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Jul 5, 2010

Two minors picked up and allegedly beaten by police

patrick jones

While residents in Camalote plead for authorities to intervene, in the Belize two parents say they will pursue legal action against the police department.  On Friday afternoon two minors were detained by Belize City Police following a burglary which they say netted the culprits over a thousand dollars in clothing and other merchandise.  While the apprehension of suspects is routine, in this case the parents of both minors allege police brutality and claim the cops failed to notify them that their underage boys had been arrested and detained at the Queen Street Precinct. Cherry Lambey is the mother of the eleven year old who was reportedly badly beaten by police.

Cherry Lambey, Mother of Victim

“Okay, like about twelve-thirty Friday afternoon, like fifteen minutes after I left my home  with my son. I stopped by my sister he was fixing his bicycle. He told me that he needed an axel and he asked permission to go to his friend that promised him one. He left, that was like ten minutes after twelve. About twelve-thirty the police stopped by my sister’s house telling me that they are looking for my son right, and they asked me his name. Another guy was with them. He was making a lot of noise.  So that was when I asked what was the matter. They wanted him for a burglary. I was like burglary? I mean so quick? So the sergeant, that was a woman, she told me you better find him before me. So I said nothing. I went looking for him. Apparently, they found him before me; picked him up took him to Faber’s Road police station. That was where they lashed him with a machete. He said, they told him to put his finger on the table and they threaten that if he didn’t say where the stuff was that they would chop his finger off. Another officer came, hit him in his temple. After that they took him to Queen Street police station. Yet I gave the sergeant my telephone number to call me if you find him; but they didn’t. I went out like eight o’ clock searching for him because, ok you know, he’s a minor and he hadn’t reached home as yet. So he wasn’t anywhere to be found. A friend told me, why not call the Queen Street police station, and I did that and a sergeant answered. She was a woman too and said that yes a minor by that name, you know, is detained here. About eight-thirty that’s when I went over there, I introduced myself that I’m his mother, I need to see him. They brought him out of his cell, where they had him locked up. In a room, I went in there and talked to him because he’s a diabetic patient. How are you feeling? And what happened? And then he told he said “ umm mommy, the  police pick me up took me to Faber’s road and that’s where they beat me.? So you know, I asked where. Then he showed me the right side of his temple I told him that it was swollen, under his eyes was swollen. So then I said, I need to take my son to the hospital. I asked for permission, they told me that they have to examine him and see if he needs to go to the hospital. You know a while after that they gave me the medical form.”

Patrick Jones, Father of Minor

“The police claiming that somebody had complained that some stuff missing from their apartment and those two children were accused of being responsible for it. That happened like around two o’clock in the afternoon and no effort as far as we know was made to contact me or any of the guardians of any of the two children. Now, they picked up those two children around two o’clock. In the evening like around seven o’clock, or after seven when they didn’t return home, we got worried. We couldn’t find our children, so we went looking for them. Only to be told by somebody that they think that the police have them. A call to the police station was what confirmed they were there, from two o’ clock until after seven o’clock. Those children were in detention by the police and no effort by the police to contact any parent or guardian or even a social worker as the law allows. So that is the bone of my contention right now, that those two children, their basic fundamental rights were violated grossly by the police department.”

Jones and Lambey have indicated that they will pursue legal action against the police department for violating the rights of their children and foregoing due process.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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23 Responses for “Two minors picked up and allegedly beaten by police”

  1. David E.A. Jenkins says:

    So, what next?

  2. maddyvandijk says:

    The police continue to arrest people by violating their rights, it is no wonder that cases falls apart, and crimes get sweep under the rug ,and the criminals are free to kill, steal, and rape all over again.

    I have no problems with the police that they kicked the shit out of those boys to fess up, my only problem is that they did not followed proper order in their arrest again or as usual and now the whole case will fall part. This is “why Dickie B” looks like a smary attorney.

    Not once in the mother report did she asked her son if he did it. I suppose that she is ready to put her head on the chopping block for him as well, chop, chop, carry on.

  3. fedupwithcrookedpolice says:

    To this the Police have reduced themselves? CHILD ABUSE! These kids are old enough to call their parents, so why weren’t they allowed a phone call? These heartless Law enforcers could not possibly be parents, to know what it feels like to be worried sick about your child’s whereabouts. Its a subtle form of kidnapping, except that the offenders wear a badge and get paid by taxpayers. These are the things that cause the general public to have very little confidence in the Police Department. SHAME ON THESE SO CALLED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS!

  4. mar says:

    what else can we expect from our police officers? Now abusing minors. If they feels those kids are guilty of any wrongdoing well interrogate them the proper and follow procedures.
    If my kid would be beaten by any police officer, believe me, I would see that he or she feels some or more than what my son felt.


    we can see clearly that they are unprofessional, why beat the hell on young boys when criminals walk out with their head held high. they chance the defenseless one but the reall thugs they ( police ) fear them, what a shame babylons. you are becoming like underdogs in our country.

  6. Belizean living Abroad says:

    It doesn’t matter if these boys did it or not. Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. these so called Police officers should have followed proper procedures and set the example. These are minors and its child abuse. I hope that something will be done to correct this issue.

  7. deedee says:

    Bz Police Department = Criminals with Badges

  8. CEO says:

    Is there any senior police officer in Belize who is in charge that has any knowledge about how the rank and file should behave. Who is callling these shots? Does the Compol realize that this kind of behavior makes the police an enemy who no one will respect.

    Jefferies are you asleep at the wheel or is your head in the sand or are you yourself lacking on what the proper conduct of the entire constabulary should be?

  9. RedBwai says:

    I don’t know how the belize police department is surviving right now with the number of black eyes and bruises that has plaqued it due to brutality , sloppy work, criminal, activity, etc.

  10. Earl Grey says:


  11. Concerned citizen says:

    Maybe the police thought these young men stole the missing case files in their cases that were thrown out in court. Ooops, again the weak are opressed and murderers roam the streets. Come on AG, police minister, prime minister, do your jobs. Take control, or resign.

  12. Dennis Johnson says:

    In the olden days the police were allowed to pick up bad children and give them a whipping.
    The olden days there was also little crime.
    So maybe we should go back to that method and try to save the a**hole of the world named Belize.

  13. Proud Belizean says:

    wtf? Dennis? how dare u refer to my country dat way? ……… Fendejo! I imagine u no live da Belize….If you have nothing constructive to say….don’t bother, ….-O-Te!

  14. macal rivera says:

    I agree the police did wrong, but parents please don’t put your head on the block fi you picni please!!

  15. Earl Grey says:

    Dennis Johnson…. YOU ARE AN A–HOLE FOR CALLING BELIZE THE “a**hole of the world” It Takes one 2 know one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Elgin Martinez says:

    Dennis Johnson : Are you a native of the Jewel? I don’t think so, people like you make me wonder. Belize is not the only place in the world with criminals can you please tell me of at least one country in the world that is crime free.If you can tell me of one then maybe i would agree with your statement.

  17. emily says:

    The police is right since when gettin ur .. wip is child abused that’s the reason why those kids are like that in belize those is the same ones that is killing and distroying the place they grow up to be evil young men working for satan when u go jail u don’t lose anyting but ur freedom for a few min so what’s the problem its jail even the mother is wrong talkin about takin him to the hospital that’s the cops duty and after the hospital back to jail you go that’s the way the law should go I don’t know what type of back way law uno got

  18. Manford says:

    If the commisioner of police does not know how to secure serious criminal files, what can the public expect of this numb-skull? After all the files that have gone missing that allow killer to walk free to kill again, when will the Priminister or the Minister for security hold Crispin Jefferys responsible? Given all the mist conducts by so many police men, its right to assume that some of them could be paid to distroy files. These files should have duplicates, and every officer that handles the files should have to sign to receive such a file. Further such files should be placed in the computer where only certain officer should know the code to access that part of the computer. SIMPLE AS THAT. Mr. commisioner of police. You are derilict to your duty; why don’t you do the right thing and resign? The big boys keep you because you may know some of their secrets. .

    As for Dennis Johnson comment that in the old times Police use to pick up and whip bad boys, you are dead wrong. Whipping by the police only took place if ordered by a Majistrate. Get your facts straight.

  19. Street Justice says:

    Police again?? mien these policemen need fi get hunt down and shot.

  20. ronzy says:

    We all know that, thats the only way cops in Belize know how to deter crime and seal a case. No training in Public Relations, Investigations and Service. The power of a badge is still abused all around the world but in Belize its bad and it worries me. Almost anyone that knows someone in the Police dept can be employed. Police recruit should include pshycological evaluation, because our blives are in their hands.

  21. ronzy says:

    We all know that, thats the only way cops in Belize know how to deter crime and seal a case. No training in Public Relations, Investigations and Service. The power of a badge is still abused all around the world but in Belize its bad and it worries me. Almost anyone that knows someone in the Police dept can be employed. Police recruit should include pshycological evaluation, because our lives are in their hands.

  22. Earl Grey says:

    Will we ever see “The Broaster Report”???????????

  23. So Disappointed says:

    Dennis I know Belize is in a bad state of affairs right now but how can you call it The A**hole of the world I believe you owe us an apology if you are a Belizean born then you must be an A**hole too since you are a product of it. If you are not going to be the solution don’t add to the problem by making people feel bad about their country.

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