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Jul 5, 2010

Family man gunned down as he was going to visit his children

philip barrera

This past weekend, one man was murdered and many others were injured in the continued gun violence in the Old Capital. Philip Anthony Barrera was heading to the bus terminal on Sunday morning when a gunman rode up on bicycle and fired several shots hitting him on the jaw and rib cage. It proved deadly for Barrera, a thirty-three year old father of four children. News Five’s Jose Sanchez has been following the story since Sunday.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Sunday, the traditional day of rest, is now just another day for murder.  At eight-forty-five a.m. Phillip Anthony Barrera was shot in his throat and killed as he stood in front of Fit-Fit Shop at the corner of King Street and Amara Avenue.  His grieving mother spoke to him a few minutes before the shooting. She learned of his death from another son.

Alvina Barrera, Mother of Murder Victim

“Ih seh mommy dah Tony get shot. I tell ah no, I seh can’t Tony just left from yah. He just talk to me and den ih gone through di door.”

Jose Sanchez

“It’s hard to lose a family member. What kind of person was Tony? I mean I know you didn’t expect this to happen.”

Alvina Barrera

“He just friendly. He dah friend wid everybody. He noh inna no problem, he noh di look fi dehn violence thing and thing like dat. He just friend wid everybody. He just tease everybody when he si dehn, he run joke wid and thing. Ih noh even go dah party and dehn thing deh.”

At the time of the shooting, Barrera was headed to the terminal to take a bus to Orange Walk to visit his four children and particularly his grandchild of four months, Allen Anthony Barrera.

Alvina Barrera

“He has his first grandbaby weh ih love so much. Every day he turn wid dah baby. He gwein dah work he ker ah and den ih bring ah back and den ih go back dah work.”

Voice of: Daughter of Murder Victim

“My dad was a nice person. Well, to me he was nice. I used to close to him. He used to go look for me in Orange Walk every weekend.”

Jose Sanchez

“And this was what he was going to do again yesterday?”

Voice of: Daughter of Murder Victim

“Yes. I wasn’t even up when they called.”

Jose Sanchez

“You have a child. Now your child won’t be able to know his grandfather but you’ll still be able to give him the same love that you received right?”

Voice of: Daughter of Murder Victim

“Yup. It hurt me because I neva expect it so fast. I neva expect my pa fi dead so early.”

The family can establish no motive other than he was a victim of circumstance of living on East Collet Canal, considered a hot zone for thugs.

Jose Sanchez

“I know sometimes you hear crime happening in this neighborhood. You think maybe they say oh he must be from this neighborhood, he must be one of the bad elements, mistaken identity; anybody say anything?”

Alvina Barrera

“Nobody noh seh nothing. Nobody noh seh nothing. Nothing nobody seh.”

Jose Sanchez

“And Tony…”

Alvina Barrera

“I just would ah want know di person mek I talk to ah myself and deal wid ah myself because in dis country yah we noh have justice. Dehn gwein dah court and yoh wah hear di lack ah evidence and dehn just wah walk. And I di tell dehn di way how I feel cause my son noh do nothing to anybody. And di way how I feel, I personally if I get wah gun I would ah wait fi ah when dehn ker ah da court and I wah shot ah right deh den mek di court deal wid me den because dehn wah know dah me do it.”

Jose Sanchez

“We’re seeing just random people just getting killed.”

Alvina Barrera

“Da lone dat di happen now. Dehn di kill innocent people fi no reason. Like dehn lee bwai just walk round wid gun and just anybody weh dehn si dehn seh oh, you live da such and such an area, well we wah kill you cause we buk up to you and I feel like dah just dat dehn di do.  All weh deh behind dis I di tell yoh, I feel like dehn have to move (omitted) from deh. (omitted) deh deep inna dehn crime weh di go on right now.”

It’s an unexplainable loss that the Barrera family, like so many others, has to bear. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “Family man gunned down as he was going to visit his children”

  1. conspiracy theorist says:

    Oh, one more of these sad stories. Forget the police. Give full authority, responsibility and financial support to the BDF over crime control in Belize City. When will we start getting the details about our government’s package plan for the reduction of crime? The crew that are planning it out better start getting efficient and put things to work. They better produce excellent development project plans for the related areas in the shitty, I mean city.

  2. David says:

    soooo sad.

  3. maddyvandijk says:

    Thirty-three year old man with four kids and a grandchild, wow.
    Alvina , it seem that one buy a gun anywhere in belize these days, be arm and ready.

    may your son rest in peace.

  4. abi says:

    unbelieveble, another murdered….next!

  5. rod says:

    miss barrera my condolances to you this is a tragedy thats going on in belize but am telling you this gov. is the one to blame they are useless and impotent on crime especially the pm is to blame because he is not heeding the wishes of the belizean people by bringing back the hanging penalty 20yrs for anyone caught with an illigal hand gun and 25 yrs for anyone who commits a crime that is thought to be a gang member people march on this gov to bring back the hanging penalty or this crime spree will never end get this pm out of office lets hold another election now to get someone in gov who is not afraid of taking care of this crime problem lets march belizeans and you as a newspaper should start calling for this pm resignation he is useless.


    condolence to the grieving family and hope the young ones find confort forthe loss of their father. really things are getting out of hand these days. i fear a revolt will end this crimes in the future. no respect for the law ( police ) in the future starting now. no professional jobs, no technology to be used ( rather said they can’t even operate the new tech ) lack of traing in crime scene evidence even they are not sure what they are doing. people might get fed up and take things in their on hands and this will end in a civil war against thugs and civilian along with the same police.

  7. Concerned citizen says:

    Future newscast:
    Accused murderer arrested, Case dismissed because of missing case file.

  8. ang says:

    Ms/ Alvina I am sorry about your son, I would feel the same way, but you know what five min of vengeance will ease your outrage rightnow but wait he will pay our Father in heaven will deal with this put this at the foot of the cross and concentrate on ur loved ones u still have that to deal with in life right now, try follow up the case and remember you will meet them up again for eternity, concentrate on ur spirit and ask Him for strength by the way u speak I know you are a courageous mother, much more so than the little or old coward Judas spirit who shot from the back in the dark cos he scared butt.

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