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Mar 23, 2010

Viewers poll about tourism minister’s salacious comments

Our segment on questions and reflections has picked up considerable steam from our viewers who have been texting and writing in their comments in reaction to the issues of huge national importance. The questions are aired on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the response is presented on Wednesdays and Fridays. This week’s question is: Do you agree with the comments by Minister Heredia that Creoles should be profiled to visit San Pedro? Send in your comments or questions to or send a text on Smart phones to 8686 or go to our e-pool on our website.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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28 Responses for “Viewers poll about tourism minister’s salacious comments”

  1. John Boy/Carson, California says:

    Your poll shows that racism is alive and well in Belize.Only an ignorant person would side with Minister Heredia.

  2. Darolee says:

    I have to side with you just this one time you above, however, it just goes to show that this elected party is just plain ignorant and arrogant to the point that it seems to be that they sound and look stupid every time they are on the airwaves. Im black and Im proud!! Creole????? (sucking teeth).

  3. rche says:

    it was always present it never left. dont play like you dont know

  4. rche says:

    he want to say that long time big time racisis he should be kick out of the party

  5. ana says:

    Why not ask what the hell we can do for crime as, cruffy, panias, blacks, indians, after we are all one melting pot of cultures.

    Put up a poll how people can give ideas on how to stop crime and stop dwelling on petty things.
    Crime is Belize is a serious thing!!!

  6. Bel Cap says:

    well carson you live in the US where crimes are almost always solved, you dont live here in Bze where the crime rate is high with little results. Who are you to critisize the measures we take to protect ourselves?

  7. reuben says:

    Ha, racism has always been in belize, I am glad it is finally getting some attention.

  8. Scuba mom says:

    First of all everyone is interpreting this in the wrong way, Minister Heredia used the term Creole to make a point, I grew up here on the island in the golden days, when we could walk the streets at night and not worry about being robbed or raped, we ran the streets care free. The racist are the ones who are making it that way and using only that part of his speech use all the speech. I do believe that there should be a manifesto on names of persons arriving to San Pedro and Caye Caulker and any other island so that the police can know on a day to day basis how many persons are on the island. The first time I heard Supa-G song (4 men) no one said it was racism towards the Spanish, white man, chine man….. oh no, no one said it. Be you whatever race you are, how in the world are you gonna eat, and sleep on a island without work for 6months…hustling?…..better name for hustling, stealing, rapping?? Look at the chines stores that get robbed these men and women work hard stand all day in front of that stove making food to earn a living and at the end of the day just to get robbed and have the police show up 2 hours later to see what happened when the station is only 5 minutes away from the grocery. My people, my people lets stop this madness of criticizing and pointing fingers lets do something for the entire country and lessen crime in our beautiful country Belize

  9. goodgirl_bz says:

    In light of the Minister’s apology I believe that the first thoughts/words/actions are often a true reflection of one’s feelings and values. Of late it seems to be an epidemic where our Ministers of government simply address the media openly instead of using the Press Office to avoid these situations. There is a Press Officer employed and perhaps in future ALL Government officials should use that medium to communicate to the public to avoid their words or opinions being misconstrued.

  10. Bel Cap says:

    I like your comments scuba mom, well put.

  11. Milo says:

    Creole, black, white, chiney, indian, maya, panya…..WE ARE ALL BELIZEANS. He cant stop anyone that was born in this country to not visit a part (Cayes) of there country. What they should do is to create more jobs for our people, so that we don’t have this abundance of crime. Not being political or anything, but why does it seems to me that when the previous Govnt was in crime was not in this state? Hint Hint *****jobs we available for these people. Now Imagine the possiblities…..hahaha……Lil’ Bway heredia or whatever your name is….you all should be ashamed of yourselves. By the way are you going to screen the police too? Police killing police on your Island sir, maybe your the F-ing problem sir.

  12. Rosey says:

    I totally agree with the Minister’s comments and it is sad that people have taken the portion on Creoles to use as the highlight of his statement. But lets face it, who are the people committing the most crime in Belize? The Creoles of course!! But no one wants to outrightly say that. Oh no!!! That is taboo!!! On the other side of coin, however, there are scores of Belizeans of Creole descent who have made wonderful, meaningful and lasting contributions to our country. The same thing goes for the Hispanics who have committed countless crimes and by many who we must place under the classification of “aliens” . It was hardly heard prior to their influx into the country in the 1980s, of choppings and shootings and beheadings, but sadly this is the negative aspect of their culture that they also brought into Belize. We have to accept that Belize has now become a country of many races but we must also accept that, unfortunately, “race” will also now become a regular issue/topic. We will be reminded of this in the not too distant future when Muslims start demanding that their religion be “respected” with the other major religions of Belize and that they be given rights to wearing their traditional garbs in public (particularly in schools). Who knows, very soon we might not be able to hold religious processions because it will be offensive to some people. This country is just going to the dumps and sadly nothing can be done, or is being done about it.

  13. Elgin says:

    Since when did Belize became the land of the KKK. From what i can recall it was land of the free not land of the few from La isla Bonita.

  14. Rizzo says:

    Everyone has great point and ideas…. but like what Rosey stated, Belize is going to the dumps and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Belize will become another Haiti in Central America where the goverment steals all the money and leave the poor to struggle. Good Luck Belize!!!

  15. Observer says:

    I have to agree with Rosey. I can see that the Creoles (not all of them, mind you) bring discrimination upon themselves by conforming to what is depicted on BET or that is sung about in rap song, etc. The thing is, many of these influences aren’t decent, and it is this group (the ones that adopt this negative “culture”) that seems to be committing most of the crimes in this country. The ones that don’t conform are accused by their own of acting “white”. Come on. I have many creole friends who “act white” who I went to school with and who, as far as I can see, are productive members of society now. I would encourage others to not behave the negative way those of their skin color expect them to, but to be themselves and, in so doing, be decent. That way, you would not so readily take offense from comments like the ones Minister Heredia made.

  16. Scuba mom says:

    Milo, he never said he is gonna stop belizeans from coming to the islands, again here we go making assumptions, all he wants is a manifesto where names are written down the airlines do it already. Hon. Patty Arceo (who is creole and PUP) asked for the same thing. Don’t you think there was a reason for this. Again stop pointing a finger cause there are 3 fingers pointing back, as a nation lets get together find ways. PLEASE. for the kids sake let us give our children what we had as kids and I was a kid 11 years ago. I agree with Heredia, and Patty Arceo, they are from here and know what’s going on.
    Good girl, yes ministers should have the press officers look over the statements so no misinterpretations are taken

  17. Esteban says:

    Are we really debating this? I am a mestizo and I can see how ludicrous the minister’s comments were. Every Belizean is entitled to go wherever they want in their own country. Minister Heredia has shown a profound lack of tact, sensitivity and intelligence with his comments.

  18. BELIZEAN PRIDE says:

    really it’s not nice to say but the majority of crime commited nowadays are of creole descent, little mestizo cases, little chiny case, little maya case, little mennonite case, little hindu case. it’s hard to swallow but it’s the thruth but this doesn’t mean that WE HAVE TO STOP THEM FROM GOING TO SAN PEDRO OR PROFILE THEM. COME’s the duty of the area reps to bring out a solution for his people to find ways to help this ethnic group to be more productive meaning the youths that are wasting thier time in crimes. racsim won’t solve this problem. in mestizo and by best friend and neighbor is a creole descent and we pull together like bros.

  19. cg says:

    the return of hitler! and we thought only the jews were unfairly persecuted! Racism exists in every culture people, i don’t care who you are, even blacks…so when we stop throw stone and put down the ignorance, perhaps we all could get along. peace!

  20. Stand Up says:

    What ever he said or how ever he said it at least he has the bolis to stand up and say he’s “doing” something. All those that have debated, criticized or made a bigger issue into a racial issue have totally missed the problem that pagues our society. Crime and simple disregard for common respect for one another.

    Hard times require hard measures. All hail a leader with big bolis!

  21. Pedro Mudkipz says:

    Why is it that the negroes always get “offended’ when they damn well know it’s their own fault? Stop trying to emulate the “ghetto” lives that you see on tv, and start living your own reality. Accept it, it is the blacks that 99% of the time steal, rape and murder. Ban them from San Pedro.

  22. ISLAND VIBES says:


  23. THINK ABOUT IT says:

    Is it Mestizo men who we hear keep killing each other on the streets of Belize? It’s not. It’s black men. I understand Minister Heredia’s point.

  24. Creole Bwai says:

    As a black belizean I must admit, since my time away from Belize I have noticed one thing, that it is my people, those of my race and blood that are commiting the most rediculous acts. You see, a spanish man gets drunk and beats his friend up, a white man or arabian(musa) runs off with the money, but why do my people pull a gun and readily deprive each other of there lives? I do agree to some point that everybody’s name should be written down when they go to the island.
    But I also believe that the parents of Bz and the Gov should work together to make Bz a better place to live, Belizeans deserve it.

  25. jenna says:

    SMDH – i don’t know what the hell belize is coming to.

  26. Jerome says:

    Racism has always been alive in Belize. I wonder if Mr. Heredia has taken a look at his party leader…I would say Dean Barrow (high jacked BTL for his cronies) is Creole; profiling people is irresponsible and is ridiculous. The Creole population makes up a large portion of the country’s population. I say this, eventhough, Creoles i would say are the race that dominates the crime statistics.

    One thing I would like is for Anthony “Boots” Martinez to learn proper English.. How can he be a member of the house and not speak proper English?

  27. Rizzo says:

    Jerome… these Politian’s don’t even have a college degree or an education to get them by in today’s society. The problem is that it’s the people of Belize that elect them that makes it so humorous; but I guess when you don’t have a selection to chose from you’re kind of stuck with the retards.

    Belize, I recommend that you stop arguing about these stupid remarks and make a stand to the real situation that exist in our country.

  28. gentle giant says:

    Why is is that our people are so blind to the fact that our Government Officials, Police, BDF, teachers, bankers, business owners, etc. are all made from the same fabric?
    Most of them are Ignorant, poorly educated (in some cases), irrisponsible, and simply lack dedication, committment, professionalism, honesty, humility, and truthfullness.
    Belize is broken at the very seams, crime is on the rise, jobs are lacking, people are living in poverty, Belizeans have stopped going to church, and where there is no insight – people will punish. We need to get back to basics, respect for teachers, police officers, neighbours, and elders.. Get guns off the street, lock up the criminals, and Gov’t officilas need to curb their
    arrogance and bullying of the Belizean citizen rights, stop exploiting the little people for personal gain. (get some oil money in the pockets of Belizean poorest families, not yours)!!!!!

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