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Oct 18, 2010

…energized Party Leader, John Briceño, speaks about National Issues

John Briceno

While the People’s United Party was energized by what they call a mammoth crowd, News Five spoke with the Party Leader, John Briceño, about pressing issues at hand, such as crime and the economy. We also asked Briceño about the absence of Albert and Lake Independence Area Representatives, Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde; two former deputy party leaders, as well as Freetown Area Representative, Francis Fonseca.

John Briceño, Party Leader, PUP

“The estimates are over ten thousand people that are here with us today from all across the country—from here in the south in Toledo District all the way to the Corozal District. It is showing the People’s United Party is coming together as a strong family as we’ve always been. That the People’s United Party and its members and other Belizeans are already very frustrated about the situation that they find themselves in  with the U.D.P. government. So they are here today reaffirming their support for myself as party leader but also reaffirming their support and commitment to the People’s United Party.”

Marion Ali

“Notably absent are mark Espat and Cordel Hyde and Francis Fonseca, who did give his reason for not being here—being ill—but how unified is the party noting that those three are absent?”

John Briceño

“Let me make it very clear that Honorable Francis Fonseca was slated to speak here today but could not come because he is sick with dengue. Actually he wanted to come but until this morning that he texted that he really can’t because of how sick he is. Actually as I understand his entire family is sick. So he is not here simply because he could not make it. Both Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde are two talented individuals, they are members of this party, they have chosen not to participate at this time in the executive, but we in the executive, we in the party continue to reach out to everyone and there is a lot of work for everybody including our two parliamentarians.”

Marion Ali

“But it’s the last lap now—it’s leading into elections—you go uphill from here. Is the party unified? Do you have a team that will strongly work together to win the elections?”

John Briceño

“Of course the party is united without a doubt. Let everybody get it clear, the People’s United Party is united and we are getting prepared to take on Dean Barrow and the UDP.”

Marion Ali

“One of the pressing issues that was covered today was the issue of crime and it is over a hundred, the victims for 2010. What’s your policy if you take over as prime minister in the next term? What is one of the first things that you will do to address the crime situation?”

John Briceño

“Well there are a number of things that will have to be done all at the same time, it’s no rocket science, there is enough studies. We need to seriously look at the police department, clean up the police department, but at the same time give them the tools necessary to fight because there are also a lot of good police men and women. We need to strengthen the DPP’s office. We cannot have only seven convictions out of every one hundred. I mean for the criminals, the odds are in their favor to continue their lawless behavior. So we have to strengthen the prosecution branch, but also we need to look at the reasons of crime. One of the biggest problems is because of the economy. The economy continues to tank. You could ask anybody. Short of the members of the family of the Prime Minister and some very close well connected U.D.P., everybody would tell you that we have to do something with the economy.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “…energized Party Leader, John Briceño, speaks about National Issues”

  1. ORL says:

    We are in a serious situation and there need to be addressed, however, i’ve heard Mr. Briceno say we da blue!!!What does that mean to us?? We dont want blue people up there, nor red…we want people with a heart and conscience of what is happening and put themselves in the position that families are in who loose loved ones every day. We need leaders who act humane and think humane, not just promise and promise in order to get up there and then forget the promises they did. We need a safer Belize and conserve the lil safety there still is in some lil areas in the City such as West Landivar, where so many UB students are out there at night and not one police officer patroling the streets. So many students have been robbed these past weeks and we need to do something people. If we dont say what is happening, how can people up there do anything???

  2. We da BLUE !!! says:

    We da BLUE !!!!! PUP all the Way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. rod says:

    john you dont get it yet eighter you need to look and bring back the hanging penalty for any one convicted of murder without this nothing will change so you need to get it together and look at this from now this udp gov is the worse in belizean history corruption is so bad that even people in the udp are looking at each other to try and figure out if they will be next to get executed and there is no where else to look but the head of the country because it all starts there incompetence at the worse impotence on the part of barrow sad sad sad we do not need to wait till elections people we can get barrow out of office now before another 100 to 200 people are killed because you might be in that number lets demand barrows resignation and if he doesnt give it put him on a plane in his pyjamas to miami resign barrow resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  4. CEO says:

    It is not time to be Blue or Red! It is time to be intelligent and force these guys to do the right thing. They are not gods they are suppose to serve the public not dictate to us! You should be willing to demonstarte against wrong not against a political party.

    I would like Curdel and Mark to revolutionize the political system in Belize. They seem to be the only two who are willing to stand up, stand out, and speak loud against what is wrong. Everyone else just seem to be willing to tow the party line (red or blue). The country will never progress like this. One load of sand in your yard and two T-shirts before election will do nothing for your future and the future of the country! It is time to think! Briceno and the rest should have spoken up against crime about 6 or more years ago!

  5. UnitedNStrong says:

    belizeans, we should all stand up against this vindictive and malicious UDP government. we should begin to hold them accountable for there for the many false promises, corruption. we voted for a change with them and now we get stuck in the same creek with the same paddle.lets show barrow, boots, hulse, montero (cattle rustler) and all of dem dat belizeans are not fools and the same way we vote out the blue, there turn is coming.,

  6. mmm says:

    mmmm. i am still not sure if he has the charisma required of the office he inspires to take. but good try johnny.

  7. belizeanpride says:

    a question that all belizeans should ask johnny is “if you win this coming election are you willing to implement the death by hanging or lethal injection to stop this crime madness? ” because for so long we’ve been asking barrow for it but seems he doesn’t care about it, rather than implementing more tax and other ways of squeezing the hell out of us the poor belizeans. so please people ask johnny the same thing if barrow ignores our cries what does he proposes to us for this crime problem, try to stop it or later ignores us like barrow.

  8. GWHT says:

    Johnny has the power to do it so let’s all join with him and bring back Belize. Time for the UDP to out

  9. mari says:

    Look, the struggle is still on. WE no want Dickey Bradleys emerging after conventions are won by grassroots Belizeans who are not part of the “gang” WE know that many Belizeans who aspire usually back off quickly through “arrangements”. BElizeans open yur eyes, we need to place our own and not he old cronies who will surely continue from where they left off. Reform the PUP. Tek out dem ppl who done get dem chance fi enrich themself and wahn more… Its ok to learn. Put we young people man fi learn. Let go the ones wid the tricks up dem sleeves.

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