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Oct 5, 2010

Deportees to Caribbean, who’s responsible?

julissa reynoso

The Central American Regional Security Initiative promises millions of dollars to the region to combat narco-trafficking, border issues and to aid in environmental and energy related issues. While the United States government promises to help, it is also an active participant in a major problem that is affecting not only Central America, but also the entire Caribbean.  Every year hardened criminals as well as unfortunate people who have not seen their country of birth for decades are deported from the U.S.  Most of the countries are not equipped to handle criminals who have been educated on the mean streets north of the Mexican border. And during an official visit to Belize, the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State said that CARICOM nations need to identify offices or individuals who can assist in their programs of reintegration.

Julissa Reynoso, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, U.S.

“One of the big issues is you don’t know what they did in terms of their criminal background. So we have established programs with different countries—clearly some Caribbean countries are disproportionately affected by deportees more than others—Jamaica, Guyana even Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, Haiti. Those are the big ones in the Caribbean. So we have set up a program of reintegration with some of these countries; with Guyana and Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago. We also have a program through the department of homeland security whereby we provide information to the receiving ministries on the background of these individuals and what they committed, etc. We have that program with Salvador in particular. Salvador has a large number of gang members that have been deported and they have a more urgent in a way need to have real time information about the type of criminal activity these people were involved in. So we have select programs with different countries and we’ve asked and tasked CARICOM to name a person from their side of the world, to be our main point of contact on this, is to come up with a comprehensive options menu that we can look at so we can tailor it per country to facilitate information flow to the countries with respect to the deportees. It’s not an easy situation. People just don’t want the deportees, but it’s the law; we have to deport these individuals. So how do we facilitate the deportation so that the host country is not completely taken aback by the person and that they have as much information as possible to figure out what to do with these people.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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11 Responses for “Deportees to Caribbean, who’s responsible?”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    LIP SERVICE…………..nothing more… nothing less!!!

  2. rod says:

    these criminals do and learn all their lawlessness in the us most of them were born in the us others have green cards why should we take back these people when it took them years to learn and perfect their craft of crminal activity why should we bear the burden of having to take them back to come and steal rape murder and turn our youths into gang members this lady is full of caca we do not have to take these people back all we have to do is refuse to take them back do not let them off the plane simple but our PM Judas barrow takes them back for a few pieces of sliver and because he has his nose up the us and obamas a so far that if obama stops suddenly he would break off his nose. This is no law there is no law that says any country have to take back thieves rapist and murderers if they cant handle these people how in gods name do they think our little country can handle these people what a farse and as far as haiti no one is returned she is a big lier so dnt be fooled and duped belizeans by this woman who is ignorant when it comes to central america and our problems ask Judas Barrow channel 5 ask him how many criminals he has taken back in two years gang members etc and while you are at it ask him how much money the us has paid him to take back these people is it 30pieces of silver i say no more belizeans we do not want to take back not even 1 more criminal from the us or your child might be next to be murdered or raped by these criminals that Judas barrow is taking back from the us to apease obama so sad that we have such a weak and traitarous pm.

  3. Edith says:

    They r bred in the states then sent to their home country to rape, kill n steal. The country of birth gets the person back with extra violence n little conscience.

  4. rootsman says:

    I would suggest to hand them over to amnesty international since most likely they will be very critical of most actions that would be necessary to keep track of these individuals, just kidding first off get a sample of their DNA even if the police department don’t have the technology to deal with this they will wish later when they do that they had acquired that sample and then take all the action necessary to keep track of these individuals and to bring them back into society after all they are criminals there is got to be continuity of their punishment they don’t just go home to have a vacation and thereafter continue their life of crime I imagine that most crimes in the US would be consider a crime in Belize also, they need to be accounted for at all times be put on probation at the very least (some of them will need to be incarcerated) and have them check in, have outstanding members from the society vouch for their character let them prove that they have improved their character, of course there has to be a road map for them to follow and whenever they do not adhere then they get to be locked up. I am overlooking the statement that one don’t know what they did in terms of their criminal background if the US is deporting them especially if they have legal residency then that information should be readily available or at least should be a requirement for accepting them since we know at least that they are not being deported because of illegal entry into the US this then would not be a crime of great concern.

  5. Jose Guerra Sr says:

    As we take a look at alll that happening around the world it is great to look at this important topic, for years the US have been deporting people, poople who have lived and work hear alll thieir life some since they cant even remember. Its harde their are those who get deported with out even given a second chance. while on the other hand their are those with a long list or crimes on their fingers (THATS HOW THEY ARE RECOGNISE) they get sent back home some with hate and bitternes so in return those innocent one in their home country punish some thing can be and needs to be done!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sasha says:

    Any country that receives DEPORTEES should have a criminal record of the individual. It is true that some are deported because they don’t have any legal status in the US, but the criminals record should accompany them and their should be representative from Immigration, police, state Department when they arrive at the airport. This way the country will be on notice of these people additional criminal activity when

  7. Sasha says:

    I am very astounded at Belize for not having any person keeping record of deportees, common now, how much people do you have lving there 1/2 million max. This is why Belize has become rappant crime city, NO ACCOUNTABILITY, NO JUSTICE, NO COMMUNICATION. Like I said before get Immigration/Police to get their files. I know for a fact that these people receive a file of the deportee or the CONSULATE IS ADVISED. UNLESS you are a US CITIZEN YOU WILL NOT BE DEPORTED, BUT THE RULE CAN CHANGE DEPENDING ON YOUR CRIME.

  8. BelizeanAbroad says:

    These people need to shut up, not every deportee goes back to Belize to commit crimes. Remember that these people paid dearly for their crime, not only were they convicted and incarcerated in the United States, then after deported, which means that they left their entire family and everything familiar to them when they are sent back to their home country, which in most cases they left at a very early age. Crimes were being committed in Belize before the deportees and will continue to be committed until Belize put better measures in place to handle crime and also better social programs to help alleviate poverty – A HUNGRY MAN IS AN ANGRY MAN – YOU CAN’T PUT ALL THE BLAME ON THE DEPORTEES – THEY ARE NOT COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE. Belize was used to dealing with less violent crimes – this is modern times and even the criminals change – check your TV programming – watch what your kids are exposed to on American television.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    This lady is talking BS.Belize don’t have the logistics to handle all these deportees.Maybe she should have ensure that a facility is built to accomodate people that are deported back to Belize.

  10. Randy says:

    United states said it all baby,welcome to the home of crimes of any in USA……they are the breeders of all…

  11. jasmine says:

    i totally agree with rootsman, because yes these deportees definitely needs to be watched and they also need to go through rigorous programs before re-entry into the society.

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