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Jul 8, 2010

Creepy details of abuse of minor revealed in court

Andres Bailey

In court this morning, more horrendous details were revealed about the sexual molestation of a seven year old Ladyville boy by Andres Bailey. The eighteen year old accused sexual offender was arraigned this morning and charged with committing an unnatural crime, aggravated assault and grievous harm. The court prosecutor objected to bail saying that there is a likelihood that the accused may interfere with the child. Bail was denied and Bailey will next return to court on September eighteenth. The report given by the seven year old is disturbing and he had to be hospitalized and placed under anesthesia when he was examined by the doctor. Police became aware of the heinous crime last Friday. The child claimed that on June twenty-fifth Bailey sexually molested him at his aunt’s house. But he also spoke of another incident back in June of last year, on his aunt’s birthday. The boy claimed that his stepfather asked him to get a pair of tennis from a parked truck and that it was while he was getting the tennis that Bailey beckoned him. The child said that he delivered the tennis shoe and when he returned Bailey covered his mouth and molested him threatening that if he told anyone he would be badly beaten. The molestation, according to the child, continued.

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30 Responses for “Creepy details of abuse of minor revealed in court”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    We need to educate our children about inappropriate touching by adults, and that they should tell some adult that they trust immediately, if such touching occurs. This child waited …. more than one year…… Through repeated abuses ……… WHY???? Now what mental treatment is available to him??? And WHO first molested Andres Bailey??????????

  2. Melanie C B says:

    This S.O.B. I hope that when he goes to prison that he gets gang ……back there. There is a special place for you in hell; you ruined an innocent child’s life!

  3. maddyvandijk says:

    What a piece of trash, this man should be castrated, and then lynched in public.

    bad genetics, too bad there are no lifeguards in the gene pool.

    this was not his first sexual molestation, i hope he gets exactly what he deserve.

  4. Proud Belizean says:

    You’re a disgrace to the Human race…good thing you will have enough time on remand to pay for the sin…coward! I hope wa big one the wait for u!

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    Come on my Bwai you could have walk to Raul’s rose Garden and get something.Shame on you brother.

  6. deedee says:

    Punishment should be Death by a Firing Squad. No remorse or excuse for this a%$hole.

  7. macal rivera says:

    Oh how I wish I could hold to this man!! look at that face, horrible person son of satan, For the love of the child KILL this man, shot this man, anybody everybody somebody wipe him away from the face of the earth. I appeal to the prisioners in Jail, give this man a dose of what he did to the child, then cut his throat, but please kill him.


  8. Earl Grey says:

    How much more of this is going on IN BELIZE??????????

  9. D says:

    u all need to just calm down. the LORD will take care of Him. if the Lord doesn’t take his life now, he will have a place of eternal torment forever. what we all need to do is pray for the little boy that he may get through this rough period in his life. no doubt this has ruined him, but prayers once meant from a broken and contrite heart the Lord will hear and deliver this child from the mind set that he has been placed in after this abuse. May our Lord send an angel to minister to this little boy and give him a peace of mind and comfort that he needs…… In Jesus name…..

  10. Proud Belizean says:

    That is the question of the day Earl. Sadly…this might not even be the tip of the iceberg yet.

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    What’s so bad about this incident is that this little boy’s identity is not going to be protected.The cops and the nurses at the hospital are going to be the one to disclose his identy.

  12. belizeaninterest says:

    Thank goodness you guys finally put the picture of the the pervert up.



  13. belizeaninterest says:

    D sorry but I am pretty sure THE LORD wants us to start protecting our children after all he made us them to his image

  14. Lori says:

    how can he do this to a baby. the court should punish him by death. Earl Grey , a person that is molested is to afarid or to ashed to say something right away, so they need time to speak up.

  15. BM says:

    Where are the parents? Don’t trust anyone with your children. Again I say it “Parents are neglecting their kids”. The devil is hard at work and yet parents don’t want to understand the danger out there. You walk the streets of Belize and its a shame to see some children begging……..why social department can’t pick them up and see whats happening in that family for the child to be on the streets. PARENTS do your duty. It is our duty to protect our children until they become of age. Protect them physically, mentally and emotionally. It is these same neglected children that are plaguing our society with all the crimes. In order for our society to change, the Human Department needs to visit these at risk families……take away their children…..and have the government raise and educate them to be better citizens since their parents can’t do their job.

  16. Peace says:

    he should be castrated ….

  17. Elgin Martinez says:

    Eye for an eye that dah weh hein need.Bun fire pan the Child molesta.

  18. egbert says:

    This scenario is bad. It is not about the devil or the lord. It is a mixture of poor supervision by parents and the lack of communication to children about sex and predators.

    Too many parents are reluctant to discuss the facts of life with their kids and so these situations will re-occur. People stop being embarassed to speak or educate your your children about sex and all the sickos walking around and somtimes living in you house.

  19. Life says:

    Karma is not far away !!!

  20. BZNinCALI says:

    The Government can’t keep track of evidence needed to convict guilty murderers & pushers in court, we cannot expect them to protect the kids. That is our job as parents. Unfortunately this child was with an adult who sent him outside to run an errand & didn’t look out for him. It is every adults job to look after the children in our community because when a molester runs out of readily available victims, they will come after ours.

    Earl, of course someone molested him & probably other children in that family & like everything else in Belize, it was covered up. We need a collective conscience to shame people into doing the right thing.

    So what if the nurses run their mouths, the neighbors & his family were aware of this pervert’s proclivities, they looked the other way, this child has nothing to be ashamed of. There are still too many people in Belize who find humor & literally believe in that old saying”No hair to gray hair”. Our boys are just as vulnerable as our daughters & we need to stop being stupid.

    Until families stop protecting & lying for these worthless MFs, we can expect this behavior to escalate. If a grown man can’t find a friend of consenting age to play with he has two palms & their ten companions.

  21. Manford says:

    Just one more display of mental illness in the society. Hard to understand how a grown person can hurt a innosent child, but unfortunately it happen. Note however that their are many other kinds of hurt that children go through that society turn a blind eye to. We are seeing the maturation of such hurt the way young people are killing each other with what seem to be no remorse. No emotion of guilt feelings.

  22. Lany says:

    Don’t Blame the parents for other people sins. Lay the blame where it should be on this pervert.. AND no this doesn’t mean dat the parents are not parenting Bad things can happen to anyone.. And yes the victims don’t speak right away.. some victims take this to their grave.. now imagine a little boy (still a baby) I hope the pervert gets life in prison and maybe get a dose of his own medicine… Messing up a baby’s life!!!

  23. Maddyvandijk says:

    When parents takes care of their children it lower the rates of bad things such as this from happening to our kids.

    When parents in belize start taking responsibilites for their actions concerning their kids, kids will be safer.

    like i said, the clues of an unnatural act was always there..

    how can you trust someone who looks like this….shameful.

  24. Louisville, Ky. says:

    Mein……. dis dah my lee 2 cents pan dis sad state of affairs back home.
    We did not get like this yesterday, no more than we were not born last night. It was a long time coming and guess what folks, we have sown to the wind and now we are reaping the wirlwind.
    For too long many of us as parents and adults looked the other way and even pretended we did not know of a potentially harmful situation either because it was convenient for us or we did not have the gumption to speak up.
    So what do we have now? Grown men having their way with our babies with the consent of mothers. Yeah….. mothers, in some instances right there under the same roof with only a bathroom wall separating the heinous crime.
    What i do know for sure is that these ARE the last days and that behaviors like these were foretold. But for it to be coming down like a ton a bricks like this on the Jewel………….. Lawd ah kiahn tek it no mo……..

  25. NEWARK says:

    I dont here the higher up stepping up speak out against all this crazy stuff that is happening in Belize. My God What has happened to this country that I so love. some time I am ashame of telling people about this once peaceful country and what it has become. I will pray for my birth country.

  26. EarlGray says:

    maddyvandijk……………. AS YOU JUDGE OTHERS…….. SO WILL YOU BE JUDGED!!!!!

  27. So Disappointed says:

    Part of the problem with parents not protecting their children is because it is children having children and we as adults are celebrating it. I am so sick of hearing people that knows better having big celebrations because one of their young daughter is having a child and once she have it the adults go on about their business no guidance for the new young parent and the poor baby so now she wants to go out and do the things young people wants to do, then what do you think happen to the baby they leave him or her with whomever is willing to babysit they don’t even know how stable the person is, not to mention by now the father have moved on to the next young lady and the cycle begins. I do agree that this have been happening and being covered up for sometime in Belize, there are mothers out there that put their men above their children just so they have a man in their life……God forbid they should have to live without a man. Too bad the people that needs to read these comments will probably not even see them so they can see themselves in some of these comments. God help the Belizean children everywhere.

  28. so sad says:

    let me break it down to u guys, there is never an excuse for someone committin an unlawful act against a minor, but like someone said past experiences and life situation probably drove mr bailey to his wrong doin. this indiviual is a victim of the trick himself as he lost his mother at an early age, no tellin wat dat did to him mentally. even though that should not be an excuse for him, i must tell u dat he is mental challenged n emotinally unstable all stemin from his own childhood experiences. so so sad

  29. country gal says:

    these criminals and child molesters need to be branded so that as u see them, you are able to identify them. Families need to pray together more and don’t loose focus of our family especially the children. Many parents are thinking only about themselves in many ways at all levels. In our society today you have the parents who are focus in getting more education for higher pay. when this happens they shower the children with material things and expects that should meet the needs of their children., then at another level you have the parents who are all about the worldly things in life. Partying, doing drugs such as alcohol, crack and the list goes on. Combining the 2 scenerios together what do we have as a final result a set of negelected children that holds no possitive attributes to our society.

  30. Realistic says:

    Sad so sad perverts should be punished the same way and Killed we don’t need these people in our world.

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