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Oct 13, 2010

$10,000 at stake; emotions and mouths run high at Duets Season 3

The final night of competition for Duets Season Three wasn’t without its share of laughter and energy. The audience held their breath as the names of the three top duos were revealed. When the show got underway, the Sittee River duo of Ava Kelly and Patrick McPherson did their best impersonations of Mr. Peters and Leila Vernon, Benque siblings Lucille and Luis Mendez took it back to the Old School and the Camalote team of D. Wade and Shaggy brought the house down; their performances were explosive. The Bliss was filled to capacity with hundreds of fans cheering on their favorite duo and while team Shake and Bake was eliminated from last night’s round of competition the remaining three teams made up for their absence onstage.  Here’s a montage of the last performances.

{Highlights of performances…}

It’s now down to the wire so to ensure that your favourite is the number one duet, text their number to 3838. Only Smart customers can vote.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “$10,000 at stake; emotions and mouths run high at Duets Season 3”

  1. JJ says:

    Ok…after Tuesday’s performance….well…what I said last week was spot on! Erlin & Jeremy and Patrick and Ava are the best talents! Their presentations, their consistency, their originality and homage to Belizean entertainment and their raw talent potential is the best and must be recognized. I mean no disrespect to the Luis and Lucille, Luis can rap! He is awesome, but as a duo, their acts require improvement to warrant a $10,000 prize!….I’d be satisfied if Erlin & Jeremy or Patrick & Ava win!!!!….Tuesday’s performances for both those duos were tight and in the words of Jenny, ILLLL!!! Anything short of that, and I am PISSED!!!! I return to the bliss this Tuesday for the final act….anticipating a great show….AND THE WINNERS FOR THE BEST TALENT!!!!!!

    So if I may influence you a bit…..VOTE for Jeremy and Erlin and Patrick and Ava!!!

  2. Jeanne Walker says:

    I agree with JJ. Jeremy and Erlin or Patrick and Ava woudl deserve the win, although I give Jeremy and Erlin an edge after the last performance. I read some of the comments that were very rude and insulting and it is ironic that some charging racism from the judges sound racist themselves from their comments. Remember people can read between the lines. This season of duets has ended on a sour note and at the heart of it is the fact that a pair of duos are in the finals who most people seem to think did not have the talent to get this far but did anyway because they manage to get the texts out. I think they should feel blessed to have reached this far.
    As Ann Marie rightly said in one of the previous show, I think it was after Charles Nunez and Sheldon Bodden dropped out, it is the first time the show is shaping up like this, meaning the most talented are not moving on. Those guys in the opinion of many were definitely the most talented dancers and one of the most talented groups. A lot of people tuned out after they left; I even noticed that right after they left the shows stopped being sold out. I dont see them or the very talented actors who left so early being mean and rude to others on this website. Remember people money cannot buy class and those people making the mean and insulting remarks are only hurting the people they support. The judges had their say and ain’t nothing we can do bout it cept vote for who we want to win and I hope the best talent wins!

  3. Proud says:

    Vote for Jeremy and Erlin. Patrict and Ava are good too. Luis is a great rapper, but his duo, flops. SHE IS FREAKING CUTE AND SEXY BUT SHE CANT SING!

  4. Reuben M. says:

    I watched the show on the net last night, and the judges opinion was out of line, especially that ann marie chick, basing this show off one performance is stupid and the so call rappers performance wasen’t even all that.
    The true talent is Patrick and Ava, the Gonguez sisters , Nunez and Bodden, these should have been the last 3 standing, uncle pancho and the lil skinny dude was also good. The way people are selected to move on needs to change, and use judges that have some darn common sense.

  5. nena says:

    Very mean Reuben. I dont see anything wrong with the way the judges made their comments. I reinterate, if anybody has seen american idol, the things Simon tell these people , is nothing close to the little things Ann Marie the truth says. And this is on INTERNATIONAL TV. We should accl accept that the comment of the judges is what makes people perform better. If the judges dont tell the truth, people will go on stage and do crop and think that that is tallent.

    To Steve:: The truth hurts!!! Guess i hit it right on the spot. The Lucille team know that they were people really better than them. Really and truly everytime people tuned into duets and hear that the brother sister duo still in they get really disappointed. The ironi is that if Mendezes win they will just win back what they spent. Belizeans vote and make the right persons.

  6. fureal says:

    @Reuben I agree with you that the true talent is Patrick and Ava, the Gonguez sister and Nunez and Bodden. ………………. The wonda be rappers just don’t make any sense.

  7. Kari M says:

    On American Idol, the judges dont Announce to the whole world who they prefer. Theyre there to give Advice to the performers & have the audience realize how the performers are doing. Those judges were mad at the Mendez’ cuz they gave them attitude, but jeeze how would you feel to be critisized infront of everyone viewing the show? To be told that they cannot persue their dreams? The judges showed the ugly side of Belizeans & they should learn to use more descriptive words besides wonderful, and ill. lol.

    Judges Need To Be More Professional, Act Their Age && Grow UP!

  8. Forbidden fruit says:

    Tuesday night started out as a gr8 disappointment! would have never thought that Mendez were goin 2 b in d finals considering d way out performance d wk b4. Truth is it shouldnt b the public to decide the winner bcaz pple will only base their vote on popularity n not whom they think has true talent! The judges were right. Out of the 3 duos only d drama n Earlyn had natural talent. No disrespect 2 bredda n sis but 2 b honest i thought they were goin 2 b d 1st duo 2 b eliminated, n we all knw that if d decision were based on judges, never in a million years would they still be in d competition. To Luis, i have 2 admit that ur a gr8 rapper! I, along with many, just tink u chose d wrong person to sing with u! I STRONGLY believe had u chose a better parter u’d have nothing 2 fear in dis competition. That being said, i just wnt 2 encourage d public 2 vote 4 d rite duo!

  9. nena says:

    Kari , if you are a great fan of american idol, you will know they say it all. The judges do say who they think has the best talent and shame people who are not. The Judges have been great. They dont say things in any bad way no show any hate or favoritism. They gave great advices to the brother sister duo. But they decided not to take the advice of the judges cause they think that they had it all. I reinterate, The Mendez boy is awesome, but he chose the wrong person to team up with, as Forbidden mentioned. I think that when there is a solo competiiton he should be a part of it. Me and all my friends will definitely vote for him. He is damn good mein. He reminds me a lot of Eminem. But the honeybunchies , need to find her place in life and that is being a beauty queen, or model. Let your brother shine!!!! To all the three judges, you made the show great!!. You were good in your own ways. People need to respect and accept certain things. Great job judges!!

  10. CAYO says:

    Ok, listen NENA!! To start off, you seem to have a problem with Lucille’s beauty. Why is that? This is termed as insecurity. Are you under the assumption that you’re a better singer than Lucille? Now, to cut to the chase, those judges out-rightly expressed their prejudice towards Lucille and Blas. Oh, sorry to burst your little bubble, neither SINCRICITY nor SINCRONICITY is a word- Anne Marie often uses that word. Moreover, SHE IS A PSEUDO INTELLECTUAL!!! For someone who had the opportunity to study abroad, she has no class whatsoever. A degree does not entitle you to raw intelligence. Moving on, SANTI sounds like a cricket. All he does is flaunt is wealth by giving energy drinks to those he favors. Lastly, Jenny needs a dictionary upon judging.

    Jenny, sweetie, can you even spell PHENOMENAL(I’ve spelt it for you, by the way :) ).. What Duets needs are three new judges who are PROFESSIONAL, INTELLECTUAL, and IMPARTIAL!!!

    We think Lucille has a great voice, and like all great singers, all she needs is some training. You people say vote for the real talent, so that’s EXACTLY WHAT WE’RE DOING!!!!!!!!

    Blaas & Lucille, ignore all negativity. Stay positive. Unfortunately, both of you are victims of envy ;)

  11. Observer says:

    I am reading the comments on here and I blame the judges for this mess! Yes because I believe if Ms. Lovell n Mr. Santi had told Luis n Lucille the truth from the beginning maybe we would not all be in this mess right now at the end of duets. The truth is that Lucille really did not sound like a good singer; maybe she can improve but she is not up to competition level. Her brother, on the other hand, is an excellent rapper, really sounds nice n from the beginning some of my family members rooted for them. However as the show went on and we realized that Lucille really was not improving, we started waiting for them to drop out the competition.
    To those who charge the judges as racist, I ask where is the evidence. I think Ms. Lovell was praising this duet at the beginning and at other times. Ann Marie said she did not think they were all that good but that doesnt make her racist man. The people making these allegations, do you know the judges personally because I think you would have to know them personally to make that kind of accusation.
    If I were the Mendez’, I would discourage my supporters from talking this nonsense. If they lose it will make them look like sore losers. I think those people charging racism are trying to make this be a latino against the rest of Belizeans thing which is a damn shame. I looked at that audience and when the boys from Belmopan finished their presentation, many different looking faces stood up and cheered so I think that is a losing battle if that is the objective. We in Belize dont play that crap! We have racism in our history but we dont want that to be part of us now; I hope it is not the newer immigrants bringing this nonsense over here. Only suggesting that because I have latino friends all my life, I am mixed with latino myself, and we have never ever heard this kind of stupidness til now. I hope it is only a handful of your supporters doing this bashing of the judges. And the others who are being mean to the Lucille, you are more than wrong to do that. Especially now Belize doesnt need another negative thing.
    Luis n Lucille, make sure you tell your friends n supporters to hold down the yelling at the Bliss. I am assuming that what other peoplehave said is true that the crowd from Benque was cussing up and yelling stuff. that looks so bad on your beautiful town and on you and your sis. You look like you come from a nice family and that you are good kids, hold your head up, win our lose. Accept the criticism that you Lucille needs more training. Be gracious so that people will always remember you in a good way, not as the duet who had people going on bad at the Bliss!
    Oh, and if people are mentioning Lucille’s beauty, I dont think that is envy. I think is is because she is really beautiful and people think it worthy of mention. think positive my Cayo peeps, think positive! If I were your mom n dad I would be begging you to tell your friends to not disgrace you on Tuesday! You dont deserve that after you have come this far!!!

  12. Wild Rose says:

    wow, they say contraversy is good…but damn this has gone way too far! I am a public figure and i can say with certainty that the first thing you got to understand is that not everybody is going to like you or root for you….get that straight and you save urself a lot of trouble. I agree with Observer…well said dude! Sometimes its the fans that you have that bring u down so its ur duty to ensure that those following you keep it positive or you set them straight…. racism….hell no! Are we sayin that Santi is black??????? come on people….stick to the real issue and accept constructive criticism…..if you can’t stand the heat….stay out of the kitchen….better yet stay out of the BLISSS!!!!!!!!!!

  13. nena says:

    Omg Cayo. Please be real honey!! I dont have a problem with no ones beauty cause everbody is beautiful in their own way. What im saying is that Lucille cannot sing and need to find where she will may besucceed and shine. She is doing injustice to her brothers great singing. I can sing not even to save the world. I dont envy anyone. Fair is fair, we all know that these guys are good. And the reason why the judges came out and told the truth abouyt who they think should really sin is because they knew injustice whould have been done and the wrong people would have won. Cayo you are outright DISRESPECTFUL. You talk about these people and know nothing about them. Ms Jenny is a very educationed and intelligent woman. Mr Santino is a great musician of all time. He had a band that was the best band for many years. Ms Ann is a very intelligent woman too. She was a great reporter for so many years. Please cayo i dont think you can compare yourself to these people. These people have earn their spot in the belizean community. You know it is one thing to hate but its another to make up things that are not so. Accept that part of you duo is not good and the other is phenominal. But its a duet and both have to be good to win this particular competition. Tell your peoples try next time when there is a competition for solo. You knoe people used to always think of Cayo as a very nice district with very nice people. After the way the people behave and how cayo is being so disrespecful, mein im sure a lot of people are thinking definitely or this place. Im sure the people have voted and the best will be winning!!!

  14. Bzean says:

    Firstly!!! when it was all said and done…the truth was out. I am from cayo, but i could honestly say nena you’re right. I do agree that luis is a great rapper i went to high school with him. But i think his sister was just wrong for him also…At first i liked her, but to me her attitude has changd, i mean honey all the jjudges were doing were giving you was advice to be better. So to me if you told them what they said didn’t matter, you shouldn’t care about what they said last week either….when it’s all said and done..Sheldon and Nunez deserved to be in this finals right here…Now unfortunately that they are not… i would say consistency!!! Patrick & Ava or the rappers…anyhow i’m just saying i’m from cayo but i can accept that luis you’re great honey but …just choose some1 else nxt time..xoxo

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