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Jul 8, 2010

Deputy Mayor ‘Philloughby’ now highest ranking U.D.P. in City Council

philip willoughby

The UDP’s expulsion of Belize City’s first female Mayor, Zenaida Moya Flowers, has severe implications for the management of the City Council.  Moya had thirty days to appeal her expulsion from the party. She sent a letter to the ethics and integrity committee, however, it was not a formal appeal, and so hopes of her rejoining the party were smothered. But how do ten elected U.D.P. councilors work along with an independent mayor at the helm? Will the Deputy Mayor unofficially run City Hall with the blessings of the Central Government? That’s what News Five posed to Deputy Mayor Philip Willoughby today.

Philip Willoughby, Deputy Mayor, Belize City

“Independently there shouldn’t be any disruption of the people business that has to be dealt with.”

Jose Sanchez

“But dealing with central government and having certain issues that they want dealt with; you are the deputy mayor, there’s no other U.D.P. higher than you in the council, isn’t that so?”

Philip Willoughby

“I am entitled to one vote just as any other council member because we hold one vote. I believe that ideas that are promulgated, as long as it is in the best interest of the people, I believe consideration has to be given there. We have to be practical as well as logical and within the law and we move from there. But as long as it is in the best interest of the people and it is sanctioned from within the party likewise, if it comes that way then we move forward.”

Jose Sanchez

“So you don’t think you will feel any pressure from the party or from your council for guidance for the City Council itself because it was a U.D.P. government and a U.D.P. council that was elected?”

Philip Willoughby

“Any decision hat is voted upon via resolution of the council, it is promulgated from the philosophy and the principles of the party. That is the ticket that we ran on and that is the majority that is in the council.”

Jose Sanchez

“Now, looking forward to 2012, the next  election, does this then push your ambition then being that you are the highest ranking member, perhaps you would also seek that seat of mayor?”

Philip Willoughby

“I believe, fundamentally speaking and looking at political climates and sentiments of the people, if it is the wish of the party, they can one; have a discussion, two; it could be vice versa and I could say to the party that based on what is there I would like an opportunity to serve in that particular capacity, but likewise you know there is the process of the convention and that type of thing. So with blessing of the party to move forward, I would definitely look at that as well as if I have the blessing of the people to move forward. It’s the people who ultimately would elect that individual to that particular post and if it is not me and the party needs and sees fit that someone else holds the post, I support that individual.”

Jose Sanchez

“Now, there has been division in the council in the past and you were considered to be in Moya’s camp. Now, when it comes to a possible reinstatement down the road, it seems that has passed, would you be up to say that you know what I vote that she should be accepted back in the party if it would reach that point?”

Philip Willoughby

“I believe that is a matter for the ethics committee and the party itself and let it be dealt with at that level.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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24 Responses for “Deputy Mayor ‘Philloughby’ now highest ranking U.D.P. in City Council”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    Imagine if he learned to dress like a professional. He could maybe be PM one day. The Polo shirts and baseball caps are not professional, nor Statesman-like. The people in the banks don’t dress like that. The responsible administrators don’t dress like that…. LOOK AROUND!!!

  2. Junito says:

    Dodo bird..simple as that

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    Philip get promotion,more money fe dah Campari and less money fe the Sanitation workers.No wonder there is an increase in garbage accumulation around the city.


    Maybe the P.M.wants Moya to quit so that his Ex-wife or present wife can be the new Mayor , everything in Belize is a conspiracy.

  5. Donna says:

    The “S” on his cap has to stand for Stupid! That’s the most confused and inarticulate person I have heard from. Did he really win elections?

  6. ezran says:

    Hey top man for what?
    willoihby must learn to dress professional not like a raga mufin. Respect because people are watching around.

  7. Belize City resident says:

    Guys, please,.. I have heard criticisms on the way he dresses and advices that he should dress like a professional… but the question remains… why should he dress professional??? I argue, let’s encourage him to enroll in English courses first, so he may learn to better explain himself and sound less confused then, upon satisfactory achievement, let him dress accordingly.
    To you Jose Sanchez, do u really understand his responses?? cause honestly, I think it’s just a bunch of random words put together… oh and let’s not comment on those few ‘expensive’ words he uses,.. I mean tries using.
    Come on Phillip, let me feel proud of my Deputy Mayor,.. learn to speak well, then try dressing professional… if u do that, then I’ll vote for you (again). Promise.

  8. CEO says:

    Willoughby is well spoken and even though his clothes may not be appropreate for a formal gathering I must say it is fine for the time and the place. It is hot in Belize and he no doubt needs a covering for his head.

    I hope Zanaida take care of her accounting practices and come back strong and win another election.

    Why didn’t the UDP go after the last mayor and get back that $275 thousand he was playing Robbinhood with instaed of treating there own this was.

    Hang in there Z they will need you yet!

  9. Belize City resident says:

    “I am entitled to one vote just as any other council member because we hold one vote. I believe that ideas that are promulgated, as long as it is in the best interest of the people, I believe consideration has to be given there. We have to be practical as well as logical and within the law and we move from there. But as long as it is in the best interest of the people and it is sanctioned from within the party likewise, if it comes that way then we move forward.”……………………………………………………………………………………….. I still don’t get it! What he meant with that?? kindly rephrase, anyone?
    Hey, I got a plan,.. I’ll let my STD VI nephew analyze it for me,.. maybe he can understand it at that level,… kudos to all…. and for you Phillip,… take summer courses in English!

  10. Belizean Observer says:

    Boy, it seems that there r no positive remarks on Willouby. I wonder if something is wrong

  11. Tyadia says:

    Actually … I like his clothes. It gives a humble, approachable aura about him. I can’t stand the politicians with the guayaberas, thick gold chains .. eek. mafia-ish.
    Willoughby outfit suggests, “I’m with the people, I’m with the common man.”

    He’s developed a signature look and that’s fun in politics. I dig it.
    As for the English, understandable it’s a bit convoluted. Hell, Creole dah dih man fus language. Latta people dah Belize cyaan talk propah English. I know I much betta writing English than speaking it.

    Maybe he should’ve explained himself in Creole instead. But I got the gist of it.
    He can’t really answer to speculation. He couldn’t really give Jose what he wanted at this time. And, emphasizing the whole “it is in the hands of the people” thing is good political rhetoric.

    He’s young. Give the creole bway wah break, noh? Keep working hard, Willoughby.

  12. Fearful of Belize says:

    What’s new in belize politician are corrupted except for Mesopetania representative he is real. and that’s what politician’s should be. He is a shining example of what a true minister is . Go Finnirgan. I have been in belmopam in line waiting to see the minister when people come in without appointment peak in the door as for the minister and they get seen right away, even whit knuckles if you what white knuckles mean, thank you. Then you are told you have to wait after 2 days of waiting another thing your paper works are lost. There is a lot of empolyees who need to know work ethics and in dealing eith customers who are paying helping to make their paycheck possible

  13. news flash says:

    Newsflash everyone. I understand that Mark King is back, and running for Mayor. Seems the udp is scared of this as king now holds the best chance of winning the mayoral seat. I hear the PM is seeking to bring him and make him the mayor after what the udp did to him. We are all looking at something the udp is using to distract us. Mark king is coming and mark my words belizeans have fell in love with this guy after he made all this happen 2 years ago. Remember the party did not kick out king only moya. OPEN UR EYES. DONT GO FOR THE DECOY, BARROW DA TRICKS

  14. genie says:

    Mark King, now u di talk my language, that guy is a hero and i da PUP and i wa vote fi he always, he stood up against his own party to tell us the truth, got punished died and was burried, now he rise again 3 yrs later just like jesus did. Mark king u r my hero. I will always vote for you. and b a good mayor ok. You gave us a reason to trust you. dont do like moya, remember u will need the people again. We love u mark. done seh it

  15. Louisville Ky says:

    Whoever needs a primary school student to decipher what Phillip is saying, probably needs to go back to primary school themselves.

  16. melvin ivan says:

    “its already in the second term of the moya clan at city hall and nothing has been done,the city is a mess,and with filoby{ phillip willouby] he is the same … ,he is in charge of sanitation- and we can see the city full of garbage ,which he can’t control, so how can we expect him to run city hall? The only ting he is good at is collect his big chek……….and with mark king he will be DEAN BARROWS’ puppet ,watch and see ,BARROW WAN TRICK US BAK AGAIN” WE CAN ONLY IMAGINE THE POSIBILITIES,BECAUSE EVERY THING HAS GOTTEN WORST UNDER THE UDP.

  17. EarlGray says:

    He could still dress like a professional, like a public adminstrator; after all he does work for the people. If he ran his own business….. he can dress like he now does.

  18. EarlGray says:

    Mark KING dresses like a professional.

  19. Jason says:

    Which ever party Zenaida associates with I will support her. Philip just needs to work with Z who di people vote as mayor and he will do fine by di people.

  20. Tyadia says:

    Okay. The superman hat is his thing. We can’t scrap the hat. I like a sense of humor.
    The shirt. It appears to be a long sleeved button down shirt — professional attire, right?
    The gold chain … we could do away with that.

  21. God? says:

    Does that complete retard think that wearing that superman cap will become like his catch thing? his gimmick? This guy is a damn embarrassment to Belize and Belizeans. CEO, you damn sympathizer; Belizeans like you make me sick.

  22. Re: Tyadia says:

    It should not be acceptable that our politicians are intellectually challenge. He is basically setting an example to school children that it is o.k. to not be able to speak proper English, which is the official language of Belize, and you are supporting this type of mediocrity.

  23. Terre says:

    Sounds like the UDP Party is Corrupt.
    Do they have any Facts on wrong doing of this Mayor.

    I think she saw the Problems of the UDP Parties and has a lot to tell the people of Belize.

    Belize is getting worst if the UDP Party was doing it s Jobs , Belize would be getting
    Better, a Lot, not a little bit with Papaya deal.

    We need to come together and as group and Kick corruption out of Gov’t.

    Love Fellow Belizean Tere

  24. City administrator says:

    Look u all, I am in here and this deputy mayor and mayor are playing the same tune, so if the UDP wants to kick them out let them do it. Superman can fly away with the glitter gurl that has lost all glitter. Now back to that Mark King, We all doubted him and he was punished and punished hard by the udp, but they did not kick him out, now he is coming back for mayor we should all support him cause he was the one who told us all this before the election and the udp tried to shut him up.
    He is a peoples person and stood up for us to give us the facts. We need more of Mark King, he will get my vote for mayor for sure… Big up Mr. King…..

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