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Oct 19, 2010

Thousands attend PUP Unity Convention

The blue machine kicked into full gear over the weekend, a sea of blue swamped the south as the People’s United Party met in convention. Despite the public spats and internal wrangling in the past, on Sunday it appeared as if the PUPs had closed ranks for the unity convention.  And as it is in these events, the numbers are immeasurable, but it is safe to say that it one of the biggest conventions to be staged by the opposition; thousands upon thousands descended on Dangriga. It is still two years and a half before the general elections, but from the looks of things, the PUP is having resurgence. News Five’s Marion Ali was in Dangriga for the event.

Marion Ali, Reporting

There were thousands of PUP supporters clad in their blue and white party colors, filing off buses that came from all over the country.  They carried party flags and banners of their favourite candidates and filled the convention grounds at Dangriga’s Holy Ghost Primary.

Making grand entrances at the event were the party’s leader emeritus, George Price…

…and also the current leader, John Briceno.

Both men spoke on the importance of serving the people.

George Price, Leader Emeritus, PUP

“The work has to continue and we must continue to serve. You are our masters the People’s United Party. Please understand that we serve and that’s the message I’ve brought you.”

john briceno

John Briceño, Leader, PUP

“They are tampering with the justice system. Disrespecting the rule of law and mocking our constitution. Somebody has to stop. Somebody has to stop this madness. What about the promise to Belizeans to bring down the cost of living no matter what. It is now just a sick joke. The cost continues to rise higher, day by bitter day.”

There were also speeches by the immediate past leader, Said Musa…

Said Musa, Former Leader, PUP

Said Musa

“As a party we must put aside all difference. There is nothing wrong with descents you know. We can have a lot of descents in our party but you must know when to rally together and rally behind our new leader, John Briceño. Because my friends, the stakes are too high and now is the time for all of us to renew our commitment to freedom justice and equality, a time to renew our commitment to serve the people, a time to unite behind our new leader, Honorable John Briceño.”

Familiar faces like first woman Deputy Party Leader, Carolyn Trench Sandiford, spoke.

Carolyn Trench-Sandiford

Carolyn Trench-Sandiford, Deputy Leader, PUP

“By 2013, I want you to listen to this because it include me and you—twenty eight thousand more people wah become poor pan top of the hundred and forty-three thousand who already cannot find five dollars and fifty cents a day to survive. But you know how much the minister deh di get? Two hundred and fifty dollars a day. They could feed forty-five people a day. under the U.D.P., people di pawn, people di eat noodles, unu know noodles dah di new national food fi Belize.”

Other deputy leaders, Daniel Silva and Mike Espat and new Party Chairman, Henry Usher, also addressed the people.

Then there was the Oath of Allegiance to the party and to Belize by the members of the national party’s executive.

One of the highlights of the occasion was the presentation of resolutions.  These included the independence of: the judiciary, education, jobs and the economy, crime and violence, and reform:

Presenter #1

“The People’s United Party has condemned the manner in which the Government of Belize terminated the appointment of the Chief Justice of Belize, whereas the Constitution of Belize provides that a person holding office of a justice of the Supreme Court may continue in office for so long after attaining the age of retirement as may be necessary to enable him to deliver judgment or do anything in relation to proceedings that were commenced before him.”

Presenter #2

“The People’s United Party will ensure that all Belizean youth are afforded a quality education by the enhancement of the church state partnership education system and by the promotion of private-public sector cooperation.”

Presenter #3

“The People’s United Party will work to establish a job bank so that job opportunities are created. To find more funding for job programs through Belize for youth at risk to assist young people in finding meaningful jobs or investing in their own small businesses.”

Presenter #4

“To move towards decentralization of decision-making in the party. To provide increased opportunities for members to participate in the election of their leaders and the constituencies and regions.”

George Price

Presenter #5

“The People’s United Party: one, pledges to make sure that if crime is committed there will be immediate, serious and specific consequences for breaking the law; two, will dedicate itself, funding to empower our agencies to better deal with prevention of crime, incarceration and rehabilitation.”

The convention ended with Briceño calling on supporters to rally behind the party.

John Briceño

“Stand up and fight for Belize.  If you dah blue, stand up and fight for the young and for the old.  If you dah blue, stand up and fight for what you have built.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Marion Ali.

The next big event that the PUP is preparing for the selection of its standard bearers for the 2013 General Elections.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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6 Responses for “Thousands attend PUP Unity Convention”

  1. Boris says:

    lets wake up in two, three years a country blessed with untold wealth cannot get poor. If politicians are to be blames for this mess, guess whose fault it is, as they have been governing our beloved country before independence.

    food for thought

  2. Lets keep it real says:

    Whatever PuP lost terribly in the Village Council elections. Def no signs of a comeback

  3. bar says:


  4. bar says:


  5. macal rivera says:

    RE bar tu parece que estas borracho no estas hablando con sentido, solo tu nombre me dice que vives en bar!!!
    pero ve que cuando vayes a votar no estes saliendo de un bar porque talvez votaras para UDP.
    idiota eres bar!!!

  6. mari says:

    Hell folks, yu want a new brand pup but u will get back most of the cronies who publicly displayed their corruption during their term. Now the old heads are coming back, totally disregarding our grassroots Belizeans who are pup’s and are aspiring to lead their constituency. Do not trust in the old pup heads Belizeans. When they come back to power they will continue from where they left off. I hope Briceno honors fair convention victory, and Dickie Bradleys dont begin to appear again, giving our tax monies to someone who lost and sholdn’t have had a minstry. I hope history doesn’t repeat itself. But in both parties, the mafia rules. Belizeans wake up! Choose new people to serve us. It’s ok to learn. These others and their famlies had their chance. It’s time to begin putting our grassroots Belizeans. This country is out of control caz the mafia rules. Change that Belizeans. If you cant change it now, in the next ten years u’ll see, again. UDP must go. PUP must reform. No drug lords. Begin to be real with yurselves.

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