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Oct 6, 2010

Freak accident kills man in Roaring Creek

There have been no new murders reported since the homicide of BeJohn Martinez in Belize City last Wednesday. He was murder victim number nineteen for the deadly month of September and ninety-nine for the year. But will the death of a Roaring Creek man add to the statistics? Police are puzzled by the death of fifty year old Barrington Moore Senior of Roaring Creek to determine what may have transpired on a remote farm behind Camalote early this morning.  While villagers were waking up, Moore was already on his farm clearing a plot of land. His son, who set out behind him a few minutes later, heard what appeared to be a shotgun blast in the nearby bushes but initially thought nothing of it.  A few moments passed and Moore still had not emerged from the bushes.  That’s when the son decided to look for his father.  What Barrington Jr. discovered has now become the focus of an ongoing police investigation and Moore’s family believes that it may be a freak accident.  News Five spoke with Moore’s nephew, village council chairman Dale Pelayo who relayed to us what his cousin encountered.

Dale Pelayo, Nephew of Barrington Moore (via phone)

“According to reports so far is that my uncle left home around five-thirty this morning to his farm behind Camelot [Village] on the Rowing River Road. When he left his son Barrington Moore Jr. was to come behind and while he was going to the farm my cousin said that he heard a gunshot and so when he reached to the farm he just sat down and sharpened his machete to do some chopping and he was calling out for his father and there was no reply and so while he was there he got up and he looked around and he saw my uncle lying on the ground with a single gunshot to his throat. So far the police have recovered a pump action shotgun from the scene and a machete that probably my uncle had while he was chopping and it seems, we don’t know as yet, but it seems as if it’s an accident, you know, he might have been chopping around the bushes that the gun was laid and it seems as though he accidentally chopped the gun and the gun was loaded and then it accidentally went off and caught him under his chin.  But that’s what we’re looking at right now but we cannot say, confirm [that] that is so unless the police do their investigation and probably after the post mortem tomorrow we will know more.”

Police have not concluded whether Moore’s shooting death was deliberate or accidental.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Freak accident kills man in Roaring Creek”

  1. ronzy says:

    If a gun is lying on the ground and was accidentally triggered it wouldn’t fire up in the air and hit the person who triggered it under their chin, impossible. It’s suicide or murder or manslaughter. Not a freak accident, physics would prove that.

  2. Edith says:

    Is something like that possible? I mean if the gun lying flat n he accidentally hits it, how could he get shot in the throat. That needs serious investigating doesn’t sound very open n shut to me!

  3. lvl says:

    chopping is a downward motion. if something is lying on the ground and it is hit with a downward motion (especially if the ground is soft) the item that was hit can fly up. plus the man was most likely hunched over as one does when chopping. so for the gun to fly up and shoot him in the throat isn’t that far fetched. whatever the case, condolences to the family. seems he was a hard working guy.

  4. belizeanpride says:

    we’ve lost a hard working belizean brother people, if in case it’s a freak accident it needs to be fully investigated but things can be different if he commited suicide hopefully not. like the previous comments it’s really impossible to get shot while the gun is laying on the ground, anyways my condolence to the greiving family wishing them that whatever happened they can cope with, and the trauma of losing a father,husband and brother can be eazed eventually.

  5. NINA says:

    If u expect the Belize Police Department to solve that crime, wait for ever people…the Belize Police Department is very, very incompetent and they know it…the Belize Police Department is a waste of time and i can go on an on an on…………………

  6. louisville,ky says:

    Based on the nephew’s report, it appeared as if his uncle chopped the gun inadvertently. There must have been a chop mark on the gun for him to have reached that conclusion, considering that he (the nephew) was not there at the time of this tragic incident.
    One more thing, no gun man normally lays his gun flat on the ground. What is normal is for him to lean his weapon against something sturdy enough, in this instance maybe a tree, butt down, barrel pointing up.In such a scenario, I can envision him chopping his gun by mistake in that 5 am darkness.
    My sincere condolences to the family of such a hard working man.

  7. Tony Hunter says:

    Nobody I know lays a gun on the ground. It is leaned against a tree
    standing on its stock. That being said, It is called a freak accident for a reason.
    That is why we investigate the more likely scenarios first, and then determine
    a freak accident when everything else has been eliminated.

  8. Analyst says:

    Post Mortem!!!!!!!!!!do you actually believe Estradabran will solve this case, guarantee they will say suicide and case close!!!!!!!!

  9. belizeanboy says:

    If he set down his gun to chop, he would of put it out of his way, i don’t think he is that clumbsy, to put his gun where he was chopping….something soun fishey bout that accident deh….that look like murder to me…plain as day….

  10. bina says:

    i totally agree with you louisville,ky, i have seen my father with his gun many times and he never lies his gun flat on the groung, always leaning with butt on the ground.

  11. Soh Jah Seh says:

    Freak accidents do happen however, for this to have occurred the gun must have a chambered cartridge and the hammer cocked, no sane and experienced person would do that and leave his gun unattended. This type of weapon will go bang if it falls or get some sort of impact with those conditions present.
    Freak accident? Highly possible but that is a one in a hundred chances that it would hit the only person on the scene in his chin or throat, if the gun was flat on the ground he would more likely be hit in the foot or lower parts of the body. Certainly a full investigation is a must.

  12. jesse says:

    How can a gun be lying down,and go off,and u get hit on the chin?who believe this crap?smell like he killled himself.of course,belize have good for nothing police when it comes to investigation(they are good at phone tapping belizeans,and shutting them without no cause.

  13. NINA says:

    After i saw his picture i recognize who he was, welll..what can i say… live by the sword you die by the sword, if the gun went off on him or someone did, he had it coming this man is no saint, they have killed, tortured, and maimed many in Roaring Creek, all because of drugs. He and his sons are guilty for many things that they have done to people. Now it is time for his family to feel the pain that the santos family felt when they stabbed and killed the taxi man in My Refuge road. I don,t remember the guys name. It’s time for the moro’s to feel how painful it is to loose a love one.

  14. ladys says:

    To Little Miss Nina before you come up on this public internet and spread false allegations mama i would suggest you go and get your fact straight before you speak negative in your arrogant mind.This Man Mr. Barrington Moro your classifying as not a saint the fingers is point right back at you.Why dont you come on the internet era and speak about your Mom and Dad? Why dont you speak about your siblings?You cant remember the name of the guys who stab the man in My refuge road?So you have an amnesia there?When you say things like the family should feel the pain,yes their are feeling the pain of a lost loved one,but you must remember you have family too and we all live on the soil of Belize,no where to run,no where to hide.God watching every man and woman on this earth and he is the only man that can judge us,you are not god so dont judge. You are the biggest sinner on earth to come and speak selfishly about others.Little miss thing dont listen to gossip like you always do,get factual concrete information before you trad down your fitly road. Condolences to the Entire Moro Family and well extended and huge family.Jah looks over them and they will always see the light.Rest in peace Mr. Barr.Sr.

  15. Nicole Moro says:

    First and foremost Nina, as a whole things do happen. However; to say my bro n law deserved to die like this is not fair. Was it ur family that died? And if so, I am sorry but an eye for a eye only makes u blind and n ur case, just plain stupid..

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