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Aug 4, 2010

Assault rifle and 40 caliber handguns found in Crown Victoria

On Tuesday night, we broke the story that police had made a major bust involving a blue Crown Victoria taxi. The incident happened on Monday night at the Shell Gas station in Ladyville but was not reported until today in the daily police blotter and from details now available, the car was loaded with an arsenal of weapons. Four men were detained and it is believed a major crime was averted. At the time of the bust, Floyd Davis of a Mile Eight Western Highway address was behind the steering wheel. His other conspirators are:  Jamal Tablada, Jarrett Usher and Tevin Abraham, all of Belize City. According to the police, the men were ordered out of the car, but only Davis complied. Usher was reportedly carrying a loaded forty millimeter Taurus brand pistol while Abraham had a forty millimeter caliber gun with live rounds. Police also found a semi automatic rifle and ammunition in the front seat of the taxi between Davis and Tablada. Also in the vehicle were three camouflage police shirts and a pants, mask, cap, rubber gloves, GPS, compass and cellular phone as well as other ammunition. Davis, Usher, Abraham and Tablada have been in custody since Monday night for keeping prohibited firearm and ammunition and will be arraigned this Thursday. According to our records, at least two of the men have a rap sheet. Abraham was charged with the attempted robbery of the Dave Furniture World in September 2009 and conspiracy to commit robbery of Atlantic Bank in March this year. Usher was charged last year for the robbery of a barber shop on Allenby Street and just last week, he walked from a firearm offense.

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17 Responses for “Assault rifle and 40 caliber handguns found in Crown Victoria”

  1. crime free belize says:

    Wow! Let’s see how incompetent the D.P.P office realy is this time around,why?is it taking so long to replace those idiot’s at the D.P.P office.Dam! dean barrow are’nt you in charge of everything?why spend all that money on foreign advice?But cant pay someone that’s a whole lot more capable of the job,more money.Get these fool’s off the street for good.Along with a slue of charges,the car should be seized and actioned off,for being used in the commission of a crime,the money can be used to better equip or law enforcement,to then bust other criminal’s.Come on people it’s not rocket science.We also need to put new laws on the books,we are not living in the colonial days.

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    So do we see pictures of the hit squad tomorrow?

    Who was their intended target & where is the weapons & the money for these weapons coming from?

  3. crime free belize says:

    What about all those bicycles that are being used to go and commit murders on?Bicycles should be routinely stoped and checked,to see if rider’s are armed,also to see if those bicycles had their identification number’s removed,in which case should be seized an destroyed.The goal is to take away the criminal’s mobility,i very much doubt they will be willing to walk to the scene,where they will try to commit their crime,it’s all about a quick get away.Remember police department,the bikes that are one solid color,and no visible marking’s,like letter’s,and different color’s,should be a dead giveaway,it is more than likely to be used in the commission of a crime.Pictures should also be taken of owner an bicycle,when it is being licensed,at the cost of owner.Whatever little it take,to deter criminal from easy means and ways,to commit their crimes.

  4. Bold says:

    Crime free Belize, where in Belize do they licence bicycles? The crown victoria is a good vehicle for police to use on special mission, its fast and stable on the road.

    Very nice idea of searching cyclists. Hope police taking notes.

  5. belizeanpride says:

    good point crime free belize. hopefuly these blind law enforcers come to this idea in their little brains that they haveto avert more crimes. i remember whe i was like ten my dad use to have a licence plate in his bike my older brothers too. and if you we’re caught without it you’ll loose your bike. and this was strict in the village what about the city.

  6. Bold says:

    belizeanpride, my dad had licence plate on his bike too….it was a round one

  7. Islander says:

    I am sorry to disappoint you “Crime free Belize” but the DPP has a losing case in its hands already and you have the Police Department to thank for that. This case will be lost in a technicality simply because there is no such thing as a 40 Millimeter handgun. Both Glock and Taurus do not make any weapons chambered in 40 Millimeter. A 40 Millimeter weapon is usually a shoulder fired grenade launcher, you press it against your shoulder the way you do with a rifle or shotgun.

    The Glock model 23 and the Taurus handgun in question are chambered in .40 S&W which is the American way of designating caliber. The Americans use fractions of an inch to designate caliber and the Europeans use Millimeters to designate caliber. If you change .40 of an inch into Millimeters the conversion comes to 10Millimeters “diameter of bore” but the .40 S&W should never be confused with the 10MM FBI round which is the same diameter bullet but a long casing “allowing for more gun powder” and usually a heavier bullet.

    Don’t believe me? Both models of pistols are widely used by USA Law Enforcement Agencies specially the Glock 23. USA laws prohibit the making of any handgun with a caliber larger than .50 of an Inch. Hence why the Smith and Wesson 500 revolver is the biggest production handgun in the world chambered in .50 “fraction of an inch” which translates roughly to about 12.7 Millimeters.

    A good example is the diameter of a 9 Millimeter bullet “European System” vs the diameter of a .357 Magnum bullet “American System” They are almost Identical when compared on a ruler though the difference of course would then be the extra gunpowder the casing of the .357 magnum holds that gives it that extra punch. If we used to Police Departments way of thinking while looking at the .357 magnum they would probably say it is 35.7 Millimeters or something silly like that. When in reality it is in fractions of an inch and there shouldn’t be any attempt to convert it.


  8. Lynn says:

    yes i member that.. I too had license for my bike…

  9. Lyell says:

    Support what crime free belize says. This is so so true, they should start to do records on bikes. U know what? My brother got back his bike that was stolen,.. U know how??? He had the receipt of sale, where the serial number was on!!! This is what crime free belize is trying to get at? With records, the police could fine out exactly what happened, history, etc…everything..

  10. Proud Belizean says:

    I wanna applaud the police for getting these criminals before they committed a crime…mek sure them go to Hattieville for a good vacation.

  11. northsider says:

    Let’s see how many years will be given to them. A few months a go, a man got so many years for stealing pink bottles. (Which was more than redickulous, never heard such a thing in my life before) Now these one are caught red handed and with the evidence and most of all have committed previous crimes before. This is the Justis time to send a message to the other criminals out there. Don’t feel sorry for these guys at all. Who to know that they don’t have so many pass killings to pay for. Can’t wait to here the outcome of this one!!!!!!!!

  12. northsider says:

    Pint bottles

  13. crime free belize says:

    Thanks lyell,it is all about having a lead,somewhere to start an investigation,to tie something to someone.People we dont have a ballistic testing facility,or a D.N.A testing facility,let work with what we got,thing’s that wont cost our government a lot of money.Bold,did not know they stoped the licensing of bicycle’s,have’nt owned one in a long time,and my point is if they are’nt,they should.And as for the car,it would not be a very good undercover car to be used by our law enforcement,after someone like floyd davis has owned it,i am sure he is well known in the criminal world,everyone will recognize that car any where,as being used by law enforcement.The proceed from the sale of that car,can be used in other areas of law enforcement,like rewards,for useful “information”,like was shown to be very fruitful in this case.Must i remind my people,that hundred’s of police and soldiers,and patrols did’nt make any significant gun seizer’s.In america and around the world,95% of all bust,is based on information.Islander point taken,but possession should be 9/10 of the law.Like i said,we need to put new laws on the books.

  14. crime free belize says:

    One more note,if that is the floyd davis,A.K.A pretty boy floyd,an ex belize police officer,formerly a drug dealer of chicago,that was busted,did time,and deported from minnesota?Are’nt they supposed to be keeping an eye on our deportee’s?

  15. crime free belize says:

    Oh! and last but not least,thanks to all those that support me,in some of the idea’s we all need to make our country a better place to live,and keep our unique culture going.

  16. Islander says:

    Crime free Belize yes indeed possession should play a major role in convicting a criminal in court BUT how will you prove possession with the wrong information?

    Imagine you as a prosecutor go to court and claim that this men were armed with 40 Millimeter guns and bullets, but when the evidence is presented a defense lawyer pulls out a ruler and a 9mm round. Shows the judge that the nine millimeter round is called so because it measures 9millimeters in diameter, so if the guns and bullets his clients possessed at the time of the arrest were chambered in 40 millimeter then they most be somewhere else because this bullets and guns presented in evidence only measure 10 millimeters diameter.

    You cannot convict someone of possessing an illegal .40 S&W handgun and bullets claiming they had 40 Millimeter shoulder fired weapons, the judge will want to see those 40 Millimeter weapons and nothing else.

    Its like punching someone in the face and instead of being charged for harm the prosecution charges you for grevious harm, the judge will want the prosecution to show those deep injuries or blunt force trauma and not a swollen lip.

    P.S.S. They also charged all of them for having in their possession PROHIBITED AMMUNITION with regards to the 7.62 rounds for the rifle, funny thing is 7.62 is the highest caliber a civilian is allowed to own under current laws so the correct charge would have been AMMUNITION WITHOUT A GUN LICENSE because the ammo can be owned by civilians for hunting. Go to the police website and click on dowloads, go down to Statutory Instrument Prohibited Firearms and you will see for yourself.

    They were also charged for having a prohibited rifle, funny thing is it is a semi automatic rifle and not full auto, it is not a copy of the M-16 since most of its components are different and the H&K happens to actually be a better weapon system, and it is chambered for 7.62 which is a round that can be owned legally by law abiding citizens who qualify for that license. THIS IS POSSIBLY ONE OF THE TWO CHARGES THAT MIGHT STICK BUT IT WILL BE HARD FOR THE PROSECUTION, THE OTHER CHARGE THAT MIGHT STICK IS “GOING EQUIPPED” .


  17. Islander says:

    P.S.S. The laws are already in the books, we do not need more laws what we need is proper enforcement of the current laws. Whats the point of having a gazillion laws to deal with guns if the cops can’t get the correct charges on the charge sheet?

    The issue is lack of training, our Police Officers budget gets cut every year and they try to make the best out of what they have. Intercepting this crooks is excellent work but they will fail in court because they were not properly trained in identifying ammunition and firearms.

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