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Oct 18, 2010

Mike of La Cabana Restaurant gravely injured in Motorcycle Accident

Jorge Hueso

Miguel Menjivar, also known as Mike, is well known in the west as the owner of La Cabana Restaurant and Bar in Belmopan. You met him on Channel Five as the power behind singing sensation Ismael Chacon, the winner of KTV Latino 2010. But tonight, the high spirited businessman is in an induced coma after a motorcycle accident on Sunday. Mike and a friend, Jorge Hueso, are both hospitalized at the Belize Healthcare Partners Limited. The two were in a group of riders heading to Belmopan when they were hit by a pickup truck. News Five spoke to Mike’s brother-in-law, Jose Chacon about the almost fatal collision on the Western Highway.

Jose Chacon, Brother-In-Law, Accident Victim

jose chacon

“These guys went on a motorcycle ride. There was a group of them; about seven of them on three or four motorcycles and they were on their way back from San Ignacio. They apparently were overtaking a pickup truck with no other vehicles in sight and while Mike was overtaking the vehicle, apparently the vehicle swung to their lane and knocked into them so that’ show they managed to get injured.”

Delahnie Bain

“How many of them were injured?”

Jose Chacon

“Two of them; Mike and Jorge, he was riding with Mike.”

Miguel "mike' menjivar

Delahnie Bain

“They were on the same cycle.”

Jose Chacon

“On the same cycle.”

Delahnie Bain

“What kind of injuries do they have?”

Jose Chacon

“Jorge has superficial injuries on his mouth and his forehead, hands bruised and scrapes on his body. Mike has a pretty serious injury on his head. At the time he is in a medically induced coma and it’s pretty serious condition but we’re hoping that he will do better as the days progress. We just got back some results from the exams they did this morning and they said that the swelling and the bleeding on his brain has not worsened so that’s a little bit of good news for us. So we’re hoping that he continues in that path.”

Delahnie Bain

“You don’t know if the driver of the vehicle has been charged or anything?”

Jose Chacon

“Actually, the driver of the vehicle, upon hitting them he was attempting to flee and the other cyclist caught up with him by Camalote. He was attempting to flee and it’s unfortunate because he has knocked down somebody, he should stop. And I just hope they are dealt with accordingly to the law.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “Mike of La Cabana Restaurant gravely injured in Motorcycle Accident”

  1. cindy says:

    Well atfter bycycle accidents and now motor accidents its about time that police start parolling on the street. we are so fortunate to have small roads where the police can be sent on parol on the streets especially the highways and start charging people that fly on those roads. stop wasting the gas in partying and make use of the gas

  2. Edith says:

    Wow, I hope he makes it. That driver needs to b dealt with, he not only ran from vthe scene, but allegedly purposely swung out to hit these guys. That’s craziness.

  3. sheshy says:

    i agree with cindy, and yeah there should be more control on roads to prevent this type of accidents and even other worst that have occurred before due to drivers who drive drunk or at high velocity…lets join our prayers for MIKE and JORGE……

  4. Therese says:

    If I recall correctly, I believe a while back the Police Deptartment or the Traffic Dept were given one of those gadget to monitor the speed of vehicles on the highways. What happened to that, why aren’t the proper authority using it on our 2 major highways atleast…….I tell you, we Belizeans are too laid back. One set of people stays in power and get nothing done it seems. We always have to go abroad, even right next door to Chetumal to be ashame and see how civilize people take pride in their city and in their LAWS, can’t understand how and why we can’t do the same, it starts from very simple as throwing a piece of paper on the streets and it excalades to disrespect, thief, murder etc.

    Don’t know if we will ever gain respect for our fellow Belizeans and our Country, but like The Father of our Nation (Emeritus George Price) stated before, TELEVISION is part of the problem, we allow our KIDS to watch too much TV & inturn practice the NEGATIVE things they see.

    God Bless Belize, If we would turn to him more we would see drastic change in Belize, TRUST ME

  5. Randyx says:

    Have you seen how these motorcycles go about driving in the highway? Especially when they drive in groups they believe that they can bypass and cut you off anytime they feel like. There are lines in the highway, double lines means DO NOT OVERTAKE. I wonder why they dont teach these motorcycle drivers these regulations. I feel sorry for the accident, but I really cannot feel sorry for the ones who break the driving rules. This is not la cabana highway dude; I hope you learn your lesson.

  6. Larry says:

    I my self have been in a motorcycle accident about 4 years ago. The main reason of bike accidents are that there is no respect for motorcycles on the road. The transport department needs to make sure that when new drivers as well as other drivers on the road know that motorcycles are a common transportation device and they also pay insurance and license to be on the road.


  7. lina! says:

    Randy. I myself was in a serious motorcycle accident and something i can tell you is cars dont respect motorcycles they think they are bycycles and they dont stop to think that they are worst than a car if you have an accident. anyone can overtake if no1 is coming. Cars do it all the time, and its not to limit my country but we are poor in roads and trafficking rules but you cannot judge the guy if you werent in that motorcycle. It was an accident and in belize anyone can get hurt. so back off!!

  8. pp says:

    I’m with you Lina , Randy has absolutely no idea who, what , when, where, how . That means he speaks for himself, and just for your information the Humminbird Hwy. is the road that has less accidents.

  9. to the hater says:

    Randy, u just a hater to say such stupid comments about learning a lesson. ur a .—ing ……..hope it doesn’t happen to ur loved one.

    U make many assumptions. You know nothing and weren’t there….thats why Belize is in such mess because of ppl like u that hurt when u see someone prosper or is better off than u, U dont see the hard work that he has gone thru to have what he has achieved. … U

  10. Iliana aka lala says:

    Randy do u have a car?a motor cycle?or even a bicycle?or maybe a tricycle?cause if u do,then u must kno tat any one can over take if d road is clear.and ur just d kind of person tat hears d sound of a motorcycle and think tat it’s speeding.dnt be so stupid and instead of wasting ur time writing stupid coments hurting d feelings of d victims family,better spend tat time edducating urself on how to deal wit.ur obviously miserable Miguel is a hard working very smart person tat started from scratch to earn watt he have and d ppl tat knows him know tat .so put a sock in it and get a life

  11. Iliana aka lala says:

    Please have some respect for grieving families.u have a family too and dnt wish other people d unfortune tat u wouldn’t like for ur loved ones b grateful wit god for ur family and pray for their safety.I thank god for keeping mr menjivar safe and I hope he can cum back home soon.our 3 kids and I miss him terribly.god bless u all.and for d person tat run into him leaving him in d ground like a dog and ran away.I can honestly wish u d best,and tat god will take care of u for watt u did.because I understand accidents happen always but u cant injure someone and leave them to die. We were driving ones to Flores and Miguel crashed a little bird we stop and pick it up he was still breathing n we both started crying.tats how big his heart is. N tats y it makes me sad to kno someone hurt him and left him laying in d roadside like a animal

  12. Pat says:

    Y is everyone so hard no Randy. I commute every working day of the week either by bus or I drive.
    Sometime where I lived 5 cycle all going pretty fast would speed through our village. The drivers have no regards for pedestrian or motorist. Some even do weeley mostly the mennonites sundays time. Be real and b fair….Not all motorist pay and take due care and attention on the road.
    Mike is my friend and when am in Pan, I only go at Cabana. I wished he had a speedy and full recovery. If God is in ur life, no one can b against us.
    people will talk. In life u all have to looks at things from two views the Optimist side the good side and the Pessimist side the bad side, which many of us don’t really want to hear.
    The driver must remember that whats goes around come around?

  13. Adrian says:

    Randy I would say, “shut up”, get a life bro’. Don’t be a hater. If anything hate your self for being so stupidly perfect. Hey I don’t know you, but who cares who you are. Remember in life no one is perfect but Jah. Nuff respect for my family. Lala I luv you guys.

  14. Earl Grey says:

    Thank GOD that they LIVED TO TELL THE TALE………..Motorcycles are usually UNFORGIVING!!!…… one mistake and you’re DEAD.

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