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Oct 7, 2010

Vegetable vendor shot in the arm during robbery

Carlos Sucuqui became the one hundredth murder victim, but another vegetable vendor who came under attack just hours later, was more fortunate. Eyewitnesses told us off camera that at around eleven-fifteen this morning two vegetable vendors were chatting at the corner of Faber’s Road Extension and Whistling Duck Street when two youths exited a black car that drove by and circled the block. One of the vendors continued on his way and the youths reportedly walked up to the other vendor, twenty-nine year old Melvin Nunez, and pretended to make a purchase.  One of them put a gun to Nunez’ head and robbed him of an undisclosed amount of money.  But before they fled, the armed youth shot Nunez in the upper left arm fleeing to the getaway car that on Faber’s Road.  Nunez is receiving treatment in the KHMH and police are investigating.

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6 Responses for “Vegetable vendor shot in the arm during robbery”

  1. Robert says:

    In some places the street gangs, especially MS-13, terrorize street vendors to collect protection money from them — they call it a “tax.” Maybe that is another crime that has come to Belize. I think the only way to stamp it out is for the affected vendors to stand together and defend themselves and strike back. They will outnumber the crooks.

  2. rod says:

    crime still rampant and this impotent gov can do nothing about it well time to stop talking now we need to get rid of this pm and useless gov. the whole country gone to the dogs what a useless gov resign barrow resign resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  3. Robert2 says:

    This too will pass.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    Will this PM ever get it?All he’s thinking about is selling our passport to foreigners.No Belizean can go to any country and aquire nationality as theses foreigners that are been smuggled to Belize.With that said this man isn’t doing anything for the Belizean people and as rod stated this lame Government got to go.It’s our lives that is on the line my Belizean people.Apparently our lives mean nothing to this Government.How many more people got to get kill before these incompitent leaders find a solution to this cancer.

  5. rootsman says:

    Seems like a trend now they are targeting vegetable vendors things must be really drying up in Belize, how much money do you expect to get from a vegetable vendor these low class criminals apparently have money, they got guns and cars both things which are not cheap and can afford to put fuel in these cars which cost about $10.00 a gallon. I think that these things should make the police job a bit easier after all Belize is such a small place if I was a police officer I would be very suspicious to see a person who you suspect does not have a job to be driving around in a car first of all where did they get money to purchase a car Belize don’t have a welfare system that would offer them the opportunity to own a car just in case they don’t have their priorities in order, I would have to make a blanket statement that anyone in Belize that owns a car and does not have a job or have not been employed for a long enough period is involved with some type of illegal activity unless of course they were born in wealth and I believe that most people who are disciplined enough to get up every day and report for work are the not the criminal type, so now there you have it Mr. policemen you got the ones that ride around on bicycles not going to school not working also the ones in cars same scenario are all suspects of illegal activities so be suspicious be very suspicious now you can have Mr. Barrow make a law to legally stop and search them most likely you will find a gun in their possession but then you probably don’t need a law since the police in Belize can legally enter a home without a search warrant anyhow. I know the police shouldn’t need this information since they are in the streets everyday and hopefully nights also and should be able to feel the pulse of the citizenry and be able to recognize with a good gut feeling not with 100% accuracy but very close who those criminals are and if they are not using that information then there is something radically wrong which would lead me to believe that criminal activities in Belize is much more organized than any one will think and if it is not so organized then it is somewhat being endorsed by the leaders in the country after all most of them are criminals also not on the same level as the street criminals but at the white collar level you know the white shirt and tie type criminals that practices KICKBACKS, EMBEZZLEMENT, BANK FRAUD, BLACK MAIL, BRIBERY, COMPUTER FRAUD, COUNTERFEITING, CREDIT CARD FRAUD, CURRENCY SCHEMES, ENVIRONMENTAL SCHEMES, SOCIAL SECURITY FRAUD, EXTORTION, FORGERY, HEALTH CARE FRAUD, INSIDER TRADING, INSURANCE FRAUD, INVESTMENT SCHEMES, LARCENY/THEFT, MONEY LAUNDERING, RACKETEERING, SECURITIES FRAUD, TAX EVASION, and the list goes on how many of these would you say our local politicians are practicing quite a few I would guess along with their own creative local flavors of white collar crimes.

  6. belizeanpride says:

    things like these makes my blood boil in anger to see the imbecils robbing the working people along with the bloody gov. that seems to ignore the cries the belizean people to bring back death penalty for these criminals.

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