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Jul 30, 2010

Another man is gunned down in Belize City

There’s another homicide to add to the grim statistics. An eighteen year old was murdered just before midnight in the old capital. Gilroy Barrow was shot and killed in the Gungulung area by persons that were waiting for him. Whether or not he had a sense of his foreboding fate, in the last twenty-four hours of his life, Barrow visited his mother, father and sister. The family is torn with grief and they say they know who did him in and why. News Five’s Jose Sanchez covers the latest murder in the old capital.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting  

Gilroy Barrow was shot six times at a few minutes to midnight on M and M Street in St. Martins DePorres area of Belize City.  According to Eliza Galleano, the eighteen year old lived at the homes of family and friends.  

Eliza Galleano, friend of murder victim“Most of the time Gilly does stay with me; but ih go look fu ih ma and pa deh. Last night he and my bwai come in and when ih come een I give ah tea, ih drink ih tea and den ih sit down and ih tell mi Miss Lisa I wah go si mi mah, ah wah go si mi ma. Ah seh ok Gilly. When ih done eat , ih stand up dah di door and I stand up wid ah, ih seh Miss Lisa ah di come back right now, ah gwien go si mi ma cuz ah want get wah lee ten dallaz fram ah.  I seh ok babe. Ah seh Gilly if ah done di sleep ah wah hook di door outside so yo could come een , come een side. Yo nuh hafto wake up me. Ih seh ok Miss Lisa but ah nuh weh tek long ah di come back right now. Ah seh ok babe and den ih gone.”

After visiting his mother, Gilly made a purchase at David’s Super Store then rode back along M and M Street on the way to his mother’s house where gunmen were waiting to kill him.  His sister Sherilee Barrow recalled his last few minutes of life.

sherilee barrow

Sherilee Barrow, sister of Murder Victim

“Ih come home mussy like quarter to twelve cah ih mi want wah ten dallaz fra my ma fu fix wah cellphone weh end up di get bruk up for ah. And den afta day my ma give ah di money fu mek ih gone buy juice and softdrink and deh ting fu my sista. And my ma tell ah pray before ih go and ting, ih seh yes ma ah wah pray and ting. As he gone dah di chiney and ih come back pon ih way, di bally deh weh mi dawg ah, deh lay wait ah tru di lee alley mouth and shot up ah.

Jose Sanchez

The police report says at  least six bullets , that di him in. Is he the typr of person that would have enemies? Anyone that would want to do that to him?

Sherilee Barrow

“Yes sir, ih own friend and ih own cousin. Deh do it.”

Jose Sanchez

But Why? Do they have any motives why?

Sherilee Barrow

“Cause deh ketch ina wah lee incident di otha day fi wah  speaker wah speaker box . Di bwai weh pretend fu be ih friend. An deh had wah big altercation. He come and he threaten my ma and my ma and pa and he tell deh dat before year done, before month done, he will make sure Gilroy dead.  He wah mek sure ah it. He come and he swear to my ma and pa , ah wah mek yo bawl fu yo son. Deh tinsg deh nuuh right cuz my bredda nuh do deh nuttin. Dah deh do he wrong, but deh wah pay. We just want justice.I love my bredda , I cya believe ih gone. I just si ah yesterdeh , ih seh Barrow yo want piece ah cikkin? Because dah suh ih call me, Barrow. Deh  hurt we but deh nuh wah get weh with it.”

Gilly’s father looked at the shirt that he left hanging on a door less than twenty four hours ago when he visited him.  He doesn’t want revenge, wants peace.

Father of Gilroy Barrow

“People gotta learn fu love each others and try to care for each other,  instead ah try diminish up one another pon di earth. We neva mek fu di diminish one another. We mek fu di uplift especially ina di condition and position of this city weh people di leave. So unity dah strength and get together somewhere along there as quick as you could because mein , lot  of unexpected things are happening.”


Jose Sanchez

Sometimes people are angry and they’re looking for want violence. You want to keep peace.

Father of Gilroy Barrow

“Yeah, I wanna try to obtain this peace mein. Peace for the good almighty God. That’s the same thing I always try to explain to my kids, you try to polish things nuh fu try fu escalate it. Because when you escalate it you yuh nuh know weh wah come outta it.Yo see it?”

Reporting for News Five I am Jose Sanchez.

eliza galleano

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Another man is gunned down in Belize City”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Dysfunctional family taken to the extreme but sadly, behavior that is becoming an acceptable part of our society in which conscience is a rare commodity. Children don’t respect adults, parents & families living in a constant state of denial possibly fueled by fear.

    Sherilee, even though I believe you’re telling the truth about whom you believe the shooters are, good luck getting anyone including your parents to back you. The only thing I see coming out of this one is more of the same.

  2. mmi says:

    please nuh tell me this da bally whe i know as gliroy garnette that dem kill?

  3. OriginalWoman says:


  4. Al says:

    How tragic that family can be so cold hearted to each other, even animals protect each other. Parents need to get back into nurturing their boy children. Male children need to be held and cuddled and loved, not cursed and neglected.

  5. bold says:

    Im almost certain they didnt report the death threat. Stupid cowards, why dem no face the man one on one, hand to hand.

    My sympathies to the family….

    To the father, no one will touch my family without getting a piece themselves. I know you’re on a thight spot…hope justice is done before vengence

  6. Earl Grey says:

    To have a DEATH threat with a time frame is “deep”, THEN TO HAVE IT CARRIED OUT!!!!!! How can we let them get away with this??? We need a hit squad to take out these perps. JUSTICE WILL BE DONE……… ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!!

  7. kid kaoss says:

    truth is, the youths of today’s belize are being raised without a father figure. i grew up with out mine also,but i tried to be my own man at a young age.most of these young killers are being raised by old killers, the ones that did jail via belize or abroad . its just a bunch of teachers and students.

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