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Oct 15, 2010

Drug plane unloads cargo in Sarteneja Village

Is our national security at risk? We’ve reported on three planes that landed at night bringing thirty-two Chinese Nationals. Tonight we can report that another plane landed on Wednesday night in northern Belize, but unlike the three that came from Haiti, this one is believed to have unloaded cargo from South America. It is a major bust, but the local police are not saying much. What we know so far is that the Anti-Drug Unit staged an operation in Sarteneja Village in Corozal at approximately nine last night. But before the cops got there, the plane was gone. The Mexican press has been reporting at length on the incident even though the incident happened in Belizean territory. According to the reports coming from Chetumal, a PAISA plane landed at the Sarteneja airstrip, and allegedly dropped off what is believed to be cocaine that was picked up by a waiting truck. The plane, which was spotted by a police patrol, quickly flew to an unknown destination. The suspected cocaine is reported to have then been carted away by boat to the Mexican side. Five persons were arrested in Chunox Village, about twenty miles away from Sarteneja. They are: thirty year old Michael Gentle of Corozal Town, twenty-nine year old Edwin Perez, thirty-three year old Ezekiel Tillett and thirty-five year old Michael Logan; all of Ladyville along with Michael Matthews of Burrell Boom.  The men were inside a black pick-up truck, and inside the cops found a pump and a battery believed to have been used to refuel the plane.  The men were wet from the waist down, implying that the cargo was shipped via the Rio Hondo to Mexico. All five men have been moved to Belmopan.

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41 Responses for “Drug plane unloads cargo in Sarteneja Village”

  1. rootsman says:

    There goes another bs bust men arrested but no evidence to charge them with this one is making me dizzy we saw a plane, we saw a slower moving truck and I am assuming we also saw a boat that took the drugs on the Mexican side, what were we doing just looking at all this happen right in front of our eyes and can’t do a thing about it, sounds like we are pretty much involved in the crime.

  2. GUINEA GRASS Observer says:

    this is exactly what i stated on Wednesday.

    “This international human smuggling ring have to be dismantled because the present issue right now is ILLEGAL immigrants; then it will be the DRUG LORDS, and eventually TERRORIST, that will be using our airspace and airport as route for the illegal activities.”

    We should ask the UK or the USA for some assistance. Perhaps, we need a JET-FIGHTER stationed at the airport and a 24 hour well-functioning radar system to detect illegal aircraft using our airspace.

    Drug is a major factor contributing to the rising crime rate in Belize.

  3. GUINEA GRASS Observer says:

    this is exactly what i stated on Wednesday.

    “This international human smuggling ring have to be dismantled because the present issue right now is ILLEGAL immigrants; then it will be the DRUG LORDS, and eventually TERRORIST, that will be using our airspace and airport as route for the illegal activities.”

    We should ask the UK or the USA for some assistance. Perhaps, we need a JET-FIGHTER stationed at the airport and a 24 hour well-functioning radar system to detect illegal aircraft using our airspace.

    If we cannot get the assistance from UK or the USA, then perhaps we can seek assistance from our neighbor, Mexico. Belize and Mexico can sign an agreement that permits the Mexican Marines (La Marina) or the air-force (Fuerzas Armadas Mexicanas) to cross in our airspace when they suspect an drug airplane which usually land during the night period. How can this function?

    Well, Mexican jet-fighter can force the airplane to cross to Mexican airspace or force the airplane to land in Belize airstrips but contact the BDF during the process for authorization. The protocol of the intervention by Mexican military would be first surround the aircraft and wait for the BDF to make the arrests. But if the drug traffickers try to escape to use force. Of course, drug traffickers have weapons; thus the Mexican military should also be allowed to shoot them if the drug traffickers do not surrender. Nevertheless, the aircraft should be searched ONLY when the BDF arrive at the scene, even if all drug trafficker have been eliminated. This can function because Belize is a small country, thus the BDF would be at the crime scene in matter of minutes since, the BDF at least have HELICOPTER. Furthermore, the Mexican authority should not fly back to Mexico if they have landed in Belize Territory until the Belizeans authority are on the scene; thus, ensuring that the drugs is not taken away until an inventory is taken by the Belizeans authority. Can we trust them?

    The only trusted authority in Mexico is the Marines, then Air-force, and the Federal Police; not the state or municipal police.

    Drug is a major factor contributing to the rising crime rate in Central American and in Belize.


  4. GUINEA GRASS Observer says:

    I (THINK) that the Anti-Drug unit has a station there in Sarteneja. (IF) they still have a post there, then the question that arises is: Why couldn’t they prevented the airplane from taking off???

    According to the Mexican Newspaper [ ], it took like 30min until the airplane finally landed. This would have given sufficient time to the Anti-Drug unit to coordinate and detain the drug traffickers.

    In addition, the airplane had to refuel. This would give the Anti-Drug unit more time to organize.

    Belize need to have proper regulations and mechanisms to ensure that the different airstrips in Belize are not used by drug-traffickers.

  5. Cutty Ligiyaba says:

    Those are some valid pointers and would yield positive results GUINEA GRASS Observer but in

    between all this you will find nasty politics and the fact that corruption exist in high places in the

    country of Mexico just like Belize. In the end we all find out that every good decision have fallen on

    deaf ears.

  6. Quesneay Diaz says:

    Belize’s Law Enforcement Agencies is always a step too …… late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. roska says:

    I hope people now speak up…. we’ve been so “appalled” by the chinese smuggling ring…. which to me personally is a glitch compared to drug planes landing in Belize filled with tonnes of drugs…. drugs that will eventually poison our children’s minds and fuel the gang wars and the killing of innocents in the city…. THIS IS THE REAL ISSUE THAT WE THE COMMON BELIZENS SHOULD TAKE THE RADIO WAVES FOR…..

    It was sad and humiliting to hear Mose Hyde this week claiming in his talk show that the chinese smuggling ring is far worse than the killings in the city streets…. hope someday he doesnt swallows his vomit when his family is touched by this crime wave and ends losing a loved one!!!

    There are approx 150,000 belizeans residing in the US …. almost all of them broke US immigration laws to be there…. but those same ones are lambasting the chinese who want to do what they did before getting their green cards…

    Now I want to hear you about this drug issue…. this is about protecting our children…. NOT UNCLE SAM INTERESTS!!!…

    Drug traffickers in Belize are no longer paid in US currency anymore !! THEY ARE PAID WITH KILOS OF COCAINE THAT WILL END UP IN THE CRACK HOUSES OF OUR NEIGBORHOODS…. and eventually in the school bags of our children!!!


    hats off guinea grass observer….. excellent suggestions!!! Except that I wouldnt trust any US intervention…. wont want Belize becoming a next Guatemala or El Salvador…. name me a country where the US has intervened and it was good for the general populace (not for the few elite rich)!!!

  8. MyPiece says:

    Well on a positive note at least the police was savvy enought to catch those guys, now the trick is to get them behind bars 4 a long time. Sad, going by their names sounds like all root Belizean men, imagine our own screwing our Country….. the things we do 4 $.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    Don’t we have equipment at our Air Traffic Control that can detect when an aircraft enters our airspace?

  10. egbert says:

    It is amazing, it appears nobody seems to pinpoint accountibility to the minister of Defence or any other minister of govt having jurisdiction for Bze airspace or national security.

    Are there reasons the pertinent ministers are so MUM on these occurences? It is logical for them not to speak in detail about this during investigations, but THEN AGAIN, THEIR INVESTIGATIONS USUALLY UNRAVELS—NADA!!

    Are we governed by a bunch of qualified attys but, incompetent leaders or we just elect officials who pays us for their votes??

  11. Proud says:

    The plane land, the plane land…so di song seh..but in Belize, its real. Must be the same no-good ministers involved.

  12. Edith says:

    Great input roska n guinnea grass, I agree with u guys. The problems we r having in Belize is too much for Belize to handle. I recommend asking for help from outside, whether its the US, Europe, whoever…

  13. concerned mother says:

    That airstrip at Sarteneja needs to be disabled, otherwise it will be continually used to smuggle drugs in and out of the country.

  14. TINGE says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Belize Air Traffic I believe do have radar to detect, so everywhere and all around people are slipping. Could it be intentional? Some big bucks changed hands somewhere and they all know who they are. From the higher ups and the small man.

  15. Roni says:

    I understand that the government does not have the resources to control ALL the landing strips in Belize. But they should at least disable the ones that they cannot readily control. Why not install a barrier smack in the middle of the airstrip? The only way you should be able to land in any airstrip is with authorization from civil aviation, and they will ensure that such airstrip is cleared for landing. Other wise NO!

    Also, why not invest in a good national radar system? Instead of a crappy, ill-designed, no-one-likes project for “upgrading” the Cayo bridge and Burns Avenue area, buy a good radar system! The San Ignacio area is perfectly good the way it stands. No tourist has complained, they like it that way. So why waste money on that? invest that 2.5 mill in a radar system. You can’t go wrong.

  16. Al says:

    If these people are guilty, pleae build a solid case against tehm and lock them away. Do not let Bradley or Samson or some lawyer get these who feed on other people to go free. These people do not undertand the future of a country when the majority of the population become drug addicts. The future of the country they live in now and the future of their very own children are at stake. People are selling their souls for a few dollars. Their lives are not even safe, because when drug cartels are done with you they just kill you. Belize is in a sad situation. Maybe it is time to lock Barrow out of government.

  17. jizzy says:

    Guinea Grass seems to know a lot, but his confidence in the Mexican authorities tells me he is a Mexican politician. All the landings along the rio hondo are facilitated by the mexican authorities.This is encouraged as a market for all the contraband mexican goods that then mix with legally brought in goods. Guinea grass should know if he is from his name sake, that his fellow villagers are some of the most active in the commercial smuggling business. These villagers pressure their area reps to cut roads to the river for no reasons, other than to subvert the local economy. the police are not allowed to stop this activity ,so of course they just fall in and collect a share of the spoils. All corruption stems from an indiscipline people who breeds corruption at home, and in their local politicians. what about San Victor Village ? does the rest of Belize knows what goes on there? The river bank is built up by the Politician. the police cannot enter the village, any authorities that go there are attacked, and the silence is deafening. Drugs, arms and people are moved even during daylight. san victor has the protection of the mexican marines, they the marines have boasted that los belicenos are afraid to enter San victor so there goes your faith in a foreign force. San Victor is a national shame and it will bring Belize to international shame yet.

  18. the truth says:


  19. CEO says:

    We should not have to close our airstrips just secure it with features to make it safe. We also need to rid the police force of the bad guys. Get the equipment and amo the police needs and pay them well.

    While we are at it we should make it a law that all public servants of higher rank needs to disclose their wealth and their income every year. Too many guys are living above their means. I work for a governmental agency and I can only accept a gift if the value is $25 or less. No one gives an influential ranking government employee large gifts with no strings. Simple! Hoe can Chester Williams be driving around in a Cadillac Escalade fully loaded and no one even have the sense to question. This is a gift that values roughly about $55,000 US. By the way Chester if it was a gift what are you giving up for that?

    All we need in Belize are few changes to the laws and much more enforcement! Things would change overnight.

  20. leo says:

    I agree with the Sarteneja airstrip being disabled… but the smuggling also happens at our only international airport…. so what to do.

  21. Moses says:

    People! Don’t be so naive. Look at the big picture. The drug problem is mostly an American and European problem. They crave the drugs especially cocaine. Personally, I don’t think drugs would be a problem if it were legal. Imagine if rum were illegal in Belize. Maddas!

    People get drunk, high, or whatever, as long as de no hurt nobodi its OK. Soba people commit crime too. London had a massive heroin problem, they made it legal and dispense it to the druggies and ween them off. Anyway back to my point, “don’ t be naive”. I hear a lot ah unu di complain (call in the US Army, shoot, bagadam buff), bout Bliizean sovereignty, air space violation, etc. cho! How dat effect unu personally. 30 minutes pan di ground and ih gone, no bomb no drop and the coke dun cross di riva. You kiant live pan sovereignty Them guys whe tek wan chance fu mek wah lee moni have pickney fu feed. Unemployment rate is 35%. In them mind, dey probably say : “who i di hurt, Di drugs da fu di white man up north. No fu Belizeans.” I wuda tek wa chance miself if I hungry and mi pickni di bawl fu food. Lot ah unu wud tek the same chance under the similar circumstances. But unu belli full, unu gat jab, soh unu di talk ….. All of a sudden unu holli. Dem bwais no di wait fi jankrow fi pick dem flesh.

  22. Observer says:

    I agree with Observer. Our BDF do not have any quick aircraft, especially in the north. GOB seem to be spent on less importance things than on our defense.

    An agreement can be made with Mexican Armed Forces to assistance in intercepts of these aircraft and to also to communication with the BDF or our ADU.

  23. toledoman says:

    In all reality, the real problem is the actual WAR ON DRUGS itself. This is a historically new phenomenon. If we look at history, we can see that this war started in America, and it started because of greed. Drugs have always and will always be used in this world we live in. We have been using drugs for hundreds of thousands of years….Evidence indicates some of the first cultivation on earth was for psychoactive drugs. If we really want to win this “WAR O DRUGS” we as a people on this earth are going to have to admit that enforcing these issues with the law, and the police, and the military is proving less and less effectual.

    Drugs are a matter of public health, yet we do no see governments of the world addressing this issue in that manner. There are countries all around the world poised to legalize drugs and equip their healthcare systems to deal with addictions and other health related issues. But they have a great battle between the corporations that have monetary interest in keeping drugs as illegal. How many of you are aware that the medication you consume is also a drug? Pharmaceutical drugs pose as many and oftentimes more risks than the deemed “illegal” drugs do. How many of you have heard of Valium addictions? Morphine overdoses? Amphetamine abuse? These are all prescription drugs that are being abused. But because some big fancy corporation makes money off these addictions, the problem is never addressed, acknowledged , or treated.

    Imagine if the ganja growers we all know were legally employed? What if we were processing Cocaine under legal authority? Where would our crime level stand? Would it not fall significantly? I’m telling all you people to wake up and smell the roses. This drug war does not benefit humankind. It is a system of control designed to make money. If you don’t believe me ask yourselves how many millions of lawyers all over the world have made money of drug enforcement? Ask yourselves how many Prisons are owned by private companies who need drugs to keep the prison full? Ask yourselves how many politicians are rewarded for keeping drugs illegal.

    Now lets jump to Holland. When they decided to legalize drugs the first thing that was reported was IMMENSE DROP IN CRIME. Think about it…..if you are a drug user, who would you rather get your drugs from? The doctor who has a legal and regulated supply, a doctor who can also help you with your addiction. Or the shady guy standing in the alley pushing crack cocaine that may be laced with rat poison? If you want to see a drop in crime involving drugs the logical solution is to legalize them and provide a comprehensive strategy to treat drug addictions.

    Now another thing. Some of you will think OMG if you legalize drugs, everybody will become addicted. Again lets look at Holland. When drugs became legal, they also say a major drop in addictions over the initial 5 year test phase. Why would legalizing drugs solve addiction rates? In essence if you remove the guys who push the drugs onto people. The people have to actively seek the drugs from the doctor. A doctor is a trained professional who can properly warn people of the risks involved in taking the drug. A doctor can also prescribe methods to overcome addiction and offer treatment for the addiction.

    Seriously people we need to wake up and wake up fast. This drug war does not benefit the lowly citizen. It lines the coffers of those who are really in control. We need our sovereignty back. We need our country to work for us not against us. We can only do this by waking up and really addressing the current problems in our society.

  24. rod says:

    you all are right but nothing will change as long as barrow and this gov are in power we need to get rid of this scurge of a gov then and only then will things change in belize am telling you this is the worse gov. in the history of belize they are impotent and barren and things will only get worse because they are with their heads up their a………………. resign barrow resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  25. BOOYACA says:

    who cares. do what you have to do to make dem dallaz aight….. the law system in belize is a waste just like the babylon dem and the courts.. its easy if u do the crime and don’t wanna spend the time just get dickie bradley as ur lawyer and you will be free from your crime….

  26. belizeanpride says:

    seems like our security system of our jewel is so lame that any plane can land with no problem. recenlty three planes landed in our international airport with ilegall asians and now a plane with suspected drug, what do we expect to land now, is it a plane loaded with talibans to land in the rain forest to pratice free in the maya mountains? when will this gov. and minister of security sit down and realize that our nation is vulnerable to things like this worst with the high corruption within the law and the gov. soon our jewel will be a landing airstrip for all kinda purposes from ilegal immigrants, drug trafficing, terrorist landing and guess what free with nobody to blame for and worst no evidence to condem the perpetrators. damn we stand bad as a nation.

  27. GUINEA GRASS Observer says:


    As far as I am concern, I am 100% Belizean and Guinea Grasseño! I just want to provide possible measures that can be taken to ensure that Belize Sovereignty is protected and secured.

    I do not see why you came to mentioned about the contraband of goods by my fellow villagers. What does that has to do with this news? Why do you think people go buy there?’–Hint: Prices–

    Belizeans should change their universal conventional wisdom to seek pragmatic solution. I had hoped that we could see more constructive criticism.

  28. GOD FEARING youth says:

    The truth you go it write. you should write wah song pan that man

  29. RadicalBelizean says:

    ELgin Martinez: You are absolutely right.

    Belize as a sovereign state like all other country in the world should have both de facto and de jure control over the entire country from Rio Hondo to Sarstoon, from the furthest point east to west in Benque Viejo. That means it has total control of the air space over all these well define boundaries. So any plane flying into this airspace without an official permit, will be trespassing. In some countries like Israel, the United States the pilot would receive a warning and the Air force would be scrambled to the area. The plane may be shot down as it could be considered an act of aggression.
    Obviously our air defense is something that really needs addressing urgently. Its also common knowledge that the air defense of Belize it so weak that these people were clearly confident that it was the perfect place to offload their cargo. I hate criticizing Belize and so I won’t but I what I will say is that Belize really need to step up various aspects of its security and this is the responsibility of the government.

  30. lalf says:

    Looks like cocaine and chiney da di same

  31. Skywalker says:

    @Toledoman… Are you honestly suggesting that we legalize cocaine? Honestly?

  32. bet says:

    no matters if its pup or udp. They are all the same…. ne-ways drugs are still going to be smuggled . people always find ways to do what they have to do to get a few bucks. thousands actually. Everything is paid for so honestly i dont think anyone will end up in jail.

    1. the persons caught had nothing on them. So without cocaine there is no case.
    2. police, incompetent yet greedy cover up everything
    3. another drug case that is just that….

    maybe just pay a couple thousand dollars bail and thats all..

  33. roska says:

    Jizzy….. so its worse for belize a few small time smugglers trying to make a living than tonnes of cocaine landing in belize and definitely many kilos of it finding their way to our crack houses and ultimately our youths???

    Cmon…. you must be kidding jizzy…. at least you should have spoken about the dozens of containers that enter Belize that pay no duties because their rich hindu owners have greased the palms of key customs officials…..

    Belize’s economy is far more crippled by this HUGE loss of income that what it loses thanks a few desperate poor (who by the way are too humane NOT to take their shotgun unlike the city guys and start holding up people) who carry contraband on their back across thick savanah mud….. their sin??? not having enough money like their hindu counterparts to bribe the customs officials…. so STOP THE CRAP JIZZY….. you must be dizzy….

    Toledoman…… You know what’s the average education of a netherland citizen?? There’s o way you could apply what happens in Holland to belize….. There the average professional has a masters degree and the average labourer has a sixth form diploma….. THEY ARE INFORMED ABOUT DRUG ABUSE AND ITS CONSEQUENCE…. what’s the scenario here in belize….. just dig into our literacy rate…..

    what worked there will not work here….. reason why belize is in so a mess….. we apply too much foreign practices that are not applicable to belize….. just wait and see in afew more years the result of Patricks “no corporal punisjhment’ crusade….

  34. rootsman says:

    CEO I agree with you 100% these politicians should declare their wealth and their salaries should surely be made public but it’s not going to happen even under a prime minister who states that he is all about transparency and accountability, after he got elected I was at the lands department and they had changed the policy regarding accessibility to land information you now need an authorization from a land owner to get information on land ownership so land ownership in Belize is a big secret now the politicians don’t want us to know how much government land they have been adding to their wealth, I thought this was all public information great going on that transparency and accountability policy.

  35. jay says:






  36. Charles Green says:

    GUINEA GRASS Observer – are you sure the BDF have a helicopter. I know they have a (maybe 2) twin-engine defender and a training aircraft, but no helicopter. The helicopters belong to the British who are moving them all out of Belize next March. I am sure the BDF do not have a flight crew on stand-by ready to “scramble” when it is learnt that a plane has landed at Sateneja or Guinea Grass, the BDF work very hard to do what they can, but they are restricted by the equipment they have (or don’t have). Up to the villagers to make citizen’s arrest and hold the drug dealers until proper authorities can get there

  37. louisville,ky says:

    Toledoman……….what you said makes a whole lot of sense. This so called war on drugs is so bogus, anybody with an iota of common sense should be able to see it.
    It suit the purposes of the powers that be to maintain the status quo and give lip service to at best make a feeble attempt at solving this crisis. No, it is not in their best interest to regularize the production and distribution of certain drugs. How else can anyone explain the fact that of all the tonnes and tonnes of cocaine that enters the European and US markets,day after day, you never, ever, hear of ANY drug Baron get arrested for the importation of said substance. You know why?……’s a conspiracy of mammoth proportions!!
    So…..we small fries can have our say, but the big boys will continue to have their way.

  38. Manford says:

    You shal know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Knowledge is the real power. Drudgs is big business any way you look at it. Go back in history between the British and the Chinese Opium trade, its there on the pages of history, Find out about south east Asia drudgs trade. Discover about the drudgs trade by the US`Military during the Vietnam war when dead soldiers were stuff with drudgs to take back into the USA. Fast track to the Contra war in Central when the USA high command was caught red handed trafficing drugs into the black a Latin communities in the United States. When Congress woman Waters and the other congress woman in Los Angels raised the question about how drudgs were been dump in the blacks and Latin communities, the top hancho, drudgs Zar went to Los Angeles to refute the charges, but he was confronted by a well meaning Law Enforcement Officer in the LAPD who got up in the meeting and made him out to be a liar, and told the drudgs Zar that in his under cover work he had personal information the many individuals in high place wer deeply involve in drudgs trafficing. That confrontation ended the meeting. All this information are on the Internet. Thank goodness for the invention of the Internet.

    Further to this saga by rogues in high places. They turn it into another business enterprise, prison. The sold revenue Bonds to build prison that are privately own, yes, privately own, just like the wool they pull over Belizeans eyes and got concession to privatize our prison. Folks, there are a bunch of proffessional crooks in high places that has designed a system to keep the masses at their beck and call. I’ve personally spoke to expersonels from the Columbian military who told me about the plane loads of guns that went into Colombia and the same plane took out the drudgs back to the USA. I also socialized with former DEA who said sighted the same experience, and quit the job when they realize that they were putting their lives on the line in support of lies from folks at the top of their system.

    I was told that one of the games been plaid is to create diversion, which cold be this fiasco about Chinese, to get the public preoccupied with that while the big bust was to come in on the heel of that. Fellow Belizeans your only safe guard against these wickedness in high places is to improve our individual cosmic/spiritual levels of conciousness. Become responsible for oneself and don’t take life for granted. Always keep our eyes on Political Leaders, after all its politicians who throught history of humankind that has created the diobolical wars due to their inflated ego. They are gearing up to unleash a new devastation on the planet, and the only reason why they have not done so as yet is because their plans have been exposed on the Internet that they find so difficult to control. They have bought the main stream media houses to spoon feed them with their prapaganda for public consumption; but many folks who know otherwise are engage in counter attack. Whisleblowers are creating much problem for them. The same reason why the British forced opium on China way back when to weaken them and take them over, is the same strategy (if I may call it that) that is unleached on society buy the 300 who really rule the financial world. for them much of humanity should be illiminated; sound like fiction? Find out what all the wars are about on the African continent. Till next time.

  39. Andrew Hall says:

    I find it amazing that planes can land from other countries and unload there cargo especially drugs and we are not able to anything about, what we need to do is to use thoese DEFENDERS

  40. Andrew Hall says:

    We have there do something with them and make active along with the Cost Guard.

  41. eric says:

    da tru da resign spineless barrow soon we wan get eat up by the killing or drug lords we no wan that close the airstip that is not moniter or da barrow airstip if no so you will soon close you bag all leaders we need help our defend force do so much not enough police officer make things get worst get paid to hid or sell drugs we need leaders that will over come all what is better for our belize barrow we heard you go da america fu what fu pocket come on you can’t do the job step down we need better security for da whole country not for dean barrow he no got ….. put up four or the best you all leaders of the country grab gun and go protect the ruthless that is going on in the country ALL LEADERS NEED TO DAT NOW MAYBE IT WILL STOP THEN THIS ….. GOT STOP COME ON LEADERS

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