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Mar 31, 2010

Another brazen daylight robbery, this time at Courts superstore

news5At about three-thirty this afternoon, three armed masked robbers walked separately into Courts on the Northern Highway.  The first headed directly upstairs where the cashiers are stationed and asked a female cashier to hand over the cash pan. She was threatened and handed over the money and the robbers ran out of the store.  The amount of money in the cash pan was two thousand dollars and surveillance cameras picked up their movements. While no one was injured employees are said to be traumatized. Police arrived at the scene shortly afterwards and the building was cordoned off. It is also alleged that the thieves robbed customers outside. The assailant who robbed the cashier reportedly carried his gun in an envelope.  News Five spoke with Police Press Officer Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood.

Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

Some time after three thirty this evening three men entered Courts Belize Limited. They went up to the upper level were the cashiers are located [which] is somewhere around where the Western Union collection agent One of them pulled out a firearm and demanded money from the cashier. The cashier handed over a little more than two thousand dollars. The three men then made good their escape.”

Isani Cayetano

“It is alleged that these robbers assaulted several other customers outside the Courts building on the highway. Is there any truth to that?”

Fitzroy Yearwood

“Well, so far nobody has reported that they have been robbed in that area  apart from Courts is served. So if that had happened we have no knowledge of it as yet. Hopefully if that did happen, these people come forward and make their report so that we can investigate their report also. Presently we have officers reviewing the security surveillance tapes and hopefully we will be able to identify the assailants in this crime.”

Isani Cayetano

“There was initial talk of the business committee in that particular area establishing a business watch. Is there any update on that? How is that coming along?”

Fitzroy Yearwood

“Well I attended a meeting two or three weeks ago where I know that these businesses in the area met and they were discussing what we they call a business watch which is something like the neighborhood watch. Instead of just their neighbors looking out for each other there would be police officers actually patrolling the area and make frequent checks. I’m not sure if this has been established as yet, but I know is on the table so I wouldn’t’ want to go into details it. But that is a plan and I hope that it gets on the way soon so that we can avoid incidents as these from reoccurring.”

This latest robbery succeeds an early morning bank heist in Spanish Lookout on Tuesday.  In that incident a security officer was shot and killed outside Scotia Bank.  The attack on Courts Belize on the Northern Highway is also the latest on businesses on the Northside of the city.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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20 Responses for “Another brazen daylight robbery, this time at Courts superstore”

  1. Redbwai says:

    Well, i mi know courts theif longtime anyways…it’s about time someone thief from them and return the favour. They should have gotten away with more than two thousand dollars if you ask me.

  2. OWtoBoston says:

    As a sound citizen, you should be ashamed to claim violence over a particular entity just because you have had a bad experience with the company. If you think they rip off their customers, DON’T SHOP THERE. There are other places where you can exert your disbelief. I’m frustrated when people are so ignorant and backwards. This is why my Belize has some dark days ahead.

  3. Maddy vandijk says:

    Redbwai, shame on you, everyone has to make a living, even COURTS.

    I will not condone criminal activities no matter what.

    afterall the people would like to see the crime rate lower, don’t you?

  4. ConcernedCitizen says:

    Look what Courts as a company is doing by ripping people off, is not a direct reflection of what the employees want. Those people are deserving of being held victims of robbery of violence. The GOB has to start taking drastic measures with these criminals when caught. They need to teach the rest that we will not stand for this. I’m not saying to beat them up when they arrest them. This is something that they need to follow the law on so that they can get convictions rather than arrests. The people do not feel safe and when lives are threaten the people will eventually start to take matters into their own hands. Why not do something about this before it gets to that point. As to Courts why don’t the get proper and more security. Customers need to feel safe when shopping or paying bills.

  5. ConcernedCitizen says:

    Correction: These people aren’t deserving of being held victims of robbery.


    rebwai must be familiar to theft since according to his views, no wonder we can’t join as a country to bring up our safety when people encourage this crimes freely. have every business a law policy to have guns per business establishment by law so things like this would stop. since police reach late due to X other reasons.


    Courts might bilk the belizean people with their inferior and overprice items, but when you leave home and is at work in a seemingly safe invironment its the employees who are traumatized by theseawful crimes committed by our belizean people to our community. No one should laud crimes committed toward our businesses. The Government Of Belize has to do something for the safety of our people, will they only step up when something happen to one of their own.

  8. REAL BELIZEAN says:

    Shame on redbwai, maybe police should check he out, maybe he one a di thief them cause for him to talk like dat knowing people lives in danger, he have no feeling for humanity. Da people like him have belize city the way it is. Come on police department, what the hell is going on….more and more people are getting away with crime and robbery, when will all this end.
    GOB, where are you?

  9. New Guy says:

    I was in the store when this robbery took place. The theives were upstairs and I was downstairs. I did not know anything had happened until I heard one of the employees on the phone with the police. The thieves were obviously very discreet when entering and leaving the store.
    To comment on the police response, it was almost immediate. From the time I heard the employee say “we were robbed” in to the phone until police arrived was no more than 60 seconds…kudos to them.

  10. tania says:

    i cant believe belizeans actually think so ignorantly!!!! REDBWAI u are just another bitter belizean that is filled with ignorance n NO intelligence what so ever!!!!!!! i always say we need to do something about these crimes being committed everyday but without help from a higher source it is impossible!!!!!!!!! i’m truly scared for my kids n kids of others that will grow up in dis country we call our jewel!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. L.C. says:

    @Redbwai: Shame on you for condoning violence.

    @OWtoBoston: Exactly. If you know that Courts sells the items for MUCH MUCH MORE than the item is actually worth, then why shop there?

    Its good to have nice things, but if it will come at a cost that you can’t cover, then do without it. People need to learn to live within their means. Sure, a 52″ plasma TV will look good in your living room, but if the item is only worth $1500, but with Courts’ “pay weekly” system, you’ll pay $20 a week for x amount of weeks, and after all is said and done, you end up paying $2000, and you are NOT comfortable with that, then simply do without the 52″ TV and save your money. Simple as that.

    If you are comfortable making the payments and still realize that you are paying much much more than you need to, then by all means go ahead.

  12. juan says:

    Que pena por Courts, pero que lastima que no le robaron a la caja de BEL la verdad esos si son ladrones.

  13. cg says:

    if you look at redbwai comments, it’s ignorance on a rampage. those are the types of comments that lead people to angry measures. These crimes are certainly a sign of the times and everybody needs to start working together and try our best to curtail crime. Obviously it won’t get better, it was meant to get worse. I can only hope and pray for my little Belize to hold steadfast until the end comes

  14. Cayo says:

    I have to agree that no matter what the circumstances are, we should never condone what criminals do. That is why we see many times people ob TV splurging that their next of kin were good and peaceful people and they have no idea why someone would want to do them harm. Yes, maybe one or two are, but not every single person who is reported shot or killed etc on tv. You know that in Cayo most crimes are solved quickly, some within hours, and you know why, because the people cooperate with the Police. And in regards to Courts, you must have a reason why you utter such negativity. I have done business with that company for years, since it opened and I have never had anything to complain … but you know why… because I PAY … I am responsible… and you know what, nothing in this world is FREE! So if you expect some to lend you money without interest, then you live in a dream… only RED CROSS give out things free. WORK FOR WHAT YOU WANT… and BE A RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN…

  15. Redbwai says:

    OWtoBoston, you sound like an americano now…come back to Belize man and stop talk from so far….Belizeans are so blind so see whats taking place right in front of their eyes. Hahaha you all are so funny though, I’ve never bought anything from courts and i probably never will but its like you don’t see what courts is doing to the poor people who can’t afford to pay cash to purchase something from their store. Yea courts is a big rip off with quality, price, raffles, warranty ,insurance plans,etc. Courts price their products at twice or sometimes tripple what it originally costs….but i mean hey, the company has to make a 200 to 300% profit on their goods right? When you sign up for a payment plan with courts its all good and nice with weekly payments…but do the math after it takes you 2 or 3 years to pay something off and u’ll see how much interest you have paid plus what the original sticker price was of the product. It’s best you save up your money and buy what you want or get a loan than to credit anything from courts. And for some of you who didn’t know, courts outsource most if not all the manufacturing of their furniture to local carpenters right here in Belize and they slap on a fancy name and an arm and a leg price. So please don’t even try to talk to me about feeling sorry for courts because courts has no mercy on poor people who are being billed interest on arrear charges. Its crazy, its like being charged interest on interest….thats just cold haearted. Whats up with courts calling your jobsite and asking for payment? thats messed up man. And for your info, if i decided to quit my nice paying job or get fired…..i won’t even bother to try and rob courts caz they only keep two thousand dollars in their cash pan anyways. I try not to encourage crime and violence but when i see my poor Belizeans being “chanced” i feel it deep down and so i must say what i think and what i feel about it. To each his own.

  16. Esteban says:

    The same way Courts chooses to conduct its business, people choose to buy from there. There are other big furniture/appliance stores all over Belize. No one is forcing people to spend their money there. Courts is a big chain all over the Caribbean, so even if their prices are high, they obviously know what they are doing. Consider the trouble thieves cause when they do foolishness like this. Profits not only make the owners rich, they pay the employees’ salaries. They just make life more difficult for everyone. I DO NOT understand how thieves are robbing the biggest stores in the city in broad daylight and no one can catch them. In any other country do you think I could rob one of their biggest stores at 3:30 in the afternoon and get away to tell the tale? NO. There’s something WRONG with the system. Wake up Perdomo.

  17. maddy vandijk says:

    I think your poor Belizeans are to blame if they are being taking advantage of in this situation. How many people in Belize say they are poor then go to courts asking for a Law-away-plan, still counting?

    How many shops like “COURTS” do you see in Belize owned by Belizeans making the same deals to the people for less cost,……………………………… zero.

    When you do the math the total price is insane, and it is cheaper to save your money and then buy what you need instead of going to “Courts”.

    But let’s face it, sometimes Courts don’t get their money or items back, and sometimes it takes the people some years before they are done with courts, the business gets ripped off as well.
    They have all right to call your job and ask for their money, it is their right,
    And it is you who did not hold up to your end of the deal.

    It is a mutual agreement between the people and the business, let them do the math, take some responsibilities for themselves or do the government has to lend a hand there as well.

  18. Elgin Martinez says:

    I am no Suzzie,however if you’re asking for a layaway then it means you can’t afford the thing as a result wait till you get the cheese together and buy weh you want.Until then you’re Denied.

  19. OWtoBoston says:

    @ RudeBwai.

    Oh yeah. I’m sorry. You’re right. The 20 years that I lived in Belize doesn’t qualify me to comment on the livelihood of my people.

  20. Melvin Ivan says:

    I believe courts did’t put a gun on ur face and tell uno fi take the goods etc, I believe courts do have a good policy also ur goods are insured in case of robery, house fire,and if u get sick courts covers up to 3 months,and in case of sudden unemployment they also cover your goods,yes it take time but its the only way sometimes we can get our stuf,because if we were to save with this harder times I don’t know when we would get the goods,no one deserves to get robbed.

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