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Oct 18, 2010

Gossip starts with the mouth and ends with fists

Melanie Pageant

Three persons were arraigned today in Magistrates’ Court in connection with a fight in Hattieville last Thursday. According to twenty-nine year old Dana Gabourel, as she exited a bus, she was met by thirty-one year old Melanie Pageant who accused her of spreading rumors about her family. Gabourel claims Pageant hurled obscenities at her and then started the fight which ended up with both women entangled on the ground. In the heat of the brawl, Pageant allegedly called for her common-law-husband, twenty-eight year old Tyrel Requeña, to back her up.

Tyrel Requena

He’s a Justice of Peace, but Gabourel says he didn’t hesitate to jump in and started hitting her in face. In the end, the warring women and the backup were all arrested. Gabourel was the first to be taken to court, charged with Threatening Words” for allegedly telling Requeña “Yoh dead; I know weh yoh live and work.” She pleaded not guilty and was offered bail of six hundred dollars, which she met. Requeña and Tyrel were jointly charged for the Wounding of Gabourel, who claims she had to seek medical attention for blood clots in her eyes as well as injuries on the left cheek and right ear. The couple also pleaded not guilty and they were released on bail of one thousand dollars each.

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22 Responses for “Gossip starts with the mouth and ends with fists”

  1. Stephen says:

    Tyrel, you should have stop the fight as you are a justice Of The Peace. Note that men DO NOT HIT WOMEN you should be ashamed of yourself. Next time find a man like me and try to hit me then you will know who is a real man. Ladies try to settle this matter in court and stop the violence as you know old beef is what killing us. Both of you need to get some council in order for you to find better things to do that talk about each other.

  2. **FEDUP** says:

    @stephen. Get your the facts remember there is always two side to a story. That young lady approach melonie first and all that tyrel did was to part them, but those hattieville woman like to play like they are big and bad but good for Dana a.. they fast with people too much

  3. belizean says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!!! This sh**t funny…..Tyrel buay next time mine yu business lef yu lady lone if she want look crazy mek she look crazy on y own because now si weh happen yu labeled foreva as a woman beater no matter if yu beat or neva beat….Women of Belize we have a bad style of want to play God let things role don’t take matters into your own hands be the better and bigger person be an example to your children and stop being so immature time to GROW UP show your children if you want to live in peace then bring peace upon yourselves and stop the crime.

  4. Oscar965 says:

    Shame on them…and they call themselves adults!!! They have adult bodies but that’s where it ends..they obviously still have the developed minds of 8 year olds…

  5. Scar4life says:

    @ FEDUP you need to get your facts straight. Melanie was the one who approached the young lady first as she was existing off the bus. But it seems like when she couldn’t handle the battle she started then she wah call out for her man. Don’t pick a fight you know you can’t win then call out fu yo man inna the process. He dah man is a punk for hitting a woman and he shouldn’t have know better.

  6. Jacob says:

    This is what Gossip Brings, Stop the gossip about people, gossip abut your self. we all should realize what state the country is at right now, more and more violence, come on we should choose carefully who should be out leaders, who should be our exemplary role models of the country, regardless of jumping and beating the Lady, He is a Justice of the Peace, and what peace has he done to stop the fight? come on, we need no more violence,

  7. Edith says:

    These women r too grown to b fighting like kids in the street.

  8. DarknLovely says:

    Never thought this would have made the news. From what i’ve heard this is an old time beef. We women shud realize and accept the fact that whether we do good or bad people will forever talk and paint us negatively! Hear say shud not be given this much attention. We need to live our lives to suit us and to hell with what others say, because people will always talk. This has gaan too far and the 3 parties might not admit it but i believe they are all embarrassed on how this turned out. Set an example and live to suit u!

  9. Unknown says:

    This is some … you all ready to point finger and you all not even
    know what happen. But this is life God don’t like bad you all should
    be ashamed it’s not everything news put on the air is ture ok

  10. sunset says:

    Shame! shame! shame! I always say. Mek people talk all they want bout me. I don’t give a damn. worse if i know its not true. When they talk bout me i get bigga and fatta. Feel good caz i know they think about me a lot that means they like see me. Thats my mentality about gossippers. As long as they don’t touch me who cares what they say!! I believe they are all adults and the girls must have good jobs and kids. Shame on them for behaving this way to be educated people. Shame on the man, to get involved in women affairs. You should be stripped from JP, setting those examples when u should be upholding the law. Whoever started this fight, your woman was into it and you should have dragged her … home and give her a good lecturing for degrading herself in public but the way i see it she is the one with the pants!!!!!

  11. shaker says:

    @ Fed up n Scar 4 life unu 2 wa b d nxt set fi get ena wa fight. none a we no wat hapen. obviosly unu dun pick who side unu wa de pan. mek de battle de own beef

  12. mel says:

    @scar4life u just as much is a liar as her, where u there?. Say what u want u are entitled to ur opinion. This is ridiculous, dana has been threathening me for at least two years, and i sent call my MAN when she refused to get off me, if she beat me why am i the one being charged? Please stop tyrel didn’t beat anyone he tried to get her big … off me. I have been the BIGGER PERSON all the while she came at me.

  13. mel says:

    @ dark&lovely, I have been keeping my distance from her so so long, if i heard her saying anything bout me i would have approached her a long time, people always prefer to hear lies it sounds better. I never had anything wid her, she has been at me for something that happened a long time. It has made the news cause that’s exactly what she wants to make me look bad, and to whoever thinks i need anyone to help me fight my battles I DON’T. I keep to myself but if u intefere wid me i will stand my grounds.

  14. Obzervor says:

    I know that my folks speak creole, and tend to integrate it with their English; but this is horrible! Based on the train-wrecked grammar skills I’ve observed in the comment section, it is evident that many of us do not read enough.

    Apart from that, I personally know the young man Tyrel. It seems below his character to get into a fight of this nature; but I wasn’t there, so I am in no position to invalidate nor counter the charge.

    In spite of all that, a woman need not physically confront another because of rumors. Rumors may be disturbing; but if you are sure of your character, comfortable in your own skin, and confident of your innocence- then the rumors perish in a matter of moments.

  15. Concerned Citizen says:

    Yet we wonder why Belize is the way it is at this point! Children practice what they see!

  16. Peace says:

    this is so funny….mein what else will be on the news….

  17. LMAO says:

    Sheer nonsense people ya’ll got kids act like adults

  18. belizefinest11 says:

    blizean ppl they crazy no ….. thwy still di walk round with they bad behavior pan dey back……

  19. Serinity says:

    Dana like to provoke people she like throw phrase at people who she dont like.. she do it to get attention she and her sisters. Melanie should have teach her a lesson. A few words of advise to Dana dont mess with people if they are not messing with you.

  20. Serene Belize says:

    Dana like to provoke people who is not messing with her, she and her sisters they do it for attention. They throw phrase at people who they dont like for no reason they play like they are bembe. Here is a phrase Dana for you and your sisters.. dog that bark dont bite, its the dog that is quiet bite

  21. vicky says:

    Stop it guys. Life is to short for the OKAY!

  22. Belizean says:

    ??? whats wrong with the community i thought the government was gonna prevent this todays date from happening. ????????????????????????????

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