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Oct 7, 2010

National Security on the trial of Asian planes, but investigation cloudy

Two days after we reported about the suspicious night flights bringing Asian nationals to Belize, there is official word from the Ministry of Defense and the Police Department. Just before six this evening and after two days of investigations at the Philip Goldson International Airport, the three page release was issued. The Defence Ministry’s C.E.O. Allen Whylie and the Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigative Branch, Alden Dawson, have personally conducted interviews at the PGIA. The release contains little different from what has been reported, except for one major detail; that the passengers in Sunday night’s flight are Japanese and not Chinese. But it also makes no mention of the visas, which seem to trail back to Belizean Embassies abroad and it seems to deflate suggestions of an organized international smuggling ring. When we checked on this detail, the visas in the passports of the “Japanese Nationals had a date of issue but no place of issue”. It is all very interesting because Japanese nationals are not known to come to Belize on chartered flights nor would Haiti be used as a stopping point. So far the investigation reveals that “a private charter plane operated by Air Century in the Dominican Republic landed at the PGIA at sixty-fifty-four p.m. on third October, 2010 and departed at seven-fifteen p.m.  Thirteen passengers disembarked and were cleared by the Immigration Officials present to enter Belize.” It also supports our earlier reports that on September eighteenth seven passengers disembarked a five-twenty-two p.m. flight and on September nineteenth twelve passengers disembarked a five-thirty-eight p.m. flight, both chartered from Air Sentry.  The agent for all three flights was Mr. Rudolph Coye of Aero Dispatch Services who provided dispatching services. All the planes’ documentation were in order and clearance for landing was granted by the Belize Civil Aviation Authority.  The Belize Airport Concession Company Ltd which manages the PGIA was informed of the flights arrival, in particular when they would arrive late since they had to approve the airport to be open beyond six p.m. The manifests of all flights show that the thirty-two passengers were Japanese.  The release from the ministry says that procedural errors at the Customs and Immigration Department at the PGIA occurred and they warrant further investigation.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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20 Responses for “National Security on the trial of Asian planes, but investigation cloudy”

  1. Robert says:

    I think it is highly unlikely that Japanese resorted to such extremes to enter the U.S. Japan is a favored nation, and its residents can easily enter the U.S. Why would Japanese go through all the intrigue, expense and risk of such a conspiracy when America’s front door is open to them?

    More rotten fish here.

  2. rod says:

    corruption starts at the top from barrow down barrow needs to be investigated for all the corruption going on in the country him and all his ministers need to go out with this gov out with judas barrow belizeans will not take it anymore judas you better resign before it is too late for you resign resign go count your dirty money in miami you and all your corrupt people.

  3. Allan says:

    I have lived in Japan for several years and anyone knowing the Japanese, they will know that Japanese are very sticky for details and that of obeying the law. They are very proud people and they hate to be included in anything that is not legal. In other word it is doubtful that Japanese would allow themselves to be caught up in something illegal. For the most part, if you would check the Japanese culture, if they believe that they have done something that would shame their country or their family they would 99% of the kill themselves. In conclusion, I doubt the account that the government gave that the passengers were Japanese.. Tell the “Government” story to a Japanese and they would think that the Belizean have gone crazy. Someone needs to investigate the investigators who concluded that the individuals were Japanese rather than Chinese… This Story stinks and I smell a lot of rats in the government…

  4. Francisco Patt says:

    The Broaster report calls all the names of the players in this Ring including MInisters.

  5. crazy says:

    AJA SURE… YEAH EVERYBODY KNEW ABOUT THE PLANES AND ABOUT THE JAPANESE PEOPLE COMING AND HAVING VISAS… SURE THEY DID, RIGHT AFTER THEY WERE PAID MONEY TO KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUTS… what is the world coming to? I bet these japanese immigrants think that Belize is full of “stupid” people with all the bs that the goverment and it’s officials try to feed the people… the only reason they are trying to cover their ….. now is because it’s been brought to the light, and whoever leaked the story, be sure that you will get repremanded once they find out who you are, which sucks… Belize is getting shadier and shadier, Its sad to see that our children can’t grow peacefully in a country that use to be something really nice. From the top head hancho to the most ruthless killer, they are connected, working together for their pockets. Agree anyone?

  6. rootsman says:

    Would this have anything to do with the donation of early flood warning system by the Japanese to Belize, I scratch your back and you scratch mine kind of thing but then where are they going and what are they up to, could their final journey be to the USA as spies you know spies work undercover coming to the USA legally would leave a trail on them. After all I think that the Japanese would still like to get even on the USA for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  7. Proud says:

    I agree with you crazy. To rootsman….haha…you’re bright! I still think they are chinese though. Allan Whylie and Alden Dawson, I wonder how you can rest at night knowing that you help cover so much BS under the National Security Rug. You’re both just puppets played by NASTY AND GREEDY POLITICIANS. SHAME ON YOU. HOPE THE CIA COME AFTA UNU ROSS.

  8. Edith says:

    Shame has been brought on the belizean people. Thanks for making it damn near impossible now for belizeans to come to the states. The US immigration dept will b scrutinizing every belizean passport now.


    welcome to the land of the free where cocaine is proven to be flour and chinese to japanese

  10. ivan cal says:

    ‘everything is under cover’ the only thing left is that we will start talking chinese in the years to come under this DEAN BURROW GOV’T,…’.NEHAU HOMA FA NA!!!!!!!!!!! NO MA’CHINAAA.’..SHAME ON DEAN BURROW HE’S SO CORRUPT HE’S TRYING TO COVER THE EYES OF THE BELIZEAN PEOPLE CLAIMING HE’S PERFECT SHAME SHAME……..’ ‘sum ting wong; hu yu hai ding ;dum … chin tu fat,wao so dim lei ying lo wao so dim”.

  11. Sasha says:

    Unbelievable, eventhough their is still daylight when it landed, this was not an emergency so, the AIRSTRIP SHOULD NOT HAVE been left open for landing. Last INTERNATIONAL plane that leaves Belize is at 4:55 p.m. The BELIZE GOVERNMENT AND ALL ITS LAW IS JUST MADE UP AS SITUATIONS ARISE when it benefits the party in power.

  12. BT says:

    this smacks of an attempt to white wash the “investigation”… hey, they all look alike, right? (sarcasm)

  13. Manford says:

    Allan, you are almost right about Japanese, but you need to find out about the BLACK DRAGONS, the real unworld bad boys in Japan. Who knows, this could be some of those bad boys on a mission who find a weakness in Belize security system and is using it as a spring board for their real action.

  14. Rox says:

    DA FOOL DI TALK BUT DA NO FOOL DI LISTEN!! Allan and Arden for you information Japan participates in the USA visa waiver program. The US doors are wide open for them. Japanese will not leave their rich country to come da Po Po Belize. Tell the Belizean people that it’s CHINESE nationals. Chinese travel all around the world to get to Belize. No other country want them only BELIZE want the the Chinese. Da Belizean people da the loosers while these goverment officials full up them pockets with $$$$$$4 then they want to pin on the blame on hard working Belizeans. Where is our LOYALTY to our FLAG, Our Country!

  15. macal rivera says:


  16. jj says:

    i was at the embassy in new york couple weeks ago and it was filled with Chinese get passport. i was harder for me a born belizean to get my passport than it was for the chinese. never seen so many chinese in one line. all of them walking out with a smile on their face and a belizean passport in there hands.

  17. EMS says:

    On the World stage of Nations, Belize Officially appears to be the most goofey, silly, bunch of buffoons. Never in my life have I ever entertained the idea of some other Nation colonizing another. But what is going on in Belize takes the cake, perhaps The US should intervene and colonized Belize, simply because the idiots that are currently running country appear to think that every Belizean is a big Fool.,….. your right Rox, Da Fool di talk but da no fool di listen!!!!! The Prime Mininster,Minister of Defence, Minister of Police etc, etc they all should be in Jail. Rise up Belizeans, take control of your destiny, Leadership crisis in the Jewel!!!

  18. wil maheia says:

    main this UDP crown really think Belizeans stupid!!! has any of the media houses triedto contact Mr.Coye the dispatcher?

  19. Roberto says:

    its not the Govt who is responsible, it’s those high officials at the airport authority and at the customs office who collect all those under the table cash. These people need to be investigated and placed on suspension. The passport can have Japanese as their nationality but in reality what is it? Come ministry do the proper job and dont give a boy a man’s job. All these aircrafts landing without being investigate properly is so embarassing to our country. Then the US officials look at like …. !! For instance, there was a suspect aircraft that landed at PGIA couple of months back, the dog did smell drugs but quess what happened the pilot was freed and that same aircraft landed in Columbia. Where are these people? They need to come out from the dark and start to do their job properly dont waste the Govt money just sitting down in those offices. If your ….. were glass, hell they would be broken a long time ago. Lets stop these nonsense. Keep PGIA under watch

  20. william frida says:

    I agree with you Rox I doughty that these persons are Japanese they are very different than the Chinese, Culturally and financially .Japan is a very rich and
    Law abiding country. I know this because I have family that is of Japanese decent. Oh and by the way as some had said Japan does not need Visa to enter the United States. I don’t believe that they would enter Belize in the dead of night, to get into the United States.

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