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Oct 5, 2010

Injured on the job at the KHMH, but he can’t collect benefits

max charles orosco

For nine years, Max Charles Orosco worked as a porter; first for the old hospital and then at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, which opened in 1995. But in 2002, Orosco was taking out what is called the “red trash” that contained hazardous medical waste. He claims that as he lifted the container, his leg was pierced by a used needle that was not properly disposed of. He became ill and was eventually signed off as medically unfit to work. It’s been tough for Orosco and his family because he had not yet qualified for pension or gratuities and he could no longer earn a living. To make matters worse, he has been unable to collect a ten thousand dollar ex-gratia payment recommended for him by the Ministry of Health since his illness was a result of work. But Orosco says the Ministry of Finance has thrown a wrench in the works and is requesting the claim form that was filed with the Social Security Board after the incident, but neither SSB nor the KHMH can locate his records.

Max Charles Orosco, Former Employee, KHMH

“The doctor said if I cannot work anymore I should be getting some kind of benefits to live because I have three kids and I don’t know how I’m living from 2002 until now. So what happened I start to investigate about my benefit from the hospital that I was working from 1993, the twenty-fifth of October. The Solicitor General and the Ministry of Health, they came together and the recommend that I should get ten thousand dollars for my benefit that occurred from 2002, what happened to me. So I just looked further and now I left—I went to the hospital just now and I asked the human resources—I don’t remember her name—she said that she called Social Security and talked to Sister Polanco and Sister Polanco said they don’t have no kind of record for me of my illness. So I told them that unnu know dat unnu noh have my document, unnu lost it. That’s what I told them because from the first start they couldn’t find my record.”

Delahnie Bain

“But you did file a claim for it?”

Max Charles Orosco,

“Yes, I file a claim for it. I study sick, sick, sick, sick and now I say I don’t know what to do. What is the next step? And now I have trouble to get my money that I done work for I seh and I don’t know why they don’t want to pay me.”

The letter from the Ministry of Finance also states that Orosco might have had other conditions, not associated with work, which contributed to him being unable to perform his duties.

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18 Responses for “Injured on the job at the KHMH, but he can’t collect benefits”

  1. ronzy says:

    whenever you file anything make sure you make copies and record the date, time and person you hand your papers to. And to those people that know about this man file and keep their mouth shut, you are wrong, Someone must remember something and these files should be put in a data base, thats what computers are for.

  2. NINA says:

    I would advise mr Orosco to take both the Ministry of Health and The government of Belize and also BELIZE SOCIAL SECURITY BOARD to court for compensation (SUE THEM FOR MILLIONS). Why does the unfortunate always have to be taken advantage of. They want to pay $50 million to buy btl shares but yet they cant pay $10,000.00 to mr Orosco. What is $10,000.00 that’s no money at all these days. When you are late with your contributions payment to Social Security they are behind you like some hound dogs, and they ready to charge you interest, but yet when it is time for them to pay you…they give you the turn around. They need to pay Mr. Orosco interest on his money. I HATE EFIN SOCIAL SECURITY. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF THIEVES. I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION.

  3. NINA says:


  4. Mel says:

    how would they have known that he had other problems? They are not doctors and they don’t have the proper equipment to give or confirm that he had other health problems prior to the incident. His claims should be taken care.The Ministry of Health should take the responsibility and ensure this man gets his benefits.No one should be exposed to used needle. A used needle should not have been in the red trash bag,sharps container and then special disposal mechanism. More irresponsibility on the part of ministry of health. Health care facility employees health should be ensured at all times.

  5. Edith says:

    …but SSB have money to buy BTL shares? This is what SSB should b dealing with. The man work hard, get sick off his job, can’t work anymore n he’s getting nothing. How fair is that. Some lawyer needs to offer their services to this poor man n fight his case. That’s not right. Everyone tries to take advantage of the weak. Come on – that’s so unkind!

  6. Stephen says:

    No matter what, Social Security is there to assist but they only assist the wealthy. Give our money to those who earn it instead of giving it away to rich people. When that lady at Brodie’s fell on the first day of work she got over 200 thousand dollars but she is a Shuman some of us got hurt and receive nothing. It is time for Social Security to pay up or stop collecting our money. It should be voluntary to pay Social Security as they pay who they want.

  7. cg says:

    typical……put those who are down even deeper……..those people who treat others like thrash have a hard sentence coming….i hope he finds a solution to his problem

  8. louisville,ky says:

    Recently there was a first hand account in one of the other media outlets about persons not even borned in Belize and with questionable status and longevity in the country receiving social security benefits. To this informant, those individuals appeared to be healthy. Here, we have the case of a born Belizean who no doubt contributed to the scheme, got hurt on the job, yet cannot recieve his compensation from social security. Something is wrong………no, something is radically wrong!!!

  9. Jose Guerra Sr says:

    What a shame what a shame, some work that long serving people every day for 9 years, then get injured on the job and cannot recieve his benifit their was of course no reason for this man to have to gone thiis far as the media to get attention for what he has already worked for. Come on bet if he was a espat, silva or for crying out loud politically afiliated this wasnt going to happend. Give the man what he is due he has earned it, someone in those office can fine his forms so do it you bunch of a… hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Crescencio Castillo says:

    This is no story, this is real. This person was working at the Hospital for God sake. Where is the Minister of Health ? $ 10,000 will not be enough if you factor in the medical expenses this person will be needing. How will this man live? Do we like seeing our people begging or humiliated ?

  11. Paul says:

    Señor Orosco… get help from a lawyer man… there are a few good layers that would love to help you. The people that are in position, meaning the people that get the nice salaries at SSB and GOB they are worthless, they are not there because they earned the post they have but bcuz they kissed minister’s Arsses… yeah… the few that know the job are kept below the desk… yeah… no one know bout them… and they are not given the chance to get up… So get up them Butts and Sue them man… and live a happy life my brother…

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    Get the F out of here.Is everyone in Belize out of there mind?This man should be entitle for full disability with pension.Anywhere else they would have sued the hell out of KHMH.What have this Government done for the Belizean people?A hard working man is not even entitle to his benefits after been injured on the job.

  13. Areli says:

    SSB never can locate anyone’s records! Instead of being a helpful institution they just make your life complicated. They drive you in circles and yet you don’t get anything! GOB HAS to put some order and give people what is there’s because people don’t live off of air alone!!!!

  14. jesse says:

    The social security is a circus in belize,they want to run it the way it is run here in the USA,but they dont have a clue on what they are doing.the system works for us here in the USA(i am belizean by the way)i collect 2,000$US on unemployment here.feel sorry for my belizean brothers.i know some belizean brothers who get 100$ bze a month-how the hell can they live with 100$ a month?they cant.belizeans get screw by the system,a unjust system put in place by the 2 powers that say they care about them,

  15. Randy says:

    This is so sad , these people like ssb is there to help us, Mr.Max Charles Orosco, i strongly recommend you hire 2 very good attorney,and sue the hell out of them,i also know that you have a very good case,they refuse to pay u 10k now let them pay more…….

  16. ang says:

    Only in Belize, them could tell you to you face you neva mi di work there dah hospital, but them surely da mi mattress fi know you business and tell you what other sickness you mi have hah! If them know the sicknesses that this man had then that mean them dah witness to a past working relationship. That dah enuf evidence fu speculate pan. lol

  17. Sasha says:

    It shouldn’t be that difficult, the hospital Human Resource should have an Incident Report of the accident, SSB should have a filed copy for disability and you should have made a COPIES of both and also written your statement as to what happened and kept it in a file, because the way offices in BZ operate, everything is LOST especially when dealing with MONEY OWED.

  18. LARGE AND SEXY says:


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