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Jul 15, 2010

Retrial ordered for brothers accused of murder

Jody Gentle

Lynton Gentle

A jury of four women and eight men deliberated late into Wednesday night on the murder trial of brothers, Jody and Lynton Gentle. At a few minutes after nine, the jurors emerged, but no decision had been reached. While it’s not a guilty verdict, a hung jury is still bad news for twenty-four year old Jody and twenty year old Lynton, who were further remanded to the Hattieville Prison pending a retrial. According to court prosecutor, Yohhahnseh Cave, a date for the retrial will be determined at the next sitting of the Supreme Court, which begins on October fifth. The brothers were accused of the broad daylight murder of twenty-two year old Alpheus Smith Junior.  Smith was fixing a flat tire on Curassow Street on the morning of June sixteenth, 2007 when a hail of bullets flew at him. He was hit eight times and two of the slugs stayed lodged inside his body. The main witness, Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, said he was in the area and saw Jody and Lynton shooting into the vehicle before running into Gibnut Street and then onto Antelope Street, where they lived at the time. Williams captured both brothers, who were armed with weapons matching the bullets that hit Smith. On the other hand, the brothers say they were not on Curassow Street at the time of the shooting, but called no alibi witnesses to corroborate that claim. There was, however, one witness, Brenton Budd, who testified that he saw Williams conceal a gun in the area on the morning of the shooting. The motive behind Smith’s murder was said to have stemmed from an old beef between rival gangs.

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8 Responses for “Retrial ordered for brothers accused of murder”

  1. Red Bear says:

    Where is the police ballistics laboratory? If the bullets scientifically match the gun, that’s the end of the story.

    And IF Mr. Brenton Budd committed perjury to save a friend or for money, he should be in the dock with the brothers, and exposed to the same penalty that they are.

    Belize must get serious with perjurers and false “amnesiacs.” Corrupt witnesses corrupt the justice system, and endanger the whole society.

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    Was Budd a friend of the accused or their gang cohort? Is it possible that the jurors feared retaliation? Good luck with the next trial. If we cannot convict murderers when the witness is a police officer & their only defense is that he is a liar, God help us. We need to hire nuns to police the streets. Never mind, they wear habits, a good hiding place for guns & will frame them too. Let’s hope the jurors can hit the ground fast enough after they fail to convict these angels at the next trial & the rival gang comes to take them out.

  3. maddyvandijk says:

    Get rid of these animals, they are no good for any decent society.

    there is an eye witness, perhaps two, no reason to let these animals out on the streets, kill them or give them life in prison.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    How is there a hung jury when the evidence against these two idiots is overwhelming.Something smell fishy someone is trying to get these murderers off.

  5. Proud Belizean says:

    hang them! we no have to feed them for the rest of their lives!

  6. Earl Grey says:

    maddyvandijk says:

    Get rid of these animals,……..NOT KNOWING THAT THEY ARE A REFLECTION OF HERSELF..

  7. Errol Gordon says:

    all those who have a heart knows it goes deeper than this these young men have a right to live did they commit a crime who knows is the police curupt everyone knows yes i belive everyone desivres a second changes and if you belive in god you must forgive these young men that is the problem with belize today if the police crack down on violence in the frist place there wouldnt be so many criminals creat jobs for the youths creat out reach for the youths i visted Belize last year and majority of the youths talking about robbing and killing these one or another because an idle mind is a devils workshop it didnt strat with these two and it wont end let these guys go

  8. Jarrette Jacobs says:

    All this crap people is talking about these young man is BS.What about the supposely only witness?HE IS HIDING SOMETHING because he know the young man that was killed.This whole thing is to framed these young men.The police said the kid that got shot had a gun also.THESE YOUNG MEN COULD HAVE BEEN DEFENDING THERE SELF.But belize police and government is so corrupted!!!!! There is something not right here.I think these young men have been framed.All this crap people is talking about these young men is BS the kid that got shot WHY DID HE HAVE A GUN TOO THAT TELLS ME HE WAS LOOKING TO KILL SOMEONE ALSO SOMEONE JUST GOT TO HIM FIRST!!!!!!!All this is BECAUSE the GOVERNMENT DIDNT DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT FROM THE CRIME RATE BEEN GOING UP THEY WANT THESE KIDS AND YOUNG ME TO KILL EACH OTHER.NOW ITS OUT OF HAND FOR THEM TO STOP IT SO THEY JUST WANT TO DUMP THEM IN JAIL OR HAVE THEM KILL EACH OTHER WHAT EVER COMES FIRST.Give these kids jobs give them something to do other than killing each other.DONT TRY TO PIN A MURDER CHARGE ON INNOCENT YOUNG MENS THEY WOULDNT BE MURDER IF THE GOVENMENT WASNT SO BAD.FREE THESE YOU MEN AND GO AFTER THE REAL MURDERER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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