel was able to comment adequately on the dancing. The slang used doesn’t bother me n I don’t think it bothers the majority. The creole adds the Belize flavor n I think that’s great. Most belizeans speak creole n understand it even if they don’t. The nature of the show calls for informality n i think the judges n William Neal who are all well educated n very eloquent people understand this hence why there is not the stiff air of formal English. I opine that it is not creole that is messing up our kids at school but too much American slang from tv watching n not enough parental involvement in their schl life. Older folks like me grew up speaking only creole n many of us r the Belizeans u hear expressing themselves in English without a flaw. Don’t diss. Belize creole because it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. My children have Chinese n taiwanese bzean friends who all try to speak creole. There r many ways duets can improve but the slang n creole by the participants etc is, in my opinion, the least of the problems,

  11. Kim /New York says:

    Im so happy they won. They are really talented . Please keep all the negative comments to yourselves. Support and promote the youths of Belize. Good job guys;keep working on your craft.

  12. Jay says:

    To Sofia and Haters on my back,

    Appreciate. I am proud of these guys and they deserve the win. I agreed with Jeanne Macal. It is just sad that Belizeans always ” put down each other” instead of assisting each other to do better. We will never learn it seems, that is the difference between us and other Caribbean Islands residents, they assist each other, but us Belizeans prefer it seems to put down each other instead of applauding, motivate and support each other. Just for the record, I really believe that Sheldon and Charles should have been in the final. Gosh they are great dancers, never knew that Belizeans had that much talent in dancing. The sister and brother team, the brother is great, the sister needs assistance with her voice and I verily believe that Ava and Patrick should of have been second. Just my opinion

  13. observer says:

    Well said Jeanne. I agree 100%. Creole is not bad English. Creole is Belizean English (atleast our Belizean creole is). Americans have American English and the Brits have British English. Well we have ours. There is absolutely nothing wrong in expressing yourself in your local dialect. Especially in an informal setting like Duets.
    Having said that BIG UP to the winners. They were wicked, ill and deserved the victory.

  14. tek it says:

    Big up to Earlyn, you made your duo win my friend – Cutkelvin, you are not shaggy my friend, stop with the voice please and stop patting yourself on the back so hard, that young man next to you is the one with the talent, you just props. No offense, just the tell it like it is.

  15. ang says:

    They are talented young local entertainers I was watching the way the young uns respond and liked it. SOunded like Soca a bit from our day lol 70′s kindof sortof and I also enjoyed it. As long as them no hold them private parts too much dat I neva see either (which I think does not show talent). I think they chose well second prize should have gone to the young Benque guy by himself and another second to the talented Ava and Patrick for being good actors. Just my opinion. Blessings on everyone.

  16. Chami-Ka says:

    Congrats to all three finalists….Earlyn and Jeremy, in my mind, deserve this win. They are really talented. I do believe though, that it would be nice to have a dancing show, a drama show and a singing show. Would also be good to have a talent show rather than select by txt messages….would be easier to identify real talent.

    In this case, talent won. Congrats to the winners.

  17. Jeanne Walker says:

    I agree too about charles n Sheldon. I really hope there would continue to be outlets for these boys to thrill us again with their dancing. Isn’t there anyway some of our artists could get scholarships to pursue their disciplines? I hope our minister of education is watching these talent shows like duet because the arts should be a big part of our education but we know it is not. Maybe if some of these kids could study they could come home n teach, perform n help To promote d arts in our schools n society at large. Oh, big up to Jeremy on another talent of his, he is a very talented artist, he paints, draws etc extremely well, people from sittee river knoe this about him n maybe some in belmopan. If we would promote art the way we should so many of our young people could make a living from their God given talent. Keep exposing these talented young people on duets!

  18. Andrea says:

    I agree with the first place because as Jenny puts it, deh “ill”. My issue; however, is that my cousin Ava should Patrick should have taken second place. The Mendez duo should have been cut along time go. I am still trying to ascertain how they made it this far, talent is talent and we all know they did not make the cut. Can you guys remember that week when they both almost cried on stage” Endless love”…weh ole piple seh”fi peace sake”…Dianna Ross woulda sue dem. Come on Belizeans, we are better than this.

  19. Ashanti says:

    I mi really want deh win so congrats to them i want to say that it was gud dat he apologized to shanda mckoy i no really know a but MAYBE e ease the pain. And again congrats to them and i hope deh betta off deh life with the money!!!!!

  20. Blazing says:

    why do all belizeans are haterz? why? just because yuo guys cant act or sing doesnt mean that you should come on this site and hate! if you dont have anything to say, please dont come on this site and by the way, that mendez girl is so pretty. glad they got second prize. my opinion.bless y’all

  21. Coolie says:

    The only real judge was Ann Marie, she may be sickening at times but at least she was being truthful. Because of Jenny, the “munchkin” and the “rapper” came in second, but lets face it guys the girl does not have a voice to sing ANY song. She was totally awful and always off key, but Jenny continuously lied and told her she have such an angelic voice. Come on, she should have stopped lying from the beginning and let Ava and Patrick come in second, they were the real winners!!!

  22. luo says:

    i thought the show was for fun to make us laugh and not be too rigid but flexible to accept the entertainers as is . anywayz it was fun watching the show .. great job everyone the # i winner really work their self for the prize!@lookin forward to more laughter, fun and love it …. or am i mistaken is for professional only????????????

  23. LSM says:

    i think these guys work themselves through the entire show i am from san ignacio but i enjoy the way theses guy work themselves ….. congrats gys job well done

  24. compre says:


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