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Jul 5, 2010

Five persons shot on Banak and Zericote Streets

But the previous night, on Saturday, there was other gun violence in the Old Capital.  Eight women were in a yard at Banak Street when gunshots interrupted their discussions. Two of the women were injured and the gunmen rode on towards Zericote Street where more bullets were fired. Three persons were hit and police have detained one man for the shootings. He is Jervis Valencia, who has had several brushes with the law. News Five’s Jose Sanchez has a report.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Five persons were shot in separate shooting incidents on Saturday night between nine-thirty and ten. Eight women were congregating at number four Banak Street, in a celebratory mood discussing a birthday party for a minor when shots blazed from armed gunmen.  A woman who was at present during the shooting says that her sister Adelina Alvarez was shot at her knee.

Voice of: Sister of shooting victim

“Well my sister Adelma get shot at the upper leg side dah back she get shot, and last night she just mi di complain that her leg was getting tight. The young man come, is true a young man come. He stood at the gate and talked to a young lady. Well, we did deh di associate and we did eh di talk. Well, I no see the person cause I not even know who deh. I can’t tell you weh color clothes deh have on. I nuh know nothing. All weh I conscious is when the shots deh staat to ring off. I can’t tell you how much shots because deh ride and shoot. Deh gone through the alley and shoot. Well, everybody run for their life and that was about it?”

Jose Sanchez,

Your friends, the seven friends they don’t have any enemies? They’re not involved in anything?

Voice of: Sister of shooting victim

“ No , NO we dah  no people who  give problem. We nuh go bout di harrass or disrespect people. We di wonda why, why dah my friend house deh wah come.  My friend have five pikni, who live dah dah house deh and she nuh harass nobody. She dah wah single parent.”

Jose Sanchez

So you think it was the male who came by, that they were targeting?

Voice of: Sister of shooting victim

“Yes sir.”

Six bullet holes were visible on the zinc fence and puncture wounds on the wall of the small verandah.  Doris Moreira, the other victim, was shot three times.  The pellets are still in her thigh.

Voice of: Dorris Moreira, shooting victim

“Everybody run but I dah mi di the last one because I mi deh ina wah corner. And then everybody run een, insid. My girlfriend  kids deh mi deh ina di hall di sleep and she run een and wen she run een , she wake them up  and mek dem come outta di hall and gaan ina di room.When we reached in the hall dah because I done get shot already. And then di bwai deh still proceed di shoot, I shub the door with, I end up kick di door and di door shte. And den I run ina di room when I see my girlfriend, the other one , on the ground.”

The shooters rode towards Central American Boulevard, across the pedestrian crossing on the boulevard, then onto the other side of Banak Street which intersects Zericote Street. From the corner, a barrage of shots rang out and several pellets penetrated the house in front of which Earl Pitts was standing with Michael Young junior and Byron Cunningham.  They were all shot while one youth dislocated his shoulder during his escape.  The man detained for questioning about the Banak and Zericote shooting is Jervis Valencia, one of the usual suspects.  Most recently Valencia was detained and released for questioning in relation to the murder of Joyce Mitchell and the attempted murder of Fredrick Lynch.  But according to the woman who was shot three times, Valencia was the hero, who assisted the Banak Street victims.

Voice of: Dorris Moreira, shooting victim

“Somebody come to the back door di knock. When she di stand up deh , she ask dah who. And den di voice ansa dah me me me! Opene di door ! and when she open di door Jervis Valencia and the other boys from the block come in and say we hear gunshot, wi di come help. Jervis and the bwai deh get ina di room and help we. Ask me we paat I get shot and ting and den I tell ah  I think dah my foot.  But he saw my girlfriend  on the ground and den he proceed tend to she and then the police come. And when police came get een, Jervis was still ina di room di help we eena di room deh.”

Jose Sanchez

This is very important thing to establish because as you know the Zericote Street and the Banak Street incident, the police has detained Jervis and two minors for questioning. It gives the impression he’s a suspect. In your thinking, could Jervis had done this?

Voice of: Dorris Moreira, shooting victim

“No. I don’t think Jervis wah cud do that. How you and them helping somebody and hear yo di shoot up somebody ova di next side? I di talk about what I know and see, Jervis is the first I see, weh ask weh happen to yo? Weh paat yo get shot? When I explain to he, he mi di help my friend. He mi deh right deh in the room along with we, di help me. So, I nuh  know how come the police deh wah  hold Jervis fu something like dat,  when he di help we in the room, so I don’t know that really impossible.”

What is possible and quite evident by the six persons who were shot over the weekend, is that despite Operation Jaguar and Restore Belize, the criminals haven’t gone away.  Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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  1. joyce says:

    i will keep you and your family in my pray god bless you and your family

  2. maddyvandijk says:

    Not the first time this kind of thing has happend in Belize while kids were present at the home, tomorow we will come back here, and tomorrow we will be having this same discussion over the same things, nothing will change, and Belize will remain stagnant.

    no news out of Belize is good news…

  3. fedupwithcrookedpolice says:


    Effective, radical Police operations, which started with the pursuit and arrest of the killer of Belmopan’s Mayor’s son, and ended when the shooters of the PM’s law partner were caught.

  4. Concerned citizen says:

    My sympathise for the victims but realistically they cannot expect justice with the current justice system. A missing case fall or something similar will make sure no justice is served. Unless…………

  5. ang says:

    Get a neighborhood watch going and chip in get gun license cos mein this no look like it dih work I would no wan live deh fi nothing I woulda wan get even this really difficult my prayers are with u mam/

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