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Jul 5, 2010

Camalote man beaten by other villages

jerry olmedo

The violence was not confined to the city. There was a ruckus in Camalote Village and while fortunately it did not end fatally, the incident landed two brothers in the hospital.   The confrontation involved two opposing groups of youths from the same village and was over an old beef involving a stick of weed. The violence spilled to the Belmopan Hospital where a doctor was reportedly assaulted. News Five’s Marion Ali headed west and has details of that incident.

Marion Ali, Reporting

The villagers of Camalote in the Cayo District are asking the police and relevant authorities to intervene to prevent a fatal incident. Their pleas follow an attack around two on Saturday afternoon when a group of more than ten men went two miles down to another section of the village and beat up a fellow villager.

Zelda Banner, Witnessed Assault

zelda banner

“One ah dehn chop di bwai eena ih head yah so and den when dehn chop he, like ih get knock out. One ah di bwai dehn pick he up and dehn ker ah dah hospital. Ih pa ker ah wid ih ma.  When dehn reach hospital dehn bway see weh happen that dehn di ker ah dah hospital.  The fight continue yah fi wah long while after.  Dehn even gone out deh after the man…”

Marion Ali

“How many people are you talking about?”

Zelda Banner

“Dah like thirteen bway that came here from down dah Camalote, and dah only like four ah deh bway up yah but only two get hurt.

When deh gone dah hospital everybody gone behind dehn.  Police deh yah and dehn deh dah hospital di fight.  Dehn gone behind and the doctor mi just di tend to the bway and stick ah up when deh stomp open the door dah hospital and then deh dreg the bway straight offa the table outside, push down the doctor, push down the mah, dreg the bway outside and start beat ah up between all ah dehn.  The doctor call police and police gone right deh gone meet dehn di beat up the bway.”

Voice of Eyewitness

“They beat the guy and they left.  Later that night they came back.  This time not only one vehicle, about four vehicle came loaded with lone Camalote guys looking for another fighting with the guys from up here.  These guys from up here weren’t interfering with them.  People up here are getting tired, they’re fed up.  They went way up in that neighbor home, take out the kid, they went to the hospital where the boy was taking treatment, take the boy off the hospital bed, beat him up outside, four five or six of the -  I don’t know.  They beat even the doctor, the nurses, I mean come on man, this thing is terrible.  The lady that live over there, the boy parents, that lady is about fifty six, they even beat she at the hospital too.”

That lady, Gloria Olmedo relayed what transpired at the Belmopan Hospital as she waited for her son who was receiving treatment.

gloria olmedo

Gloria Olmedo, Mother of Chopping Victim (Translated)

“When Doctor Ken started to administer treatment to my son about five of the guys came and they had knives and started to rough us up.  One of them kicked me on my foot.”

News Five spoke with Olmedo’s son, Jerry Olmedo, who was attacked, and he says the whole thing started almost two years ago over a stick of weed.

Jerry Olmedo, Attacked by fellow Camalote Villagers

“Deh guys deh di drink from earlier right and I come from Cayo, I see dehn gone and dehn come back bout round seven o’clock eena the night.  Then dehn drink again.  From deh like ten ah dehn just haul up and grab me and me and he start to wrestle.  From then dah more ah dehn but like five ah dehn pan me one, then one ah dehn just start to lash me crazy with wah machete and ih chop me eena my head, stab me eena my hand.  I gone unconscious frm deh, I noh know weh happen and I wake up dah hospital.  Then I hear wah noise out yah when deh mi di stitch my head.  Dehn come after me again and dehn beat me up right in dehn, bout four ah dehn hual me and dehn beat me up.  Dehn hurt my mah, dehn hurt one ah di doctor dehn.  Well the security he run, he fraid.”

Marion Ali

“But why you out of everybody else? Why they single out you?”

Jerry Olmedo

“Dis dah wah lee conflict weh begin bout like a year and a half now. Dis dah between me and one bway from their group but from deh ih get bigger. But why this begin I noh got no idea.”

Marion Ali

“Can I ask what was the conflict about between you and him?”

Jerry Olmedo

“Well dah never between me and dehn, dah mi between my bredda and the next bway.  Dehn she the next bway dehn start beat my bredda fi one cigar.”

The assault of one group by another from the village has prompted villagers to get the attention of authorities to do something before someone is murdered in their community.  And while police did not detain all parties involved in the conflict, Officer in Charge at the Belmopan Police Station, Superintendent Aaron Guzman, says murder was exactly what he was trying to prevent.

Supt. Aaron Guzman, O.C., Belmopan Police Station

aaron guzman

“Two persons who were involved in the altercation that was reported were released.  They were detained initially and one of them was issued medico form and he and his brother were released. I think the common sense thing was that because it was only two of them and eleven others as a cross complaint, we only have two cells at the Belmopan Police Station.  If it were that all thirteen persons were to be left here along with three other prisoners that would have been sixteen and so it would have been eleven persons in one cell and five persons in the other and I thought that common sense should prevail and I do have the authority and the police officer dealing with the investigation to deal with them further at a later time.  As a result the two brothers were released sometime at about three in the morning and also the officers working the shift and who were to come off at one and come back on at nine Sunday morning, when they reported for duty they went back, picked up the brother and brought them to the station.”

Guzman said while police are doing what they can to prevent future trouble in the village, it will take everyone’s effort to make sure it does not grow worse.  He appealed to the social partners and the village council to get involved, and that is just what Village Chairman, Raymond Shepherd says will result from that appeal.

raymond shepherd

Raymond Shepherd, Chairman, Camalote Village Council

“This coming Saturday I’m going to meet with one of the groups.  Last Saturday I met with one group, this Saturday I will be meeting with another group for us to decide on the dates and time when we can meet to iron out our differences.  We’re hoping to have this in a conference style form and very shortly we should bring all the parties to the table to resolve these differences.  The counseling sessions we intend to have will also include these young persons.”

Marion Ali

“But aide from the counseling is there anything…”

Raymond Shepherd

“Yes, in fact the village council has been working for several months now.  Where we are, we have set up a framework of programmes which we believe will constructively engage our young people and the villagers.”

Marion Ali

“But a lot of these people, from what I understand are – one of them is a teacher, the other is a cashier, they are not unemployed people who are idle about the place.”

Raymond Shepherd

“Yes, that may be the case but still there are elements within that group who are unemployed and the programmes which we are tabling will not speak only to those who are employed but also to those who are unemployed.”

Superintendent Guzman says a total of eight persons were charged from among the group.  He says despite allegations that one of the youths related to a PC Guzman was not charged, that youth is one of the eight persons he says facing charges for harm upon the Olmedo brothers.  Marion Ali for News Five.

We’ll have an update on the doctor’s condition in Tuesday’s newscast.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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25 Responses for “Camalote man beaten by other villages”

  1. Ann Rivero says:

    WiLD .. bush people ,fighting over nonsense and assaulting a doctor really pass the mark of ignorance.

  2. maddyvandijk says:

    When doctors at the hospital are being taken advantage of the police need to make an example of those iditos, by beating the crop out them, put them in the hospital, then arrest them and send them to jail for a while. Belize already do not have enough great doctors and these idiots are trying to ruin the one’s we have, shame on them.

    They should have been sent all the way to the city for lock down when they were arrested, or all the way to hell, see if i care.

  3. Islander says:

    Was it just me? Or did anyone else notice how the media called them “Group of young men” …the media needs to stop the political correctness crap and call them for the thugs they are… one gang attacked an opposite gang period…


    this is really rediculous acts these thugs are doing. where has the family values being shown, no morality from home is shown on the streets, ignorance can be seen from these thugs. the doctor and the hospital should file a suit against all of them who interupted the doctor, what a disrespect to the community of our capital Belmopan. it’s clearly obvious that the security guard will run, he’s not stupid to face more than he can handle. damn! this really is disgusting.

  5. Concerned Belmopan resident says:

    Lately there has been an increase in the number of crimes in the Belmopan and Camalote areas. We used to be virtually peaceful until a certain Police Officer was placed there. Take it from someone who was burned by this particular cop’s dirty hands: Don’t take your eyes off this viper!

  6. WHAT NEXT? says:

    Doctor attacked in his workplace while saving lives? Lawyer shot leaving his workplace?
    Teacher shot, execution – style, a day before teacher’s day? Mother killed on mother’s day while carrying her infant child on her back? And the list of heinous unsolved mysteries of 2010 goes on and on.

    If Operation Jaguar still exist, then its a waste of good tax dollars because it has obviously lost it’s effect. If ‘Restore Belize’ is still a fairy tale, then Mr. PM and Mr. Doug Singh, its time we make it a reality. The daily broad daylight shooting is evidence that crime prevails, not justice. The criminals are not afraid and have nothing to fear. What’s the worst that can happen to them if they are caught? They get to go to the ‘JOHN WOODS RETIREMENT FACILITY’ in Hattieville, where they are guaranteed 3 meals a day and a place to sleep. For many, that’s an improvement!

    TOO MANY MOTHERS OF LAW ABIDING CITIZENS ARE CRYING! Lets see how many more mothers must cry before the ‘Powers That Be’ give a damn!

  7. Earl Grey says:


  8. Concerned citizen says:

    Vigilante justice is justice of some sort. Hopefully this does not spill out to all levels. The police are powerless here and even more so in the city. Most murders in Belize city are the gangs carrying out their vigilante justice. The real judicial system are powerless because the case file for common sense and good police work has gone missing.

  9. macal rivera says:

    these young men want a good whiiping with tambran whipped, how dare they behave in such a way,I am appealing to parents to talk to their sons and if they contiue to behave that way then they have to go to jail for ten years, somebody have to teach to be real men not jackasses. Can you imagine going all the way to the hospial to attacked and hurt even the doctor, Please I really think these men need some kind of punishment, my God this is going to far.

    EarlGrey, we have failed God, please understand the churches are always there, we the people have turn our back to God, we need to turn back to him, its not too late.

  10. macal rivera says:

    Imagine a teacher involve in all this! What example he is setting for his students? Ministry of education please look into this one and I deamnd a picture of this teacher, he have no shame!!!
    And the cashier too, what a shame, what a shame, hope all the parents from both side get togheter to stop this madness, mein what a shame.

  11. maddyvandijk says:

    seem like most of the people in belize cannot help themselves these days from doing wrong. It seem like god was the one that turned his back on belize.

    My BP belmopan will become the same as belize city one day, this is what will happen eventually if they don’t stop migration.

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    Good example teacher maybe we should start doing backgroung checks on everyone that’s getting payed by the taxpayers.Start holding these people accountable for their actions.

  13. ang says:

    mein them da trouble makers this victim should press charges against all of them lone busybody, churches have failed us? church building cant walk and whap up them buay come on.

  14. Earl Grey says:

    The Church is the preacher(every Spiritual leader) and the parishioners, the people. They need to start with THE 10 COMMANDMENTS. TEN SIMPLE RULES TO LIVE BY. WE might not be able keep them all but the more we can keep, the better a society we will have…… FOR ALL!!!

  15. Peace says:

    The management of the Belmopan Hospital should now push and demand from the Ministry of Health to provide proper security measure for their staff.

  16. emily says:

    Every body sayin the church the church. Curch is just a building. U are your own temple god don’t live in the church. God live in u . If its not in you . You can go there all your life and you would never find god its all in u. So tink about it we fail god that what’s goin on all over the world. The world is comin to an end we the one that have to speak to god and mean it from our hart. God gives . God don’t take man do that we don’t realize this is the garden of eaden god made man in his image so tink about we are gods. If we live our lives the way we supposed to. But we chose to be the same people that kill jesus that’s why they are killing each other god keep sending ther to earth over and over but we don’t listen so now when that time come some will come back and some no wa kom bak.

  17. macal rivera says:

    The hospital had a security guard who ran when the rucus took place, can you blame him? Of course not, what the hospital need is to provide the security guard with a gun and licence to shoot and kill.
    next time these ????????? come deh with them fool all the security have to do is shoot them to death, yea problem solved, or maybe they need burglar bar doors so they can close doors for security reason and keep these animals outside until police comes.

    And emily I agree with you, we are the temple of God,if those men would have God in there heart they would’nt behave the way they do, They choose to have satan in their hearts, that is why they are so wicked, but at the end of time God love will prevail.It not to late for them to change their hearts.

  18. maud from Chicago says:

    Well said, what next…Just unbelievable, and alarming what ‘s going on in the country…..

  19. Desoree Mae Fioravanti says:

    Belizean, from Camalote, living in Brazil. This is really sad. I cannot believe how violent the country has gotten over the years. For such a small place the number of reported violence is huge. What is going on, where are the authorities, why aren’t these thugs in jail?????? Parents please do your jobs. I still think that one of the many problems in Belize is the lack of opportunities, well structured social and educational programs. But the main thing is the way a parent choose to bring up his/her child. Too many vagabonds in Belize. Love my Country but I’m soooo tired of defending it here in Brazil!

  20. Desoree Mae Fioravanti says:

    @ Miss Rivero
    City, village, beach Folks…they are all doing the same thing.

  21. Camalote Villager says:

    What happen about innocent until proven guilty???? As a villager of Camalote, I know these five young men including the Teacher and the cashier. These young men are law abiding citizens of Belize that are making positive changes in Belize but everyone one of us when put in a position to either defend yourself or friends or get killed will do things that may not be outside of the norm. Did any of you guys know that the Cashier was chopped up also? We need to know what happen before we make a judgment!!!

    we all know most of the time when a person or persons is at fault, they make the most noise. I would advise my fellow villagers to go to the media so that people can hear the other side of the story.

    On another note why didn’t the doctor go to the media with the alleged crime against him? Maybe, just maybe that part of the “story” is a lie????!!

  22. Elgin Martinez says:

    Camalote Villager: You knowing them doesn’t change the fact that they’ve violated the law.Furthermore who are you to say what they are capable of doing?I assume you’re part of the equation.Why are you so quick to defend these thugs.

  23. Earl Grey says:

    We just NEED TO STOP THIS MADNESS, and THE CHURCH is in the best position to do so!!!!

  24. Peace says:

    Dear Belizean my fellow friends are right only God can help us. Let us pray four our people so this madness stop ” violence”. I believe violence is like a cancer it is killing our COUNTRY slowly . We need to restore Belize as a safe country to raise our children. LET US PRAY…

  25. Verleene says:

    The person that post that Churches has failed us yes we have, but what are you doing to help that situation. If you see the church failing then you show us how we can make a stand. People these days only cry on the church when things are going out of control. You ARE THE CHURCH!!!!

    Belizean read Matthew 24 and see that we are living in the last days

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