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Jul 30, 2010

Twin toddlers allegedly beaten by stepfather

Two years ago she had a bad experience when a man assaulted her teen daughter.  Now Lillian McCullock is in the news again for a similar case, only this time, it involves the youngest two of her five children.  In fact, the story is so hideous that it is sure to move anyone who has a heart.  McCullock’s twin toddlers, two year old Jaffet and Winfield Tasher were released from the Karl Heusner Memorial’s Paediatric Ward this afternoon after spending a week recuperating from wounds allegedly inflicted by McCullock’s common-law husband of four months, Leon Lopez.  News Five was on hand when the little boys were released and spoke with McCulluck, who recounted how she found the twins when she returned home last weekend. 

Lillian McCullock, Mother of Wounded Toddlers“He get whap eena ih head, doctor noh tell me nothing, dehn cud goh home.  Ih look like somebody big beat up di two ah dehn right?  Soh he tell me he noh know, he noh know how dehn soh.  So ih she my gial noh mek no no noise, noh mek no noise, noh call no police.  I tell ah noh what? I wah mek lotta noise and call the police and dah dat I do. You can’t love wah man more than yourself or more than your kids dehn weh u pain fah.”

Marion Ali

“Has this ever happened in his care before?”

Lillian McCullock

“Never, never.  Nobody never hurt my baby dehn.  Me goh and me cud. I wah mek sure I get justice and mek sure ih goh dah jail fi weh ih do to my pickney deh cause that noh right.  That dah somebody weh cruel mami, that dah cruelty.  He noh eena ih right mind from the time ih could do something like that he mussi crazy.”

McCullock made her official complaint to the police on Thursday and officers are now looking for her common-law husband pending charges.  McCullock is now appealing to the public to assist her financially so she can raise her children alone.  She can be reached at 626 9823.

lillian mcculluck

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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11 Responses for “Twin toddlers allegedly beaten by stepfather”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Someone lived down to the anthropologist study. Serial, worthless stepfathers. I applaud the mother for not standing by her man if he was the one who beat her kids but what value was placed on her children when she chose to leave them with a man she knew for four months.

    One more thing, get rid of the self pity & entitlement mentality. How are you going to feed your kids? Get a bloody job & set an example for your children & sue their fathers for maintenance.

  2. Al says:

    This is what is wrong, why are these women having these babies they cannot take care of. Now this woman need the public to help het take care of children she was so stupid to have. Where are the fathers of these children. The government need to distribute birth control pills, to stop this epedemic of children being born to these women who have no means to take care of them.
    Everything is out of contro in Belize.

  3. macal rivera says:

    hope she learn a lesson, why she had to give the cchildren such horrible step father, I would get so mad with she if she take back that man, sometimes I am ashamed of my black sistas, they just want people feel sorry for them, she should have found herself a job and take care of her kids, and yes I agree where is the father of the twins.
    I hope she is not pregnant, I really hope so, some women could really make some bad choices.

  4. EarlGray says:

    My sympathy goes out to her. I hope that the young women ae watching and learning.

  5. belizeanpride says:

    this shows how many families are desintegrated in our jewel and these factors contribute to more violence, robberies and killings. kids need a father figure and a mother with love. i feel sorry for these kids not the mom cause she have four months to have known the bad habits of this man and still couldn’t realize that she was risking the life and health of her kids. many single mothers i applaud for coming up with children and not like asking the public for help financially. it would have sounded better if she would have said. “please anybody out there that can offer my a stable job contact me at my cell &*&^^& and for sure someone is going to give her a call, but not financial when everybody is trying to strive also in this hard times.

  6. bold says:

    I feel for the kids. I agree with BZNIinCALI, she needs to get a job and take the father (s) of her kids to court for maintenance.

  7. deedee says:

    Where are these kids biological father?? Why is she on t.v asking the public for assistance to help her kids when the father should be proving for these boys…she looks like someone in good shape to get off her a$$ and go look for a JOB. Instead of her giving out her number to try and get money from ppl, use the number and ask for a JOB, give ur credentials and move on from there.

  8. Explorer says:

    Did she have a plan on how she would feed an extra mouth? Definately NOT, because she is now asking the public for assistance to feed them. What about the father (s) of these kids, where are they? Knowing that you cannot feed the ones you have, PLEASE practice some sort of control.
    GET A JOB, we all have bills to pay and mouths to feed. God helps those who help themselves.

  9. Charlotte a.k.a 'Your Ladyship" says:

    I agree with most of the sentiments with regards to this young woman getting rid of this worthless man and putting her children first. It could be a struggle to provide care for five children single-handed in a one-parent household. However many mothers find themselves in this situation for various reasons. Many women come up with ingenious ways to raise revenue to support themselves and children and gain their independence from this type of men. It can be done, however these young women in Belize need to have people around them who encourage their personal development and build their self-esteem. I hope the boys make a full recovery with no lasting physical or psychological effects, and that she will be able to learn from this experience. Hopefully in the future she will scrutinise any potential partner more carefully before introducing them to her children.

  10. lisa says:

    that’s the reason why i don’t have any, i can’t see myself having kids for no fool.

  11. Jackie Slusher says:

    I feel the same way… where is the father? and of course she needs to get a JOB and seek some type of birth control. It is very sad to see that the mother is healthy and able to look for work and need to help yourself and stop asking for a hand out. For a mother to be in a relationship for just a short time should have seen some type of signs of her abusive boyfiend. There are always signs. Young women and men needs to pay more attention to their relationship and stop be so naieve. In this day and age everyone is trying to make ends meet. Life is too hard for stupidity and ignorance.

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