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Jul 15, 2010

Do you believe that removing the COMPOL will curb crime?

No less than the Minister of Police, Doug Singh has said the management style of the top cop is not effective to deal with crime.  Crispin Jeffries has come under heavy fire from many quarters. Only yesterday, Belizeans for Justice called for his head in the face of the unabated gun violence in the old capital. So tonight we ask:  Do you believe that the removal of Crispin Jefferies as COMPOL will curb crime? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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20 Responses for “Do you believe that removing the COMPOL will curb crime?”

  1. EMS says:

    I had the opporunity to have met Mr. Jefries a few years ago, now then, as a Mental Health Professional I had some serious reservations about his behavior as an Individual. At the time of my brief meeting with him ha appeared very aggresive, arrogant, pompus and sel centered. However, this is my personal assessment of him, perhaps he could be a nice guy. However, certainly, with his apparent kind of personality, everything goes wrong on his watch , simply, because no one has the wherewithal to be eveything to every one. Subsequently,, with his removal from the forefront, it may not immediately curb the criminal situation, but it will allow someone else to develop a different approach and leadership style which may very much enhance the department, in terms of gaining some credibility with the public. Which is very important for law enforcement officers. They actually need to gain some confidence from the public in order to be efficient and effective. Nevertheless, this is a very difficult one to call. With all respect due Mr. Jeffries he should recognize that it is time for a change in the department. Apparently, his officers dont have much respect for him. If you were asking me for recommedation, I would suggest bringing in some one friom abroad with team buliding experience. Police work is most definitely team work and buliding appropriate partnership with the public.. In short, yes, I believe some positive change will gradually turn things around and hopefully curb crime.

  2. D1 says:

    Hell yes, I personally believe if there is a lack of comand at the top then a whole organization will crumble. Mr. Jefferies on numerous occasions has displayed incompetence in dealing with crime in Belize.
    I am outrage that Belize is so small and underpopulated for us to be having this out-of-hand issue! I for one know the Police Department is not acting in concordance with the Constitution. We as Belizeans have sit back and take too much crap as these these abusive vipers plunder our Nation with Corruption. There are better things to invest in like our Lab. A lab in Belize will solve crime at a far rate than our out of shape policemen. I think that is a bit far becuase embarrasingly the people on the street can assest a crime quicker than our police yet they cry on lack of information. Their corruption have resulted in the lost of the trust of the people leading to a rapant rise in crime.
    Understanding and manners is everything but the police seem to lack it. Compol from my stand point have not tried to adress these issues directly. He has not given proper public awareness on the Department fully. He has to go because crime needs to go. The longer he stays the more our societies will suffer.

  3. D Jr. says:

    Yes becuase he obviously does not know how to run the Department. Removing him will bring change.

  4. South Sider says:

    To some extent yes because I believe he is just smart enough to take advantage of the loop holes that presently exsist in it. On the other hand, I believe it will…Mr. Jefferies has a very long history of problems with the George Street people as it is believed they are the ones who assulted him while he was in the states some years ago which is the reason it is believed he is or was part of the brain behind the rise and success of the now Notorious SOUTH SIDE GANGSTERS…

  5. Proud Belizean says:

    South Sider, thats some crazy allegations….

    I am always in favor of change especially if the status quo seems incompetent.

  6. belcap1480 says:

    Eventhough his removal is what a lot of ppl want, it wont solve the crime problem. unfortunately this goes far beyond police issues and into social upbringing, my personal opinion. What the police dept. seriusly needs is some public confidence and they will never get that as long as there are police officers who use their jobs as a way to violate john publics constitutionally guaranteed rights. There are a few good officers who try to do what is best for the dept. but the majority are only looking out for demselves and another thing, how can a police officer perform his job if they are constantly moved from place to place where they only have a temporary residence. NO police officer will care about a place unless it is close to HIS/HER home and it affects dem directly.

  7. Islander says:

    Yea remove Mr. Jeffries and replace him with another POLITICALLY ELECTED nincapoop? The post of Commissioner of Police should have zero political influence in order for it to be effective.

  8. lany says:

    I say change him… can’t stand the arrogrant fool. But i won’t be naive and say that crime will be curbed. However bring in someone new who may have a better way to decrease the crime.CRIME will never be eleminated. But jeffries time has passed and we need new blood to try and so do something with the issue that only seem to increase as the days go by. And please Mr. PRime Minister don’t bring in a circus clown and please consult with the opposition as this is a poistion that requries someone who knows what they are doing.

  9. WARRY says:


  10. Sally says:

    Yes, he should go. He should never have been promoted to the position of COMPOL. I have watched him on TV over the years and sometimes could not believe what I saw. This is not a man to be in charge or make decisions at such high levels. This is a man who needs help with anger management and other personality manifestations. There are some very responsible officers in the force. Please replace him and see the improvement.

  11. ree says:

    Yes, Mr. Jef should go he deserve to be resting. But that WILL NOT solve our crime situation. Belizeans must become more ambitious and work for what we want. We need JESUS!!!!!!

  12. Darius Martinez says:

    Removal of Jeffries is not the answer to the current problem we have with crime, our problem is political interference in the justice system.

  13. BUDD says:

    Jesus died on the cross for us, HE sacrifice his life for us and we still blame him when things goes wrong. We still never pay or given him the respect he as Lord deserves. We seldom says thank you for all He has Done, is doing and will do. . But when do we as parents take responsibility for the lack of our parental duties. Many do not know what their child is doing or where they are. No one should ever have to lose a child or a loved one to these heinous incidents in Belize or anywhere. Hearts aches as one watches on the news loved one coping to understand the brutal attacks, the untimely injury and the deaths. Mr. Jeffries leads an army of men and women who pledge to protect and serve. These are individuals who is held responsible for their actions and is expected to give of their service to the public and the country. We can blame the Compol all we like, either because we personally do not like him, or never got to know the man but rather judge him from what we perceive him to be. In no way can one man’s management style birth the vile of violence in Belize. The existing problems facing Belize right was already passed the embroyic stages when Compol Jeffries took the reins. Jeffries is human also and I am sure as the top police officers feels the pain many of us as parents feels when our children are taken away from us of hurt. I can recall the Tablada and Gideon days, those officers too were termed as ignorant, etc, but many parents called upon them to give their child or children a scolding to make an imprint of behavior and discipline. Mr. Jeffries still is asked to sit and talk to a youth in regards to their intended misconduct path.

    We need to take a look at the availability of weapons, the reasons for retreating to such violent acts. It is painful to see our youth and the Belize we know in such horrid conditions. The government needs to take some responsibility also. There needs to be more avenues for these youths to occupy their free time and expand their skills,

    I often wonder about the parents of those label as offenders. Why are these parents not coming forward and apologizing to the victims parents for the pain they caused them and the void they out in their lives. What have these r are these parents doing to make a difference t other parents who know their child is heading down this wrong path also.

    I applaud the Compol for his dedication to his jobs, to his country and especially the Belize Police Force. While many may not see the results of his hard work and determination and the ixontinous productivity of the other police officers, the violent conditions in Belize will reverse. Nothing happens overnight. However we as society must work hand in hand with the police and play our role also in an effort to make the jewel as valuable as it once was.

    Families needs to start praying. We are not like the United States why the word “GOD” cannot be mentioned in schools or in public. The Compol surely cannot do this alone, neither can Minister Singh, UDP or PUP, Barrow or Musa or Espat, but prayers can. Pray for our children, our government, our country, our church leaders, our neighbors, our enemies and all those we come in contact with.

  14. jungletrash says:

    well, i think belize needs to bring in outsiders, who are not corrupt, who are trained, responsible policemen and woman. I think we need to hire some mercenaries to rid our streets of the thugs and gangs. Hire thugs to get rid ot thugs.. simple as that. like the Gurgas, they will get rid of the gangs real quick. No one screws with a Gurga.

  15. baby girl says:

    Mr. Jefferries is not only the problem in the police department. Those officers work under pressure, has limited materials to work with, salary is so small and don’t ask about the attitude of some of the ASSt. Compol especailly mr henderson. Mr. Hendersons treats his offices like animals….he only see the bad in them…What Doug need to do is take a questionaire from those officers and see what is really the problem why the department is the way it is.

  16. Janet says:

    I believe that by removing Mr. Jeffries it will assist in rising the morale of the police department. Mr. Jeffries is not cut out to be the Commissioner he could not even deal with a riot well. If Mr. Jefferies is removed someone with years of experience in the police department, good public relations, a masters degree and who is not being placed there because of political ties can fill the post well; not the officer that was in charge of Jaguar, he made the damn thing extinct. On a serious note, the Office of the Prime Minister needs to really search within the department and find a suitable person to head it, if they like I have some names in mind that I am certain will do a great job of rising morale in the department and at the same time would be able to better train the department on how to fight crime.

  17. Top dog says:

    send him go fishing yes, he don’t deserves to be there

  18. tim says:

    remove him and charge him for crime and corruption.

  19. J.Daniel Longsworth says:

    The problem is not mr jefferies. Belize have to really begin to consider capital punishment and changing the system. Police reform is needed ……People with money get away with murder in Belize.

  20. Elgin Martinez says:

    Removing the Compol won’t make any difference because thesame stone age Laws are still in place.You can’t use sling shot laws to convict someone that is killing people with grenades.I believe the Compol is taking heat when the main problem is the PM.This is the man that can make changes but he refuse to.As a result nothing is going to change because at the end of the day the Compol is just a messanger boy for the lame PM.

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