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Feb 26, 2010

Businessman Barry Bowen dies in tragic place crash on San Pedro

Barry Bowen

Barry Bowen

We begin tonight’s Newscast with the story of the tragic and untimely death of one Belize’s biggest investors, Sir Barry Bowen.  Bowen was piloting his private plane and just before six this evening, as he headed to San Pedro where he resides, his plane crashed in the San Pablo area of the Island.  Along with Bowen in the plane were about four or five persons, who reports are saying, have also died. They are believed to be teacher’s from Gallon Jug.  There is one report that  two children were also on the plane.  According to eyewitnesses, the plane crashed into a building which is under construction in the DFC area of San Pedro Town.  One eyewitness says that over two thousand people are in the area, mourning the passing of Bowen, who is well liked on the island.  Bowen was knighted by the queen. He is the owner of many successful businesses in Belize including the soft drink company Bowen and Bowen, which sells coca cola and Fanta; Crystal bottled water; Gallon Jug Coffee; and a shrimp farm.  Here’s an eyewitness account.

Via Phone: Milo Paz, Witness

“At around five-thirty this afternoon, a modified Cessna 206, piloted by Barry Bowen had an accident about half a mile from the runway 06 in San Pedro. Up to now, I can only give you unconfirmed reports because the police have to give you the confirmed reports. Four people died and it’s alleged that the pilot was Mr. Barry Bowen.”

Marion Ali

“And do you know the status of Mr. Bowen himself?”

Via Phone: Milo Pazbowen plane

“Like I told you Marion, I cannot confirm because that is for the authorities to do that.”

Marion Ali

“Yes, but you said four people died.”

Via Phone: Milo Paz

“Everybody died in there.”

Marion Ali

“Wow. Can you tell us what might have caused the crash?”

Via Phone: Milo Paz

“That has to be investigated, Marion. The authorities; Civil Aviation and the authorities will have to come and investigate that. But from eyewitness reports, he was trying to land but he was approaching the runway very violently and he crashed into a house before they crashed completely on the ground.”

Marion AliBarry Bowen Crash

“You said he was approaching violently, does that mean that you have strong air turbulence right now in San Pedro?”

Via Phone: Milo Paz

“No, it looks like he was having engine problems. That’s unconfirmed reports okay.”

Marion Ali

“So he was flying very low.”

Via Phone: Milo Paz

“Really low, yes. He was really trying to get to the runway.”

Marion Ali

“Can you tell us the status of the people inside the home?”

Via Phone: Milo Paz

“They are okay and no damage to the house. It was one of the landing gears that touched the house and it catapulted to the final destination where the airplane crashed.”

Marion Ali

“Where is—can you paint a scene as to what the wreckage looks like right now and what the rescue efforts are or what they entail?”

Via Phone: Milo Paz

“Okay, the wreckage is completely—you cannot even identify it’s an aircraft. It’s badly damaged and a couple of the passengers were flung outside of the airplane. I can see from here right now four bodies on the ground just beside the airplane and the police are taking pictures; I guess taking evidence of the scene.”

Marion Ali

“Is there absolutely no sign of life at all?”

Via Phone: Milo Paz

“Negative, no sign of life; only death”

Marion Ali

“Do you know who the other passengers of the plane were?”

Via Phone: Milo Paz

“That, no I don’t know.”

Marion Ali

“Do you have any idea of what Mr. Bowen was…”

Via Phone: Milo PazBarry 2

“It is speculated that it’s Mr. Bowen, two more adults and a child.”

Marion Ali

“We got reports that a teacher or a couple teachers were on the flight with him.”

Via Phone: Milo Paz

“I could not tell you, Marion. I don’t know the people.”

Marion Ali

“Have any of the relatives been informed as yet?”

Via Phone: Milo Paz

“Yes, there’s over a thousand people here by the wreckage and all the family are here right now.”

Marion Ali

“So the relatives of those other passengers might be out there as well?”

Via Phone: Milo Paz


Marion Ali

“Can you get any kind of names or confirmation as to who?

Via Phone: Milo Paz

“No, I could not. It’s so much people at the moment. I can tell you that Ms. Dixie Bowen has been escorted out of the area by family and friends.”

Marion Ali

“That is what relation to Mr. Bowen?”

Via Phone: Milo Paz

“That’s Mr. Bowen’s wife. She’s being escorted right now by friends and family out of the crash area.”

Marion Ali

“Are his children there as well?”

Via Phone: Milo Paz

“Yes, the older ones, yes.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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33 Responses for “Businessman Barry Bowen dies in tragic place crash on San Pedro”

  1. cg says:

    poor things to them all, to have met such a horrible death in life. They are resting in peace now, i hope their family remains safe and united in this time of mourning.

  2. Nancy says:

    OMG!!!!!! so sad :( ….may they all R.I.P

  3. denrick walt. says:

    sorry to hear such tragidy. my symphaty to bowen family. he will be remembered.

  4. carlos says:

    Condolences to the bowen family, is a big lost to the belizean people or to belize city he will be remember as an asset to belize and a self motivate self intrepneur to the belizean society.

  5. Maria says:

    that is such a tradegy, main real tradegy

  6. elton mclaughlin says:

    i am deeply sorry for the tragic death of the well known business man and investor of belize.

  7. Mr Chi says:

    this is very sad. You would never think that a man so powerful can come to such a tragic death. Barry Bowen was a different type of rich man. He was not the type of rich powerful man who would try and hold Belize hostage and impose his will. Rest in peace Sir Barry. You were a real Belizean icon and gentle man.

  8. Mimi Tillman-Nesbitt says:

    Wow!! My condolences to the Bowen family. I once worked for the Bowen’s and often saw him at the workshop passing by before he flew out. My thoughts and prayers are with the family! May they all Rest In Peace!!

  9. Rupert says:

    Who if anyone will perform the post-mortem? Can we be confident of toxicology reports from this place? Sir Barry was not known as a tee-totaler, nor is his consort/wife.

  10. esther says:

    Very sad day

  11. yuri guerra says:



  12. sonia lopez says:

    Its a tragedy,our sympathy to the Bowen family.

  13. Franxel y Chami-Ka says:

    I was shocked by the news….the little I knew about him, speaks a lot of the great gentleman he was. I believe the family has realized how much love Belize had for him. My most sincere condolences to the Bowen Family and may Sir Barry Bowen’s soul rest in peace.

  14. D says:

    My sincere condolences and prayers to the Bowen family.

  15. fugi says:

    I would like to take this time to impart my sincere condolence to all those who lost love ones in the tragic accident, and my prayers are offered for the family, I am deeply touched by this

  16. bryan says:

    to old but is to sad happy

  17. Helen Hyde, New Orleans, Louisiana says:

    I left Belize so many years ago. I used to do business with Bowen and Bowen.. My sincere condolences to his family and his employees.

  18. tania says:

    my condolences to the Bowen family ,he may be gone but will never be for gotten

  19. Yamileth says:

    I feel so sorry for what has occoured, It is so sad to hear about Mr. Bowen and the rest of the passangers, my sincere condolence to all of those relatives and love ones that were close to the people whom passed away.
    God has promised a paradise so let’s be happy for those who are enjoying it.

  20. cindy says:

    Condolences to the Bowen’s family, I wish the family the best in everyway and may god give them strength to continue the journey which Mr. Bowen had stared and I know with God’s help they will be successful.

  21. lucy says:

    i wish the family bowen the best in everything… and as everyone knows evil is all around us to we all meed to be careful and safe to always make sure wat ever we get on is in shape and can take us safe anywer we wanna go with out any accidents… my believe i dnt think that was an accident mr. bowen was a wonderful and successful man. r.i.p

  22. macal rivera says:

    Yea this is shoking and sad, but makes me realize the truth, of what Jesus said, we come into this world with nothing and go without nothing, we are here today and tomarrow we are gone like if we never exsisted,God will heal the broken heart of those left behind,So guys Belizean should start love on another and stop all this non sense of violence, killing,& robbing, he was such HANDSOME man!!

  23. Aniver says:

    We will always have them in our hearts and mind as Mr.Mike as many knew him and Ms.jill were teacher’s at Gallon jug community school and taught me. it has been a great loss of a great, caring and hardworking couple who dedicated most part of thier time to the school and family. WE WILL MISS U!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. MLT says:

    My sincere condolences to the Bowen family. I was once employed at BEC and the few times I saw Mr. Barry, he was quite pleasant, always with a smile. Mr. Barry was a very respectable business man and pleasant person. May he rest in peace.

  25. ABEL ALVARADO says:

    Well……..It is hard to say it because i knew mr.mike and mis jill very well and i will always have them on mi mind and heart.As mackayla was a baby who i got to share times with her playing in the fields. Every time when i saw her a happines comes to me and i really will mis her and as well as Mr. mike and mis jill.Mr. mike who taught me Excellent! and i must say he was a good man. Always i will have you present as you were alive!Thanks for all that you offered to me and to other people as well. I show my grate appreciation towards you Mr. mike and mis Jll. thanks alot and I will MISS YOU FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MR. MIKE”!!

  26. Alex soler says:

    May he rest in peace.My sincere condolences go out 2 his family. heng in thre kris bowen im so sorry 4 ur lost budy.

  27. TWIN says:


  28. Linbert says:

    A real lost of a true Belizean Citizen and a exemplary businessman…condolences to the entire Bowen family and may God blessing remain with you all and bring you the comfort needed to go forward.

  29. Los Brothers says:

    This is such a sad moment for all of us Belizeans. Our deepest sympathies to the Bowen family. Mr. Bowen is a hero of Belize/ a classic example of true Belizean citizen. He is indeed a man that will be idolized and remembered for many years to come.

    R.I.P Sir Barry Bowen.

  30. Alexandra Hidalgo says:

    I lived in Belize for five years and Belize has been part of my life. My sincere condolences for all Belizeans and to the Bowen family. A real lost. Costa Rica will miss him too.

  31. Alysha Cote says:

    I knew the family…not the Bowen guy…but Jillian, Michael, and their two children, Mikayla (2 and a half) and Bryce (5 months) whom I never got a chance to meet. Mikayla was a sweetheart, always bringing joy…her family came to visit I think Jillians mother in Marion and they would go to Piney Point Beach Club all the time with Mikayala…and me and my friends would play with her all day. It was so much fun and she was such a cute kid. I dont normally say little girls are cute…dont ask why thats just me, but Mikayla Casey, was the CUTEST most ADORABLE little girl ive EVER and probably WILL EVER lay eyes on. On the last day on the beach before they left back for Brazil (where the parents taught and raised money for the children of brazil) Mikayla was screaming and crying because she didnt want to leave us and we all hugged her and told her the exact same thing… “We’ll see you next summer Mikayla!” and but we never will. I love that baby girl so much. She was the whole purpose for going to Piney Point! No joke! Her whole family was just sweet and amazing. Her mother especially…I talked to her on a few occasions and she was nothing but nice and sweet and smart I love her too. I never met Bryce but I love him too, and I never really got a chance to talk with the father. but…it hurts so much to know that one persons slight mistake causes all this pain and grieving and loss….and death of a beautiful family. Mikayla Casey and her family, you were definately GONE TOO SOON, but you will remain in our hearts for eternity! Ill never forget you Mikayla…you touched all of our hearts just by your smile, or your angelic laughter. I love you all.

  32. Robert Whittaker says:

    I never knew Mr. Bowen and his family personally, but I felt compelled to say as a Belizean residing in the USA. and hearing, and reading, about all the wonderful things he did for his country that we both love dearly, I have to say that this has been a tremendous lost for our little country.Here is a man who didn’t just talk the talk , but walk the walk. He channelled all his resource and energy back into his country and many have been blessed by being employed by him.He left a legacy that many should emulate. His shoes will be big to fill , but it can be done.To the family my deepest heartfelt condolences and remember 1 Thessalonians 4:-13-18.

  33. dj easy b(in l.a) says:

    its a great lost to our country,mr.b(as i used to call him)is a hard worker and a socialist,may his soul res in peace and my hearts goes out to his family,i worked so closely with them since i was at the airport for more than 10years.

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