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Jun 1, 2010


Shortly after eight last night, Attorney Rodwell Williams, the law partner of the Prime Minister was shot as he exited the law firm on Albert Street.  Williams was rushed to the Belize Healthcare Partners Hospital and underwent surgery for gun shot wounds to the abdomen.  Early reports indicate that two shots were fired, one of which hit Williams on the abdomen and one on the shoulder.  The motive is not known but a few weeks ago the law firm was shot.  No one was injured in that incident and no arrests to date have been made.

In an update police are now saying that Williams was shot once by one of two persons who approached him on bicycles. More on this breaking story in our newscast tonight.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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25 Responses for “BREAKING NEWS”

  1. john tul says:

    custom officers are corrupted. In their patrol la union and santa cruz only rich people are allowed to cross what ever they want. On the other hand, poor people are force to deliver all good (grocieries worth of $50 to custom officers) Rich people cross beers,floursand rice in huge amount nothing stops them. One day i went to la union to buy some goods and i was bringing 10lbs of rice Mr Murry custom officer blue creek never accepted me to take home the 10lbs of rice, but behind me a pickup from san felipe loaded of mexican beers,rice, flour and other thingscross infront of me and Mr murry didn’t say anything they just went inside the custom house for 3 min approx and with no problem the pickup went loaded with mexican goods. Mr murry chased me from inside the custom house and take away all my goods worth of $50 bz. Custom officers don’t be currupted do your work. i am ok that mr murry tooked away my things but i am not in agreement that rich people or relatives just cross like that.


    i believe john tul since that’s is close to my home village and they are always playing this type of bull$#%^ . i left home village like 10 yrs ago and i keep contact with my folks which always complain about the atrocites that customs do. even do this has no relation with this news but it caught my attention.

  3. Wanda says:

    Jesse and John Tul, are you two justifying what happened to Mr. Williams with your comments? You think this father, getting shot is just dessert for the corrupt activities of lawyers and customs officers that you’re discussing here?

    You think like criminals.

  4. SB says:

    regardless of what people have done or havent done, everyone has family and we should all feel sympathy for them who have to endure the agony of not knowing what’s going on and if their loved one will be ok. Yes times have more than changed here in Belize, but I would like to think that we all still come together and pray and show love and support when someone is in need.

  5. Jahna says:

    Hi my name is jahna but my mom calls me jahnamomma.I am only 8 and i am form belize.It is were i use tto live in now i am in chicago because my mom says that there is to much killing and shooting in belize.I love belize.I was in belize from the ages of 2to3.I want alot more policemen in belize.Because alot of belize men are dying.I can’t believe that they killed Mr.Willam he sounds like a exellent man who was trying to save hims onw life but the people who were helping him should have helped him before he died.

  6. BZNinCALI says:

    When Hitler started exterminating the Gypsies, no one heard their cries, when he went after the Jews, they looked the other way, when he went after the churches it became personal & people paid attention. This was not an accident, the security guard & neighbors saw nothing & the Police showed up in time to pick up the wounded. Nothing changed because this time this victim has money, a 25 cent bullet almost took his life. Money has not insulated anyone from the bloodshed & hopefully, this is another dose of reality that will bring about change.

  7. Jahna says:

    Wanda this is some bull i can’t beliece hee is died atless he is in heaven with GOD.GOD loves us all he will never let anthing happeen to us.I am Jahna Jackson.only a 8 year old trying to make peace in this world.And people should start recycleing

  8. Jahna says:

    Guys i will talk for a little longer then i will have to help my 93yr.old grandmom. I fill bad for the police officer

  9. macal rivera says:

    jesse and tul, your comments are bs, how dare you talk think like that, remember the world goes around an around.
    Sorry to hear this news, that is why is time to hang this boys.

    I pray that this man gets better soon!!!! My prayers goes out to the family members

    Hang this boys when they find tehm for god sake!!!!

  10. Philip says:

    corruption didn’t start here shooting Mr. Williams, if you want to clean an object start from the top coming down!! I hope and pray our leaders open their eyes and do what we have put them there to do, before the people take over the leader,s position and take the law into their own hand!
    one way or the other change will come, The longer our leaders sleep the more people will get hurt.

  11. Maddyvandijk says:

    Seems like for the first time someone is actually listening to me on this site, perhaps this example will hit home with the guys in power and that they will actually come up with a permanent remedy for the crime wave in Belize.
    Bet Barrow is talking about hanging now, bet he is on the phone with the queen of England, bet he is nervous now, could have been him.

  12. Tech says:

    Jahna and John Tul– most of your comments are completely irrelevant to the news story.

  13. Tech says:

    Maddyvandijk said:
    “Seems like for the first time someone is actually listening to me on this site, perhaps this example will hit home with the guys in power and that they will actually come up with a permanent remedy for the crime wave in Belize.”

    Are you telling us that you condone this act of attempted murder? Your comment propagating violence shouldn’t even be tolerated on this forum.

  14. tim says:

    jahna,,u done put ur 93 yr old grandma to sleep??

    i am sure PM is saying I can be next as these guys are serious.. until they hurt someone that is truely dear to him then he will take crime in belize seriously..

    sympathy to the family.. ..

  15. Public Defendah says:

    The P.M. has already been taking crime seriously. The government cannot just create a solution to the crisis overnight. If you read the updates on the government’s measures against crime, you can tell that they have been strategizing over the past several months. In fact, he is planning to present his crime plan, Restore Belize,on Wednesday — this was scheduled before Mr. William’s incident last night.

    I think it is a ridiculous notion to say that the government will only just begin to take crime seriously after a close friend of a top official is targeted. It is completely unfair to everyone in the police department and Ministry of National Security, and it sends a message to people that you have to physically harm certain individuals for actions to get done.

    We should never want to send a message to each other advocating violence, ever.

  16. Belize It says:

    Thats pretty bad. I feel for Rodwell Williams and hope he gets better. But, it begs the question, why is there a hitman out for him. Hopefully, the police find out. May he get well soon.

    John Tul : I feel for you buddy, but why did you post something so irrelevant here?

    Jahna (or at least the fake Jahna that commented about world peace and granny) : That was really funny

    Real Jahna : That was sweet.

  17. egbert says:

    Sympathy to the Williams family.
    When government officials are indifferent to cries of the mothers of murdered victims-power,money and social standing will not insulate you from being a victim yourself.

    They need to get off their high horses and get CONTROL of the country. This is a reality check!
    If the job is too big for you or you are simply not good at it resign or seek help and expertise .

  18. melvin ivan says:

    the prime minister only the talk and talk and nothing is being done,……….only big mouth we need actions we are tired of just hearing and noting is being done,meybe until he,…………..” SOMETHING WILL BE DONE!

  19. Marcos says:

    why wouldn’t Belize ever move from poverty? Its a small country and very beautiful with plenty of tourism and resources. how could government officials have nice cars, houses etc..? its ridiculous that we aren’t doing anything. Gov officials don’t get that much money from their careers. Because we the people could make the changes and make them resign. I agree with some of the other people putting comments here. customs are corrupt!!!



  21. hmmm says:

    I believe that the corruption of customs has nothing to do with the topic. I am only a student and have much more to learn in life but i believe that people talk without watching their mouths. On the other hand, the government and the police are the corrupted ones since UNTIL NOW that a “top level man” is shot, matters are taken into place. Why is it that justice can’t be made when any other citizen is brutally murdered in the streets of Belize?

  22. fatima says:

    Mr. Barrow and Mr. Williams are NOT saints…thats all that need to be said

  23. reggie says:

    it is always sad when you heard someone got shot or kill.but you must ask ur self how many poor people out there is suffering every day due to the lawyers n people in power who forget that they are their for the people and not personal gain ,everyone now must be on the look out for more violence A month.ago the G.O.B put the army in the poor area to try n stop crime.but they should have think that when you do that the criminal move to other area.G,O,B, now have the criminal back to the wall .the only way out now it to get rid of who is in ur way.look out for curfew bye weekend.This is the time for changes if not it will only get worse.No money ,no law everyone for them self.and the man in power take it strong my people and do what you have to do to take care of ur family.

  24. Tony madden says:

    Why don’t you guys get it- someone targeted Rodwell, it was not robbery or gang violence. Now the question is who would want to kill Rodwell. It’s either something to do with his professional life or personal life..

  25. CHRIST'S KID says:

    My sympathies to Mr. Williams and family. You’ll be in my prayers.

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