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Oct 15, 2010

Corozal Police confirm suspected drug plane & five men detained

Information about the suspected drug plane that landed near Sarteneja has still not made it to the police blotter.  But Corozal police say that while their response to the area was not quick enough to intercept the aircraft, but they did detain five men in a vehicle carrying a fuel pump and a battery in Chunox Village. The men were also said to be wet from waist down.  There is not much to add to the story, but Deputy Police Commander in Corozal, Inspector James Moreira told News Five that patrols have been enhanced in the area.

Inspector James Moreira, Deputy O.C., Corozal Police

“A plane was landing in the area of Sarteneja, so we dispatched personnel to the location to join with the A.D.U. team. But however when they reached there’re there was no sight of any plane.”

Marion Ali

“But five people were later intercepted in a vehicle in Chunox Village.”

Insp. James Moreira

Insp. James Moreira

“Yes, we did our part by apprehending the fellows in the vehicle at Chunox.”

Marion Ali

“What led you to those people?”

Insp. James Moreira

“Well just the information that we received from the Sarteneja area and we more or less believe that they may be connected.”

Marion Ali

“Are there more patrols being conducted in that area, Sarteneja, I’m talking since this was a suspected drug plane?”

Insp. James Moreira

“Automatically from the said night, more patrols were placed out there.”

Marion Ali

“Is this something that you believe always happens or happens frequently?”

Insp. James Moreira

“For the past years, it didn’t happen, not to my knowledge while I was around, but you know things changes.”

The five men who were intercepted in the vehicle in Chunox Village are being investigated to determine whether they are linked to illicit activity.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “Corozal Police confirm suspected drug plane & five men detained”

  1. egbert says:

    What a joke, you know the five men will be set free. Someone is laughing all the way to the Bank!

  2. Cutty Ligiyaba says:

    Yeah as usual lets harass and lock up the poor people the hard working fisherman—Lets start

    excersing after the race is completed—-I think it’s time for the Government to instruct the Police to

    commence on training in dealing with these types of crime and be similar to most countries who

    would block off its airstrip if they don’t want a plane to use it…

  3. macal rivera says:

    mada….. if the police no di sleep they move like turtles, imagine if they would have move faster they would have caught the drug dealers red handed, hmmm
    well this no sound correct, maybe they were paid good money to move like turtles!!!!
    police department is an embarrasment to this country,

  4. indy says:

    So we build airstrip all over the place; doesn’t anyone think it can be used illegally. They should be monitored at all times. Indeed, if the commissioner can not do the job. He needs to step down. We want someone that is capable. If he says we don’t have the resources. It is his job to find the resources.

  5. rootsman says:

    A fuel pump, a battery and wet clothing now that is some real evidence how ridiculous can the police in Belize get you guys might as well let them go instead of wasting the people’s money in trying to create a case on that, we know that the government prosecutors will not be able to win such a case they are weak, very weak and even I who is not a lawyer knows that trying to take that to court will be a waste of time. Would be nice if Barrow would place the same type of interest in winning these cases for the people as he does against legitimate corporations, Belize would most likely be a place of utopia but I guess this shows that he is more for the criminal activities than for legitimacy.

  6. Common Sense says:

    All this hassle to bring flour into the country? LOL!

  7. Earl Grey says:


  8. lrnzG says:

    Well im sure that the police purposely took long to reach the area… police pocket deep.

  9. NINA says:


  10. Learsiman says:

    To begin with the minister of police doesn’t seem to be the right person for that job either; don’t trust him. Secondly, the commissioner is a no good one; he needs to be replaced. Ironically, the UDP were pinning the previous administration about corruption and look at all that’s happening with the government of the day. What a shame; I feel sorry I voted UDP. The country is in a mess; everybody is getting poorer. Increased taxes; higher prices for everything. This worthless team of leaders that we voted for in 2008 MUST GO! Sad to say but only a few people are filling up their pockets; undeclared planes and more money for the corrupt ones involved in these illegal moves.

  11. Yah says:

    Thats what happen when there is no emediate response by the police department. I think that there should be 24hrs surveillance in that village so there will be no excuse in saying that it’s too far or we didn’t reach on time.

  12. Jojo says:

    Belize Belize Belize, mein how I soh tiad a yer madarass. I want to hear the arresting and charging people who they found with the drugs. This is pure nonsense. Our country is full of crap and incompetence. They make our country look like monkey business to the world. WHERE Is the drugs. I don’t want to hear about no man with wet cloth and fuel pump….!

  13. roberto says:

    I wish this was not the case,but it is,Belize have no better to get.I could remember as a kid growing up in Belize,most of the politicians where spending most of the time bashing the colonial system,the promise that the country need to be independent,well be carefull what you ask for because you just might get it.and when you do you might not enjoy it as much as you tought you would.I left Belize over thirty years ago,but i have return a few times because my wife still has family there,and from what i observe,there are no accoutabilities in Belize,no one is in charge,there are no procedure for doing anything.There seems to be no control nor system,i am retired from the us army,ive been arourd the globemany times,lived in many counties,and i have never seen such disorganization as in Belize,never before have i seen so many police officers just walking the streets with no purpose,no one respect them because they dont even respect themselves,they just let the foul language fly,regardless of where they are,because afterall they are the police.Back in the days before independece a policeman tell you to do something,you payed some attention,now they, are a joke,I have witness people interacting with the police,and i was embarrassed at the names that was levied at the police,Solve crimes?,are you out off your mine? i am amazed they can fine there way to and from work.It seems to me that whenever someone gets hired by the government,there atitude is let the ride begin.People in the position of authority seems to be scared of the people the are suppose to be suppervising.scared to tell someone to do what they are being paid to do.And then there is the politics,for a country this small there is so much politics,all you ever hear is the minister this and the minister that,want to screw up somthing?put it in the hands of a politition.Belize wanted to be free,well you got it now,and it is like living in the wild west,and there is no better to come,carefull what you wish for… could come trough.

  14. Concern citizen says:

    Who will we replace the present government with? I agree they have to go, we need a new party because if we put back the opposition, we are going to have the same problem, remember they started the corruption ball rolling.

  15. Paul says:

    With the little (5) experience working with the Government, for the people, i have never ever had a nice experience with the police. First, they say i will work on it, but later you find out that they forgot you. jejeje… so the story that police were deployed to Sarteneja is too much a big pill get down…
    I was once detained on an Anti Drug exercise by the Police, they went to my home and did a drug and ammunition search… well, they were obviously to find nothing illicit at my place… i am a public servant, my mother a teacher, my brother an electrician, and my dad a Building Contractor… but at the end of the search the still detained us and took us to the Corozal Police station.
    All we got on the following day was an “We are sorry, it was an error by the officers.” I was about to launch a law suite against the Police formation but decided not to.
    Poor guys that went to take a swim at the lagoon or sea on that day… they are now detained and interrogated with brute police tactics…
    It was an easy job to do… but again police and intelligent units in the country do not have the resources to respond… but go and see the ministers homes… they have up to 3 blue plate vehicles parked outside… all those in personal use of their fams…
    sucks huh??
    Remember the so called “Operation Jaguar” or was it “Pussy Operation”? in Belize city? what has all that accomplished? Answer: NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING…. people are still being killed by starving gun men and the stupidest intelligence of the Police keeps hopes for a little bright light… Doing nothing will only reflect with nothing….

  16. belizean says:

    this country for many years has been a port for drug traffic, lets be realistic, know the gov. is doing there job, the previous gov. gave a lot of jobs and made more criminal lives easier. JEFRRIES YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY. CONGRATS TO OUR PM.

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