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Mar 23, 2010

US attorney calls out Hubert E. Elrington to return to face charges

Hubert Elrington

Hubert E. Elrington

Hubert Erin Elrington is a Belizean American, who is free in Belize, but wanted by the police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States.  He is the nephew of the Foreign Minister, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington and former Minister Hubert Elrington.  Elrington, twenty four years old, has been implicated in a home invasion style burglary and kidnapping, and was also found in possession of property taken in a similar incident.  Ron O’ Brien, the Prosecuting Attorney for Franklin County, Ohio, said that they want Elrington to return for his trial.

Via Phone: Ron O’ Brien, Prosecuting  Attorney, Franklin County, Ohio

“We have since confirmed that Mister Elrington is in Belize now believed to be in the area of Belize City and may be working in the area. We have attempted to reach him through some relatives to see if he would surrender himself and have been unsuccessful.  So what I did last week was ask the United States Attorney who is the Federal government’s prosecutor from the Department of Justice here in the state of Ohio to issue what they call an unlawful flight warrant. That’s a federal warrant that the FBI would execute if they could find him in his country. If that’s unsuccessful and I did understand that he may have crossed the border back into the United States on one or more occasions since he fled, but in any event eventually if that’s not successful, I would through the Department of Justice, seek to have him arrested there in Belize and extradition from Belize sought here to Ohio, which I understand could be a lengthy process.”

Jose Sanchez

Which relatives in Belize did you speak to?

Via Phone: Ron O’Brien

“I believe a lawyer who was a relative was spoken to by a representative of the police department. He is actually I believe his namesake.”

Jose Sanchez

“That would be Hubert Elrington, his uncle.”

Via Phone: Ron O’Brien


Jose Sanchez

“Mr. Elrington told me that he has spoken to officials from the US Embassy, but the actual accusers of his nephew has not been named and he has not received anything with regards to extradition as yet.”

Via Phone: Ron O’Brien

“Yeah, the accusers’ names are contained in the indictment. There is a thirteen count felony indictment. It happened on July fifteenth, 2007 aggravated or armed robbery with a handgun, multiple counts of aggravated burglary and kidnapping. Essentially it was a home invasion Ohio State University Campus area where some armed men wearing hoods entered the premises and stole property from the apartment in the Ohio State University Area. Exiting the premises, the gunman dropped a video game that he had stolen and when the police retrieved that and checked it for fingerprints they found Elrington’s finger prints on the video game. Shortly after that Elrington was arrested in the Athens area or Nelsonville Ohio, which is about fifty miles south of Columbus and he was possession of a notebook computer that was taken in another home invasion robbery.”

O’ Brien said that for the second incident he was charged with receiving stolen property, since he was not identified in that home invasion.   The bonding company that assisted in Elrington’s bail, helped the police department confirm his presence in Belize.  If the young Hubert Elrington looks familiar, it’s because he’s featured in a regularly aired local insurance commercial. He is believed to be living in Hattieville Village, in the Belize District.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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22 Responses for “US attorney calls out Hubert E. Elrington to return to face charges”

  1. albert says:

    I believe that these are the type of people that are giving the country a bad name. the guy need to be sent back to face charges and to show that the country of belize will not accept this trend in behavior. it should not matter who the person is related to. I think that they should use Shyne as a good example, after being implicated in the crime he did not run to belize, he did what was right and stood up as a man. there was no running to daddy or uncle. the high profile connection need to go in the wake of having a good low crime community.

    we want the people with the degrees to come home not the ones with the rap sheet running from justice.

  2. LeArN 2 ReAd says:

    Seriously implemented…all that tax money cuz he maybe touched a video game at one time in his life. Wow!… And how do you know if you are buying something that is stolen if you buy it at a pawn shop, yard sale, or reseller….you dont!

  3. why a brutha says:

    Why are 99% of the crimes by the black? It is in every country. You can pull up statistics in any place in the world and you people are just lazy, don’t want to work for your things and yet you want to fill every office in the world. Yet you still scream discrimination but yet it is you that is repressing your own. We did not do this and are getting tired of taking the blame. Not long before I predict a change in the world. I can do nothing one man, I bet men come together though. The spanish, oriental, whites, indian, this is who we are. I am a mixed race individual and I am tired of hearing you cry.

  4. sureluckhomie says:

    “everybody’s talking about it!” i think he was wearing a traffic officer’s uniform in an advertisement. im not so sure i would buy insurance from him. bad bad habat

  5. CEO says:

    I agree that what he did was wrong and he should pay the price for his wrong doing but he can serve his time here in Belize! Why? Simple do you see America ever turning over any of its citizens to stand trial in any other country?

    America is only interested in punishment anyway and all they will do after punishing him is to send him back to Belize. It would cost the US government half the cost to lock him up in the US compared to him serving his time in Belize.

    I say we stop sending our citizens back to America or any where else for that matter to serve time. Think about this: they will lock him up with harden criminals for many years and then send him back to Belize very well prepared and trained to further facilitate the drug trade. America has sent back a whole bunch of Belizeans to Belize after serving time. They are now hardened criminals with all the necessary expertise, know-how and contact to further facilitate the drug trade.

    If they are proven terrorists or committed hanious crimes then we can deal with this differently but this was theft of house whole items. Prison in Belize is even more of a punishment they get too many comforts in American prisons.

  6. AH says:

    You all said it right he is Hubert Elrington the nephew of Foreign Minister, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington and former Minister Hubert Elrington. So you know what will happen next. They by no means will accept for their nephew to be extradited and face charge much worse to serve time. Just send the dam bastard back to face charges.

    Hey brutha we must learn to live in peace with each other. It is true what u have said about the creoles have a high statistical figure in crime in this country in the US and other parts. They need to try to change their life style and bring down the statistical margin.

  7. Elgin says:

    99% of crimes are not comitted by blacks why a brutha.That’s what you’ve been taught you brain washed idiot. You sound Just like the Tourism minister.Maybe you should apply for a tourist guide job with him or be a recruiter for the KKK.

  8. John Boy/Carson, California says:

    Only a fool would think that most of the crime in the world is commited by Blacks.The most people in America prisons are Hispanics. The largest gangs are MS, and the Mexican Mafia.They make the bloods and crips look like boys scouts.Then what about the white gangs.Aryan Brothers , and the skin Heads.They out number blacks in America prison system.This is not stuff I am making up.These are facts. it is just a handful of Belizeans in the U.S compared to the rest of the world.Why you guys do not talk about the Black creole who are doing good in America.What about the Doctors , the lawyers , teachers,buisness owners,etc

  9. macal rivera says:

    mek I tell you somting ELGIN, maybe not 99% but most of our black people are the ones commiting this crimes, wether you like it or not, just listen to the news and convince yourself, around belize district I still remember when the maid was killed with a sword almost decapitated, who did, my black lee bredda them, when they raped and killed the maya pregnant woman, who did it my lee black bredda them, of course it hurt cause I black like them, but you know what dah the truth hurt, instead we di critized one another we should try find ways to help them make positive changes, and dah no only mister heredia prejudice, you know some of fi we black people no like PANIA too,you know that!!!!

  10. Empress says:

    AH let get thing straight maybe you tha one white *** so shut your mouth cause no all black people kill thief and doing those thing. Cause I black and born creole and Belizean so shut your mouth up. If he did bad that no mean every body bad.

  11. roygel says:

    Yes racism does exist,but let us try not to be racist in our little jewel,we’re too small a country for something like that we’re already experiencing this crime wave that is happening.Lets star educating each other,lets start from our immediate families,then we go to our neighbors.If u know u have a family member or neighbor that is not doing good in ur eyes or by the authority then grab him or her and try ur utmost best to make some changes within that person for ur community.Here in new york u could go online and check to see if ur neighbor have commited any crimes of any naturesomething like that needs to be implemented in Belize,that way u know who ur surrounded by.

  12. Brutha says:

    Elgin it was figurative but actual numbers do not lie either fact 90% of the victims of crime are white accept for blacks that commit black on black crime, 40 % of the us prisons are (african american) claiming no other heritage and only make up 12% of the us population. By ratio that is huge. Report says this Not my words

    *** ” Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans in 1992, compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites, according to the same survey.”***

    So I am recruiting when I am mixed race .

    Here another article ***”Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the violent racial crimes of whites.”***

    And the FBI files show this ***”According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.”***

    But I know that is brainwashing and not real, just like me and you right? Again look around you are only 40 percent of Belize, What is the percentage of crime / race hmmm? Yeah I am sure you found I am right .

    The american justice department shows this ***”Justice Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent inter-racial crimes were committed, overwhelmingly involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 people were killed in inter-racial murders. By comparison, 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and 34,000 were killed in the Korean War.”***

    Here smart one read, hispanic is included with white on these stats

    ***”(if the FBI had included a separate category for these racial groups, the disparity between Black and White would be even larger.)

    - The average Black commits murder about 7.1 times more often than the average “White” (where “White” includes Hispanics etc.)

    - The average Black commits interracial murder about 13.8 times more often than the average “White” (where “White: includes Hispanics etc.)

    - The average Black kills a “White” 15.9 times more often than the reverse.

    - Weapons violations are committed by Blacks at nearly 5 times the rate for Whites;

    - Blacks are caught receiving or buying stolen property at nearly 5 times the rate for Whites;

    - Blacks are involved in prostitution at almost 4 times the rate for Whites;

    - Blacks are arrested for drug crimes at over 4 times the rate for Whites;

    - Blacks are more than three times as likely as Whites to be caught at forgery, counterfeiting, and fraud, and almost three times as likely to be caught at embezzlement;

    - Blacks are more than 3 times as likely to be thieves as Whites;

    - Blacks are more than 4 times as likely to commit assault as Whites;

    - Blacks are almost 4.5 times as likely to steal a motor vehicle;

    - Blacks are more than 5 times as likely to commit forcible rape as Whites;

    - Blacks are over 8 times as likely to commit murder as Whites;

    - Blacks are more than 10 times as likely to commit robbery as Whites;

    - Nearly 25% of all Black males between the ages of 20 and 29 are in jail or on probation – this does not include those wanted or awaiting trial;

    - For all violent crimes considered together, Blacks are almost 5.5 times more likely to commit violent criminal acts than Whites; all this according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report.


    The exceedingly high criminality rate amongst American Blacks has ironically led to huge numbers of this racial group once again being disenfranchised. According to an Associated Press report of 23 October 1998, 1.4 million Black males were debarred from voting in American elections because of widespread laws in many states which prevent convicted felons from voting.

    In total, thirteen percent of Black American men could not vote in the 1998 elections in that country because they were convicted felons, a report by Human Rights Watch and The Sentencing Project concluded. (“Report: 1.4 million black men cannot vote because of felony”, Associated Press, 23/10/98).

    The survey showed that in the states of Florida and Alabama, the degree of disenfranchisement was at its highest: 33 per cent of all Black males in those states were formally and legally barred from voting.

    When all non-White groups – Blacks, Hispanics and others -are calculated in, then the figure of disenfranchised non-Whites for the entire USA in the year 2005 was set at an astonishing 3.1 million individuals: Around ten percent of the entire non-White voting population.
    Again lastly You can argue this all day with me but who (race) is commiting 90 percent of the crimes in Belize? Just get me the actual numbers on that.

  13. Brutha says:

    I am not saying all blacks are either empress, just doin the actual math.

  14. Elgin says:

    Macal rivera: you coming at me hard macal but i love that because your criticism is positive however don’t try to justify what the Tourism Minister did by saying that blacks do thesame to each other.That still doesn’t justify his actions.Come on macal you see the crime rate in Belize and what this man is doing is divide the country even more.What do you think this is going to cause?Tension between blacks and mestizos is going to rise which will lead to the escalation of crimes as a result the Minister is just adding fuel to the fire.

  15. CRAZY TALK! says:

    I agree with some of you. but want to ask you do any of you know him? What makes you say his family stick up for him. Do you think this would happen …. in the elrington fam. do not pass judgement only god can do that. there are more people of color in belize to begin wit so that prolly why more prison have black there. but look at the us…its prisons are bursting at the seems with black men…and i am white! so dont play the race card. they are makin an example of belize and how the us will squash it in every aspect. Why all this ova a video game? if he working why he need to steal ask yourself that!

  16. belizean always says:

    The truth is must of the crimes in belize are done by the black people and i am not being prejidice becausee i am black myself. But if you watch the news you will notice that most of the crimes are indeed done by black people. I think that Hubert Elrington, no matter where, should be put to justice. It does not matter if it is belize or the united states orr belize. He should be put to justice.

  17. Elgin says:

    Macal rivera:The Tourism Sinister is acting like San Pedro is not a part of the Jewel.From what i can recall La isla Bonita is included in the 8,867square miles am i not right Macal?

  18. Nini says:

    i have been in the Chicago Area for the past 11 yrs .
    I just have 2 more months to go on with my Bachelors’ degree science in criminal justice; I work with the police department, and with women of domestic violence. And always look out for my Belizean people, I have my Belize flag on my car And every day I read the Belize new, never forget where I came from, but all I have to say in this type of criminal act that this young guy did . It is totally wrong and I am no one to judge him but one thing I have to say he cannot be charge and stay in prison in Belize for a crime he committed in the US.
    He will and should be transported back to the US, to face charges for the crime, it is not about race and color of skin it is all about how our young people should used there knowledge , to do the right choices in life. He him self knows that what he did was wrong, and will one day he will has to face the authorities.

  19. badsistah says:

    Okay…I see only a few actually read the article! it says he is wanted in an investigation for burglary! it does not say he did the crime it does not say he will be punished for a crime he did not commit. He hasnt even had a trial. Belize is jumpin to conclusions cuz his job paid him to make a commercial and his blood has elrington and hes black and it says robbery! Read or reread the article! Why does he need to be guilty so bad! I agree if he is gonna serve time he should go to the us! But if he is found innocent in trial…which he black so prolly not. then people should see how this negatively written article was used to divide people. He is christian he has a family he has children he is educated he is employed…why does he deserve this! no one does!

  20. Baby says:

    Leave my baby alone plz everyone makes mistake and if you’ll had ppl in powder u wud hav done the same or worst !!!!!!!!

  21. Baby Mother says:

    Some child support be nice #ijs
    How many kids you got family man????

  22. Baby Mother says:

    How many kids you got???? family man

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