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Oct 15, 2010

PM says Chinese national is ring leader

The thirty-three Chinese passengers on the three flights that originated from Haiti in September and October have long left the country. There are two investigations being carried out; one by the police department and one by the Ministry of National Security.  Six immigration officers have been arrested and charged. And according to the Prime Minister, the culprit behind the human smuggling ring has been identified as a local Chinese businessman.  The P.M. says that one of the immigration officers has given up the details on the smuggling operation.

Dean Barrow

Dean barrow

“As far as we can determine, had to do with again people trying to use Belize as a springboard into the U.S. We are absolutely satisfied because we have been able to get information from one of the immigration officers. And so we know what took place and we are absolutely satisfied that this was an effort, an exercise, that was done by an immigration officer at the level of a supervisor working with a local Chinese businessman. While it involved others who are part of the airport apparatus, it doesn’t go beyond that. And I’m saying that we are confident that it doesn’t go beyond that because one of them involved has spoken to us. We are putting in pace as you’ve heard, cameras in detecting anything usual if it were to happen in the future. And we are ensuring that all of the agencies that formally relied on the separation of jurisdictions. For example: civil aviation, the paper work says the plane is coming, it is licensed, it’s insured, and that’s all they are concerned about. We will ensure they do more—that they actually do an on the ground check. We will ask the airport concession company, you also get involved in any flights that come privately or that come especially late in the evenings. We are going to say to customs, you let us know; we’re going to say to the new immigration officers up there, you let us know. We are going to say to the special branch people. So, hopefully we can have layer upon layer of backstops so that we can prevent this thing from happening again.”

Jose Sanchez

“For the particular Asian businessman that may be involved, are there stiff penalties or is this something that is just minimal?”

Dean Barrow

“I’m not sure what the penalties are and I am sure those penalties will depend on what offences can actually be crafted by the police.”

And though an imminent arrest is hopeful, there is still one mystery that has not been resolved, and that is the issue of the visas. Although the visas were fraudulent and forged, the actual visa numbers were quite real. In a press conference following the scandal, Minister of Police Dough Sing said that the visa numbers, though real, were never issued, and were still locked away in a vault. So how did the real numbers held at the Immigration Department find their way onto fake visas? And further, who is the official link to the Chinese national? Those are questions we hope the investigation uncovers.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “PM says Chinese national is ring leader”

  1. rod says:

    what a bunch of bull who does this pm think he is fooling sure blame it all on the chinese they did it all by themselves you are a bafoon barrow you should be arrested for spying and traitorus behavior because this thing starts with you then your ministers it is so easy to blame it all on the chinese you need to resign barrow resign resign resign you are an absulute disgrace to the belizean people . makes me sick every time you open your mouth.

  2. Edith says:

    The PM says they r absolutely confident that this thing doesn’t go further than those arrested n I am absolutely confident there will b no further investigations. Let’s not just drop this one belizeans!

  3. Cutty Ligiyaba says:

    These incidents are too numerous too frequent and the fact that VISAS which should be locked

    away somewhere got issued to these people shows that corruption exist in high places—This

    Big Time Chinese Business Man probably have an out of jail card—Beside, some people

    would never want that person to start talking or bringing out his/her black book which shows

    PAY OUTS and of course what will be his/her charge—CORRUPTING GOVERNMENT AGENTS?

  4. Earl Grey says:

    and they are ORGANIZED!!!

  5. rootsman says:

    Ok a Chinese national is the ring leader, so what do we do with this information now? I would think that the cops would be on their way to make an arrest even before this information is made public or maybe we are just waiting for him to go back to China so we don’t have to make an arrest and all this will just go away. I will have to say that if no arrest is made then all this information is just crap and a ploy just to not do what we don’t have the courage or the decency to do.

  6. tek it says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO who is sorry they voted for this joke of a leader; joke of a man; joke of a father DEAN O BARROW?

    This guy is a joke and a very dangerous person to the sovereignty of Belize, our constitution and rights.

  7. Reuben M. says:


  8. NINA says:

    I fully agree with Rod, how in the world a chiney man is behind all this. How the hell can he give orders to air traffic control, how the hell he get visa numbers that are locked up in the vault or safe, It’s more to that Mr Prime Minister. We are not stupid Mr Dean Barrow. Get down an arrest some of your high officials, come on Mr Dean Barrow. I don’t like that our leader is taking us to be JACK ASSES. Mr Prime Minister, remember when you told mr Musa that he was a stuburn jack ass, well the tables turn now, you are the stuburn jack ass an we THE BELIZEAN PEOPLE WILL BE YOUR STUBURN DRIVER…..HA HA how you like how it sounds now?

  9. Learsiman says:

    Very good point NINA. Barrow is a stubborn jackass and he needs a stubborn driver.

    No confidence in the government of the day…we should call elections ASAP.

    Let’s remove these incompetent leaders from cabinet immediately.

  10. sunset says:

    I use to hate when people use to say that Belize was not ready for a black PM. I would say why not give him a chance. He is a born Belizean and feels what the Belizean people are going through and could better the bad situation we were living. Well, he won and meinnnn! He has really proven to be a deception to the Belizean people. Its like he has no guts to discipline his Ministers of Cabinet and always tries to cover up for them with his big mouth and so called smartness. This PM really think he is so smart that he can deceive the Belizean people. Well Mr PM, the dumbest people of Belize can see that you are a fake. As u appear on television u disgust me with your lies pretending that you doing something, you know exactly what is happening and just tolerate and cover up these sinister actions of your party and think that we the Belizean people will believe you? Or maybe you dont care and think that you will win again!!! Belizeans better wake up and smell the coffee. These people dont know how to govern a country. They got the chance before and did the same …!! I would rather vote for a donkey next time and not these opportunist. They keep blaming the past administration but what different are they doing? How much more corruption do we need to see my people!!!! They are no different and not doing anything better for us!! This is the worst Belizeans have ever lived through while they, their families and croonies are enjoying the sweets. We are really taking a licking right now and on top he wants to take us for dumb ….!!! When any scandals come out we already know what will happen, you dont need a smart person to figure it out!!!! I hope the Belizean people are taking all this in and not be bought on election time. Look around good and see what is happening to our beautiful jewel and us!!!.

  11. discription says:

    (Barrow say in ie mind)
    the April fools day joke gawn ova good………… Jermaine Mangar………………..
    so mek we pull wan halloween wan…………. chine man did it

  12. Skywalker says:

    @sunset… Please leave race out of this. His being black has nothing to do with it. Idiocy carries no color. Said Musa was not black and he was a FOOL. Dean Barrow is black and he is a FOOL. Story done.

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