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Mar 23, 2010

Cop fined $10,000 for extorting businessman of $100

Marlon Harris

Marlon Harris

A jury of nine convicted a bad cop for extortion today.  According to Hytklin Kelat, on November thirtieth, 2008, Police Constable Marlon Harris, stopped him at the checkpoint located four miles outside of Belize City on the Western Highway.  Kelat was found to be driving without insurance.  But the following day, officer Harris visited him at Celebrity restaurant and demanded one hundred dollars and Kelat was given the expired insurance stickers and the summons after handing over the blue note.  Kelat reported the incident to other police officers who detained Harris near the restaurant on Gaol Lane.  In his defense, Harris said he was at the restaurant to meet a friend, when Kelat approached him and made a hundred dollar bribe.  And Harris said he just happened to have Kelat’s documents in his hand when Kelat grabbed them and took them from him.  Moreover, the cop said that he was going to call 911 for assistance when he was apprehended. PC Harris was represented by, B.Q. Pitts while the prosecution was represented by Yohhahnseh Cave from the DPP’s office. The jury unanimously found Harris guilty and fined him ten thousand dollars for his hundred dollars crime. Harris must pay the fine by September or spend one year in jail.

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7 Responses for “Cop fined $10,000 for extorting businessman of $100”

  1. CONCERNED says:

    THE POLICE DEPT MEIN!- put on any John Crow Music and deh wah dance fi wa dalla!!!! D whole dept from the Commissioner go down dah wa joke!

  2. haha says:

    That’s a good message to the Police, your not above the law. We need to see a lot more Police brought to justice and sad to say it probably is almost the entire police department.

  3. CEO says:

    This was a very bad move on his part but we need to pay these guys better so they would have less excuse for this sort of behavior. Rogue cops will always be rogues but a better pay may help good cops not to go bad and it would also be a job that will be more attractive to “better” people.

  4. maddyvandijk says:

    Another bad cop down, five hundred more to go.

    they are everywhere, becareful.

  5. roygel says:

    It’s sad that some of these cops got to belittle themselves for a little bit of nothing,I was a cop for six yrs and not one day i got myself in something like this,but i can tell u that i know of ministers that got away with more than what he got and nothing was done about it,u know y nothing was said,and u know what,nothing will be said u know y because the ministers,the people in authority that have corrupt minds,and does corrupt things don’t extort for $50.00,$100.00 nor $300.00,they extort for a huge quantity,so if they get caught they don’t mind because they know they r getting away with something huge,but shame on this officer,u got what u deserve for being foolish,now the good is going to suffer for the bad,but keep on fighting my fellow officers,u all have a very hard task ahead of u.Just recently like 4yrs aback Dangriga Town was becoming just like Belize city with all the violence,we were taken from different sections of the department and was placed in dangriga where we swept the entire town of all its bad eggs,we couldn’t get rid of all of them but we did a heck of a job that the people of dangriga started protesting against us,but u know what?we felt good because we knoew we accomplished something in that town.Gone r those days.But i want to let the Belizean people to know this and no disrespect to anyone of u because uall r my people except that i’m from south,SOME OF OUR KIDS,GRAND CHILD,BROTHER,COUSINS AND FRIENDS NEED SOME WHOPPING,for some of them that r doing nonsense out there in the streets,they don’t even know what the meaning of a gang is,all they know is they r doing things in the name of gangs,some of them probably didn’t even finish primary school,so they’re un-educated.

  6. NO CEO says:

    Ceo you are most wrong as you have ever been. A rogue cop is a rogue piece of s… period. Any cop that is has allways been just maybe it didnt come out. They need to have real police to do real screening and thats it. If you can excuse an action due to pay then you are part of the problem yourself. Your mind is not working right. There is absolutely no excuse for that crap and if this offends the chief too then step down ! I was a cop for years and result of that I hate cops and learned it while being one. A bunch of power trippin fools. It takes a special person to do the job while maintaining composure, respect, selfrespect, and yet dilligent.

    No excuse he should be in prison. Ask yourself what if that was a govt official or just a guy on the street? What would be the penalty for it? This little johnny dung heep needs to be in prison, no job, no fine, he is a felony convict. A criminal.


    thank you kelat for bringiing one criminal cop to light. be on the look out for them on the checkpoints. they are cheap cops selling thier pride and honor for a $100.00, being a cop seems not a be a profession of interst or pride, it’s a way off getting brides, abuse of aauthority and crime.

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