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Jul 14, 2010

Belizeans for Justice postpone press conference amidst threats

yolanda schakron

Following receipt of a death threat on Tuesday by an executive of the group Belizeans for Justice the newly installed Minister of Police, Doug Singh, gave the organization his assurance that a press conference at the Radisson which was initially scheduled for today would be secured by members of the police department.  While the public has expressed its outrage at what most consider to be practice after race, founder Yolanda Shakron says they would not proceed as scheduled despite the minister‘s word.

Yolanda Shakron, Founding Member, Belizeans for Justice

“We have rescheduled this press conference for next Tuesday at the same time at the Radisson.  We have gotten, I have gotten a phone call from the CEO in the Ministry of Police, Mr. Lovell, and he said that he will provide us with security and so we decided that we will have a meeting with the executive this afternoon but I have spoken to everyone and they have decided that we will do it for next Tuesday.”

Isani Cayetano

“How do you interpret this situation in light of the fact that it had to be ventilated in the media before the minister and his ministry could step in to provide some kind of security for your event that was scheduled?”

Yolanda Shakron

“I believe that whoever is behind these threats it’s coming from, I can’t pinpoint but I think it’s from within the police department because I believe that they know that we were going to have this press conference and they knew that, you know, we were going to be asking for the removal of Mr. Jeffries.”

The press conference which has been deferred until Tuesday of next week will address the escalating crime situation and the organization will present recommendations to reduce the numbers of crime being committed in the city.  Among those recommendations is a request for the removal of Police Commissioner Crispin Jeffries.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Belizeans for Justice postpone press conference amidst threats”

  1. Strong Belizean women! says:

    1.“If our principles are right, why should we be cowards?”
    Lucrecia Mott (1793-1880)

  2. Maddyvandijk says:

    The show must go on.
    A check of records can quickly determine where the threats are coming from, if the threats were made by phone.

    start building a good relationship with the phone company, or have a live conference in a secret/private place with the media.

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    Every Belizean need to support this cause.As we all can see no one is immune from the malignant violence that is plaguing the jewel.Let’s not wait for one of us or another family member to become a statistic come on Belize we all need to support this cause.

  4. Commando says:

    I honestly don’t understand my belizean people,… yes, Jeffries is the man in charge, but it takes more than one man to straighten up things. Jeffries like any other past commissioner is working at his best with the limited resources we all know troubles the Police Department.

    Ok,… let’s kick out Jeffries,….. who’s next? AND by when should we kick him out too…?? Would this be the routine and our way of dealing with the escalating crime….Mein! I just don’t understand my peeps. Jeffries is a human being just like any one of us. Guys,…. superheroes don’t exist! It’s just fiction u’re seeing on movies! gush!

  5. madaras says:

    Mrs. Yolanda,

    Definitely, you are taking the right initiatives, and I would hope that all Belizeans support you 100%. I’ve known you and the Galvez family all my life, and I truely support what you are doing, not because I know you but because it is what good citizens are doing to better off our country.

    Mrs. Yolanda, bless yo heart for doing what is right…..or at least making an attempt to get result.

  6. Earl Grey says:

    YOLANDA is kinda cute too……

  7. Explorer says:

    Yolanda, you were right to reschedule the meeting; with members of Belizeans for Justice. Because safety must come first, when trying to be a “soldier of peace”; in this ugly war of greed and hate. It is obvious that those in the highest positions, within the Police department; have no intentions of working with the “VICTIMS” of crime and violence in Belize. Is it that their “2nd Paycheck” is coming from the “COWARDS”, who hide behind guns? Yes—COWARDS, because a HERO does not need weapons to do good.
    Belizeans cannot just sit back, and do nothing. These actions are hurting one of Belize’s most important industry— Tourism, and our most important asset—our children..
    May the Lord guide each and every member of Belizeans for Justice.

  8. garnaches says:

    Thank you for that, Commando!
    I am looking forward to the day Jeffries publishes his memoir.
    Kudos to Mr. Jeffries for hanging in there this long. I know I couldn’t do his job.

  9. Star says:

    I have always supported the group Belizeans for Justice, however, the credibility of this group, begins to get shattered whenever Ms. Shakron makes direct attacks against Crispin Jefferies. She dosen’t seem to want justice anymore, she wants Crispin’s head on a platter. Her heart doesn’t seem filled with hurt anymore, it’s filled with hate, and you can see it in her eyes when she speaks. I am one in support of Justice, but when it’s lead by people with a hidden agenda and so much hate inside of them, that’s where i draw the line. this group needs to select a better representative.

  10. belizeanpride says:


    this is my point of view. your asking why should the kick jeffries out, simple because from the time of his term in place he hasn’t been able to control his police dep. alot of things have happen concerning rogue cops, what has he done to fix it. they just lay them off a few weeks and put them back to work like nothing happen. actually people have seen he’s not the person who can control his dep. things happens under his very nose, he must either ignore it or actually can’t do nothing because he’s lacking something.

  11. garnaches says:

    Well said, star.

  12. jesse says:

    remove who?the poeple willhave power to remove a bad police off the street-a crook politician-minister,etc, when the people get the power to RE-CALL its leaders-they will be able to do such things.police?when eaach town hires and fires police-and not when police are apointed by crook police,etc

  13. jesse says:

    people tha is.

  14. Commando says:

    My Beautiful Belizeanpride:
    The corruption currently plaguing the Police Department is by no means due to the lack of leadership by Jeffries. He has lots to do with it, but you must remember that all officers under him are full grown adults and not kids! It would be foolish to expect Jeffries to have his department under total control. Hey, not even our present PM or any of our previous PMs have had full control of their own ministers! come on! We live in a democratic country and that by itself says a lot!

    Question: Why do u think CUBA doesn’t have a problem with crime? — hey, Fidel just needs to say ‘desapareselo’ (regardless of the court’s decision) and that rogue cop will never be seen again,… and who the hell you think will complain? Family members? Relatives? Close friends?— lol. maybe, but in SILENCE. WHY? simply because Cuba is a COMMUNIST country and FIDEL is in the man in charge, he is without doubt in FULL COMMAND of not only the police and army but of the entire island! Why do u think he’s known as the Commandante en Jefe? Try that in Belize and u’ll hear lot’s of crap from human right activists.


  15. JusticeOfThePeace says:

    Is that Mr. Star from Santa Elena? Hm? I don’t think you would write such a thing… Belizeans for Justice is doing a thing! Keep talking and voicing your opinions!

    God bless

  16. Iheartmilf says:

    Yolanda Shackron is a very vocal and concerned member of BFJ and MILF. She should be commended for her efforts.

  17. Earl Grey says:

    When will she run for office???

  18. Top dog says:

    Crime would not stop by just talking, man hungry out of road. the government need to do something as soon as possible. all those killing that is happening is the cause of OLD BEEF a person wont shot a next person for noting put 1 and 1 together. it takes heart to walk up to a person and kill him/her for no reason worst if you not even know that person, come on people put on your thinking caps! realize what is happening. No education + No jobs = Crime ( rape, robbery, extortion, drug addicts etc.)

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