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Jul 8, 2010

Star of wedding show badly injured in accident

julio escalante

Twenty-three year old Julio Escalante remains bedridden at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after suffering multiple fractures during a near fatal traffic mishap on Wednesday.  Escalante who is to wed Vanessa Ramos in our reality show, From Yes to I Do, was hit by a vehicle on Central American Boulevard shortly after one o’clock in the afternoon while he was riding his bicycle to work.  According to Leonard Lewis, the driver of the green Geo Tracker, he suffered an epileptic fit behind the wheel of his vehicle which caused him to run over Escalante.  The local reality star was rushed to the K.H.M.H. in an unconscious state where doctors performed a series of tests which confirmed that he broke his hip and jaw.  He also dislocated his shoulder and received numerous scrapes and bruises to the face.  The couple has a young child and Julio is the sole bread winner of the family. His fiancée Vanesa Ramos gave an update of his condition.

Vanessa Ramos, Fiancée of Julio Escalante

“He is still in a critical condition but the family is praying you know.  His pelvic is broken, his shoulder is fractured and his jaw is broken.  So far we know that tomorrow he will be undergoing surgery for his jaw.  Everybody, we’re praying for him, we hope you guys keep him in your prayers.”

Isani Cayetano

What are the results of the CT Scans and other tests that were ran on him yesterday saying?

Vanessa Ramos,

“The CT Scan yesterday when we talked to the, spoke to the doctor, said that so far they haven’t seen anything but they have to give him another one between twenty-four to forty-eight hours just to double check you know, to make sure that nothing appears because sometimes injuries like those appear within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after so.  Hopefully, right now we’re praying for the best.  So far it’s all good and we hope it keeps that way you know.Yesterday with the CT Scans only and the X-rays and so we mih done reach eight change you know and uhm we know ih gone fih more X-ray last night so so with surgery tomorrow and wi noh, I noh so sure how high ih wah get.  Mi sister-in-law mostly dih deal wid the medical bills and so and also the driver agreed to help out you know, so that’s the best about it and of course social as well you know.”

Julio and Vanesa are a month and a half away from getting married.  The wedding is scheduled to air live on Channel Five on August twenty-first.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “Star of wedding show badly injured in accident”

  1. maddyvandijk says:

    vanesa, I am not trying to minimized Julio pain here, but
    are these the specific words of the doctor “he is in a critical condition”?

    So far Julio CT scan is negative, and no trauma is visible in his brain, the rest of his injuries is minor compared to swelling in the brain then how can he be in a critical condition at this moment while laying there without life support, and just a few pieces of facial bandage ?

    he was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state with a broken pelvis, a fractured/broken jaw, how are these injuries critical to his present life?

    well anyway, glad the man is feeling some remorse over what he did to Julio and is contributing finacially in his own way……………………..see, not everyone is heartless in Belize afterall.

  2. Antonette says:

    Maddy, Accident does happen. Julio is in a stable but critical condition at this time. His heartrate has slowed down since yesterday. He is presently undergoing another CT Scan. Not because a person is not on life support means that all is well. You and I are neither doctors nor God. None of us know exactly what Julio is presently feeling right now sometimes test does not show injuries right away even though they are there. This picture of Julio on the net may seem to be pieces of facial bandages to you but what lies under the is unknown at this time. Please keep all your negativity to yourself as both families try to get through this ordeal as we had tried to place ourselves in your families position as well. With God’s willing finance will come.

  3. annita says:

    Hey maddy your words are not nice if it was only you and some one said what you said how would you like it. Instead you should say you will pray and hope the best for them remember they also have a young child and great plans for their future. Please keep you no good comments to yourself

  4. Fearful of Belize says:

    If you don’t know nothing about injuries and you are not a medical personnel you should look before you leap, Any bruising to the brain can kill you even a concussion stupid.

  5. Empress says:

    yes maddy your an …. I hope that he comes out of all the pain and get better cause I want them to get married and move on with a life time of happiness cause you deserve it okay very cute family of there own and this young man is a nice person not no killer out there so you maddy should shet yo mouth up cause nothing good fi you. I hope for the best V and J and ur baby. I am someone just like you with one baby and a wify to be. That man should be charge hard too cause by law he is not in health to be driving I would let him suffer the consequence cause that is the reason a doctor should certify if your in good health to get a driving license.

  6. A Friend says:

    hi Maddy if you haven’t or do not know what the word critical means then please keep your your nasty comments to yourself …this family does not need to be torture by your ugly and mean comments, they’re already facing and going through enough.. you know your brother is in the wrong for driving a vecicle if its really true this is is conition… i visited Julio at the hospital and saw his injures and the pain he going through so how can you sit there saying stuff you have’nt seen, feel or know exactly is true..anyway my prays are with Julio and his family he has a bright future to look forward to with his wife litlle daughter and also his family….

  7. Shar says:

    Maddi… u r heartless and COLD…. Mr. Lewis has not in no way given Mr. Escalante’s financial help for the injuries that he has suffered.. not even a cent… and if and when he does… money cannot repay for the injuries dat my brother has incurred due to the rectlessness of Mr. Lewis. My brother was schedule to do surgery dis morning but has been postponed due to complications etc. His heart rate has slowed down.. his lungs are in a bad condition and more difficulties are being face due to the severity of his injuries. It is a miracle that my brother has survived and we are grateful to God and pray that he makes it thru! His family, his fiancee and daughter needs him and love him very much! My dear, at this moment we ourselves do not know the outcome of his injuries as with the doctor.
    Tell Mr. Lewis to go straight to Universal Hospital and pay the $5,000 deposit for my brother’s admittance and then u can say he has contributed! Until then keep ur “lies” and “no good comments” to the heartless person u are!
    The picture dat u have seen here… is noting like the real thing. “Minor facial injuries and few broken bones” a slap in d face! One might say….it must be an “idiot” or “stupid” person that has written such negativity! My dear i hope u never have to experience a vehicle knocking u down, then run u over and over several times and dragging u several feet where a vehicle had to come infront to make the other vehicle stop…. even for the heartless person u are… i do not wish this upon you. Our family has been patient and trying to be understanding… as this can happened to anyone…..
    Instead of making negative and dumb comments, pray to “God” for his full recovery!.

  8. unknown says:

    to be honest i think if they leave julio at KHMH he will definately not survive. pls someone do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. beauty mami says:

    Dis maddy person always have negative crap fu seh..if da nuh politics he talk bout da sum ada crap whe neva relevant to the situation..sound very uneducated to me…one ah these days eh wa be he ina the situation n then i hope eh wa kud tek wat ppl have fu seh to ah…silly man…if u nuh wa seh nuttin fu benefit adas or uself then kip yo mouth shet…lawd

  10. egbert says:

    Best wishes to Mr. Escalante and his family.
    Life is a gift & a privilege we should cherish.

  11. Louisville Ky says:

    Empress, I agree with you. Anyone with such medical conditions should not even be driving in the first place. He should not even have a valid drivers liscence.

  12. Maria says:

    Hi Cuz, we are praying for Julio and we know that the good Lord will heal him and he will be at his wedding. Just be strong and have faith in God cause he knows the good people. All will be well soon he will be on his foot and sharing his big smile with everyone and he usually does. Be strong and take care of your baby, he will come out of this for his little girl cause she needs him. Take care and we will keep you alll in our prayers.

    Love always Maria and the Ramos family in Belama

  13. Islander says:

    Maddy is a pretty dumb person. If you read her or his comments you can always see that he or she writes as what we call a “keyboard commando”. Always knows everything that is to know about everything.

    Maddy I once saw a guy get punched in his temple and die. There were zero visible signs of violence to the lay person. If I would have walked into him on the ground I would have thought that he probably had a heart attack, but what happened is that the amount of force caused enough brain damage to kill him without him spilling a drop of blood.

    Stop the Keyboard commando attitude when commenting and you will seem a wee bit smarter maddy.

  14. Earl Grey says:

    maddy just shoots from the lip….. w/o thinking!!!!

  15. Charlotte Yearwood Martin says:

    The driver unfortunately suffered an epileptic fit at the wheel, a true mishap.
    I hope that Belize have some regulations in place that this young man will be banned from driving for One Year, and after this time he would be evaluated by a doctor to assess this health status before he goes back on the road. This is not to punish him, since he couldn’t have predicted when he would have had a fit. During the driving suspension the frequency of the attacks, and his response to any medication should be monitored.

    It will protect him as well as the general public. This time he was lucky because he was driving in the city, just image if he was driving at a higher speed on the highways? I should also point out that this ban should also apply to people who suffer a stroke or heart attack.

  16. Earl Grey says:

    Islander says:

    Maddy is a pretty dumb person. If you read her or his comments you can always see that he or she writes as what we call a “keyboard commando”. Always knows everything that is to know about everything. ————NOW IT’S COMMON KNOWLEDGE!!!!!

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