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Jul 7, 2010

Orange Walk resident acquitted of charges for fatal accident

Alberto Chan, the man charged in connection with the traffic accident that claimed the life of Ralph Fonseca Junior and Ralph Balderamos was acquitted of the charges today.  Chan, a resident of Orange Walk Town, was charged with two counts each of Manslaughter by Negligence, Causing Death by Careless Conduct, Negligent Grievous Harm, and one count of Driving without Due Care and Attention, Driving an Unlicensed Trailer and Driving an Unregistered Trailer. Chan was towing a trailer carrying construction steel on the Northern Highway near Tower Hill when it broke loose from his pickup and slammed head on into the Prado driven by Balderamos with Fonseca in the front passenger seat. The other two passengers in the vehicle Eugene Webster and Halden Stevenson, survived the accident.

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16 Responses for “Orange Walk resident acquitted of charges for fatal accident”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    There is Something about “KARMA” ….here. The UNIVERSE has a different view of things!!!

  2. cindy says:

    i dont think that the driver of trailer should be blamed but probably the company. and also not because these two guys are rich they should be taking the poor man to court again. come on driver is doing a job he sent to do this country so poor that they need the job. imagine how his family survive while he was locked down. hope the business helped them.

  3. OW Resident... says:

    come on guys,.. after all it was an accident! let’s make use of our five senses and play fair with Mr. Chan (a hard working law abiding citizen). Our national prison is in dire need of expansion, let’s use the limited cell blocks available for those real criminals scouring the streets of the old capital…
    To Mr. Chan, let’s try be a bit more responsible and alert while driving on the highway, even more so when towing- let’s try make some frequent inspections! kudos to all.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    You can do anything in Belize if your Bank account is fat. I know anyone can get into an accident.However at the end of the day we’ve got to examine the evidence to make sure that people are not just getting off because they can afford a high profile attorney.

  5. Islander says:

    Elgin Martinez that was a dumb statement… This poor guy couldnt come anywhere close to having the amount of money that the parents and family members of the deceased have so obviously he did not buy his way out.

    The jury saw something you aren’t seeing, it was an accident plain and simple.

  6. mark says:

    elgin: I agree but also people need to start being held accountable for their action; family man or not, rich or poor, you did wrong you pay the price. you notice on the news its the same criminals committing the same crimes and had manage to get off the same charges couple years earlier… come on they kill people because they know they wont go to jail.. they are careless with equipment and trailer cause end of the day they wont be punish..

  7. ANDREA COX says:

    Think of the loss of young lives and the family members left behind to grieve for thier son,grandson, nephew,friend & loved one . The company should be charged for not properly mantaining thier equipment cause that trailer should be bolted on to the vehicle hauling it. Carelessness!! Also that driver since then has killed more people along the road. How many people does he have to kill before he pays for his negligence.
    None of this will bring back the young guys anyway. The Lord will deal with the driver and the Company.

  8. macal rivera says:

    accident do happen, I am sure the driver did not do it intentionally, however from what i understand the two young men were under the influence of alcohol!! or maybe even drugs!!!
    nevertheless it was an accident, and to you Andrea the Lord have already delt with the driver!!!
    done period!!!!!!
    It could have been the other way, suppose it was those two richie rich guys that killed the driver???

    Believe me you would have heard nothing about it I di tell you.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    Islander:Were you on the jury idiot?You don’t know what this guy have ,and even if that was the case it still doesn’t change the fact that someone is dead.

  10. ANDREA COX says:

    Macal, how has the Lord already dealt with the driver? Yes, accidents do happen but, if it was the other way as you suggested, we wouldn’t have heard the end of if just because he was a
    politician’s son. You all would have wanted him jailed for life.
    Money had nothing to do with how the accident happened. And furthermore the two richie rich
    guys as you called them were not at fault at all. It was the trailer not being properly attached that
    caused the unecessary accident! Anyway let this rest it won’t bring back thier lives.

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    Islander: If you can read one of the charges against Mr Chan was driving an unlicensed trailer that was also unregistered.How was that not neglegence on his part as a driver retard.It’s no different than and idiot like you walking into a congregation of people with an unlicense firearm.The firearm goes off and you said that you are not responsible.

  12. Mary J says:

    Macal Rivera maybe if it had happen to someone close to you you would have felt differently. Someone should be charged for this you should make sure that the transportation you are using is well equip to do the job. You as a driver should be careful its in the traffic laws of Belize or do we not use those laws again. It could have been and accident but it was caused by negligence. Tell me if you were driving behind a trailer that suddenly came loose what would you have done? It has nothing to do with been rich or not. what would have happen if it was the other way around indeed you would have heard that it was because they were rich that they got off the case.

  13. Louisville Ky says:

    Andrea; I am just now making the connection realizing that you are referring to your nephew. my sincere and belated condolences. And , yes, I can truely imagine what the family went thru then and now at the aquittal.
    Unfortunately, accidents do happen that are sometimes fatal.
    With regards to the trailor being towed, having it bolted down is not necessarily the anwser. One needs to have a strong enough chain attatched to the tow vehicle that in the event the trailor becomes disengaged from the tow ball, it is still connected to the equipment pulling it. That prevents the trailor from now becoming a literal unguided missile causing death destruction to anyone and anything in its path. Please give my regards to Raymond.

  14. marie vernon says:

    Mr. Chan’s … do need to go to jail. He killed two people. He should have made sure that his trailer was secured. Whom ever is his employer, his .. needs to go to jail. Ralph Balderamos Jr. left behind a young son.

  15. Informed Belizean says:

    The mere fact that this irresponsible man, Chan, was responsible for another death after his recklessness caused this “accident”. How hard is it to ensure that the trailer YOU are carrying and responsible for is PROPERLY attached to YOUR vehicle!!! It does not require rocket science. IT simple common sense and responsibility.

    And to Macal Rivera, I hope that if it was your brother, son or friend that was killed by such a stupid, unnecessary “accident” that you will still say the same!! Although, for some reason I think your point of view would be different….hmmm ;) Also, before you share your “valued” opinion make sure you get your facts straight. An autopsy was conducted and there was no such evidence of ANY drugs or alcohol, after all it was working hours. So do not go and spread vicious lies when you know not what you are talking about.

    Real court systems that deliver REAL justice would have locked this man up or at least taken away his driver’s license as he is a danger to society while he is on the road.

    My Belizeans, we need to stop thinking of names and money and start to see all victims as HUMAN BEINGS, no matter who they are.

    And to Andrea, I always believe that the Lord takes care of things in his own way. So most certainly you can bet that whosoever was irresponsible in latching that trailer will most certainly be dealt with, as I’m sure their conscience is already doing so.

    RIP Ralph Fonseca Jr. and Ralph Balderamos Jr. I did not know either of you, but I know very well the value of a young life, and what it is for a father to lose his son. It is a worse hell than anyone can ever imagine, and I do not wish it on my worst enemy. So think Belizeans before you speak, and always respect the dead.

  16. Manford says:

    Hopefully one of these days we all will be in heaven where there will be no accidents. No one knows the substantial reality of accident. Go and read all the safety that goes into building an air plane, and with all that serious thought process there are still many accidents with air planes. Rationally, we should look at motive in this case. Unfortunately much of what we call safety is learne from mistakes. BP is catching hell in the Gulf of Mexico, some say its deliberate, and some call it an accident. Will they learn anything from it? You bet you, till the next accident happen from something that did not enter their wildest imagination.

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