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Jul 14, 2010

Chubby cops need to lighten up; no offense says minister

doug singh

Minister Singh also says he wants to give the Police Department a complete overhaul and that will include officers who are on the heavy side a leaner look.  Today he told us that his line last week about “cops with their guts hanging out” was not meant to offend anyone but merely to urge them to lighten up.

Doug Singh, Minister of Police

“It was in context of a whole respect and disciplinary structure that I think policemen must operate under.  They must be able to gain respect from the general public and I have heard it out there where people make comments that that policeman couldn’t chase me anywhere.  Unfortunately it’s a problem and there are many reasons for the problem.  There are fitness requirements within the Police Department that I do not believe is being exercised or being executed the way it should be.  There are good policemen that may not be in the best of shape and there are other policemen who may be not so good that may not be in the best of shape.  I’d hate to lose my staff over an issue like that, but I do want to challenge them to improve on that and to a great extent they don’t have the kid of resources to do it – to join a gym.  They don’t have a gym facility to be able to take care of themselves and I am committed to try to do what I can to ensure that those facilities go in place to help to develop the kind of healthy lifestyle that’s good for them and good for the department.”

Marion Ali

“Right now it’s just a criticism.  After this, will it be a requirement?”

Doug Singh

“We will have to re-evaluate the process because I’m told that there’s a fitness process and then I’m getting yes, it exists.  I said is it enforced? I’m going like yes – and then I hear no.  So I’m not really sure what the answer is but certainly I need to get to the bottom of it.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “Chubby cops need to lighten up; no offense says minister”

  1. Mick says:

    The Minister is right! Cops with bulging bellys are not fit to serve and they offer no esthetic value whatsoever! There is also an issue of health involved here. So, if they consider thenmselves to be career, and I mean professional, policemen, it is not too late to take the proper steps.

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    Totally agree with mr Sigh.What happen to personal pride?No one shouldn’t ask these Campari belly cops to stay in shape,that for their own health.

  3. Linna says:

    Finally a high ranking personnel recognize the bogus overweight that those cops carry. Their weight shows signs of “lazy and ignorant, good for nothing but sitting down and drinking cops” I use to wonder if they get paid to get fat and have several wives of which most are abused.


    I agree that a lot needs to be done about the personal fitness and attire of not just the Belizean policemen, but many other citizens. But really Mr. Minister, you should also tackle another serious health problem that’s plaguing the Police department.) I’m talking about ALCOHOL ABUSE! I think people are more disturbed by DRUNKEN cops holding firearms, than the sight of their guts hanging over their pants. I know that the abuse of alcohol is not limited to your department as you can find such unhealthy habit among High ranking political figures, as well as the little man who can barely afford to feed his family.

    But first, WE HAVE A MORE PRESSING ISSUE AT HAND: The lack of public safety in Belize is widespread and BELIZEAN CHILDREN DESERVE A SAFER BELIZE. CHILDREN ARE GETTING SHOT, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD MINISTER SINGH! ASSIGN SOMEONE ELSE TO LOOK AFTER THE POLICEMEN’S PERSONAL ATTIRE AND PHYSICAL FITNESS. You were SELECTED by the PM, to be the Minister of Police because your predecessor was useless and more than 200 young men were buried under his tenure. Before elections, your party, our new Government, was quite aware of the crime situation in Belize. The UDP won the general elections BECAUSE of your promise to do something about crime, FIRST AND FOREMOST.
    As Belizeans, we are not so afraid of poverty, ‘haad times’ or the current economic depression we’re now facing, as much as we are afraid of the blatant, broad daylight gun war, descending upon even our innocent kids! That should have been the first thing, Minister Singh, you condemn when you came on the news last night: THE EXECUTION OF AN 8 YEAR OLD CHILD, AT HOME, WHEN MOST BELIZEANS WERE HAVING LUCH! You should have ADDRESSED MARQUIS’ FAMILY, and promise the general public that you will PERSONALLY see to it that Marquis does not just become another murder statistic! Contrary to what you may believe Minister Singh, you HAVE TO prove yourself to us, because you were hand selected for that task only. We have been very patient with the many ineffective, taxpayers’ money – consuming set hired by this administration!

  5. Earl Grey says:

    Mr. SINGH needs to show respect for his police constables. He could have addressed the “problem” in a better way. No need to kill moral for a force that is so battered. He needs to be more “UPLIFTING and ENCOURAGING”. He needs to act like a leader…. NOT A BULLY.

  6. Earl Grey says:

    WHERE IS THE MAYOR????????????????

  7. Correction: Well said Earl Grey, not Elgin says:

    Well said Earl Grey, all this could have been done privately. Minister Singh is the one who’s being ‘UNINSPIRING’ here by publicly and unapologetically, making such an irresponsible comment. That’s a sensitive issue and is best handled privately. Such comment is not just insulting towards the overweight cops, but also the Department in general. Remember these men have family, sons and a few citizens who still look up to them. Imagine how the Minister would feel if the Police Department were to inadvertently bring up the Minister’s questionable pass about his involvement in that passport scandal?

  8. Star says:

    Minister isn’t too far away from having a pot belly either!

  9. mr. ok says:

    A gym is good for the police yes but no one is seeing it the other way. Police Men work shift and some of them have family it will be stressful and sometimes inconvinient for them. also u need a trainer u just cant just go to a gym and exersise u will hurt urself also u will need to eat properly and cost a living is already high here. there are factors the public is not looking into and the god already say no money deh, Two side to a story

  10. lany says:

    Well said Mr. Non Elected Minister…. they do have to lighten up… That is why a lot of people are getting shot. If i can catch you. Shot you!!!. But please take in consideration that they also need an attitude check, course in professionalism and good manners. Most of these cops don’t know how to address someone. they talk to you and demean you. This has to stop. They make good citizen ” go an SILLY”. Please i know the fitness regime may take a while but attitude check is a more realistic goal.

  11. Better health minister? says:

    Perhaps the new SELECTED Mninster would be of more use in the Ministry of Health, bcause in the midst of ALL THE HEINOUS CRIMES, his major concern has been the policemen’s pot belly, and sloppy attire.

  12. maddyvandijk says:

    Belize is a fat country, unfortunately belizeans have long since considered ” FAT” as a sign of good living. That tradition is a lie, a lie that caused many deaths, and sorrows even today.

    As far as I am concerned these over weight police officers have no regards or respect for their uniforms, they should be forced to diet, get rid of the weight , shape up, or ship out.
    well said my Singh.

  13. ronzy says:

    Cops with huge stomachs and near obesity needs to be given time off to exersize if its necessary. They should be fit enough to do their jobs and provide an image. If not keep them off the streets, working in and around the station. Personally I see where mr. Singh is coming from but he must be more professional and put this as a rule to the comisssioner who should pass it on in briefings e.t.c.

  14. Manford says:

    We are to a great extent what we eat, this has been established over and over. It has also been established that so-call soft drinks with their abondant of clories is bad for good health. We are consern about over wieght but we continue to drink large quantities all these distructive soda. yet we wonder why daibetis is on the rise even amongst the youth. We feed the young child all these poison and expect them to be healthy. If it was not for the ability of the body to fight back day after day the population would have been terrible reduced as aresult of the poison we put in our body on a daily basis.

    We live in the tropic and we drink the uposit to keep cool, which is to put sugar in our systems, a bottle of coke or Pepsi with approximately 17 teaspoon of sugar. Nature provided the tropic with fresh fruits for us to eat to keep us cool, but we set it aside to eat and drink synthetic substances. why don’t we develop canning industry to cultivate and make industry out of the many wonderful fruits that nature has blessed us with in the tropic. Instead we pay royalty to get to bottle as these killers that end up overwhelming the medical establishment as a result or cronic illnesses caused by these synthetic substances. Take a study of the liver and see what happen to it as it try to fight off the attach of a drink of run and coke. I read a recent article on longevity, which shows that because of the eating habits of the Seventh Day Adventist people they live an average of eight years longer than the general poplulation.

    To eat well is more than just to feel full.Every vitamin and menirals plays a definite function on our well being. Our ability to deal with stress in a balance manner has a lot to do with how well nourished our bodies are. I believe that the Minister did the right thing by voicing this in the public domain so that these cops are aware of how the public see them. Many years ago under the British rule, most police officers where men of goog stature. Just their presense demanded respect; now it seem as if though any Johnny and Jane come lately can be accepted into the police force, mentally as well as physically. Lets call a spade, a spade, if the cap fits pull the string. What happen to personal ambition in our physical appearance?

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