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May 5, 2010

Chester’ s attorney says officers who framed him may be in big trouble

jermaine fuentes

jermaine fuentes

On Tuesday night’s newscast Commissioner of Police, Crispin Jeffries told News Five that the Police Department has long known that wanted man, Jermaine Fuentes, is alive because he had been taken into custody several times in the US.  The Commissioner also said that Belizean law enforcement officers are coordinating with their US counterparts to see if Fuentes can be returned to Belize to face the charges against him.  Back in 2008, senior police officers who had a personal vendetta with Williams made a serious allegation that Williams and a group of CIB officers were involved in the murder of Fuentes and that his remains were in a shallow grave on the Coastal Road. News Five’s Marion Ali spoke today with Dickie Bradley, one of Williams’ attorneys, who said that if Fuentes is alive it can put these police officers in the hot seat.  At the time of the allegation, Williams, a Senior Superintendent, was second in charge of the Crimes Investigations Branch in Belize City.  Williams was transferred, demoted and suspended and his lawyer claims it was all in an effort by his adversaries to smear his character.  Marion Ali pieces together the history of the alleged incidents involving Williams and has an update on what the new information can mean.

Marion Ali, Reporting

chester williams

chester williams

Senior Superintendent Chester Williams fell from grace in March of 2008 after a serious allegation surfaced that he and other officers were involved in the murder of wanted man, Jermaine Fuentes.  The allegation followed a grievance between Williams and another Senior Superintendent, Edward Broaster. Back then Williams was certain that some officers and even some politicians were on a mission to destroy him.

On March twelfth, 2008 we conducted this interview with the then Assistant Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, and he said that while investigations were ongoing about the allegation against Williams, there was no vendetta against him.

Marion Ali (March 12, 2008)

“To your knowledge, is the department trying to get rid of Mr. Williams?”

allen whylie

allen whylie

Allen Whylie, Assistant Commissioner of Police (March 12, 2008)

“No, none, none at all.”

Marion Ali

“Or frustrate him out of his job?”

Allen Whylie

“None, none, none at all. Mr. Williams is a hard worker. As I said there are different personalities, there are different ways of doing things but we must be cordial and civil and professional with each other. The bones that were found, we are still trying to identify who they were. To do that DNA would be required because there are suspicions but there’s nothing to confirm whose remains it is. The talk has been made that some officers may be involved. That matter, again, is being pursued.”

Then on June twenty-third, 2008 news broke that the then Solicitor General, Tanya Herwanger resigned from  the post after she had received a public tongue lashing from Prime Minister Dean Barrow about her written comments relating to Williams’ case.  Barrow reportedly had a problem because Herwanger claimed that two Cabinet ministers had influenced Williams’ transfer process to a desk job in Belize.

But in December of 2008 Williams was re-instated as Senior Superintendent after the Belize Advisory Council made a decision to reverse his earlier demotion made by the Security Services Commission.  But while he was reinstated, Williams was never transferred back to Belize City.  He approached the media with photos of the bones saying he could prove that he was being framed, and his attorney agrees.

williams sceneDickie Bradley, Attorney for Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“A part of this extraordinary piece of information coming from inside the belly of the beast was that police officers, all attached to CIB—their names were put in the statement—had either by design or coincidence come across Jermaine Fuentes in the Bailar area of Belize City. They were able to capture Jermaine Fuentes. They then took him to the Hattieville/Boom Road, more in the vicinity of the Boom area where he was beaten and then he was shot in his head, executed. He was wrapped up in plastic and then he was taken to the Coastal Road where he was buried in a grave. The names of the officers were called in the statement and it was said that they were under the direction and instructions of Chester Williams, a senior police officer, the man in charge of CIB. This is how hot this thing was.  In an interview that you did with the Commissioner of Police, he is alluding to the fact that Fuentes is alive.  It means that senior police officers along with the political director, those in charge of the country, have gone ahead and instituted an investigation, they have damaged Chester Williams’ name in certain circles over something which is completely fabricated.”

Bradley says the remains were beyond the shadow of a doubt those of another person and not Fuentes’.

richard bradley

richard bradley

Dickie Bradley

“I have to wait until there is absolute certainty that Jermaine Fuentes is alive. I can tell you this that we know for a fact now that when the pathologist was in fact taken to the site on the Coastal Road where Jermaine Fuentes’ remains were suppose to have been, his conclusion was that that was the skeletal remains of someone on whom a post mortem had already been done, meaning that the police officers who were supposedly concocting this thing know dat wah skeleton deh deh and they used di skeleton fi sink Chester.”

If Fuentes does show up alive, Bradley said his client has not yet indicated that he will sue the officers who made the allegation against him. Marion Ali for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Chester’ s attorney says officers who framed him may be in big trouble”

  1. hocus pocus says:

    “In 2008 when pictures of skeletal remains surfaced, it was alleged that Superintendent Chester William’ was involved and that the remains were those of Fuentes. Williams lashed out publicly, naming his rival colleague, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster as the one behind the set-up.” – CH5.

    “The Police Department has long known that Jermaine Fuentes was alive.” – Police Commissioner, Crispin Jeffries, May 2010

    “There are more questions than answers
    Pictures in my mind that will not show
    There are more questions than answers
    And the more I find out the less I know
    Yeah, the more I find out the less I know”
    - Johnny Nash.

  2. Maddyvandijk says:

    Police are back in the news again, how sad, sad, sad.

    They covered up the escape from Jermaine, mislead the people to believe that he is a dead man, murdered by the police and buried in a shallow grave. What kind of message is this sending out to the public?

    The smart one’s already knew that the police department are full of murder’s and rapists, and thieves,” Fuentes” is not as dumb as he look, he outsmarted the police and got away. To cover up one shame they confesses to murdering Fuentes, which seem quite ok with the department so far.

    They are now saying that the remains found in the shallow grave are not that of “Fuentes” and that the remains are of another person that has had an official autopsy.

    This is would make the police murders, and the doctors as well.
    How can a police officer/s get a dead body from the morgue without a signature of a doctor? And if a dead body was missing from the morgue then why was it not reported?

    Perhaps someone working within the morgue department stole the dead body for the police then.

    This kind of news should be on CNN News to tell everyone how corrupt Belize is; I am so disgusted by this country right now.

    Right now it seem that the only good cop in Belize, is a dead cop.

  3. Islander says:

    I would say that the bones were digged from a graveyard and transplanted to the new grave…No need to get a doctor’s clearance to do that dont you think? NO need to get your hands bloody and murder someone if all you want to do is frame them.

  4. Manford says:

    The back drap of this story is an indication why the Sergant shoot the Corprol. These folks has no shame. How can they expect the public to respect them when they show no respect for themselves? Their boss the politicians, can’t really dicipline them becaue of all the skeletons in their closet. Lets face the fact and call a spade a spade, the vast majority of Belizeans are very egotistical, lacting in humilityand does not deserve the high position that deserve the kind of temperment to make for a smooth running environment.

    Unfortunately the future is very dismal in this area for the country. When you stop to ponder how powerful a responsibility law enforcement is in any society every citizen must be seriously concern about the behaviour of our police force. If they can set up their own, what can be expected of them and the public at large . This is no simple matter, when you stop to realize that a police officer can set up someone, given the fact that inspite of so-call innosent until proven guilty, we are still of the opinion that if the police arrest someone there is the presumption of guilt. And, when an attorney is able to use their litigating skill to get a non guilty verdict, many in the society feel that justice was not serve; so it become dam if you do dam if don’t. But when there is gross suspecion on the part of the public toward the police department, who is the vanguard between the powerful and the not so powerful then it become the law of the jungle.


    i hope justice is served and the corruption of these officers are brought to a stop so we belizeans can live peacefully knowing that there is justice for everyone. it’s a shame that the police dep. has been on the negative side of news almost daily and that nothing positive is shown from them instead bringing fear to the public. please sue them correctly to learn from their stupidness and unprofessional work if found guilty of false statments done.

  6. Viles says:

    How will curruption stop if the police department is the essence of curruption? U c, Mr Top Police
    officers, no matta what, what is done in the dark sooner or later will come out to light. So that the truth is comming out to light, betta u all speek the truth. Being in an uniform gives u no rite to take
    away the life of others but for to protect the people and get respect but the whole is currupted.
    What more will we hear from you all later this week or next week for sure there is more.

  7. Jaime Vanguagh says:

    Have anyone seen the worry-some look on the faces of the senior officers when the hon. prime minister was giving his press release just before the Easter? (BlacKett & bRoaster) i believe that those guys are very corrupt and they were wondering how they can pull this off, I wouldn’t be surprise if Mangar turns up dead and the police high command saying that there are indeed corruption at many levels but mr. Mangar casrried the names of the corrupt officers with him to the grave

  8. Cutty Ligiyaba says:

    I totally agree with you Belizean Pride— we are still to see the bad ones charged and brought up

    infront of a court or sued for a huge amount of money—The only plateau that should be reached

    which can correct this CANCER that exist

    within the Belize Police Force is to do the same to the big fish as you do to the sprat…RIP that

    CANCER out!!! get rid of the bad ones–send them to a different branch of government. If they

    remain as Big fish within the force they will spread their disease further and affect the future of

    the Belize Police Department. Beside the society that exist in Belize and abroad have seen it

    and heard about these disrespect that have been carried out to the lives and livelihood of

    citizens and even government workers/officials. there comes that time when the bucket goes to

    the well and gets its bottom busted out—too much abuse!!!!!

  9. Darius Martinez says:

    Broaster should be put on indfinite leave until this whole matter is cleared up. If

    indeed Fuentes is still alive, knowing the Police, he will need to be protected from them because they will not want him to reveal how he was able to escape especially if they were involved. I can see Chester collecting mucho dinero for defamation of character.

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