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Sep 7, 2010

Mayan villagers torch Crocodile Sanctuary

At the top of the newscast, we told you that the property of Vincent Rose, a U.S. crocodile expert who has been running a sanctuary a few miles outside of Punta Gorda Town, was on Sunday completely destroyed by fire.  News Five’s Isani Cayetano was back in Punta Gorda today and has more on this developing story.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

A busload of residents from San Marcos Village visited the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary, ACES, on Sunday to conduct a search for Onelia and Benjamin Rash. The property, according to information given by a local fortune teller, was reportedly where the siblings were being held hostage.  The owner who is accused of abducting the children to feed crocodiles was in San Pedro when he received news that ACES was on fire.  Rose says his life has been destroyed simply based on superstition.

vincent rose

Vincent Rose, Owner, ACES

“I guess it came from a psychic!  So let’s go with facts. Who we are what we do with a spotless record; now go with what a psychic is saying. My whole life is ruined and so is some of Toledo’s tourism now. The Maya community should be ashamed of itself. They burned the wrong man’s house down and destroyed a future entity for their own Toledo District.”

Isani Cayetano

“A mob of villagers in search of Oneila and Benjamin Rash descended upon the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary on Sunday morning—rifles and machetes in hand—where they proceeded to torch the property.”

According to Kenyatta Garnett of the Punta Gorda Fire Service an investigation into the arson has been launched and the department has joined forces with Punta Gorda police to ascertain its cause.

Kenyatta Garnett, O.C. Punta Gorda Fire Station

kenyatta garnett

“We’re definitely treating it as a case of arson based on the finding and the layout of the fire scene at this time.”

Isani Cayetano

“What is the preliminary investigation looking like at this point?”

Kenyatta Garnett

“Right now it’s coming around. We are doing our best to find out exactly what caused the fire and how the fire really started and thing at this time.”

The crocodile sanctuary was a million dollar investment that was set up to protect humans against them.  Rose has indicated that he will be taking full legal action against the Mayan Community.

Isani Cayetano

“Do you plan on taking any legal recourse against anyone who may be found culpable of committing the crime of arson on your property?”

Vincent Rose

“Arson, attempted murder, trespassing, all the above, yes I will be taking very strong measures.”

Despite burning down the property Oneila and Benjamin Rash remain missing while the Mayan community today picketed the Punta Gorda Police Station.  The children’s father, Pedro Rash, says their search over weekend was futile.

Pedro Rash, Father of Missing Children

“So far now, police and some of my villagers deh around and investigate more and look for the two child and the person we are waiting for I understand he is here now.”

Isani Cayetano

“There has been some controversy in the information that you were said to have gotten from a bush doctor regarding the whereabouts of your children. Could you speak to us a bit about that?

Pedro Rash

“Whether it could be so or not, I have evidence there by myself because we went there with the police along and one of my village members see what is there and that is the lime. I get some few lime there and that is what we see inside the house. That’s why we expect the police to get into the house or call that person and come in.”

That person was Vincent Rose.  He flew down to Punta Gorda today where he gave a statement and accompanied police to the premises to complete their investigation. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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96 Responses for “Mayan villagers torch Crocodile Sanctuary”

  1. NIkki says:

    Bzean depend too much on authorities to do things for them…..instead of going back and forth to the police then going home to sleep….they should have gathered like they gathered to protest and do a massive search party for the children in the area they were last seen… a mother I do pray these children are safe

  2. Lets Move Forward Instead Of Backwards says:

    In my opinion, I think that the officers should have look into the matter when the parents reported the missing kids. This would have avoided them from tampering with Mr. Rose property. No OFFENSE OFFICER. Instead of Belize getting Better, it’s getting worst. We need to carry out our job the right way to avoid stuff like these. To all my Belize Brothers and Sisters as Parents-Try to avoid sending these little kids out on the streets to sell to provide for our family. Let them go to school and get educated. Remember they are our future. We are the ones to provide for them. Not them for us. If bringing kids in this world to suffer, it doesn’t make sense to have any. They are innocent. We all need to make our country look good and work hand in hand and solve the matter instead of being ignorant. Let’s assists our falling brothers and sisters in the time of need.

  3. Punta Gorda residence says:

    well i must say its sad to see two children disappear like that but, the woman who said that mr. Vince had those children is crazy, even if they had the children the police is to be blame like wise the parents, first of all those kids are minor what they are doing miles away from their house selling? and when the father of the children reported the incident to police dead head ….. face mariano just sit on his … and do nothing, so what the villagers could have done take the law upon themselves. if it was an belizean who was accused the police would have brutalize the belizean, so because vince is a white man they even had him secured, what mariano is doing taking money from vince the way he used to do in orange walk? thats the reason why he was sent to PG. to God be with the Rash family, put God in your prays

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    You all just ….. because this facility is own by some white slave master.Had this place been own by a Belizean Citizen you all wouldn’t have came to his or her defense.

  5. ama says:

    Still no official statement from the GOB and the Toldeo Tourism Board.

    But the sh.. hit the fan…

    Now the whole Story is worldwide on CNN

    How can PG be so ignorant, instead to help the search for the kids 1 week ago,
    now the have to spent much more effort to bring any tourist in this ware zone in the south of Belize. Small kids should no be misused to sell craboo and lime on there own.

    Even today, the school has already started, you find kids on the street selling fruit and vegetables. Its the responsibility of the GOB and the parents, that this kids are in school and the bush doctor/psychic, the uncle and the father go to prison for negligence and child labour.

    I never have sent my child to sell goods on the street, because i child belongs to the family and has to visit the school. The children are our future and not psychic…

  6. Ron says:

    Well as I read this blog and I am ashamed I have recommended Belize as a friendly and good place to invest. That I have told people that the people of Belize accept all people who want to help, do good and live there.

    The country is now spiraling out of control, murders, abuse, hysteria. All of the citzens should be ashamed for what Belize is becoming. Everyone is living in fear and hatred, not trusting or caring for one or another. This reminds me of the story I read “Lord of the Flies” and the kids that were marooned on a deserted island turned into a vicious mob driven by superstition and fear of each other.

    Shame on you, for in God’s world, every human, regardless of what race, what colour, or what country they come from needs fair judgement, love, respect and understanding.

  7. zoe says:

    No one can prove that he was not involved in disappearance. People are frustrated countrywide with incompetency of the police and more so to find kids that come from a poor family. NO MATTER WHAT, “SAVAGES?” He making money off easily without paying taxes in a country like OURS where he can get away with anything! Is he selling the skins of these crocodiles? What is he really doing in Belize? If he thinks people are savages then, GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!!

  8. zoe says:


    No one can prove that he was not involved in disappearance. People are frustrated countrywide with incompetency of the police and more so to find kids that come from a poor family. NO MATTER WHAT, “SAVAGES?” He making money off easily without paying taxes in a country like OURS where he can get away with anything! Is he selling the skins of these crocodiles? What is he really doing in Belize? If he thinks people are savages then, GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!!

  9. WAKEUP says:


  10. fureal says:

    The Mayas are known to burn down houses when they don’t want you in their community. It is okay to do as they please when they come in our communities and we sit down and do nothing. Now look at them believing in nonsense. I am sorry for the children; let the law take its course. Charge all of them for arson, attempted Murder and trespassing and see if Greg Choc and Christina will come save their ;… Okay this is the time for you to come fight for your people like what you did for communal land rights….please just wake up and realize that what you are doing is just not making any sense.

  11. WAKEUP says:

    Rod, i agree with you that these foreigners only come and exploit our country’s natural resources. well i know for sure our mayan brothers sent a message that they are not welcomed. They come and buy over our land from our corrupt gov. and what is left for us the poor who can’t afford. The gov doesn’t care about the Mayas and that is clear and worse when a maya child gets lost nobody cares, but if a rich American’s property is destroy then you can hear all the comments to the point that i wonder if my Belizean brothers and sister really have a sickness. it shows how much hatred they have for the mayas. that american should be ashamed of himself of calling the Mayas “savages”. He should go back to his country where there are no savage or even worse. we should not tolerate these people to insult us in our country. I am BELIZE

  12. Lindsey T says:

    I love you Vince and Cherie!!! how unfortunate :( but i know you guys will get through it and see to it that justice is served. Before these people take such aggressive and permanent measures they should atleast make sure the accustations are true. and although they are not, this is still not appropriate under any circumstantes. This is outrageous!

  13. lrnzG says:

    This is truly insane.. ‘limes’!

  14. ang says:

    Obviously the Dad neva the name of the Fortune teller who is to blame for this disgrace, for it was not the place of the Maya to be judge and jury. The dad did not state clearly and evaded the answer to the question as to why they did it. Arrest the fortune teller for starting this nonsense, and the dad for instigating violence in our Belizean country. The alcalde system no work fu that nor should be used for that I am part Mayan and I do not judge until my justice system decrees so. Why? because whether you know to read or write you have no right to harm other people’s property and someone could have been injured. Have they tried looking for the kids out of border like Honduras and Guatemala often times they are taken out of the country by trafickers. I am not defending the gringo but you know what? it could have been a Belizean too, and a Mayan too.

  15. CHAVVA says:

    Please do not make a mockery of our beautiful Toledo. The people of the village and relatives of the children are so frustrated at not finding their children,,,understandably.No one has helped those parents adequately – not BDF, not Police, not the community. Their children are Gone!! The mob rule took over and such a mistake as this has Never been made before – we are just lucky more people weren’t killed.

    I watched Vince build that house with his own hands – far from being rich he came up with money little at a time as his heart went out to injured and hurt crocs around his property. They were his “children” and helping them, along with his ability and willingness to help everyone, was his gift to you and your country. I am an American but having spent 10 years in Toledo I love Belize same as you and he and Cherie do. What was done to him – burning his home to the ground – must be rebuilt to the same condition. The chopping up of yours and his own precious animals resulted in hurts that only time will heal. An apology from the community for injuring a man that Never harmed anyone is a start San Marcos.

    And Find Those Beautiful Children! If his worse offense is saying the people that destroyed what he had built with his own hands and wounded the animals he cared for – were “savages” then so be it. They were and are until they have righted this wrong done to this family.

  16. Mel says:

    It sad to hear people calling others dumb.Before you start calling out names do your research on the Mayas. Yes they have their beliefs but one thing I know they are not dumb. They are intelligent and if the have great capabilities if the intelligence was nourished and cultivated.Toledo is very impoverished and nothing has been done to alleviate the problem.Even though they are poor you never heard of Mayas shooting each other for $1.00 or pack bread.Every day is a struggle to make ends meet and feed the children.The selling of craboo and limes and other produce is not done by children ,the parents usually accompany the kids.many times I have purchased from a family selling door to door. if the Mayas were not living in poverty they would be a great force in this nation.But an intelligent person would know that past and current governments know that to fix the poverty in Toledo means empowering the Mayas , then the solution is to keep them downtrodden and in poverty DIVIDE AND CONQUER.In terms of calling them being RACIST not so. if the two kids that went missing was of any other race I can guarantee that more would have been done. Because they were MAYANS not much was done on the part of the Police,Government ,the Child Advocacy groups ,the Mayan leaders and organizations. As for the Mayan Organization if the leaders don’t benefit then they don’t care.I do talk from experience and knowldeg ,not from guesses or illiterate comments on the subject of the Mayas.

  17. melasant says:

    What is an american doing in pg?? Must be another fugitive from the US. Mayans don’t need anyone protecting them from crocodiles or any other animal. What a hoax. Someone should seriously look into this mans backround. As for the parents of the missing children, they had to do what they had to do to eat and survive. Maybe if you people from the rest of the country would help the poorer people they wouldn’t have to send out their children to work. May God give them peace and strengh.

  18. Earl Grey says:

    I’d better throw out my limes……….

    BUT SERIOUSLY……….THERE SHOULD BE A THOROUGH INVESTIGATION and charges brought against those responsible.

    THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY, we need to rely HARD SCIENCE, NOT the OBEAH MAN!!!!

  19. Justice says:

    Lets not jump to conclusions just yet, especially if you are miles away from Toledo, don’t have a clue of the situation except what you hear on the media…we know how they stretch the true and the lie, lets be careful of the allegatyions we make just yet. I excuse Vince because anyone who’s house is burnt down would speak out of emotion, i am a Maya a proud one at that and i am no savage as he said so not everything is true. Anyway, there is o factual evidence to prove who is responsible for this crime. I am sad that the first finger one points is to the victims the people who are suffering the loss of these two innocent children, don’t get carried away just yet we need to find these kids. I should be the one asking as a Belizean who belongs in this country, Belize my country and the home of the Maya and the Crocs for that matter….but lets take a moment instead to pray for these missing children before we add to streching the false allegations. Come on Belize we are better than this!


  20. Laro says:

    The first person to be charge should be the Father for, putting his children to work!! And second for tresspassing private property!!(weren’t the Mayas making a big fuss about people comming into ther lands???) Third for Arson!!!!!!

    Hey I got limes at home, just like 300,000 more Belizeans!!! M***ns!!!

  21. Brian says:

    well, well!! Thanks for all these comments. First of all I don’t condone the actions of our Mayan Brothers. Lets put into consideration that If I was an investor investing in Toledo, why? would i not insure my 1 million investment. Unless, there is something to hide. Perhaps some obscure past! Lets think of that!!! I have had personal conversation with this Rose guy during a tour at his place. I clearly recalled asking him if he had any business card and website so that i could recommend some friends to visit his plac! to my surprise he said that did not have any of the above information and that he did not want to make his work be known! Why? was my question? He told me it was not my business and concern and that i should enjoy what i have to see. Strange isnt it? Why havent we seen him on the Animal Planet, Discovery Channel like other famous crocodile experts. Now he is turning to international media to expose a few mayas he call savages. Can someone comment on this.

  22. Carlos says:

    whjether the child was or was not there in the house that was burnt down, mr, Rose had shown who he really was. When these so-called foreign investors comes to our country, they have so much love and good stuff for the community ( atleast that’s what they say)and that the people will come first, Now we must open our eyes! We can see that he meant to say to hell with the people who helped him settled here. If he wants to take legal action to the fullest and go international, thats his choice. After all he had already siphoned lots of our resources that he will use againts us.

  23. Rocky From Aspen says:

    This is a horrible ordeal for the parents and missing children. Having known Vince and his wife for over 30 years. There is no way he would ever harm a child. I’m sorry for the good Mayan people, whom we met while visiting Vince with my 8 and 10 year olds. He and his wife C. put their lives into saving the crocs and having an educational center living on moderate wages. I can assure you he had nothing to do with this. How a pyschic could influence people to devestate good peoples lives who love Belizeans and the country is beyond remorse. We’ll hope and pray for the safe return of the children and a safe outcome for Vince and C. and their love for ACES and Belize

  24. bavartist says:

    Bwai deya mayan people deh BAV up bout deh place mein


  25. Lindsey T says:


  26. CAZ says:


  27. josie says:

    wow a bunch of renegades :) :)

  28. pepper says:

    Come On My ppl …There is always three sides to a story, dont hurry jump to conclusion and blame someone or start calling ppl by negative names..I believe for a fact that the POLICE could and should have prevented dis fire from happening.. Put yourselves in the PARENTS SHOES, in MR. ROSE SHOES and in the POLICE SHOES. WAT WUD U DO? I hear news in belize ctiy everyday about kids been killed and parents reporting dat the POLIce are being UNSUPPORTIVE and no arrest been made; i don’t think there is any justice in this country..this is not the first time that a house been burnt in belize intentionally…
    PLEASE BELIZEAN PPL ..*DON’T TAKE DIS MATTER**PERSONALLY**.. THIS IS BETWEEN MR. ROSE AND THE COMMUNITY OF SAN and u were bot there, so lets just listen, different news have different story,not d same!
    and Stop calling mayan ppl names..becaz its not appropriate and not humane..

  29. pepper says:

    U kno! Sometimes i think the law ignores and ignores and never listen to u until u do something Stupid..
    the Police allowed mr. Rose house to be burnt, they are the LAW but they failed to protect it..its just villagers not jungle gueriilas!

  30. Rocky Air Recon says:

    I’ve known Vince for over 30 years, as well as anyone, and can attest there is no way he would ever harm a child. I visited ACES and Punta Gorda six years ago with my family. We enjoyed Belize and the hospitality of the local people. I trusted Vince with my 8 and 10 year old children then and would trust him with their lives. We know Vince and Cherie have a love and respect for the Belizean people and the wildlife of Belize. We pray for the safe return of the misssing Mayan children and hope this tragic mistake will come to and end where Vince an Cheri can rebuild there lives and ACES in happiness and safety taking care of endangered crocodiles. They are good hearted people who have endured a tragic mistake. To all good Mayan: people please keep an open mind as this is was a terrible mistake.

  31. Maery Clarity says:

    First, let me say that I pray that the two precious children should be found and whoever is responsible for them going missing will be brought to justice.

    Second, I would like to ask that the people of Belize in general and the people of San Marcos village in particular not judge all people who try to come to your beautiful country by the actions of people like the Roses.

    Yes, I said that. They are playing the victims here, and though I can’t condone torching their house, I can fully understand the anger of the local people in this situation and agree that there is a great deal of hypocrisy at work in many of the actions of people who move to Belize only to try to change it or exploit it.

    As an American it ANGERS ME when I see people like the Roses go to a place like Belize and begin shoving changes down the throats of people who have lived in an ecological paradise, while those in America live in a toxic hell with practically no native animals left anywhere!

    I read in other articles about this incident how the Roses came to PG to ‘stop the killing of these endangered animals”, I would like to know how they think that they can come with their AMERICAN WAYS, from a land full of people who have destroyed ALL the animals, and have the nerve to then begin to dictate what is or isn’t right for Belize, where these animals have been fine alongside the people there for thousands of years, and only became endangered RECENTLY when European-style culture began to invade Belize. How do these Anglophiles have the nerve to believe that they know some ‘better way’?!?

    I am further angered when I see that, rather than shift some of the international interest towards FINDING THE TWO MISSING CHILDREN, all the Roses are concerned about is fundraising to rebuild their crocodile release program, which brings animals to the river that the local people must use for their own water and swimming and fishing, when you think of it this way it’s not so unreasonable to wonder if the crocs did get those children!

    If they care so much about the local situation, why not forgive and help heal the hurt, understand that emotions run high when children are missing, and although you may need to rebuild for yourself, without the goodwill of your village neighbors then there is no existing as a community in the Punta Gorda area. They should be using their international attention to try to help find those children as well as helping themselves.

    Instead, they are vowing to sue an impoverished village, and vowing to bring thugs to the area to force their right to do anything they want, because they have money, down the throats of the local people whose country is the very tourist attraction that the Roses have capitalized on.

    One day I hope to live in a place as wonderful as the area around Punta Gorda, and I found the people there on the one occasion I visited to be kind and intelligent in a way that ignorant Americans with their college degrees could only wish to be, only those kind of Americans are ignorant of how ignorant and helpless they are, because real people with real knowledge are doing all the hard work while people like the Roses make all the money and take all the credit.

    As Bob Marley said, “First they look at me with scorn, then they eat up all my corn”.

    I hope that if I ever have the opportunity to come there, that I will never be so disrespectful as to throw my weight around, bring man-eating monsters to the river and say that I am ‘rescuing’ them, and ignore the wisdom and needs of the people who are my neighbors.

    I hope that if I ever come, that Punta Gorda and the villagers of San Marcos will give me a chance to prove that all Americans are not as arrogant and selfish as the Roses.

    But if they are sick and done with all Americans and their ways, I won’t blame them, because the reasons why are clear.

  32. zoomom says:

    Brian says:
    September 7, 2010 at 9:51 pm well, well!! Thanks for all these comments. First of all I don’t condone the actions of our Mayan Brothers. Lets put into consideration that If I was an investor investing in Toledo, why? would i not insure my 1 million investment. Unless, there is something to hide. Perhaps some obscure past! Lets think of that!!! I have had personal conversation with this Rose guy during a tour at his place. I clearly recalled asking him if he had any business card and website so that i could recommend some friends to visit his plac! to my surprise he said that did not have any of the above information and that he did not want to make his work be known! Why? was my question? He told me it was not my business and concern and that i should enjoy what i have to see. Strange isnt it? Why havent we seen him on the Animal Planet, Discovery Channel like other famous crocodile experts. Now he is turning to international media to expose a few mayas he call savages. Can someone comment on this.


  33. dee20002 says:

    For starters, I’m a white American.

    but my Belize creds go way back — to 1972 when husband and I first spent a while there, in PG, thought of settling and still dream of it, were so impressed by the wonderful people, the wonderful mix of people. We’d have groups each evening in our little cabin from a mix of different raced people full of wonderful stories all enjoying one another. We recently returned (after nearly 30 years) and found that a lot of these groups had inter-married and the country in this way seemed so heavenly and wonderful. Wonderful non-discriminatory attitude, or so it appeared. (Now, of course we noted that the government seemed in shambles still.)

    But it’s shocking if the police didn’t do anything to search for these children. But if left at a bus stop–there are a lot of possibilities way before crocodiles!

    And the Mayan people I met (and learned some of their language from) seemed wonderfully gentle people, maybe too gentle which is why they’ve been so abused over the centuries.

    I feel for the Mayan people and I understand those Belizeans of various races and backgrounds who resent wealthy white Americans or Europeans who comes down and try to take over. I’m in Virginia, USA, and we have lots of folks from other parts of the world doing the same here. Guess it has always been that way.

    On the other hand, Belize is clearly poor (in money — but of course rich in beauty and resources), and tourism (which some of these white establishments support) is clearly a big income potential. While it’s easy to hate and be suspicious of all “foreign white” newcomers — in part because traditionally they have been the wealthier and snobbier–it’s sad to see ALL such people put in the same category (racism?) and believe that those who help the country should be viewed as all the other races who have settled in Belize (East Indian, Chinese, Guatemalan, Creole, Guarafana, Mennonite, etc– all descended on the Maya at one time or another).

    I hope to see PG be a model for the rest of the world (really) by showing tolerance but also joining together to help find the children (meaning through detective work) and have sympathy for people trying to preserve, apparently, natural resources (rare endangered animals) who are now the likely victims of wild rumor and desperation. This is not like PG!

    Thanks for reading.


  34. zoomom says:

    Does Belize have “Amber Alerts” when there are missing kids?
    Were missing posters plastered on every street corner in PG within 24 hours?
    Were missing posters faxed and handed out at every store and business in the rest of BZ?
    Did the Parents go to the new stations the first night and demand on theTV News that people look for these 2 missing kids?

    No. None of this took place. Who’s fault is that?

    Certainley not the Roses fault. They had no clue what was about to happen to their world.

    4 people came to their gate, and asked them if they had seen 2 small kids. They said no. Then they continued to AC to complete their croc-catching assignment for the Dept. of Forestry. They capture problem crocs that are a real threat to the citizens of Belize (for free). They use their own gas, their own vehicles, their own equipment, and staff.

    The missing kids (terrible!) and the arson fire of the Rose’s home( also terrible!) are two seperate tragedies.


  35. Mrs Henderson says:

    NIKKI, I agree 100% with you. This is the same dependent attitude I see, and passing blame. Just as they gathered to go and destroy this place, they should have gathered as a concerned community and spent this time searching for the children. As a matter of fact, it should have happened immediately after they realised the children didn’t return home. Rather than saying police didn’t do this and that….. If you can mobilise a bus load of strong men and women to do evil and destroy this place, then why wasn’t it used for the good of the children? PG is on the border with other countries, I think someone else in another news item stated that there was an attempted kidnap of a child in San Ignacio last week. It is possible that they have been victims of a kidnapping. Parents in Belize, have to change their approach to child freedom. As a child 60years ago in Belize City, I wondered the streets from morning to til night, no cell phone, or telephone but your parents knew exactly where I was, because there was a community. Now we have the problem of the mothers have to work, internet, cable tv, cell phone, cars, we call this development but it has give man ways of using it to harm our children. So we as parents have to change our approach to parenting. I feel sad about these missing children, and sadly as time elapses the chances of seeing them alive diminishes also. This is why I don’t understand why the focus of this mob wasn’t to look for these children first and foremost. So if arrived at this sanctuary you search for the children and they were not there, you move on to another location, and so, as time is precious in this case. Absolutely no justification to torch the property. I think its more to do with what others stated already, that is more to do with acquiring their land and not being a Mayan or a East Indian. We see the same attitude for example with the Garifuna and say the Creole or the spanish in Dangriga, the Creole and the Chinese in Belize City. This happens even within families, my brother (Creole) married in a family (so call Spanish, I say so call because the real Spanish in Spain would correct them) in Corozal but whenever anything goes wrong the word Black comes up. So on the surface, Belizeans would have you believe “All ah we dah one” but there is very thin line, and during a crisis we see this fragile balance tipped. Any Belizean who deny this is the case are not being truthful.

    I don’t want to be tough on anyone but the father, uncle were the last to see these children, and the police need to talk to these men again.

  36. concerned says:

    Maerty, these people came to live here, not make a fortune and go home.

    Far from being neighbors of San marcos, they lived more than 12 miles from the village of San Marcos, on a stretch of river not connected to San Marcos, at the end of a small road, way off the path that these children might have taken.

    They did not abduct the children, the Police do not suspect them of abducting the children, some fake “bush doctor” told the people of San Marcos they had been abducted by the Roses. What the Roses were doing is taking problem crocs away from areas where they were close to humans. They have done a lot of work with government of Belize on this, and have provided a lot of local students with education about crocs.

    This whole tragedy is that this even happened, that the parents trusted, that the children were lost, that the fake “bush doctor” pointed her finger at the Roses, that the Roses lost their work, and, worst of all, that the Police have had to deal with this mob action instead of being able to focus on the children.

  37. My People Let us Understand the Matter before passing on any judjement!!! PLzzz....I beg u to think over your words before making any comment!! says:

    I am very disappointed with some of these comments. I must stress on the fact that we should not be passing on judgement. But, we should rather be looking at the situation very closely: meaning in depth. The Roses are suspicious in some sense, i must say that and if anyone would like to know how i think they are suspicious, just post a comment. Down in PG, the Roses are well known to be very aggressive people. And i also do not support his words or name calling of the Mayan people: Savages!! That is not humanely now! That is going back to the time of slavery!! If the Roses, Mr Rose in particular, would look at the civilization of the Maya peoples in the past, they were very intelligennt people!! So, i totally object to the use if the word savages towards the Mayan people of Toledo!! They know their culture and they still believe in it!! I can attest to some personal experiences where these things are TRUE!!!! Eventhough we are in the 21st century…..every single thing should not be science…as to one commenter said….!! Come on… I think you can think better than that!! So…let us carefully chose our words nad use it properly!! I must also stress on the fact that a lot of foreighners come to PG and take advantages of these people!! A recent issue was child pornography in PG!!, by an American person!!! So…..we must know the history of something before we start to through out phrases!! These incidenst (accusation of the Roses and the recent child pornography) should send out some strong messages to people who may think that anything can be done to the peoples of Belize. This however, must be understand that it does not mean that all Americans/Europeans are like that!!! Plzzz understand that!!!! So, San Marcos and the Vincent Rose do have apologies to make to one another!! I also agree to the fact that all Rose is concerned about is bringing back his home and crocs….what about the kids!!???? which one is more important…LIFE or CROCS!!!!!????????????
    come on Belizeans and all those who post comments…..let us understand the situaation and let us try help find the missing children!!! Put yourself in the shoes of the parents who lost their children….????? wouldnt you feel frustrated if they are gone and that you are infromed that these kids are abducted???? Come on……Tourism is always welcomed in PG, but now it will be carried out with the outmost attention!!! Whether police be on the guard or not!! Another that i would like to stress on is the fact that police and BDF are not responding effectively to this matter!!! If the kids lost were that of that of wealthy parents…of course the gov will be fully taking the matter seriously!!! I was in PG on Saturday and listened to the very prophetical homily of Fr Sam ( a native Mayan pries) and he said “”"”…we are the poor and dwellers of Belize and this land, and the gov is not here to help us but the rich…so what other choice we have but to bring the matter in our hands and the hands of God (being the first divine entity for relief.)..”"”"
    so my people let us understand what is going on first before we pass any judjement and support those who know nothing about the Mayan culture!! Mayan culture is unique my friends and Belize and all other nations that were signatories to the Rights of the Indigenous People, should pay respect to all people!!!

    Thanks for reading!! May the Lord help us in getting those kids back and help us understand what is the real situation!! All things in the hands of the Most High One!! May God bring forth Justice!! Amen!!

  38. Sonia says:

    I want to say everyone who made comments for or against would all agree that the most important issue was and still is to search and bring these kids safely. However, the actions of the people took over the story. I agree with you concerned: the whole thing is tragic.

    I will say yes, different cultures even within Belize have things which are sensitive to their beliefs not just the Mayan people. We can only take the words of you people who seem to have had negative encounters with the Roses (as the previous commentator said he’s aggressive). My question is to the Mayan leaders, this man came to your community 6 years ago and began building this sanctuary. Did anybody think to ask him what he was doing? Nobody said to him listen we’re not happy with you doing this around here because its culturally sensitive to our beliefs? You all held this animosity towards the couple in your community and never met with them to say get rid of it or get out? Where were you elders then to speak out? It seems Fr Sam came a little too late, don’t you think? Ms Coc, why didn’t she realised the importance to your culture? Instead you seem to lay the blame square at the foreigners to say that it was up to them to do his home-work. Either you guys don’t know yourselves or you’re making up Mayan laws and beliefs as the story unfolds. Perhaps the great Fr would like to publish them so we don’t have a repeat of this tragic incident.

    Mr and Mrs Rose, I don’t know how successful you will be at recovering your loses, but I think you will have a battle on your hands. To think the whole country was supporting the Mayans people only a month ago, for their land rights.

    It is my hope that we find these children even after all this time.

  39. dee20002 says:

    I agree with all said in the above comment (except about the Roses — I don’t know them). The Mayans in general deserve a great deal more respect than they currently receive. Perhaps if they felt they could get help from the police, they would have gone to the police immediately about their children. And as I understand it, the Hummingbird Highway is being placed right through their lands, or maybe it’s already finished. As happened with the American Indians, the Mayans just keep getting pushed aside.

    Everyone should come together to find these children (but while I believe psychics may have powers, they are also very often wrong and, as we can see, can cause great injustice to others — just like America’s Salem Witch trials of long ago).

  40. Quetzl Norteño says:

    There are good and bad people in any country. Many BZeans here responded rationally & with compassion for both sides. Others (e.g. to pick the worst Bzean and the worst American: Zoe and Maery Clarity) disgracefully assumed this man employs no one in BZE (the media has stated he employs a caretaker, possibly others), that he doesn’t pay his taxes, is taking money from BZE, selling alligator skins (?!), that “these foreigners only come and exploit our country’s natural resources” when Rose is documented as PRESERVING a resource endangered species, or that he “shoved changes” on BZeans despite that he never forced/shoved Bzeans to pay for the preservation efforts or change their daily routines in order to help the crocodiles. I moved from Guatemala to California & Texas for awhile, then became an ecologist (good parents & motivation)…and Maery says that America has nearly no “native animals left anywhere”: that makes you sound incredibly provincial & sheltered, Maery…please get an education and experience, and then what you say about preservation of biodiversity will actually matter. Now I’ve moved BACK to LatAm, and I’m glad I moved to a LatAm country where the people feel better about their police, instead of going back to crime-ridden Guate (or AIDS-ridden BZE); I would overlook this Mayan mob-mentality if it was an isolated incident, but the _repeated_ similar incidents by the Mayans really make Guate/BZ the laughing stock and pariah of CentAm…and I’m actually 1/2 Mayan, just not superstitious like these foolish paisos from San Marcos — for the gringos, “paiso” is our version of your “rednecks”.

    Yes, screen outsiders to be sure they aren’t criminals or bringing their problems to BZE, but all reliable accounts of Rose suggest he was benefitting BZE (as opposed to the many UNreliable suspicions posted here from BS’ing s!-talkers who know nothing about Rose but they still cast WILD aspersions/suggestions trying to demean his personality); I JUST FEEL SORRY FOR ALL THE GOOD BELIZEANS (e.g. THOSE WHO POSTED HERE WITH RATIONALITY AND SYMPATHY FOR BOTH SIDES) BECAUSE THEY NEED TO LIVE WITH THE MANY BITTER BELIZEAN DIPSHITS WHO POSTED HERE (e.g. WITH IRRATIONALITIES & SUSPICIONS AGAINST ROSE & XENOPHOBIA AGAINST GRINGOS) because you –all Belizeans, the good-hearted ones along with the sick/bitter ones…and hopefully the good ones still outnumber the bad Belizeans– will not get help from educated+wealthy outsiders if this is the childish way that a large (or just vocal) minority of Bzeans treat those (the majority of gringo immigrants) who come and boost the economy just by LIVING IN a poor nation like BZE…let alone trying to do charitable work as well to preserve the species of BZ — and by extent, that preserves BZ eco-tourism which can boost the economy even more… and ironically, those here who have used dirty gossipy falsehoods to try to smear Rose (the ignoramouses who cast wild aspersions such as being a “fugitive” against a man they do not know, i.e. ignorant being the opposite of knowledgeable; really…gossipy rumours are for old flejes, and even some of the “men” here are disgracefully gossiping like old ladies, without regard for facts & truth.) are most often the ones who ironically byatched and kvetched the most about being poor: you don’t want to be poor? Well, look at the FDI flows…the gringos continue to, and have brought, more wealth to Costa Rica and Panama than Guate/BZE; maybe they’d bring more to Guate+BZE:
    * if there wasn’t such widespread xenophobia against them (i.e. you lot who are xenophobic & then kvetch about being poor are YOUR OWN worst enemies), and
    * if you cared enough about your own country to help get politicians elected who actually ran the police & other institutions more fairly and efficiently (e.g. a purge/’sting’ against corrupt police, and punish the pol’s who steal, as CR/Pana have put dirty politicians in JAIL where they belong within the last decade). This is all easier said than done; but CR/Pana are doing it (getting more jobs and HIGHER-PAYING jobs and CONTROLLING their politicians rather than vice-versa, in general) and like I said: you don’t want to be poor? Well then, DO YOUR PART instead of complaining about the government…that you & a majority of your neighbors voted for!!

    Some of my Mayan ppl still don’t THINK that gathering to SEARCH for the kids is more helpful and proactive than gathering to do what(?)…to follow a witch’s advice and attack a couple based on the witch’s word (some Mayans, and some of every ethnicity, just don’t THINK period; I cannot defend such utter inhumanity & idiocy). A CRIMINAL who burns houses or joins a lynch mob is indeed a SAVAGE…whether they are white, black, brown, yellow or even green, criminals all are SAVAGES, and the Mayans of San Marcos ARE NO BETTER NOR WORSE than the Conquistador savages who burnt Mayans out of homes: they should offer to rebuild Rose’s home…have Mayans not had their homes razed, sometimes in just the last few decades? Rose wasn’t the one to raze anybody’s home though. Nor was he an absentee landlord; every human has a right to work the size of land that he can use productively and I encourage freedom-of-movement so long as you’re not the one displacing & killing ppl who are already working that land; Rose killed no one for his land, he was there legally and worked it with his own blood, sweat, and tears and thus had just as much right to it.) but the people of any ethnicity are NOT ALL savages — and Rose is NOT quoted as saying all members of any race are “savages”: He might have meant that the only “savages” are the mob that came for him — and if he meant that, he is correct that an unruly mob of CRIMINALS are savages.
    Zoe says: “No one can prove that he was not involved in disappearance”…but ZOE he’s innocent until proven guilty! …and yes, only a savage CRIMINAL (i.e. a vigilante) who is A SICKENING DISGRACE would act otherwise i.e. commit a common Crime Against Humanity such as punishing someone without a fair trial. WOULD YOU WANT TO BE PUNISHED BY A MOB, WITHOUT A TRIAL, ZOE?

  41. I’m very ashamed of the US for performing the Tuskeegee syphilis experiments on poor Guatemalan victims! I am glad that the United States has become better in maintaining civil rights and I wish that this type of atrocity never happens in the future!

  42. Interesting and great things you got here. Keep on! I’m usually looking to read on that subject.

  43. Belizean says:

    Here’s a link to what I have found so far about Vince and Cherie. Look a bit down the page.

    I find it very strange that for most of the other people in this post, there’s education info, except for Vince and Cherie. One would think that for them being Biologists and all, it would at least be mentioned.

    Very interesting how all the reports are one sided for the Rose’s. Not saying I condone what was done, but is there any proof that the Mayas actually did it? Is there any proof that the Rose’s are all innocent?

  44. You have got the point across better than I at any time might, thanks!

  45. Kattie Girolamo says:

    Both of those are beautiful. YOu are right there is nothing like seeing it in person!!

  46. Mingyan says:

    I am also very disappointed at some of these comments. The Roses are a nice couple who rescues animals, has a clean record, and had their house burnt down because they were trying to save animals who are growing more and more endangered because of humans. There were EYEWITNESSES!!! The Mayans, due to SUPERSTITION, burnt down a house, and killed all the crocs at the sanctuary! The Roses should be REWARDED for what happened to them, that they even had the COURAGE and STRENGTH to get through that, and even keep on rescuing crocodiles, and helping this polluted world!!!! The Mayans, on the other hand, ALL of them involved, should be PUNISHED TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE! The cops should throw them in jail for the rest of their lives! They should be charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER, ROBBERY, ARSON, TRESPASSING, THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT PENALTY, And ANIMAL CRUELTY. THOSE MAYANS DESERVE NO MERCY!!!!!!

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