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Jul 5, 2010

Missing case file again, and attempted murder charge quashed

Egbert Card

Another case crumbled in Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer’s court this morning. And again the reason was that the police failed to provide the case file. Forty-four year old Egbert Herman Card was facing charges of Attempted Murder, Use of Deadly Means of Harm and Dangerous Harm for a stabbing incident in the Port Loyola area. But when he appeared in court today, the prosecutor Sergeant Shawn Walton informed the court that the case file was unavailable. With that Card was free to go. The charges arose from the stabbing of twenty-one year old Derwin Ferguson, which occurred on July twenty-fifth, 2009 on Booths Crescent. Ferguson was standing on the street talking with a friend when a man approached him and they got into a struggle. The attacker, who Ferguson later identified as Card, stabbed him four times to the body.

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12 Responses for “Missing case file again, and attempted murder charge quashed”

  1. Robert says:

    Wow, two times in one day. I just posted this same comment to another story. When will it end? When we Belizean people have had enough and rise up and DEMAND “public servants” serve the public that pays their wages, or else get off the payroll!

    This is just too much, too much. How can a case file IN THE CUSTODY OF THE POLICE get lost? I don’t care if the police who lost it is corrupt or incompetent. Whoever lost it should serve the sentence for Reneau. That’s what the Romans did, if a policeman let a prisoner go, the policeman went to prison to finish the sentence. If a policeman cannot protect the public that pays him, then take his uniform and his badge off him, because he is worse than useless, he is a danger to the public.

    What do you think?

  2. Mick says:

    This has become a recurring story, crimminal freed because of files not presented at the Courts. This may mean a variety of possibilities:
    1) The police are incompetent and lack sophistication(their education levels does not allow them to improve performance) regarding crime and punishment;
    2) The police are wilfully allowing these events to happen because of corruption in the ranks;
    3) The Prosecution Office is a joke and incompetence is the norm;
    4) The Authorities in charge of prosecuting crimes, Ministry, police brass, etc, do not care about the general populace and are not afraid to look like a group iof bumbling idiots.
    5) The people responsible, at all levels, do not care about doing the job and only about collecting their paycheck;
    6)The Belizean public does not care
    7) Belizeans do not care how the society is percieved abroad;
    8) The files of certain criminals are purposely misplaced;

    Some changes need to happen and very quickly as the society will continue on that downward spiral!

  3. Louisville Ky says:

    Another case file missing. Are you serious??…………. I truelly don’t know if I should laugh, or if I should cry. For real………

  4. RedBwai says:

    Yet again, case files are going missing…i don’t understand why. Trust me when i say that very soon you all will be seeing those same criminals who are getting off, mysteriouly going missing in the same way their case files disappeared. People have had enough…’s time for some street justice because the law is providing it so people have to take it upon themselves and settle things the old fashion way.

  5. Earl Grey says:

    He did not STEAL 23 BOTTLES!!!!!!

  6. Dennis Johnson says:

    20 years from now Belize will be one of the WORST COUNTRIES on earth.
    Filled with Crime, Corruption, Filth and everything else BAD.

  7. minnie myvette says:

    what is going on with the belizean people. the dam police is getting money from these people. belize is know longer safe for the people. everyday i read the news. eveyday some one get kill. some one need to step up can get this …. to gether. i have family in belize. everynight i pray that i dont get a pjone call from other family member saying that some one die. my uncle got kill 4 years a go. from the coke factily. and they said it was the police was behind it. some one in the big office get up off your … and do some thing. our belizean people are getting kill ever day. what the hell why is the police failed to provide these case file for these attempted murders. because what the hell are you doing for the people.. please stop with the killing. kids are dieing, we all need to get a long. life is two short. love one a other. From seattle wa

  8. Proud Belizean says:

    Dennis, we wont allow that to happen. Lets unite against this corruption and crime!

  9. maddyvandijk says:

    dennis, you don’t have to wait till 20 years from now, belize is already seen as one of the worst countries in the world, and in 20 years from now belize will no longer be on the map, who can blame them, blame oursleves, right?

  10. Earl Grey says:

    Dennis Johnson….. JUST LIKE WHERE YOU LIVE NOW??????????

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    The case file is missing then hold the person who is incharge for the safe keeping of these files responsible.Let him or her be held accountable what happen to common sense?Telling the Belizean Citizens the files are missing is not enough.I am tiered of these lame excuses.Wake up my Belizean people.Let’s stop these people from treating us like fools.

  12. Charlotte Yearwood Martin says:

    I give up, utter disbelief. You couldn’t make up this story even if you tried. I don’t believe any one would like to come forward and explain to the public how this could have happened. Just imagine someone lost their life, and your court’s response? The file went missing. I could just see them shrugging their shoulders: ‘no ma’am, we can’t find the file’. As though we are discussing losing a $ 100 bill. In fact there probably would be more panic about that and there seem to be about this situation.

    How about heads rolling, people being fired and a major shake up of the system? I can’t imagine the government compensate the families of the victims when situations like this occur? Or do they?

    How about a system in which you must produce two copies of these files, so if one is destroyed, there is another one at a central location where all cases MUST to be logged? One person responsible for all the cases logged, and anyone in the department wishing to have access to these files will have to sign to take them out and signed to upon their return. In this case we know exactly who were the people who accessed to them in the first place. This would also protect against fire, theft, and natural diasasters? How about criminal prosecution against these incompetent people? Honestly, Its not rocket science we’re talking about, just sheer common sense.

    Its clear you’re dealing with criminals and people working on the inside for the criminals.

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